Papdi1 (EUW)
: ROX punished for banning all female supports
Honestly, that team should have never been there. But rox's behavior is not excusable for that. It's really obvious they banned 5 supports because they were facing 5 girls , and they could afford to waste all of their bans to disrespect because they would have won no matter what. They could have picked whatever and they still would have won.. So, on one side: Wtf is vaevictis team doing there, on the other side you are not allowed to humiliate your opponent just because you're a mile stronger than them. They shouldn't be playing against you but it's not in your place to act on it. I'd say punish them, and then remove vv/put some kind of barrier to enter league
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello LightIsMyPath To deal with "thread stuck in device drivers" errors, you have to update both your graphic card and sound card drivers. Make sure you remove your previous drivers updates from your system, before you update or reinstall any drivers. Also make sure that your BIOS is fully updated. You could also be having some corrupted system files causing blue screen errors. You could utilize the built-in System File Checker (SFC) utility to repair corrupt files on your computer. * Right click the **start** button and select **Command Prompt (Admin)** or **Windows Powershell (admin)** - different computers have it differently. * In the command prompt window, enter **sfc /Scannow** and hit Enter Note: There’s a space between "sfc" and "/". * The System File Checker tool will scan out the corrupt files and then repair them.
> [{quoted}](name=SeekerK,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=GO6JLbEx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-19T06:34:14.853+0000) > > Hello LightIsMyPath > > To deal with "thread stuck in device drivers" errors, you have to update both your graphic card and sound card drivers. Make sure you remove your previous drivers updates from your system, before you update or reinstall any drivers. Also make sure that your BIOS is fully updated. > > You could also be having some corrupted system files causing blue screen errors. You could utilize the built-in System File Checker (SFC) utility to repair corrupt files on your computer. > > * Right click the **start** button and select **Command Prompt (Admin)** or **Windows Powershell (admin)** - different computers have it differently. > * In the command prompt window, enter **sfc /Scannow** and hit Enter > > Note: There’s a space between "sfc" and "/". > > * The System File Checker tool will scan out the corrupt files and then repair them. I have updated everything several times, as I said the fix holds for about a month. The only thing I didn't touch is the BIOS… because I'm not that good on these things and I'm afraid of %%%%ing up my laptop forever
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Agidyne (EUW)
: Does anyone kind of miss some of the old splash arts?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had to be ulted in real life...
Being a giant for a short time seems fun 😊 and the worst.. Zed. Having to wait your death like an horror movie
: I underwent the cancer surgery.
Wish you a complete and fast recovery! Stay positive! {{champion:99}} Also don't mind your hair, they may suffer now (you might even want to cut them if you feel uncomfortable keeping in check how many of them are missing) but they will grow again in no time as soon as the chemo is over, promise!
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Draft Pick: What should you do if someone steals your role?
To me it happened in ranked. I just went mid anyway, and funny thing both times it happened we won the game as duo mid cause enemies didn't react properly xD then after the game 9 reports to the troll.
Mada (EUW)
: Jinx has one of the most powerful laughs in the game. Only Blorzcrunk comes to mind with a more powerful laugh. Use all the tools at your disposal or I'll report you for assisting the enemy team! Come. You will become more powerful than you could ever imagine. Complete your journey to the dark side. Strike me down! Then laugh and show your mastery :-D
Sorry but lux beats both :p
: > [{quoted}](name=LightIsMyPath,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uB5V7AEX,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-07-30T13:06:56.474+0000) > > Sure zilean jungle WHITOUT SMITE is surely a serious dude avoiding meta Even more right. You had one troll, let's send it the RioT team to allow us reports in CS. Then ever freaking game X people are going to be reported because someone is disgruntled with their picks, because they refused to switch, because the banned a champ someone wanted, because they don't pick the summoners someone demanded them to, because they have a funny nick, because why not, and so on. No thanks.
And so? False report does nothing but lower the value of your reports. Everyone abusing it would be reportless in short time, just like with the current report feature.
: So right. Metasheeps are still not enough, let's call a troll everyone who does not pick the supposed OP s@@t of the week...
Sure zilean jungle WHITOUT SMITE is surely a serious dude avoiding meta
Zanador (EUNE)
: I can't speak for him, but the problem usually is not handling one assassin. But when the enemy picks 3 of them, and they decide on deleting one of the squishies in my team each. Can we hard CC 3 of them to death before they finish a combo? I don't know of any team composition that could pull that one off.
Oh boy. I had to play vs that: Talon, zed and kha. We literally couldn't move in the map cause every ward we placed was getting removed in the blink of an eye and then the 3 of them would arrive from the shadows to either instantly murder one of us or 1 per target . Poor Lulu did her best but she couldn't stop all of them and redemption only had use against the zed, only if he decided to leave the mark to kill. In all this our galio was cced by the Leona and attacked by the tristana so he had his own business to mind .
Pelmorr (EUW)
: orianna's state
: ***
Surrender mate he's not getting the joke
: My country is burning
Oh well croatia's in good company. Italy burning too
: Why have riot destroyed the adc role?
Wtf are you talking about mate? ADCs coming online midgame, top and junglers itemizing to peel the ADC , mids not being able to burst through all the shield, heal, lifesteal and damage reduction.. Where have you been?
: [Feedback for RIOT] The new Sejuani, from an ex Sejuani main.
I totally agree with your analysis.. And even from opponent perspective playing vs her is worse: You can dodge q, you could dodge R. Now either she has the tools to stack on you or she hasn't, simple as that. If she does you are point and click stunned and dealt an absurd damage burst (for being on a tank) if she doesn't she is completely useless. Pretty sad because she was the only tank I enjoyed playing in the whole game. Anyway you should try to post on na not here
: oh man if u gonna write so long a reply, at least divide the text sometimes, it will make it much easier to read <---- just saying, i appreciate very much that you took your time with detailed answer. to the poking part, i am not sure if i met skilled fizz or simply played that game pretty poorly, however i couldn't rely on E poke as i usually do, because either it was about to hit and fizz just dodged it with his E or worse, it landed but when i went into AA range and tried to proc my passive and thunder, fizz just used E, dodged my auto and facerolled me with his combo, doing heavy dmg just with E and W auto, even if i somehow snared him with Q before he used his Q. So i tried to change my tactics and instead was catching him with Q, so i could proc thunderlord, but that left without Q while he could E - Q to me. I guess i also made a mistake of underrestimating him, because after one kill ( his W burn time kind of surprised me, didnt think i am gonna have to waste barrier) , even going for minion lasthits started to be pretty risky. I ll keep in mind what you said in case i find myself in that unfortunate matchup again.
Sorry for the long reply but writing from smartphone I don't really have the vision of my text to see it was a wall :p Btw you have to wait his E to use your own auto him non stop until he uses it or push him so he has to use it to farm
Antony9 (EUW)
: What champion should I play for mid as a beginner? Also,what should be my secondary role?
If you like fast champions who can dish out damage you should try Ahri: She's a good choice to semionetrick as she has no terrible matchups, she's always good and she's tons of fun. Even though I have to admit I have no idea what you mean with the "I don't like slow champions" if you then play heimer . As for your second role I suggest you to stick with support: You may have the impression you are"not carrying" if you focus on doing damage but that's because you are focusing on the wrong thing! Don't dish out your spells at enemies randomly (unless you have a spell meant to engage of course) but hold it and when someone will try to kill your ADC then you use your stuff to keep him alive. Late game the support is probably the most important member of the team given the ADC presses right button of the mouse as you can keep on the highest damage source of the team.
: How to play as Lux vs Fizz?
Maxing shield on lux is useless as it's not strong enough. I don't know how you consider an advice from a silver 5 but I 'm still going to say how I play the matchup. Show in lane with E unlocked and when he approaches the wave auto him : Some fizzes start W while I 've seen others start E. If he started W (most common) poke the living hell out of him with E-autoattacks-thunderlords. Doing so you will most likely push a lot so don't bother asking for ganks, just ask your jungler if he can please ward a river bush for you (you will ward the other). Keep hyper aggressive until level 3 (don't level the shield but take 2nd point in E): Now he has kill potential if he ran ignite but if you did a good job before he should be too low to dive you into your wave. Always run either barrier or exhaust: If he jumps you reposition and snare him into the minions , place E, auto, explode E, auto. If you played the early game right you should end up having at least a level advantage and 10-20cs more then him (you pushed him and fizz farms bad under turret). When you come back to lane if you both recalled pre-6 keep poking him but stop shoving as hard as before because now the risk of receiving a gank is higher. When you hit 6 (he should still be 5) go hyper aggressive on him with E and autos and if he ends up using E snare him and kill him/force him back with ulti. If he manages to hit 6 now you have to completely change your playstyle: Stay passive, farm from a distance with autos, throw the occasional E to farm/poke him. If you get eventually hit by a shark you have to use either flash to reposition or barrier to absorb incoming damage and being able to reposition walking: Walk behind using nothing but shield, place E under your feet and only after he used both E and q you can fire your q and combo him. Later on if you're in the position to get jumped on you will die so always use your range at max . For the build I always take lost chapter cause I need the mana then boots to dodge the shark and be able to run under turret then banshee and zhonya. If he greeded early game and fed me I finish morello instead and only after go for defensive items. I tend to include a luden for the moment speed and if the fizz is behind skip either zhonya or banshee depending on the rest of enemy team composition. Always max E lux is 100 times more useful than fizz in tfs unless your team somehow manages to position so poorly more people are hit by a shark
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
Kinder chocolate! (half white half milk chocolate), don't even know if kinder is sold everywhere but the thing is addictive xD
: is easier to carry in mid tho, for mid play something like cassiopia and oriana, hmm maby syndra, as for top dont go tanks who do no dmg like moaki and garen, either go carry toplaners like fiora, camille and jax, who scales god, or dmg tanks, like kled. when i smurfing i either go fiora and cassiopia top and that works in silver so i guess i work better in bronze
Why suggest mechanically intensive champions to bronze players? Most oriannas in bronze loose sight of their balls and end up ulting the ground syndras mispositions often to use R on enemy ADCs, cassio requires good positioning and awareness of the battlefield, more often than not they will end up focused and raped in teamfights and destroyed 1 vs 1 as they can't kite.. Also garen is god in bronze with his high damage and tankiness because they generally can't peel so it's not rare to see garen running into enemy ADC , silencing and E Ing him then executing while the whole team ignores him to run into opposing backline and the ADC autos still or simply tries to run
CryGods (EUW)
: Summoners who skip the new honor system should lose honor points!
I agree, but if you report your team the rule should not apply. This way you are not punished for being matched with 4 assholes who spent the whole game trash talking at each other. You could still skip the honor and false report I guess but who would loose time (reporting takes time) and lower his report value just to be a %%%%?
: It does work, but if you keep spamming them at the support team, multiple times a day, they'll probably get mad ahah
I think he means he past it in the report window
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: If it gets to lategame this is the usual scenario but depends a lot on elo. Also, bruisers/fghters (Fiora,Yasuo,WW,Irelia,Jax, Riven...) can do even more than adc but depends. I played around 700 games by now. In SoloQ adc is not that much deciding factor, game is solocarried mostly by jungler or top, then adc. But in FLEX majority games were carried by adc from bottom lane. Why is that I don't know. If you play midlane, you can also try playing assassin and use that lead that Lux can rarely abuse, roam and help bot/top and try to finish fast. Lategame assassins are probably even worse than the mages...
Thing is I painfully suck on meelee champions :c when I get fed I usually do so by capitalizing on enemy proactive plays abusing my safe distance and my defensive spells (I often get first kill when enemy tries to engage me in my wave of minion or even better under my turret, then proceed to bully them out of lane) so I would have to radically change my playstyle
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: To answer OP. Not much you can do, AD items are long time overtuned and they got buffed recently. When AP scaling champions builds AD (Kennen, Teemo, Fizz) and are more effective there is something wrong. Not every adc builds GA/Mercurial and enemy will most probably have mage as well so focus your cc on them in lategame its up to ad champions to clean everyone after teams exchange their cc,ults,summoners
So basically if my ad is bonobo I loose the game no matter what I do? Should I just learn to play some ad?
: As someone who mains jungle, I'm interested what you would choose in this scenario. You can choose to gank the sucessful lane and help snowball that lane, or leave that lane to not snowball, and help the bad matchup one, risking that even with the given kills, the bad matchup will not get anywhere. Honestly, I've had many times where I give kills to bad players and matchups and still it lead to nothing. I could have gotten stronger but choose to help, and we lost because the player didn't do anything with the lead. The same is for the support players. Once I gave my adc 7 kills, and we still lost because he didn't know how to use the advantage. :/ I think it was Trick2G who said that as a jungler, you help the winning lane, because that is a guaranteed good investment of time, while a losing one is counterproductive. When a lane feeds, it's a lost cause. I rather he gives low gold per death than risk dying myself to his fed opponent.
Honestly I have no idea I don't play jungle regularly and when I am autofilled into it best I can do is try to don't feed my ass off xD I understand the reasoning that must be made but lack the experience to apply that reasoning to a particular case. I clearly remember one game when I was support (sona I think) and my ADC was jinx. We were into a draven-zyra lane (if you play bot you what hell I am talking about). Our Elise never came bot in the first 15 minutes of the game: In that time she snowballed our Darius out of control, took herald and t1-t2 top followed by t1 mid.. But we got ganked exactly 9 times by the enemy jungle, jinx died once and I died twice, we had to helplessly leave an infernal and both our turrets. When the first teamfight happened (at our bot inhib turret) the fed draven just kited the shit out of Darius while the fed zyra was chunking our backline, draven got a Quadra and the game ended. Honestly I think we did best we could: Of the 9 ganks only 2 led to our death but jinx felt behind 40 Cs and we both were 2 levels behind cause we had to leave lane. Aggressive botlane was always overextended since level 1 but she preferred to help Darius into pantheon matchup: This was the result. Now we always remember losses better than wins but should I think about it I'm no short of examples where our jungler won the game for me via decision making
: 1. (optional but does not hurt to do so) win your lane 2. use your op mage waveclear to crush the wave and force you oponent to stay mid to not lose any minions. 3. roam. 4. If your roam kills/forces the enemy to b, shove the minions to the tower and take it. always convert theadvantage into objective pressure 4a. if your laners cry about you "stealing cs" mute them, and ping tower like crazy 5. if it does not, return to your lane and return to point 1. Edit: Always. and i say ALWAYS, no exception to this rule, press the objectives when you have the local advantage. objectives get you closer to the nexus. killing nexus means a won game. 20 kills do not mean sh*t unless they are used as an advantage to create objective pressure
So basically roam as much as I can. This is.. A good advice thanks! I had the mindset of roaming when I see a possible kill but it see what you mean: Even if they are in the position to escape easily my roam will chunck a piece of tower/ force the enemy jungle change position
Oriyoki (EUW)
: If you lose games, where you are 20-3 and your allies aren't AFK and enemies aren't 20-3 as well, then you just suck. When I play Annie or Ziggs mid or support, I'm always #1 or #2 most damage dealt to champion in my team.
I am too.. Often even of both teams. But I can't manage to take shit while the enemies take our nexus in the end
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ChaosMourn (EUNE)
: Fun picks to play when bored?
Lulu machine gun toplane Sona mid full AP Nami mid full AP Leona top ad bruiser Tristana mid full AP Tank Annie Amumu full AP Once I did a normal to practice ADC after a disastrous game where I had been autofilled ADC and my to-go miss fortune was picked by enemy. Wanted jinx but jinx got banned, on the rage I picked my main and played crit-attack speed Lux xD
: Oh yeah it's just lovely. I adore how laners go "noob jungler 0 gank" when said jungler has tons more kills then they do (hint: they weren't in jungle). It's like laners think it's junglers fault for them not having 3v2 all the time, jungler's own gold/exp and other lanes be damned. Remember if you're losing your lane in fair 2v2 or 1v1 it's cause your jungler is noob ;) And ganks don't go above 0 until he's ganked you at least 3 times (2 is still 0!).
Yes and no. I mean who stays there feeding and yells "gg n00b jungler 0ganks" is obviously an idiot.. But sometimes you loose lane cause you are in a bad matchup and there is nothing you can do about it. ( clarifing: I don't mean going 0/10, even simply being cs denied and/or loosing turret)In that scenario the jungle makes or breaks the game as it's up to him deciding where his pressure it's better applied, and the decision must be influenced by lanes matchup and enemy jungle behavior (that's why I think the jungle is the hardest role of the game). Sometimes a bad decision just looses the game for you, matter of fact.
Magneset (EUW)
: Not once have i ever seen someone get banned for just saying "gg easy" I would like you to present 1 case where someone got banned for only doing that.
Well rioters more times said it is indeed punishable. We can't know for sure but at least they say so. Besides why would you ever loose time to mock enemy team when the game is over?
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: Well to be honest i think i only got 50% of what you were trying to say .. Maybe i'm tired. But yeah adding a slow to tibbers would be a straight up buff, but that's not what i'm asking for. I'm asking for a slow on tibbers and sayint that i wouldn't mind if they compensate by nerfing his speed buffs / Movement speed or the way he works. Cause sometimes i have tibbers enraged and %%%%ing scuttle crab up for 5 seconds during a teamfight for no reason while we were fighting in dragon / baron pit. Tibber's IA can be stupid sometimes. And i think improvements can be made on that side. Not AP ratios, but just the way tibbers works once he's summoned, i think a lot of adjustments could be made to make annie more viable. And an example could be to add a slow on tibbers, to prevent annie players from having to buy Rylais. Syndra has a slow, orianna has a slow, taliyaah has a slow, kassadin has a slow , .. I don't see why a slow would make her over powered. (By slow i don't mean a 99% slow like zilean, even a 10-20% slow would be fine, it's just to apply liandries, nothing else. I don't care about the slow itself.
welp English is not my native language and I %%%% up expressing myself a lot xD I am suggesting to add a slow on her first active spell when you activate her E (molten shield). This of course includes Tibbers summoned as he counts as active spell when he's around. This would reward Annie for activating E AFTER engaging the fight (the use for what the spell is supposed to be used) rather then BEFORE fighting to only gain passive's stacks. In this way you can have clear windows in which she is going to be more dangerous and "facerolling" on the keyboard won't give better results then now, raising her skillcap a little if she wants to be more powerful.
: Just a slow on tibbers would be good, and i don't mind if they nerf tibbers movespeed and compensate it with a slow .. Tibbers isn't always there, so why would it a big deal if he applies a slow instead of having move speed buffs. It's just a slight buff to her damage with liandries. I have seen teamfights where i ulted and tibbers died in not more than 3 or 4 seconds so, it's not even a proper buff that would make her broken. It will just make it a bit easier for the people who know how to play annie. Annie was meta as support at the time her auto was 625 range, and i get it, it was too OP. But after that, her AP ratios and stun durations kept getting nerfed. Then they reworked her, which made her better, but on the other hand, they added a delay before the stun which makes it so annoying, i keep missing ults that i shouldn't miss. All what i'm asking for, is for riot to see what they can do for this champ, cause she has been forgotten for an entire season, with not a single change. Probably cause of bronze players whining about how much damage she does ^^'
Tibbers slow without drowbacks would be a straight up buff if you can use it in every situation. I was saying bullshit or it's just too long to read? XD
MyungSoo (EUW)
: Which Champion requires the least / most funding to be effective?
Least: Top-galio Jungle-Ivern Mid-Lulu Adc-Ashe Support-Janna Most: Top-yasuo Jungle -Yi Mid-ryze Adc- vayne Support -miss fortune (classic support:sona )
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
In order: 1- yasuo W 2- ekko R 3- blitz Q 4-rakan R 5-Ahri Q passive 6- Veigar passive 7- veigar R 8- Teemo R 9-Malzahar R 10- nocturne R
: Yeah you're right, on everything you said. That's exactly what i'm saying, the items that can make her viable are rylais and liandries, but it's not cost efficient, and there are other items that annie needs as well. The thing is, you flash forward in a teamfight you ult, then you're like useless for the 5-3 upcoming minutes. And if you didn't pull of a great fight, then you're kind of screwed. Not to mention how easy it is to get banshees, guardian angel, right now. These items counter hard engage champs and they got so popular.
Imho AP itemization atm is kinda %%%%ed up and clearly favors some mages over others (who can proc banshee with the littlest cost, who doesn't need extra utility). As for Annie, what about giving her a straight buff who might raise her skill expression? I'm thinking they could add to her a built in slow, when molten shield is activated AFTER landing an ability. You sat at 3 stacks to flash tibbers using it as a stack add only? You 'd better burst. You were charged and successfully ambushed enemy team punishing their lack of vision/your team got an engage for you? Bear slowing stuff. This would also help her a lot if she ever manage to trade early game cause you could q full stack-e-w slowing while you auto and they can't fight back cause you have damage reduction (let's be honest you kinda deserved that if you let a full stack Annie walk up at you). If you do the traditional E with q mid-fly nothing is changed. This would make laning vs her as an assassin even more painful but as far as I know she is SUPPOSED to do good versus assassins and with eon hexdrinker and banshee she has no longer free reign over them. If this turns support Annie into a strong pick for the constant slow Nerfs should be aimed at her stun duration when allies are present (this would even make solo Annie less of a pain if you get ganked by her jungler), in tfs the initiation and aoe stun is enough anyway to make shit happen but in the botlane you would be at a disadvantage with a shorter cc.. Anyway sure it's possible to come up with something better, just had this out of my mind atm. .. Or revise AP items
: Annie's place in this meta
Imho (but I am a silver scrub so idk) Annie herself is fine.. Itemization %%%%ed her. Banshee basically entirely negates the champion unless someone else is engagin to proc it for you, in teamfight she has the malphite syndrome.. Engage , unload your combo. Did they die? Good! They are alive? Well too bad for you you are now a sitting duck if you don't leave the fight. She Needs proto to do her job, and if she wants to stick around you have to go for rilay and liandry to do anything. Add boots, 4 slots occupied. If there are tanks void staff is needed , 5 slots. You have basically only 1 slot free so either mana item, rabadon or a defensive item. Maybe it was just me but I tended to stack dorans to be able to waveclear without going oom so if this is really the way to go she is going to be even worse in the new patch...
: Orianna is not a counterpick to annie. Syndra is not s counterpick to annie. Cassio is not s counterpick to annie. These are the meta.
How are syndra and orianna not a counter pick to Annie? They can bully her out of lane. Not only they outrange her but with good reaction time they can shockwave /scatter the weak the moment she flashes, possibly turning the fight or leaving while she lost her flash
: do you trust you team?
I do.. Then regret doing so, almost every single time xD. Even pick-wise I sometimes pick my champion based on team synergy.. And then the team fails to use said synergy xD but still I trust them again the game after. Maybe I 'm stupid xD
Kouèn (EUW)
: First of all, you seriously find grouping mid WORSE than feeding and trolling? Holy %%%%. Also, after laning phase, your team wants to get objectives, so instead of standing still in the dragon pit waiting for the 5min timer, they're going to push mid, as its the closest lane to both objectives. If one objective is dead, say Dragon, and your toplaner has TP, he goes bot while your team goes top, Unless you got top towers and 0 mid tower.
Have you ever played in bronze /low silver? There is no lane strategy, 90% of the time your entire team stays mid period (I have nightmares as the midlaner I often fall behind in both XP and gold as I have to compete for cs). More than once I had master yis/tryndameres/jaxs and the sort start screaming "group mid" just to get exploded by enemy team who was running an amumu/malphite/orianna/mf team comp.. Yet they keep insisting on "group mid". Playing the only one who was SUPPOSED to stay mid and shove the lane I honestly don't know what to do in those cases xD I mean it's not like I can go split side lane alone as Lux ..
Mumblebum (EUW)
: What is Tyler 1?
Tyler 1 is an idiot who used to stream, as basically one trick pony draven. He was so toxic that he got a personal ban: Whenever an account was identified as his property it would be permanently suspended (even without reason). One of the common things he used to do consistently (on top of flaming his teammates) was the "run it down mid": When somebody pissed him he would start to run under the first available midlane turret and die. Despite all this he is so good at the game he maintains a winrate that allows him to stay high elo even basically feeding half his games.. For this he has many fans that worship him (infact chances of finding toxic draven mains are high .. They took inspiration from him )
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
At start of season 6 I think..
: The weirdest flame I have ever received in League
I was Lux. We won a teamfight at drake and since enemy blue was up we went stealing it. I take it, our fed vayne goes suicide under their bot turret (luckily only an execute) and starts spamming "gg have fun I troll now %%%%ing noob Lux stole my blue" O.o
: Yet again, AP items are extremely underwhelming compared to their AD counterparts and AD items in general. Not to mention the lack of AP items in the game.
True.. The only good one is morello, maybe rabadon
Téglagyár (EUNE)
: Out of every single MOBA games, League of Legends has THE WORST matchmaking
I tried hots and smite. I got matched, as a level 10 account, against gold ranked player. My friend that started playing rankeds in hots got placed silver 3 or something and he meets plats in rankeds.. Don't know about dota but from what I tried lol has the best matchmaking by far..
Infernape (EUW)
: Or they'd get a Hexdrinker... Goodbye burst lmao
Yeah that's the worst part. Their hex seems so more efficient than my zhonya that puts me behind..
: When you are in 'stasis' the enemy can just run away from you, that's why. So, your ult is worthless with zhonias in the early to mid game. Zhonias is good on Morgana just in team fights where the entire enemy team would focus you and you are at risk of dying from that focus fire. You are far more valuable being able to use Q , W or auto attacks while your ult is happening in those stages of the game. Even late game, if you peal for your ADC with your Q and ult (even as a mid morgana). Zhonias is useless. Unless you are engaging or counter engaging (running in the enemy carries and then using ult) zhonias is useless. And banshee is much more powerful than zhonias if you play morgana in pealing mode rather than the offensive engage/counter engage mode. Due to your black shield. As a morgana, the only time you end up in a bad position where you are going to get focused and killed, is because you chosen to do that either by accident (mistake) or on purpose (engaging/counter engaging). Therefore, you can play her very well without building zhonias at all. Even more so in the Zed match-up, where you know where he will spawn after ult, landing an easy Q, followed up by instant R and auto attacks. While you move around. Your Q and R are also healing you due to spell vamp ;) and you can even throw a W under him for the lolz
Why wouldn't you want to jump enemy backline and zhonya as morgana? If they run they are out of the fight if they don't they will probably die. (genuine question I'm a noob)
ST Paws (EUNE)
: Achieved my goal!
Congrats 🎉😊
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