Exploitable lvl 1-4 in all honesty. He scales pretty damn well as the game progresses. Nail in the coffin for melee match-ups that's for sure. Grievous wounds cuts his healing by a big portion and makes him more "manageable" to fight. also try to fight in minion waves as well. His Q won't hit nearly as hard. The amount of shielding (which caps at 30 percent max health) he gets is dependent on 2 factors. 1.) The amount of the damage he deals 2.) The amount of damage he takes If he uses his W, he'll consume his white resource bar which diminishes the damage on his Q. Try to bait it out I suppose So don't try to burst him when you're also face tanking him. His E has one of the highest CD in the entire game when speaking of basic abilities especially in the early levels, a predictable movement and dodgeable tbh. He does excel really well in drawn out teamfights etc etc. He can hit his Q more easily, get more people in his passive AOE, can hit his E more easy as well. All in all, a dominant Teamfighter. **** "Just get one smurf playing morde and you will get very quickly then you may as well afk whole game." **_How has this anything to do with the balancing of the champion itself?_** You can't blame a champion for being absurdly broken when someone with more intel and better mechanics stomped you in the game. Smurfs mostly know their matchups and their strengths and weaknesses on their champ and their opponents'. Of course they're gonna snowball when they're ahead. It's in the same trend as saying "WTF, champion X is so unbalanced/broken, he/she/it just oneshotted me. But then that champion would have a 100 cs more and 15 kills with 2 more completed items." **** Mordekaiser is abusable in the early stages, just like most ( I don't mean all) "scale to late game" champions. Get more familiar with how he plays by trying him out yourself (he has a very straight forward kit). The more matches you play against him, the more you get acquainted with how he plays etc. Don't forget this when you're melee... {{item:3123}}
: Nerf windwall duration. common 4 seconds...
_As a Dirty Yasuo abuser, my inting pepega-brain strongly disagrees_ But for real, from 4s to 2s is kind of drastic imo. Either set it to 3 or increase the ability CD (26/24/22/20/18 to 24 or 23 all ranks). If the player in question is trigger happy, he'll waste a valuable defensive ability. With the amount of damage in the game right now, this will surely give you a window of opportunity to punish. I don't really share the same POV since I play mostly melee champions into him, so apologies that I do not share your "frustration". Undoing damage nerfs (any of them) to compensate if he would become too weak is definitely not the way to go with a champion like him tbh.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Nerf Malphite
As **chimp magnet** said, he is getting nerfed in the next patch. His Ratio on his ultimate will be reduced from 100 to 80 percent. I don't think there were any other changes to him. So you might survive his full rotation after patch 9.22
bbita (EUNE)
: bad commentary
Hold up, so commentating with a little bit of vividness and enthusiasm is 'bad'? Chinese and Korean casters get excited as well, perhaps not to the same extent as EU or NA casters but they still get excited nonetheless. It's a game that goes back and forth and is full of action, which makes it hard to keep all the commentary dry and monotone. Go watch chess or golf if you want slower, dryer commentary and skip Esports. Because the casters and the crowd will get more hyped the further World 2019 progresses.
: Used to feel the same for {{champion:157}}. But after i stomped a sufficient amount of them (they mostly tend to be quite bad, which helps) the hate cooled. Now i'm almost glad to see one in the enemy team, because i consider it an easy target.
Very much understandable good Sir ! Hope they stay easy and free !
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: Why can't Kai sa get the Azir treatment?
Well, before we suggest anything, let us just summarize what is in her kit. (Q) - An AOE high damage ability, not an auto attack, which is not a skillshot that also has great waveclear, minions that are low take bonus damage (E) - An attack speed steroid (E) - A movement speed steroid (E) - Both of the previous 2 steroids have the cooldown lowered by auto attacks (R) - A long range mobility spell which grants a shield (P) - On hit damage (P) - A passive that can be applied by teammates (P) - Percentage missing health damage (ALL) - Mixed damage (ALL) - AD and AP ratios on 3 abilities and her passive (ALL) - Can build AP or AD and is extremely flexible base on team comps (she fits everywhere) (W) - Long range poke (E Evolve) - Stealth Credits to Exil for the summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNzW6lerFNM&t=489s Let's start suggesting, I guess
: " skins will be available at 26th september " , yeah when at 23:59 ?
It's out now (on euw at least) Buy that pretty boi Zed Wish I could buy his chroma as well, feelsbadman
Red Erica (EUW)
: Inting and leaving unpunished
Here we go again... Inting, running it down, griefing or whatever is a pattern they need to pick up on. One game where you supposedly "ran it down" is not a trigger (unless you went 0/30 in the first 20 minutes of the game and used chat to tell the enemy where your team is), however if it happens multiple times and if the reports keep coming in, it will be investigated furthur and the player in question will be sanctioned accordingly. *"OfFeNsiVe lAnGuAGe iS pUniSHEd WAy tOO oFteN!!"* Well what do you know, it's directly traceable... Which means they have direct evidence of you breaking the Summoner Code. *Surprised Pikachu face* And you get punished for breaking a code? How quaint! Get your head out of your ass buddy and start treating people like people instead of "degenerates".
Salron88 (EUW)
: petition. Lets show riot we dont care about WORLD'S if they dont care about our game.
Euhmmm... Basically all of the patches since season 5, I guess, revolved around competitive. Nothing new there. They want to put up a show (flashy champions, flip around the meta and game pace) for the people who do watch the competitive stage, which are a lot (myself included). To be frank, I don't see anyone being actually content about the stage of the game, no matter what Riot would do. (Now don't get me wrong, I'm going to get instant conniptions if Patch 9.19 hits the server, which is a forced patch obviously.) What do you actually want to accomplish with this so called "petition"? A large portion of the player base does not use the boards anyway, so you will not reach them. Others simply could not care less. So tough luck on that, my man. It's not that easy, sorry to break it to you.
: yes we can mute them, but the point is this game hasn't kick vote! some times their afk is more useful, if u call a trash can to come and play with their mouse and keyboard it would be more useful for team with 0/0/0 stats, i want to know why this game is matching a silver IV that needs at least 6 promos with an un-ranked player that wont even has a lvl 4 mastery token with that champ!???!
Unranked players start with a base MMR in ranked. This can either increase or decrease the more ranked matches they play (why am I stating the obvious.. smh). The base MMR unranked players start with, is approximately the same MMR high Bronze and low Silver players have (Silver 4 is low Silver, thus the reason you have unranked players in your game.) And please do us a favor and read your text before posting so it's comprehensible for us all, thank you very much!
: in the name of god, again "i wont even give a single phuck about reports" riot said
First off, being toxic and going ham in chat is **directly traceable**, that's why it is being punished almost instantaneously. Telling someone to go F themselves, calling their family out, being blatantly racist or spamming the famous three letters (you know what I mean) is an instant trigger. Purposely inting is a pattern they need to pick up on, if it happens only one game, their hands are tied. If it happens often and the reports come in after every game then they can look to sanction the player in question. Soft inting and soft throwing the game is also very hard to punish. Because of this, toxic players are faced with either a chat restriction or a suspension, because it is directly traceable in chat. Their argument is always; "Why do i get banned for saying things when people can ultimately mute me?" "Just press the mute button kids, don't get offended". Toxicity is as big of a scourge as trolls and inters, buddy
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: please nerf morg's q cd and duration
Buddy, Morgana's Q is a snare/bind, not a stun. You can still AA and cast abilities (only if the mentioned abilities don't change your character's position). Melee champions have a harder time dealing with her snare than ranged champions. It would indeed be braindead broken if it were to be a "stun" (restricting everything for 3 seconds). {{summoner:1}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3111}} and the Legend: Tenacity will help shave off the duration of her snare/bind. If you don't want any of these (if it doesn't suit your playstyle or champion for the matter), then get ready to bob, weave and dodge at mach 5 speed whenever she pops her head out of the fog of war. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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