: Lmfao, good job Riot.
You understand that the queue counter is probably just a counter right? It's quite possible that the servers are actually down and the counter, just being a counter, isn't meant to deal with figuring out if there is a server to log into. It could just be looping on login requests, noting them as finished but receiving the same request again and again. It's like getting angry at microsoft when the time estimation for a file transfer is inaccurate, it's difficult to present the task progress of software in a single number even when the other end of a system is working.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Qiyana's Interactions (mini rant)
That's just the character that she is, quite a few are complaining about how she doesn't fit the aesthetic they initially though she belongs in(as in the personality, hair, body, clothes ect.). But her character is basically written to be a royal self-entitled brat that hungers for respect and reverence. So far, she doesn't come across as a 'good' person, while she does whatever is necessary to defend Ixtal she also wants nothing more than to rule it and refuses to let go of that pursuit. I actually think Qiyana, is a good addition to league. She's clearly a flawed character, but also doesn't have a very obvious redeeming side to her personality. Not every champ can be a Braum or Yuumi, and league already has plenty to choose from in the 'horrific awe-inspiring ancient force' pool, it's refreshing to see a regular but powerful individual which might not be all that likeable.
: So, about ''Character inking''
iirc a while ago, riot said they were going to move away from using character inking. It's pretty performance intensive as far as league goes and messes with transparency on textures and effects. Kayn was the first champ released without it to experiment with the performance and because of the transparency effects in his hair. Here's a link with more detailed info: [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6n39xh/waddup_were_the_rioters_that_did_kayn_ask_us/dk6fft6/) I also prefer having the inking, it just looks nice, the contrast also does help a lot. Sadly can't find any more recent talk about inking or alternatives
: Does the algorithm for matchmaking change when you enter a promotional series?
Matching definitely changes, the team quality takes a complete dive during promos. I get some low skill teams in regular games, but promos are where I find players who actively troll. It feels like the system matches you with players who've recently moved ranks, or are near promos (also possibly lower mmr players). And the players who change ranks most often tend to be those who get frustrated, troll, go on a losing spree, then climb up and repeat. I dunno if it's an intentional skill check or an accidental consequence of a different matchmaking system. It makes sense that you'd be paired with lower mmr players to test if you can carry at your elo. But it never feels consistent. Either way it's a little frustrating at times, I'd be a lot higher in rank if I got teams from the games leading up to promos in my promos. If I approach a new rank, I never put much stress on it, because most of the time I'll wind up losing promos irrelevant of how well I play and just get through them for the free win next time.
: yeah but i can not buy orbs with tokens like i used to. I can not use chroma packs cause i dont spend money on skins. I mean you could get 3 orbs now 1 :(
But you can buy orbs, it's available in the token's loot page, it costs 200 token for an msi orb. I think it was initially missing the day the event started, probably something to do with the crafting issues the other day. So far, it's possible to get at least two orbs without buying anything, same as it's always been and we don't even know how the event will progres(will likely wind up with 300 tokens, it's always just shy of allowing 2 free orbs). A lot of people are also complaining about price changes in loot and RP, though none of it is necessary to play the game. Everything in this event is entirely cosmetic and has no impact on actually playing the free game. It's like people are complaining about not getting enough free cosmetics...
: waitwaitwait...you mean to tell me i used it WRONG this entire time? D: oh crap i feel dumb now...still, the true damage isn't something that should be given for free like that :\
It is a SUPER common mistake, because the concept of lethality sounds like it's good at bypassing armour, but the stats math out differently. I thought the same for the longest time until I actually looked the stats up on the wiki. Easy true damage is a bit of a problem atm, though access to true damage is what's keeping brawlers in toplane afloat(unless patches over the last year have buffed all of them to a good spot). I'd rather have super strong brawlers than go back to full out tank meta, that was horrific. Finding a better alternative is a little difficult, since conquerer has always been a bandaid fix(though it is a little weaker now). I think giving champs better base stats on tankiness and making tank items a lot harder to get, or adding a runes that counter bonus armour and MR(maybe not in the same rune) could help a bit.
: i always thought tank meta was the main reason lethality was introduced as a fix, apparently that's not good enough aymore :\
Lethality is very ineffective against tanks. Tanks actually counter it because they outscale it easily. The max lethality any champion can have is 74, this will reduce armour of the target by 74armour at level 18 for a given attack. You can get 75 armour with just a Sunfire Cape and Cloth Armour. A single item and cheap component would counter the absolute cheesiest full lethality build at endgame. Lethality is more about being able to delete squishy champions easier and safer. It's an assassin stat. To counter tanks, you want % armour reductions and %HP damage. Like a Lord Dominiks and Black Cleaver or even a BotRK, orrr ideally you want some true damage.
Elígoss (EUW)
: testing, just ignore
**_*~~I will not ignore this~~*_**
Eambo (EUW)
: [SPOILER] Community Boards Updates
_*~~b l u e~~*_ _*~~b l u e~~*_ _*~~b l u e~~*_
: well okay then but they could update the splash art in the loading screen at least..
Yeah it wouldn't be too hard for the art team to just touch up the current splash, all it needs are some more details and a higher resolution. But I think if they were to update it they would probably just do a full visual update anyways. Morgana and Kayle are next up for an update and the official page doesn't list any others after them. There's no telling who they'll do next, so there is hope
: yeah, thats not the problem. Watch the video I linked in your first comment. They would just texture bake it and it'd be fine.
It isn't all about computer specs and It's not quite as simple as baking render passes and pasting it on a lower resolution model, that is how it normally works in most games, but this is a special case. League is very finicky when it comes to how small physical details can be, a champion takes up a tiny area of the screen because we need to see a fair portion of the map/game-environment. If you took that model of jax, scaled it down to the size of normal champions then applied the textures and model resolution, from the game's normal POV you wouldn't be able to clearly see his feet or hands or how he holds the lamp. The folds of cloth would blur, his mask would be difficult to see properly and the markings on his cloak would look tiny. https://steemitimages.com/DQmR2crhfqLUWFTfy6o1GQ2pMZyT79dznTsfXDQ4qXqq6sr/image.png Jax's model looks as clunky as it does because riot had to keep the way he visualy reads in mind. In order to clearly show his features, the hands and feet are massive compared to the head, the torso looks super wide(probably so there's enough space to show how the cloak and robe fit on the character). His anatomy doesn't looks right, which is understandable considering how old the model is, riot did what they could at the time. He does absolutely need a visual update though, riot have only gotten better in making champion models look really good and well detailed ingame, just look at any of the champ releases from this year, especially the reworks. But they still do struggle with balancing levels of detail. For example, when pyke was released the white teeth painted on his bandanna were super big and chunky looking compared to the splash(it kind of removed his intimidation factor), they did add more teeth eventually and it looks pretty good now, but first variation was a result of riot trying to make sure the model was readable from normal gameplay POV.
What's so bad about it? It has bugs but I've rarely run into any real problems.
Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
1,2,3,5,space 4 is ulti, 5 is attack move, space is for pings. I have summs on f3 and f4(I hit summs with middle fingere), with trinkets on T. Items are on Q, R, C, V and my two mouse buttons. I have fairly longish hands and play with a dinky laptop keyboard, this setup stretches my hand out a little
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
This is a really cool thing to do for everyone, thanks dude! Summoner Name: LiamLiamLiamLiam Skins: Dreadnova Gangplank, Arclight Yorick and Radiant Wukong (3 x 1350)
: test (no need to open this thread)
I felt a strange need to open this thread
: Stuck on reconnect after game finished.
Stuck in phantom game. Please send help
Vespaj (EUNE)
: And I prefer to put deep wards somewhere around Baron pit. But there are now actually %%%%ing plants that you can jump in brush so whatever, thats so annoying
The bush jump ganks are pretty annoying yeah. It's a bit out your way, but if you get the wave pushed in really far and don't have anything to do for a moment, it's always worth roaming down to place wards and pop plants or even pinch a buff if you know their jungler is on botside. The worst for toplane is kayn, most other junglers can be scouted out, but that bastard will come from anywhere, it's so easy for him to avoid vision
Vespaj (EUNE)
: No %%%%ing title
Playing around the enemy jungler isn't too hard most of the time, always keep a control ward and watch the map for where he appears and runs to. If he's ganking bot, you know you can push in your wave and look to trade/kill. If you have no vision of him and he hasn't appeared bot or mid and you're pushed past the river, it's a fair guess to say he's on his way top. If all of your team are freezing wave at their towers but you're pushing up further than any of them, you're the only one who can be ganked by the enemy jungler, so he'll go for you. Also remember the jungler tax, if he's going to your lane, he wants something as a gank tax and will be satisfied when he gets it. Ultimately, he wants a kill, below that he wants your flash, and below that he wants to remove your vision(control wards). By keeping a control ward on the river bush or tribush, you know he will stop to take it out(which lets you back up to safety which forces him to waste time sitting on your lane or leave). If he gets your flash in a gank, he's probably going to leave but will come back later because he knows you don't have an easy escape. It also helps to leave zombie wards in the middle of river if you go domination. Any jungler will stop to hit the ward which gives you earlier warning that they're nearby.
: Annie's in-game Appearence
The cinematic was incredible! I do think Annie's model could be redone a little bit, not to change any of the theme or style, but rather to polish it up. Maybe it could do with some proportion editing, a few colour tweaks to add some variation(it looks a little too cartoonish with the current pink and purple being so strong in the colour pallete, changing the backpack and shirt a little could be nice). Also, I don't recall any specific examples, but I remember Annie having an odd scale compared to some other champs, a lot of champs have the same problem, but especially Annie
Folcrow (EUW)
: Can we have an option to turn cosmetic skins ON/OFF?
Would appreciate skins being optional, there are a few that just murder my already awful framerate
vladiq (EUW)
Hehe, the thumbnail has its priorities in order {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Sure, telling someone to commit suicide is a huge thing that shouldn't happen. But being able to make inside jokes about it or being sarcastic about it to your friends is still a thing that should be something you should be able to do. It's common in our friend group that we make fun of it while being lead into the direction ourselfes so we're making fun of our own issues. It's like saying that you shouldn't joke about Hi*ler, Terrorists or Rapists. If someone feels threatened and attracted to death if some random person on the internet tells them to kill theirselves, they're already mentally unstable and need serious help. In my opinion saying that someone will cut the heads of your family members off and rape them is seriously worse than saying "ky.s" since "ky.s" can be said out of hesitation but the other threat is throughoutly thought about.
I absolutely agree about comparison in threats, that's something far more intentional and hateful. Though insulting and joking about Hi*ler or terrorists is far from something personal like telling someone to commit suicide. Both of those are two very general topics that rarely apply to an individual in a very personal way. Telling someone to kill themselves, even as a joke, or joking about rape for that matter, are on a very different level. In the end it's probably better to stay away from either through rule enforcement than to allow a troll to actually hurt someone at some point. I do think that the punishment is a little too automated. Something as serious as this should be looked at by someone to determine if it's a joke or if the individual is actually flaming/attacking someone, with a chat restriction/warning while leaving actual immediate bans for the latter. It's a difficult thing to implement, there are so many games and so many reports that the automated system is the current best option
: > I think this is a serious issue, that you can't shittalk in this game There is a huge difference between shittalking and telling people to commit suicide.
A little banter and insulting is fine for the most part, though there's a pretty clear line that telling someone to commit suicide takes a pretty big step over, no matter if it's intended as a joke or sarcasm
Medsek (EUW)
: None of you talked about what the post is actually about. nice community ^^
Because this is the off-topic board(some jokes about that in this thread) and it's a fairly whiny post, these are things that happen to everyone playing the game, it's the result of how a game like league works out. You'll have good game and bad games, win streaks and loss streaks, carrying streaks and being carried streaks. When we start to knit pick individual games out of the hundreds we'll play, we will find seemingly unfair things everywhere(ranked afk, feeders, trolls, bad teams ect). But league is not about those few games, it's about all the games collectively, where you'll find everything tends to settle at 50%, in winrate, 'who has the feeder' rate, 'who has the god player as a carry' rate, all of it comes up even eventually with rng twisting some things from time to time. It's just that you'll notice those awful matches more than the really good ones. I get how frustrating it can be, but don't forget, league is a game where you're teamed with 4 entirely random people who are somewhere in your MMR. The game is how you and the 4 randos make that work out. Just don't forget that even if your placements don't go well, you will wind up in your proper rank at some point after grinding out games and climbing. Watch out with the account sharing, it's a massive rule breaker and can easily get you banned. If you want a serious discussion about all of this, maybe open a post in Champions and Gameplay and note why you think the current ranked system doesn't work out and how it could be better? Complaining about a small personal experience in an offtopic board won't get any kind of serious response
Nherax (EUW)
: A video that everyone should see
Wow. Never heard that speech before, thank you for posting it! It's incredible
: Its my birthday!! :D
Happy Birthday, dude! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s. : no icon needed, just have a good day o/
: I tried that middle button thing but for some reason the camera moves the exact opposite way of what i want it to work as (as i move left on the mouse the camera turns to the right) and i hate that so much :c
ahh right, some might not like that. Have to think of it like you're dragging the map underneath the camera, it does feel super funky. I'm not sure how the other panning methods would work out though
: Help with unlocked camera
All you can really do is power through it until it's normal. It takes a few matches, but is so worth it for the extra camera control. One thing that will make life a little easier is to use the middle mouse button as a camera drag, so you don't have to push the edges of the screen to look around, which messes up your aiming in extended fights. There's a setting for it somewhere, don't quite remember it exactly. It also takes some getting used to, but free camera with middle mouse button to drag it is so smooth in camera control. I got out of locked camera quite a while ago, now it feels impossible to use :P Aiming skill shots from a moving view is really hard to coordinate.
Rec Ohm (EUNE)
: Wrong. Besides the fact that every champion has their counters, as the OP suggests Malzahar is true counter due to his whole kit. If you don't agree with that, I'd like to alternatively suggest Gangplank as another main counter, since he can never fall asleep, ruining Zoe's whole combo. (Also, Kleptomancy is broken with him at the moment, so his vistory is even easier.)
Zoe can be countered pretty well. I think any champion with a gap closer who can side step her Q and maybe dodge the E counters her. Wukong, clone to take the E then jump on her and ult before she can get the Q off. Akali, wait for the E then jump on her and use shroud to avoid the retaliation Q. Maybe Diana? Zoe has a lot of trouble with early wave clear until she can at least oneshot the caster minions with Q. So out pushing her and getting a gold/xp lead early is also pretty viable, which is why good waveclear champs like malza or gangplank can work well.
xMisuto (EUW)
: true i rushed 3v3 gold end season by spamming him 100% winrate 7 games hahah ^^ Do you feel like his current state is healthy/balanced or would you like to see something changed?
His damage values and cooldowns are fairly okay, though I think he should be more involved in csing in some way, just so he can't forget about it. He wins lanes because he just has to focus on his opponent and enemy jungler while his opponent is trying to focus on csing too. Maybe he should need to command his voidlings more manually? Like they could become his auto attacks(similar to azir) where they just stop after a minion dies until he commands them again.
xMisuto (EUW)
: Zoe vs Malzahar
Malz does counter zoe pretty hard, he has a better wave clear, earlier than she does, so can shove the wave really quick. Atm, Malz is really damn strong and fun to play, mainly because of waveclear and his ult. Past about 10 minutes you don't even need to think about last hitting, his W E auto farms entire waves at a time. His ult can be brought down to a 40sec cooldown. He's not strong because of his damage, but with how many free passes he gets. Doesn't need to think about farming, or aiming his most important ability, or even dodging retaliation when he all ins. That said, he does do a crazy amount of damage and is super fun to play
: Please give this man a permanent low priority queue
> [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Qoju22iM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-12-02T13:46:21.051+0000) > > Upvoted Upvoted
: > Almost impossible to hit someone with it in lane if they're positioned right, the same goes for {{champion:103}}'s charm but ahri doesn't have spell thief on her W or 160% scaling on her Q. her charm doesn't get extended over walls either or lingers on the ground for 4 seconds. and Zoe doesn't have half of the mana problems that ahri has, she can just spam abilities the whole time without ever running out of mana.
It is actually very easy to run out of mana as zoe, especially when laning and in longer fights. Her autos are so hard to farm with that she uses her Q from around midgame, the mana drains faster than you think it will. Fair points on ahri, though what she does have is true damage and actual dashes that can be used very quickly. Ahri can face check you with a dash, charm, Q, W and dash out if that didn't work, not to mention that every ability does some significant damage. Zoe's ult is a range extender that basically roots her in one spot for around 3 seconds, she can't use it if there are any CC champs within range. Spellthief is a major advantage she has over ahri for sure. It makes zoe very unpredictable if you don't notice her picking up a spell, TP, Redemption and Heal help her so much in laning
: League of Legends 7.23 - Vi Bug
wouldn't the cooldown necessary to do that be impossible to get ingame? It is a bug, but can only be replicated with instant cooldown enabled right? I wonder if it affects anything else
: zoe e
The ability is actually very hard to use well. Almost impossible to hit someone with it in lane if they're positioned right, you can only get them if they make a huge mistake and run into your face or away from minion cover. It's main use comes in jungle fights where she can throw it over walls for better range, here she's normally out of range to follow up with an Ult + Q, so it's mostly a way to top chases through jungle. There are other champions with far worse abilities to deal with, talon or zed who can ult and pointclick burst without much risk, syndra's CC that works through minions, fizz dodging anything and gap closing ect
Krilmon (EUW)
: Wukong Rework?
Wukong's abilities are all really great, though a few don't feel like they do much. His passive isn't very noticeable at all and the armour shred in his q makes very little difference until maxxed. Though he is very strong in other places with his ult, gap closer and clone. I think he could do with some rebalancing, but not a full rework. Maybe changing his passive to something else and buffing his Q a little. Overall, he is super balanced, not too strong, not too weak, though doesn't feel powerful.
Dezxir (EUW)
: well i guess youre right in some points but even thou i (Have flamed) and (Have been warned) it should not mean i shoudnt be able o open y mouth when someone is trolling like this? I mean not (One) time did i say anything like fakk you, noob etc etc go .... yourself or anything stupid shit. i dod not threat,harass,shittalk. The only i could see now afterwords is what you already stated i said (Report him) but who the heck does not say that???? And IF that is the case that Riot see that as a offensive and justify a ban when someone is inting then i think Riot has some serious problems with this system. My acc is not permabanned but from heart now i think this system is complete gargabe. I will from now totally mute EVERYONE in everygame and just play no matter what because it seems just risky to even type anything.
I get what you mean, the system does come off as very unfair when dealing with trolls for a lot of people when anything that could be considered flaming can be reported and eventually punished. Though that doesn't mean you shouldn't interact and challenge trolls, you just have to be careful about it and what you say. Dealing with them without any aggression is typically the safest way to go about it, just talk to them and question whatever they're doing, even poking fun at them is okay as long as it's not aggressive flaming (general banter and more lighthearted insults are normally alright). Sometimes they'll be provoked to flame even harder in front of everyone while you appear to just be going back and forth with a little banter, it's a better way to passively show everyone that the person is a troll who deserves to be reported than directly calling for reports (not that any extra reports will matter aside from yours, but it is kinda cool to expose a troll even more) ;) Muting everyone ingame is a fair way to go about it if you don't want to really bother with talking to a troll and might be a good way to keep yourself from slipping up. After being warned and punished, the system will take any further reports very seriously, so now is the time to be careful. I also find that just muting whoever is trolling or flaming and ignoring them is the cleanest way to get through a bad match, they're not worth the effort of confronting most of the time.
Dezxir (EUW)
: Well you realise that yorue saying ONE report is enough for a ban right? Maybe it was onkly kalista who reported me so you think my ban is fair then? Out your self in my situation instead of sit on the high horses and tell others there is no problem cause there IS. What youre also saying is (call for a report is offense) really? You sir are so faar defending the inter here.
> Well you realise that yorue saying ONE report is enough for a ban right? Maybe it was onkly kalista who reported me so you think my ban is fair then? Not at all! I'm saying it's more likely that you may have been reported several times before and the system administered a punishment after a report from that last match. I can't say anything definite about whether you deserved the ban or not, without knowing more about you as a player, though the system doesn't normally give bans out too lightly. Also, as I know it, chat bans are given as a first punishment with a warning, then game bans and then longer game bans before account bans. I assume you were given a game ban? Then you were either warned when given a chat ban at some point before, or did something to warrant a direct game ban in some previous match. I understand that situation well, everyone has experienced pretty awful trolling at some point or another, and it is extremely frustrating. Though the thing to do is just play on and report them after, knowing that the system will eventually catch up with them and they'll go through enough reported games to get punished. > What youre also saying is (call for a report is offense) really? A call for reports is absolutely an offense. As I mentioned, only a single report(maybe yours) matters in a game, all 9 others reporting someone makes no difference(as in the system doesn't consider 9 reports more concerning than 1 in a single match). So calling for others to report someone is nothing more than griefing the player you want reported and egging 8 others on to perform a pointless and hostile action. That's toxic behaviour. How am I defending the inter? > I'm not saying the trolls you encountered don't deserve punishment, they absolutely do if what you say is true... I despise inters and trolls, may they forever be auto filled to support, but whatever someone else does doesn't excuse something bad that you do(part of the point of your post). They absolutely deserve to be reported and punished, something that will likely happen over their next few matches if they continue like this.
Dezxir (EUW)
: BANNED WTF RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Calling for reports is a reportable offense. Only a single report for a game is needed to have the system look at that individual. 1 report or 9 makes no difference. Even you getting reported just took one, doesn't matter if it was someone on your team or theirs or if all 9 reported you. On top of that, to actually get banned for a fairly light offense, you must have been punished and warned before or must have been reported in previous games, one reported game isn't enough for a ban. I'm not saying the trolls you encountered don't deserve punishment, they absolutely do if what you say is true, but their offense doesn't excuse yours. Goodluck and stay away from the tilt, 'tis a slippery slope {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Hey, we at Riot see you have your client volume at 0 for the past couple of years.
Nearly had a heart attack on this, opened client, switched to discord, thundering music and rain coming from nowhere. I only panicked a little....a little
eB Waffle (EUW)
: Should I send a ticket to riot if I know if one if my friends have done something bad?
Depending on your friend, it sounds like they're pretty awful to do something deserving a perma ban. It's your choice to stay loyal to them, whatever type of person they are, or do a favour to the league community
: Champions similar to Nasus?
I think garen and darius are similar, in that they can be super tanky but still whittle down and execute someone with their ults. Garen is especially fun
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: No leg - no problem {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: Riot tries to make her a Tank. I agree that Poppy is supposed to be a tanky assassin.
She is a fantastic tank, but one that's going to sprint out of a push and pin someone to a wall while doing too much damage
: [7.22] Poppy listed in the shop as "Assassin" instead of "Tank"
If poppy isn't the assassin, your poppy is poppying incorrectly
Ruzeska (EUNE)
: Queue time, not a lot of ppl play at late nights, so the Normal Draft would take 20 mins to find a game
So they just disable it entirely? Wouldn't most be okay with waiting than not have draft at all?
: Why is it only EUNE
Why the hell would draft be disabled at night anyways? Can't really find a reason for it at all
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Yes, majority of community will agree with you and me. But i believe Riot will see this and fix this situation.!!
The drop in OE is perfectly fine if they just drop the cost of actually unlocking those shards. Champ shards are at least fairly well balanced in terms of unlocking cost atm, which is cool, though BE is pretty ridiculous considering you get one rng chest per champ per season, then have to build up enough OE to unlock the skin you want. Far too many hoops for a basic cosmetic item. Hopefully riot take all the flak they've gotten over this well and do some rebalancing
malfka (EUW)
: My puppy love this plush gnar
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