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: It's pretty normal and you should honestly expect it from time to time. You can use the mute button found in the tab screen if it concerns you. If extremes are encountered (wishing cancer etc.) you should use the report button. But don't report someone just because he asked "why...". Everyone has bad games where they're more stressed than usual, but they're players too.
ermm thanks for the advice but I would never block someone for asking why. I report people but to be honest I am sick of reporting people, I reported so many that last night I just had enough and decided to get some opinion from players about the community situation. And rightly so I did and I am grateful for the comments really. I will learn how to mute people from now on, thanks for that ^^
Zerelous (EUW)
: Hey, nice to meet you Alex I'm Zerelous. The league of legends community believe it or not is actually pretty much the same as the community you will find on any other game, the main difference is the sheer number of players you will encounter in this game, because there are more people, it's harder to find people who are actually decent to play with and because the game is already 6 years old a lot of the more decent members of community have already decided to make groups to play with and to chat with so that they don't have to deal with all the toxicity. I have often met players on the old forums, here on the boards and from other places to play with rather than just playing solo and to be honest, it's a lot better that way, like a lot better, especially if they are people you can talk with away from the game it's self and get to know, using voice chat is also pretty fun sometimes. If I do play solo or duo, then I just communicate with pings and ignore the toxicity, sometimes there are some decent people out there though, can normally tell by the reaction to probably one of the only things I say in game which is a simple "Have fun!" in all chat at the start of the game. Find some like minded people to play with and give it another try, there is a reason we have a friends list! Oh and for the record, your age and gender shouldn't make a difference to anyone.
Nice to meet you too Zerelous and thanks for the advice. I also like using voice chats it is really fun, when I played Lineage I had a constant party/group of 9 people and it was sooo fun to play, win or lose. I guess here it is a bit harder to connect with people when you play maybe 2 matches together by chance. I shall make use my friend list for sure! ^_^
Olucaron (EUNE)
: Sadly Alex, having been in this game just shy of two years, I find the community to be incredibly toxic, to the point where it becomes incredibly demoralising to play competitively (i.e. ranked). Trolls and flamers, people wishing cancer on others, insulting family members.. I have never seen that kind of behaviour on such a huge scale in other games, and I have been playing online (MMOs etc) for a very long time. In fact, I have never seen such behaviour at all, anywhere (on that scale). I don't think this is 'something you get in all games' as a poster below mentions, but something that I don't feel Riot does enough to stamp out. People who don't respect the unwritten etiquette of the game (i.e. troll picks, ignoring pick order), or are allowed to behave in a way that would be absolutely deplorable in real life. They talk about punishments, but how many times do we see people complaining on these boards about petty bans, whereas the 'cancer-wishers' and those who deliberately and selfishly ignore others remain in-game? For me, as a teacher, it's unbelievable just what kind of human beings these people are. What on earth must their parents and communities be doing to breed such hate? It's a very sad state of affairs when you come to play a GAME, for enjoyment and as an escape from the real world, that you have to face such hate on such an intensely regular scale. If these people (and admittedly, so many are kids/teenagers) behaved like that in my class, they'd face suspension or expulsion. But as I've said for a long time now, the human race is a lost cause. However, I do wish your experience here to be better than what I have had so far. There ARE good eggs here, I have a few people on my list that I always look forward to seeing online, and despite all the frustration, I still keep coming back. All we can do is try to rise above it all, and enjoy it along the way. Good luck! :D
Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about your experience in such detail. I really appreciate it! :) I do agree with you a lot and I will try to keep an eye out for cool people as I really do not want to leave the game. Thanks again x
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