B3K4S69 (EUW)
: Blitzrank is too broken to be played
In favor of not lagging back to your old position they implemented a feature which meashures your and the opperments delay to make the game much smoother. If you dont implement this you get rubberbanding and skillshots that feel very inacurate (see on youtube, search for Battlefield 4 rubberbanding).
byValliXx (EUW)
: never said i was toxic, they start insutling and inting players to report me just because i have struggles in one game , after i m not gonna tolerate any disrrespect i understad that muting him is an optiong but, if they start something and dont get punished why i cant insult back ??
ok you just admid that you're toxic, even if you may didn't started it - which btw. everyone says so i feel like you try to talk yourshelf out (it was not me, it's always the others, no matter which situation) and that makes me angry but still i would not herras you in game. you sayed Quote (proof that you're toxic): "they start insutling and inting players to report me..._i m not gonna tolerate any disrrespect_...**_insult back_**". Man really? Get strong by getting over it. In real live you cant go to you'r company leader and say XYZ did this wrong and that wrong or insult back. You will get fired very, very fast if you do this! ADMID YOU'R MISTAKES or you will get many problems in your future. Get a "trash filtre" in your brain where you put in all shitty things you cant change and this is 1 of these things (you make it even worse if you insult back). Herrasment in any form is banable even if you didnt started it so you well deserved your ban (sorry man) and since you wont get banned from 1 game you must have done this in many games. You also get a well deserved ban for unsportsmanlike contruct (like writing EZ after a game). It is like in school, you got slapped by another one, you slap back, both get pushished! I dont care who started it YOU herrassed others and this WAS YOUR FAULT, not the one who started it or something else because it was _**YOUR DECITION TO HERASS (BACK)**_. just mute and you will be k in the future. The other one feels bad because you dont react to his herassment and may trys to herass other ppl. Ignore him, he will get banned in the future anyways. For you'r future this is very important: Every action has a reaction and consiquences. Think before you act. Is this possible reaction and the consicqence in my favor? If no what happens if i do nothing? Always take the best option even if it sucks for the moment. And if the option is a failure stand up and try another option if possible. You can only improve.
byValliXx (EUW)
: Ban until late september
i am happy that another toxic player got a warning (whith a ban), so that he will hopefully return as a friendly player or gets removed from the game forever. I prefear the first case.
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: Are you really using you'r and they'r so you don't have to decide when to use your/their and you're/they're? :D Basically not beeing able to honor premades unless you are 4 or 5 premades would be fine with me, tying it to the rating is bad imho. Anyone can get an S+ and be the most toxic, least honorworthy douch ever or get an C- while beeing nice and worthy of honor
My browser is bugged and deleates the 2nd letter after ' unless it is a space. I try to fix this when i have time ^^.
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: still honor 2 feelsbadman
Im my opinion: you should not be able to honnor your premate to prevent this. You only should be able to do this if you're 4 or 5 man.
: Fight with honor.
Why should we fight for Honnor? Fight to get dishonnored for Steam
Cronobreak (EUNE)
: What was the best joke you've ever saw in-game.
Him (toplaner) in the middle of the game: My team is so bad Him @ the end of the 44 minute game: 0-22-1 - 85 CS
Four Star (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lightbird,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=GEYQbWiX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-30T13:02:56.436+0000) > > the goal of a game is to have fun no matter what happens. If you dislike the opportunity to loose and have no fun on loosing (because that is one part of the game) you're playing the wrong game. > > what could help is that you try to lead in a positive way. Your team must profit from you'r leading. Remember: If they see that your leading leads into negative things (for example dying very often) they will ignore you! The goal of the game isnt to have fun it's to win, yes I can have fun sometimes in the game but overall I play to win, thats the objective of the game
In my Opinion: if you don't have fun it is a waste of time. In that chase i also just could stare on Walls whith the same effect!
Four Star (EUW)
: Why does no one know what to do with a lead in Gold elo?
the goal of a game is to have fun no matter what happens. If you dislike the opportunity to loose and have no fun on loosing (because that is one part of the game) you're playing the wrong game. what could help is that you try to lead in a positive way. Your team must profit from you'r leading. Remember: If they see that your leading leads into negative things (for example dying very often) they will ignore you!
: how i can get keys?
You dont need Keys, you only need to learn lockpicking
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: How do you want me to not-flame in a game like this ?
what should i say to that besides http://9gag.com/gag/a6Vbd7A
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/l3xTFQnI-lets-chat-about-honor Hey, this is a good question, but we actually very intentionally did not include any sort of progress indicator for Honor levels. Here are a few reasons why: We didn't want to anchor people on the "grind" to honor levels. By not having progress indicators, we wanted to root the reinforcement for being sportsmanlike on the feedback you get from other players (the honors), not any artificial motivation from being "close to the next level".Our behind-the-scenes systems which determine honor level ups aren't simple. The types of calculations we do to determine if a player is ready to level up take into account their holistic behavior across many games, and don't lend themselves well to being surfaced in an "XP bar"-style system. Anything we surface here could also warp behavior around trying to "minmax" the most honor points, which really refocuses it away from the point of the Honor system - play good games and you'll make progress.We wanted to have a few discrete levels in Honor, since bloating the number would make each feel less meaningful. However, we wanted players to progress over the course of a season or half-season, which means that progress to the next level would necessarily be fairly slow. We didn't think it would be a great experience to reinforce this through some progress indicator. Thats copied from the link above in response to a similar question by riot simurgh.
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TheLaggen (EUW)
nothing is free!
SiToasty (EUW)
: Is Yasuo really that hard?
i randomed Yasuo in ARAM twice and insteandly got an S- and A+. For me he is very easy to play and shred faces whith.
: I regret wasting €415,- on league of 0 respect.
: I'm done with this game.
Did you know: the enemy has a 20 % higher chance to have a quitter if you're not quitting. Did you know: the enemy has a 20% higher chance to have a feeder if you're not feeding Did you know: the enemy has a 20% higher chance to have a flamer if you're not flaming Did you know...
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Morello's is useless
hmmm useless is no Item, there are just better alternatives. Every item gives you stats or at least a active ability (Potions for example). A "useless" item would be something that uses an item slot but does nothing.
Meriipu (EUW)
: Make windwall block allied projectiles too
Play Dota 2 instead, i mean there you can hook your teammates whith they'r version of Blitzcrank
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Do I suck?
only play for fun. I dont care which rank i am, i just play :)
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: Gets banned for scripting instead. :P
but it's super effective, Salt is controlled
ImT0xic (EUNE)
: Why i have low FPS even with low settings?
Learn from this guy, it might help you getting more power out of your PC. Sadly he has not guide for League of Legends yet, but maybe he will add some :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkd05iAYed2-LOmhjzDG6g
: "German humor is no laughing matter"
You proppably never seen Manitou's Shoe (OV is the best, translation is mostly meh)
: How can i control salt
You could control salt by putting it into a ‎salt shaker. No for real this should help you: Step 1: unbind chat key by using AutoHotKey script which presses enter whenever you do to insteandly close chat AHK code: $Enter:: If (A_PriorHotkey=A_ThisHotkey) Send {Enter} return Step 2: cant chat Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
: Why are low elo players so %%%%%%ed?!?
I dunno if im the only one but i find that your name is a bit offending and after game i may would report taht name, so you will get a new one.
: Riot remove the ban from my account
I wouldnt say that you do account sharing because a 7 day ban will be turned into a perm ban than
sej twen (EUNE)
: aka showing off how special my gaming set up is. jk
Call it whatever you want, i just wanna compare, maybe someone uses a complete different, but similar control style which i like :)
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Mada (EUW)
: How to report someone who intentionally has Flash on D?
i use WASD for camera, summerners and Trinket on mouse, skills on 1-4, items on Q,E,R,F,C,X, atack on shift and the level up key on middle mouse button. Pinging stays at Ctrl and alt. Perfect controls for someone who is playing a lot of shooters and Overwatch.
: Riot pls stop the minion block BUG
Anivias Wall is buggy sometimes. Sometimes champs can just glitch through, they should fix that. Also if you play against anivia pick a mobile champ, she hates it. Q has 10 sec cd and is hard to land because it needs 1.5 secounds to max range, her R needs to be maxed out before the E deals good damage against targets in the R and her Q HAS TO stunn so the E deals damage. She is also very slow and lasthitting whith aa is very hard. Dont chase her when you are low on HP unless youre 100% shure that you kill her because the Q is on cd. Youre fast and you avoided the Q? You jumped through the Wall or she has no wall (20 sec cd)? Congraz, you won, she is death! Now you can play against Anivia.
: > Edit: bevore someone comes and say "you have written dishonored wrong", yeah i did :P And what about "bevore" ... Tsk tsk tsk ... Probably german https://media.giphy.com/media/UWqS4E1O7Kes0/giphy.gif
german writing problems, nothing you should worry about :P
: How do you like it so far? I played the first part and I loved it.
i only got Dishonored 1, but i saw dishonored in Steam and that joke came in my mind :).
: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
Panteon / Le Blanc botlane, just nuke the Carry
Rioter Comments
: bump
I am silver currently because i dont play very often, but i may have time to watch a replay whith you and tell you what you may did wrong. Interrested?
Wohakoth (EUNE)
: Advice for starting Ranked
You can play ranked but i would wait till the rune and Masterys got reworked. That will happen in about 1-2 months. Untill than i would train any single lane and champ you have, because in ranked you can and will be autofilled sometimes. Also i would recommend to train more than 1 champ per lane because if your champ gets banned you need an alternative. The difficulty of ranked games depend on your rank. The higher your rank the more difficult it is for you to carry. I recommend starting learning support first. Dont go fill when you play ranked!
krokante (EUW)
: cant reconnect?
try VPN if this happens
: Back Old Client!!
can you back pre-season 1? No!
: I was banned for saying 1 word
It is nice to hear that the System works, gj Riot, keep up the good Work.
ThuNd3RL0rD (EUNE)
: How to stop beeing salty?
Step 1: unbind chat key by using AutoHotKey script which presses enter whenever you do to insteandly close chat; code: $Enter:: If (A_PriorHotkey=A_ThisHotkey) Send {Enter} return Step 2: cant chat Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
: Client freezes at 27 seconds/when banning.
go to settings and klick initiate full repair
: What is that?
the new CPU generation from AMD
: A friend has a ryzen 1700 and it's working fine.
it is working fine indeed, but it could be much better :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Castièl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eVATv4EB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-20T15:38:40.193+0000) > > i think you need more cs. you had 180 cs at 30 min which was good considering you also went 18/1/4, but not enough for a higher rank. > > i also like how you placed 10 more wards than your support. did taric even use his sightstone? I had to carry a pink with me at all times.. They had 3 stealth champs.
Lucky you, whithout you may would have gotten A+
: Why S- on this game?
Youre under avg Minions
: How did i not get an S?
You need to place more wards and if possible destroy or at least atack more Wards. CS is is also more important than KDA since 1 kill gives @300 gold only 12 or 15 minions. Assisting also counts like 1 kill in the system. The more the enemy died, that means the bader his kda is, the less he is worth to the ranking system. That means if an enemy is @ the worth of a minion he is a minion for the system. In the other way around kills or assists for shut downs will boost the ranking. KDA isnt everything, motivate the team and work whith them if you want to get more S rankings, just die as less as you can to increase your chance. Aram has little bit of a different System, Rules there: Max 4 deaths @60 creeps, 75% or higher kill participion Or Max 5 deaths @100 creeps, 80% or higher kill participion
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