: I cannot Connect to a game
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Best champions to climb with from bronze to silver.
Hello, just climbing my euw account. And no i would not recommend yi. As long as yi can be a good champion in certain situations, problem about yi in bronze, is that he needs longer time for farming then other junglers and he become really valuable at lvl 6. And until lvl 6 as i could experience, bronze players have tendency to already feed either the opposite team laners or the enemy jungler... I would rather recomend xin zhao for jungling he is extremly strong in early as soon as he get lvl 3 and he stay more then viable trough all parts of the game. He is not too much mechanic requering and has very good gank pressure since the early game.
: FPS drop
Same, but when i switched from eune to euw, to play with friends after last patch, OH MY FREAKIN GOD. not only lag spikes and fps. The game completely freezes. Done every single thing i have found as a "FIX" for this problem, and while it doesn't randomly freeze anymore (until I try to switch server again), still have the problem with fps and lags. Now if someone tells me again that it is about my pc or my network, I will just delete the game, because my patience about this problem is on the limits. This problem is acquiring on 2 different PC's, both able to run A LOOT more requiring games for both network and PC it self, perfectly on maximum settings. Only have problems when we do try to play LoL, I had the exact same issue in 2018 when the 8,19 patch was released, and could not fix it no matter what I try. few patches after that, game runned perfectly again. So I'm not buying stories that the problem is about my pc/net anymore.
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: What are the Pros & Cons of Teemo?
Pros: if you are looking to tilt every player in match and put winning as less important thingy, you are on good path :D Cons: there is a "little" chance of getting reports, a lot of them :D anyway dont get down by that, look at it as a well done job :D
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: Jel imas sbb internet? instalirao sam tune up utilities malo mi bolje radi kad sam ocistio komp i kad sam uradio defragmentaciju diskova....Probaj to a i ako imas slucajno avast antivirus moze da se desi da zbog njega ako ceka update da ti laguje.I dalje imam lag neuobicajan uvece ujutru i popodne slabije do servera je 99 % ali mozes malo da poboljsas ako proveris antivirus i tuneup utilities ako instaliras.
Hvala, pomoglo mi je updatovanje avasta, na westu mi i dalje laguje ali mnoogo manje, eune mi ide normalno.
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: LAG SPIKES ARE INSANE SINCE THE LAST PATCH..48 ping went to 300 and even more then that unplayable..

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