Gınko (EUW)
: you yourself said that ignite should not exist mah dude and am the one making dumb arguments lol you should try doing the IQ test cause you sure lack some jk jk
fk of -_- this is so dumb it shouldn't exist i am not responsible for its existence i personally think it's cheap and annoying but it's vital on some champs u wouldn't take a knife to a gun fight even if u didn't like using guns
Gınko (EUW)
: but why do you use toxic dmg (ignite) in aram games ?
why does this summoner even exist? if others will use it i'll use it as well you make dumb arguments dude
Gınko (EUW)
: i mean you play ryze with conq ignite would not be good anyway lol
ryze with conq doesn't have unblockable toxic damage nice reach tho
: Ranked is trash
I feel this game is dying if the matchmaking can't find better competition and instead dump %%%%%%s in your team it's definitely dying and out of options/players
Gınko (EUW)
: she can even block ignite its whatever at this point
: "Better jungler wins." Question is: is it a bad thing? and how would you solve it?
idk but i'll definitely say that to tilt my jungler if they were toxic to me
: Depends on the champion Harder to play champions like {{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} will start off with lower win rates and you'll get higher with games played. Champions like {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} will start off with high win rates due to them being easy as heck to play. Meanwhile champions like {{champion:266}} {{champion:111}} are just overtuned its impossible to lose with them.
your list doesn't match reality my friend if u opgg me you'll see non existent winrate on ahri and a positive one on zed but the part where u call mf ez is true
Asura (EUNE)
: EUW is only inferior to KR and some Chinese servers. NA could BARELY be considered to be better than EUNE, but the difference in skill is pretty negligible. NA is less toxic though. I have at least 100 games of ranked experience on NA, EUW, and EUNE.
i got target trolled so idk if NA is "less" toxic just mean words don't disrupt my games as much as getting target trolled plus the shittier ping
: That's weird , so you tell me if a player broke all rules with using bannable words , he/she won't get punished with chat restriction and can keep using chat to type , flame and salt all over the next games? .
he might have got a chat restrict you'll never know if you get chat restrict you have 4 messages at start then a message every 4-5 minutes (the messages stack up to a max of 5) so if you see hes typing more frequent than that he didn't get punished
: I thought the 14 days ban is the first punishment a player receives if he misbehaved in games .
well you my friend thought wrong, it depends on the case actually
: like a gentleman , I did , in all the three games , yet he was still using the chat feature to spread more toxicity .
his chat wont get disabled even if he got chat restricted
Asura (EUNE)
: Less players than EUW, so the server is around as bad as NA.
nvm just had a troll in NA guess they are the same afterall lol
Asura (EUNE)
: Less players than EUW, so the server is around as bad as NA.
don't mean to be rude but i think NA is still better than eune and even harder than euw sometimes eune is filled with young kids who will curse you back when you provoke them very easily, they also play like trolls almost every game you don't see any of this shit in NA or at least you rarely see it people in NA try hard even worse than EUW tryhards but euw tryhards more often than NA (frequency vs quality of tryharding) I don't have any description for eune players some of them are good but most of them are trolls at least they give really tough aram games i think ( and very toxic too) ye there you go me trying to not be biased didn't play much ranked in any server but euw so this is mostly normals experiences
: This ^ League is designed by unskilled people who have no actuall skill or logic when it comes to certain things. -One of major LOL downsides for skilled player IS CAMERA. The angle of camera shifts hitboxes sizes/locations to appear where they arent. And it haunts LoL from day 1. There were TONS of posts against it and also for "LOLIPOP" hitboxes LOL implemented. That I cant even count them. Having your camera in specific angles and parts of the map, will make you see things THAT ARW NOT THERE AT ALL. And by that I mean 150+ Videos where projectile is pasing 2 meters to the side from the character only to actually HIT it LOL. Whats worse you cannot change your camera angle because of the games shallow engine limitations, DEV limitations and the QQ that the braindead 5y old kids which is 85% of the community will unleash if people are allowed to see things AS THEY ARE by shifting camera angle more UP. It affects a lot of things. Invisible Cait traps from top aide of towers, untargetable characters when on top of towers unless you move camera a LOT in UP dirrection and so on. It is a Mess. Note: sry for errors my phone is small.
can you give us an example of the perceptive you want to see? don't really get what you mean from just a description in text
: Rune which makes you stronger when extremely low?
aftershock gives a bunch of defensive stats after landing any form of cc last stand gives adaptive **damage** when you are really low other than that idk sorry also any decent statistic sites will give you what exactly are the runes that legendary urgot used so it may help your paranoia a bit
: Why did you buy a rainbow icon?
??? these silly poll options and people bother choosing anything else than the truth you use it because you are gay STOP lying
: Does BC give armour?
because URGOT SHIELD SCALES WITH HEALTH or something like that but I heard it got ""nerfed"""
nananano (EUW)
: Reminder that only if you're typing you can get banned
i didn't say anything toxic in chat but i talked and got banned for "inting" when i didn't int i just feed the towers
Rioter Comments
: cause eune is easy server lmao
also if they were easier do u have an explanation why?
: cause eune is easy server lmao
not really easier but their low elo is surely more %%%%ed
: There are a bunch of websites out there that estimate your mmr (eg : They can give you a general idea but they should be taken with a grain of salt as they are only estimations, also if you play with premades all the time (like I do) those websites won't be able to give you a correct estimation, if they do at all Since premades mess with your mmr by a lot
how can you have a positive winrate as silver and willingly remain a silver this blows up my mind
: > point is this game is hard no matter who you play against, no matter the rank it's harder than it should be What do you mean by hard? _Regarding progress_ - It's not an easy game for me either tbh, as I am silver myself. But this is not true for everyone. Here's an example: I was lately looking for someone to duo with. When finally a player from my friend list accepted to play with me, I had to ask him to stop playing after only two games. The reason was that he destroyed mid lane in both matches (with Ahri) and in that pace, I would win a lot of games without even doing anything. This is why I am not looking for a duo anymore, because from these couple of games I realized that not only it's difficult to find someone with a similar skill level, it's also impossible to have the same impact as someone who is better in the game. So, it seems League may be easy for some people and hard for others. Like, I find some fighting games to be quite easy, so I am pretty decent at them. But when I play first-person shooter games, they seem so hard I cannot even move the camera correctly. I really don't think League is a hard or an easy game. This is for each player to decide. _Regarding matches_ - On the other hand, with matchmaking trying to find equal opponents, you have about 50-50 chances to win. This means you cannot consider the game easy, as it is expected to win only half the time. And that's only fair, because if you were expected to win let's say 70% of your games, then it would be expected for someone else to only win 30%. A 50-50 chance doesn't seem too easy, but it is fair.
hard to win just hard i can't explain more
: Boy I've played like 12 games of ranked in my whole 7 years of playing league, I was silver 2 or sum back in season like 4 ? Around half a year ago, my mmr in draft games used to be around 1750 so around mid gold level, and around 2200 in aram so high plat low diamond, but we all know aram doesn't count haha I haven't played any games alone in a very long time now tho so I wouldn't be able to tell you how my personal mmr has evolved since then
: Idk, I can see that happening if you pick up a new champ in a high level mmr, but personally I've picked up basically every champ a few seasons ago I haven't really played much of the newer champs but I pretty much started with a 50% win rate on all of them (exception for pyke cause for some reason I collect pentakills basically everygame with him) And considering that (except yuumi) champions usually come out with a decent win rate, that should mean that people usually don't struggle to much to pick up new champs either
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: > I see hardstuck irons beating golds and silvers in some games and that shouldn't happen Yes, it shouldn't happen in a perfect world. But some people share their iron accounts, others are boosted to gold/silver, some wouldn't reach their rank without someone to carry them e.t.c. So you cannot conclude this server is worse because sometimes irons win golds/silvers in some games, implying golds/silvers are as skillful as irons in some servers.
what about me being terrible on ahri on euw but i play her like a god on eune sometimes i barely played ranked on eune and my point is not comparing the two servers really that rank bs i witnessed was mostly on euw point is this game is hard no matter who you play against, no matter the rank it's harder than it should be
Souiradx (EUNE)
: i am is it related to windows ?
maybe it's maybe it's not i have no idea i am trying to find the key common factor between all the people who encountered this strange bug because not everyone experienced it i for one don't use win10 and never got that error yet so maybe that's the issue? who knows
: True. It was probably just a bug then. 3/1 should be a confirmed surrender anyway when 4 players.
he stole my vote whatever I didn't feel like playing that much anyways
: It's a possabiliity that he connected back just to surrender.
but then there would be excessive number of voters for only 4 slot of voting box i don't think that should happen
Hawk32 (EUNE)
: Never been below silver but I dont notice much of a difference between servers
is that why u peaked diamond on eune and gold on euw? or it's just the laziness excuse
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: > i specifically said EVEN the new players should find this "tutorial" annoying and pointless It's not pointless for new players, annoying maybe, but definitely not pointless. Even those with previous MOBA experience can get some experience about basic things. Feel the difference at least. > so if someone gets hacked or loses his pass he has to do the annoying tutorial all over again cuz nobody cares about smurfs lol > maybe he's not smurfing on fkin purpose In first case yes, most "hacked" accounts weren't really hacked. It was either a successful phishing attempt or that player willingly gave his acc to someone. For free RP, boost or any other stupid reason. Either way that is completely that player's fault. In second case there's always support, it's easy to recover lost credentials. If you're not willing to do that, then that is your problem. Yeah, there are cases when someone isn't smurfing on purpose, but such cases are rare enough to not consider them. And then this tutorial isn't even that long. If you already know what to do you can finish it much faster than new player
if they want a feel of the game they can just hop into beginner bots, they can only play pvp at level 5 anyways if it's about learning the game then i guarantee you none learns anything from that dogshit tutorial whenever i play beginner bots i still see new players NOT buying items for the majority of the game, not respecting turrets damage and building shit like bloodthirster sona so what are they learning from that tutorial? nothing it's doing more harm than good imo since the damage in tutorial is exaggerated and the turrets hurt less than in real games for a not new player the tuto is easy but it still takes a while to finish so it's still kind of a chore
: Well if you have 1200 Q stacks you probably have last hitted some creeps for it. :P Means gold, means, items!
and kills also flourish that gold check that leads to items
: They do care very much about smurfing... And a lot of people do. Smurfing is a crime, yet a hard crime to get the truth behind. Which is the reason why many get excused by playing smurf accounts. But Being a smurf is still bannable, if there's suffiant evidence towards being a smurf, he/she will get banned from ranked match making.
only in the context of clash and from what i understand even then they won't outright ban you for smurfing but just if you try to bypass anti smurfing measures whatever that means
: Some of the most stupid comments I have ever seen.
I wonder if they were being dumb ironically nasus stacks make him stronger but not alone he needs items to be strong so maybe that's what they meant?
: I know , man I had a player who's extremely toxic in 3 games in a row and he's still using the chat feature XD , I mean come on report system , upgrades needed .
and u like a gentleman reported them in each single one of those three games
: You know what's so cringy to see...
being very toxic once in a while is okay cuz rito logic only extreme toxcity gets banned
: Another critical error problem where game won't launch.
are you playing on a windows 10 device?
this seems to be one of two popular issues with the client rn but thank god i didn't encounter it yet
Smerk (EUW)
: > riot doesn't care about smurfs nobody does > and returning players returning players should still have their old accounts, so they don't need to level up new one. And if they don't, then they fall under first category and you know the drill
so if someone gets hacked or loses his pass he has to do the annoying tutorial all over again cuz nobody cares about smurfs lol maybe he's not smurfing on fkin purpose
: Honouring a premade is basically useless. Also in nearly all of my games all 5 players give an honour. But it is not akways given to the one with the best stats - if there is somone who gets camped, falls behind, but does not just continue inting the game and instead tries to stay cool and helps us winning the game, he will always get honoured by me. Everybody can have good stats, but if you manage to stay cool and be impactful, even though the enemy focusses you... that's truely a player who deserves an honour. I also honour players for great shotcalling, always staying positive, helping with the team morale and so on... And if someone is doing the opposite, flames or just is negative the whole time (like writing ff at minute 2, saying that he will go afk, if we don't surrender...), he will get reported. Having good stats is not the opposite of bring mean. You can have good stats and be mean. So you can't compare that.
honors are somehow given at random imo i could be the same person in one game what i say would be considered flame by some people and it's not by others and when the team are all %%%%s to each others they tend to honor the person who roamed and helped team get kills (see kills are still important) but at the end of the day they rarely ever vote for the person who carried either they don't admit they carried or label them as someone who 'kill steals' or whatever it comes off a bit ungrateful because they won't win without that person but whatever
Smerk (EUW)
: > riot doesn't care about smurfs nobody does > and returning players returning players should still have their old accounts, so they don't need to level up new one. And if they don't, then they fall under first category and you know the drill
i specifically said EVEN the new players should find this "tutorial" annoying and pointless
: > i am pretty sure i said many negative and insulting things on these boards and never got any ban That's more a sign of us having to improve than the NA mods being to stricts. Insults are simply not welcome on the boards. > i don't want it lifted but negotiated cuz i don't think i deserve that long of a ban for it? even if i broke those supposed rules.. They are not supposed rules. They are rules. And they apply, regardless if you like them or not. It's possible that our NA colleagues have different or stricter rules and ban durations, but that's normal. The culture in different regional communities can be vastly different and the situation can also demand different rules. So it's perfectly possible and normal that NA mods act differently than we do here. And I don't really see the sense in "negotiating" your ban if you actually broke the rules and don't even think it should be lifted. What's the point?
because it's too long if i said i didn't break any rules and i did i'd either be called crazy or a liar not really helping my case still a long ass ban, fk i hate NA culture
Rioter Comments
: We are connected in that way that we know each other, worked together in the past and occasionally talk, but our programs are entirely independent from each other and we do not have insight in their moderation. If you think you were treated incorrectly and got bans despite not violating the board rules, you can always contact the Riot Support.
i think NA boards hand out bans too easy like candies to kids i am pretty sure i said many negative and insulting things on these boards and never got any ban except for the time i suggested someone should off themselves which is an understandable red line also me spamming dumb homphobic shit........... those are the only two times i got banned HERE on euw boards on NA boards u could get banned for just being mildly rude or agressive over a series of comments like wtf and one ban duration was too long i don't want it lifted but negotiated cuz i don't think i deserve that long of a ban for it? even if i broke those supposed rules..
: Why not, altho I'm busy with IRL things atm, so not THAT active. Lemme know what your acc name is, and I'll add you. My requests are full, and I can't be added.
: I play normals, ARAMs and both SR ranked queues. More non-ranked than ranked. You can hover my name here on the boards to see my level. It's 240 - that should mean that I'm fairly active.
that's cool..I have an eune account would you mind playing a game or two with me?
: Fun fact, you don't need honours in order to get to lvl 5 in every season. Just play the game, and don't be toxic.
how regularily do you play this game and do you play normals?
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