: Taking CS is dumb, but I can play whatever champion I want as support. I enjoy playing ap or ad ezreal support because it's fun, remember when we saw Miss Fortune on worlds? yeah, no CC,no support kit at all just poke, same with Ezreal. If you are talking about ranked, yeah that's pretty much stupid, but in blind picks and normal I think it's normal, just my opinion tho. I play a lot of non-support champions on support role because it's fun, but taking cs,pushing waves WHEN NOT NEEDED ( I guess you know when to push the wave or nay )
Fully agree, you can play w.e you want in blind pick. But taking cs, or pushing out the wave to deny your own ADC is just where I draw the line. I'm not even upset about no sightstone personally (Especially if the support is fed)
: If he plays to win go ahead. I´ve seen many damage supports take cs to get haunting early and dominate lane.
I'd rather they take a couple kills personally, if we get 5 minute sighstone, or a haunting guise, but the support goes 3/0/1 and I play a 1/0/3 ADC, I am okay with that. But if we both go 0/0/0 but I have 60 cs at 10 minutes, but my support has 40 cs at 10 minutes, while the enemy ADC has 100, and we're both building full AD (Myself and my support) we're just both set behind.
: Where does it say that the support cant take cs? He can take cs and still support.
And who says that the ADC can't play cleanse ghost Nunu? And still ADC
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: >wouldn't it take away valuable time of playing to type to my team? Most of the time it doesn't. Of course this depends on what you say, and on how fast you can type, but if you don't get involved in huge off-topic talks, you can keep your sentences short ^^ There are often 2-10 seconds you can use to write something, of course you should still pay attention to your surroundings :)
Any suggestions for quick things I should say in games? "Great gank" or just generally contribute to whatever conversation they have?
: Well, it's certainly much harder to earn honor when muting your entire team :/ You _choose_ to be a less social player after all. Being honorable involves making the game more enjoyable for your teammates, and talking to them is an essential part of this. Dropping the occasional "gj" and "wp" is a great thing, but it's not always enough to be honored. --- Honestly, you can't really have both :/ Muting the entire team, and wanting to be honored at the same time is like saying: "_I want to earn a lot of money but I don't like going to work._" --- Nobody is forcing you to talk to others, and luckily you can still level up and earn rewards without earning a lot of individual honors (they just make you level up faster). However, I suggest that you don't mute your teammates unless they do something to deserve it. From their side, you might even look like a jerk who ignores them for no reason. Selective muting is always better in my opinion :)
Sadly, as I said. I'm totally accepting if it means I can't earn more honor. But selective muting is probably a good idea, I just don't like to get tilted if the first message I end up seeing is "DKM Prinz Eugen has down syndrome, and should kill themselves" But even still, wouldn't it take away valuable time of playing to type to my team? Unless I do it say, While going back to lane/jungle, or while I'm dead? I don't want to end up dying or sitting still to type to my team. But it is a fair suggestion, selective muting.
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