ILiRixx9 (EUNE)
: Probably cuz you were so bad he said F it Imma let the minions end the game for me.
hahaha nope try again
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: Ideas on how to improve ARAM
lol if you have bots in your aram games your aram mmr is really low. play more and get that mmr up to half decent levels and you wont see anybots
Potchikir (EUW)
: riven with this new rune build will deal alot of damage while also having alot of cdr
interresting, so now new fervor for riven? weaving in auto in between abilities would stack it rather fast
: it is because his passive is 1. a one time on-hit effect 2. an on-hit effect and does not coutn as a basic attack
so his passive is an on-hit effect that applies on-hit effects??? cause blade of the ruined king does work with his passive, and so does every other on-hit effect, just rageblade's double hit doesnt work
Rismosch (EUW)
: {{item:3504}} <- This thing is going to get the Victorious Skin
: Aha so thats when its being applied, nice, don't remember it saying this on it or anywhere, where u found this out? upvoted ur reply :) thx for the info!
srry for the late reply, i've tested out how it worked after it was introduced, by playing with it alot on aram. i noticed how the damage of greenfather was applied by shaco box for instance if i walked into the a bush while the box was hitting the enemy. i was also looking at the little greenfather icon that appears above your health bar when you walk into a bush and stuff like that
: Level and item upgrade effect on previously placed abilities and in-use abilities on the map?
greenfather has a timelimit in which you can use it. so throwing a sappling in the bush means nothing to greenfather. when the sappling runs too and explodes on someone is when you want to be in the bush to proc greenfather.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Void staff against tanks and Liandry's against squishies is a rule of thumb I use. Void's % pen means the enemy needs to have a ceratin amount of MR for it to reach big impact. It's worth to get at around 60-70 MR, which is something squishies generally get with 1 MR item and some even through just scaling in later stages. This is why you will always want Void, but don't need to get it early for squishies. Tanks however will always go past 70 MR rather early. Liandry's is msotly focused on the flat Pen when picked up, compining it with Sorc Shoes and the MPen you got in runes you will just take around 40MR or so away from an enemy. For a tank who often reaches 100 rather early this dies little, but if you hit a squishy who barely has more than 40MR you deal a looooot of damages. ;) This is why people often get Liandry's as first or second item (most as second, them being in need for mana first or the likes). Because it loses a lot of efficiantcy as soon as the enemy can stack up some MR. Of course it still has the burn, and while this obviously helps in dealing with tanks it feels pretty situational to me. First of it's not the job of many mages to hit tanks (This holds less true in the current meta where DPS mages are quite valuable). And even if you are a DPS mage, once you start actually hitting a tank you want both Void and Liandry's. (There is a point to make that Liandry's is good against health stackers, I can't say for sure but I feel like it will not add all that much damage on it's own. Even taks that build health focused reach their 100+ MR where Void will do great things. So if for some weird reason the enemy tank/fighters got 50-60 MR and doesn't ever get more, feel free to prioritize Liandry's and ignore Void.) ------------ A little something to add is how MR works: MR's damage reduction has diminishing return, that means the more MR you stack, the less value each 1 MR will give you. I'm not sure of exact number but you can imagen it like this: 0 MR = 0% reduction, 50 MR = 33% reduction, 100 MR = 50% reduction, 150 MR = 60% reduction, 200 MR = 66% reduction. This means if you can shred 50 flat MR, your damage against 50MR targets will increase by 33%, while your damage against a 200 MR target would only increase by 6%. This is why flat Pen is bad against higher defense targets, while it's very effective against low defense targets. E.g. lethality is good for one-shotting squishies but will be a lot weaker when the target gets armor. (Funfact: If I remember correctly reducing MR/Armor below 0 will actually increase the damage they take.)
you remember correctly, but its really rare seeing as the only way to reduce mr past 0 is with an ability that reduces mr, or wits end. pen doesn't go past 0, doesnt matter if its flat or % 0 is where it stops. so if you play kog and you have a wits end and reduce their mr by 25, and you also have a karthus( i believe his wall reduces mr by a flat amount, but i'm not entirely sure) who uses his w wall on the opponent you have your 5 wits end stacks on you'll both be dealing more maggic damage to him.
Pex3 (EUW)
: "i think riot said he got banned because he >forced< (so the adc is also forcing him to hug his ass, bit hypocritical eh?) his play style on people. so even if you play singed support you"-Are forced to-" ~~should ~~play him like an adc babysitter, like the support role is supposed to be you can have a strategy that wins you 90% of the games you play, >>>purely because of that strategy (Psst! It's called "Decision making")<<<, not your mechanical skill or something" >>>>>but if it isn't a meta playstyle, and your teammates dont like that strategy you can get banned.<<<<< that's called a "BREAKING META" which is not banable/punishable its ON THEIR RULES.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Congratulations you played yourself.
so thats not punishable, then why did the guys with the ascension strat get punished as well? congrats you played yourself.
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Passive for yasuo
new passive for yasuo his shield is removed done now he is not nearly as toxic as he is now. or move his shield to his w or ult
sit kid (EUW)
: You should easily be able to sneak a q between the w and e with ryze w-q-e-q
everytime i try a short trade and try to throw a q between w and e they run away before the heavy hitting q lands because the root duration expired, so i personally opt out for the sure hit easy combo
: Do you have fun with SHACO right now?
zerkoto (EUW)
: Man once i ended with 13/1/21 and it wasn't even an S... Because you see -when constantly ganking around you forget about THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the game - FARMING! If you seek better logic just go and play Farmville on Facebook, because here in LoL the masteries and grades' system will never get better.
and then there are games where i have 6-4-3 kda, but decent farm and get an s, and not even in an off-meta role/pick
: Possible to transfer your champs, skins, rp and ip to an another account?
every single match is apperently 59% winrate lol. but no while this might seem like a good idea or something along those lines people will just get more toxic. just be toxic as all hell, and then transfer all your champs and skins to a smurf before you get banned. people would probably be toxic on other accounts first to see how long it would take at max flaming before doing it on their main. besides that wel got hextech crafting, meaning you can get any champ or skin (except maybe a few like pax tf) for free. did i think about this option in the past? yeah would i want it in the game? kinda should riot actually put in the game? hell fcking no.
: Best 1v1 combo for Ryze and Kat
someone else mentioned the max damage ryze combo, but i would suggest a simple thunderlord combo for small trades. weq. w root duration also got nerfed. other than that if you wanne go for extended trades do e before w, because it has a much shorter cooldown. for kata i would suggest q-e-w-r-e. so q jump to q imediate w into r, so your w goes off during r, and e after again to get away, or finish kill.
Dunsparce (EUNE)
: Q E Q W Q E Q for Ryze imo.
does that combo still work? cause e doesnt get its cooldown reduced anymore
: It is a tradeoff to make, for sure, but without the scenario you cant tell what is superior. You cant convince me that it is superior to every other choice in any case.
ofcourse not, that would make it the best item in the game. it is however alot better than most people give it credit for in most scenarios
GetNeukd (EUNE)
: Can we please make arctic ops kennen autoattack animation as smooth as the original?
: Slowly losing the interest in even trying (Rant thread)
if you are hard stuck and you want to climb beyond bronze 2-1 why not pick the broken champs and play your ass off?
: Ranked MMR should influence normal MMR as well
VenusGod (EUW)
: Bots everywhere !
riot bans the account after they reach lvl 30, so the owner just wasted alot of time
: As I said in the beginning of my post,I'm not good at math,If I were I'd get information and calculate the shit out of them just to prove its not random.
so what you would prove that it is impossible to get the same champ 3 times in a row, because thats not how random works according to you? you could litterally get the same champ for a whole year in aram(not counting trades with teammates) and it would still be random
: It's absolutely random. If there would be a rule like "You can't get the same champ in a row twice" it wouldn't be random anymore. You are talking about a feeling and you kind of hit the nail on the head by saying that. You have to understand that how things feel like and how things actually are are two different things. Or, to be more accurate: Perception and reality are not the same. The reason why threads like yours appear every other week is, that the human perception of randomness is extremely flawed. We are highly intelligent animals and our main strategy to survive is and always was to understand how the world works. This is why we have a natural tendency to see patterns in data. This is very useful because this allows us to recognize patterns very quickly, leading to a more advanced understanding of the world. The "problem" about this ability is that we are so focused on seeing patterns, that we see patterns where there is none. In psychology this effect is called "apophenia", the natural tendency to see patterns in data that is actually random. There is a pretty cool story about that. It explains the effect of apophenia perfectly. When MP3 was invented, MP3 players quickly entered the music market. With the ability to store a lot of music on onve device came the demand to play your entire music collection randomly. Apple even made a brand out this with the Ipod shuffle. When the shuffle was released, a lot of complaints came in. Owners of the shuffle complained that the songs were not played in random order, but instead were played systematically, often playing several songs from the same artist or genre in a row or even play songs alphabetically. Apple checked, but the play order was actually random. Of course they quickly found out about apophenia and noticed that these patterns their customers saw where nothing else than random patterns that were caused by nothing but coincidence. But people still complained. So apple changed their random algorithm and included some rules to make sure songs are NOT played alphabetically and several songs from the same artist where not played in a row etc etc. So their random algorithm is not actually random anymore, but it's specifically designed for human perception to APPEAR random, although the previous algorithm was actually way more random than the new one. This is a beatiful example about how the difference between human perception and reality matters. If Aram is truly random its perfectly normal to see patterns and coming to the conclusion that it's not random. That's how humans are hardwired to think by nature. However that doesn't make it real. It's just a feeling, nothing more.
hahaha people complaining about shuffling in ipod not being random. and then when its not 100% random they are satisfied
: > especially on AoE champs. It also more expensive than other AP choices that give 100 AP or 80 AP plus effects that work on all your spells.
you didnt even answer my question, but on aoe champ is you deal 100 damage to 3 minions you would heal 15 hp, just like a basic attack that deals 100 damage with 15 lifesteal. 4 minions and heal for 20 hp. so hit 4 or more enemies and you heal more than an adc that deals the same damage with the same amount of lifesteal. and do the other ap choices give an effect heal in this case, and an active effect that deals damage and slows?
Wen294 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lightno,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Nd2XEPBj,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-05-07T14:23:08.334+0000) > the adc should be outdamaging tanks even without having to kite, but that is in my experience often not the case. In that case your experience is in bronze 5 where adcs rush ohmwrecker or something. Adcs easily outdamage tanks without kiting. It's just that they die earlier because they're not kiting and have low hp. This is why you need to kite. If adcs were able to win fights against tanks by right clicking and standing still then you could just pick an adc against any tank matchup and win by standing in the middle of lane afk.
lol. funny how you didnt even understand what i meant. i meant adcarries should be able to kill a tank without having to kite, if they have same amount of items, or gold. because you know its not supposed to be skill that is the counter, but the champ, if you're talking about roles. > if adcs were able to win fights against tanks by right clicking and standing still then you could just pick an adc against any tank matchup and win by standing sin the middle of lane afk. sure do that while the tank freezes the lane outside of his turret, and the jungler comes to gank. a tank is supposed to be tanking damage, which is why a tank that can kill his counter in a standstill fight is op. fighters bruiser juggernaut whatever are supposed to be the type of champs adcs have to kite against. other than that burst counters them too, like assassins and mages.
: The healing helps deal with skirmishes, and increases surviviability, but the item itself somewhat reduces burst, especially on AoE champs.
80 ap and an active reduces burst? are you sure?
SirZeel (EUW)
: From EUW I ask you: what's happening in NA?
and this is a problem because??? i always find it rather enjoying to play against bots with newbies on my team, it gives me total control of the game.
: Have you seen graves with some of these items yet? Because I've played it a few times and its so fricking good.
i''ve played against that. it was not fun at all
Doomley (EUW)
: so the counters are countering those champions? never would have guessed. As a side note, blitz is not meta. He will never be meta. He is always a niche pick.
depends on your elo really
Psydiin (EUW)
: ARAM is broken
this isn't rito's fault, but people have aram accounts, so they have those champs that are op on aram more often. rito is looking for a way to fix this
: Akali and Hextech
because the item is incredible, but people dont realize that
: None of these have AD scalings and most dont need an extra slow.
how about the healing of the item? and basic attacks for last hitting?
: lp gain in ranked based on individual performance or based on final outcome? why not both?
i wouldn't mind somethinng like getting an s rank on a champ in his primary or secondary role increases/decreases lp by 20% or something along those lines. the ranking knows if you are playing annie mid or support, so getting an s in those games would still positively affect your lp nomatter the outcome of the game, but playing annie top and getting an s because annie is never played to will not effect your lp. so to clarify if you win with annie mid with an s rank and would normally get 20 lp you would get 24 instead, but if you would lose 20 lp you would lose 16 instead. seeing as when you are climbing you already get more lp for wins than you lose for loses like 23 for win 17 for a loss, this would only tune those numbers a bit if you got an s (w27:L14) and if you are getting an s rank every game you are probably a smurf that should get out of that elo faster to stop tormenting the people that actually belong in that elo
pHak1Ng (EUW)
: General Runes
i got 6 pages, but with 10 i would have enough for all my needs, i think my pages are magic pen, ap, tank, hyhbrid, ad/adc, lethality. i generally use these pages for aram, and if i play on summoner's rift i adjust pages to fit the champ i wanne play.
: Tanks
i think tanks deal to much damage for a defensive class. the new item stoneplate is nice, cause it makes them do what they are supposed to do, tank damage stay alive longer cc enemies, not deal damage. whenever a tank that is the same level, and has the same amount of items as an adc can kill an adc it is not balanced. the adc should be outdamaging tanks even without having to kite, but that is in my experience often not the case. the whole problem with tanks is that they are dangerously close to bruisers/fighters, so building 1 damage item will give them a significant amount of damage, which allows them to go in kill the adc, and tank the teams damage long enough to get out. what i personnaly wouldnt mind is tank getting their base damage reduced in trade of more cc on abilities. so even if you wanne try something weird you still have the scaling damage, but when you go tank you wont have the base damage to kill a class that is supposed to counter you
Wen294 (EUW)
: Making it more engaging and making it entirely useless are different things though. The only thing they did was nerf the champs that build it and remove coin from play.
im not saying they did a good job with it. but every youtube i saw talking about coin seemed to think it was gonna be op. but even then i thought relic shield and spellthiefs movement speed was way better. maybe it the elo decides the usefull ness, like the ward smite
: I've been playing support since season 3 and got masters in season 4, peaked to challenger in season 5,6 and 7. As a support main the quest reward wasn't very appealing or useful to me. Riot stated that their goal is to make support more impactful(?) and appealing to other players. If this doesn't appeal to a support main, how can it appeal someone else. You don't feel the "YES! I've completed my quest" excitement, because as stated, it really feels weak, like nothing has happened at all.
that was the overal goals for the wuests, but for ancient coin specifically they want to remove the passive play style where you just stand behind your adc all game, and get still get gold.
: Return of the old League
while i remember the old days rather fondly, and i didnt play ranked in those times, i think the new one is better balanced. its the players that need to change
: In a team game you can't carry 1 vs 9? That can't be right...better come back to S3, pick {{champion:38}}, and be done with it. sir, thank you.
yeah him ap{{champion:11}} & {{champion:107}} the 0.1 sec killer that has so much counter play
Scythe389 (EUW)
: Ah, i thought i read that they were taking the crit reduction away from {{item:3143}} not adding to it silly me, thank you. XD
riot tried diffrent things on the pbe one of which was the removal of the crit reduction. another was making randuins thornmail that works on crits
: Considering the buffs that statikk shiv got this patch, i suspect it will be coming back into the meta anyway. But tbh, yasuo seems pretty balanced to me. If you lock him down properly and dont let him skirmish, he can be shut down rather easily. Also, yasuo was never meant to be an assasin. His kit doesnt fit that idea. He needs to go up close and personal for an extended amount of time to really use his kit to the full extent, meaning hes more of a late game oriented fighter.
aren't his tags fighter/assassin? same as master yi
: Ancient coin quest reward feels really weak and unrewarding
would the limit break be available for ult?
: If you fail to dodge CC then its the enemy team that are the 'noobs'. They should have sufficient CC/team comp to deal with a Master Yi who isn't dodging.
they are noob players, doesnt take away that yi is a noob champ though
Sontax (EUNE)
: Can somebody write me down a list of "noob"champs?
{{champion:1}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:18}}
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}}{{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:98}}
how are kata and lux noob champs? kata is very mechanically intense, and lux is all skill shots
: I was saying he was _mechanically_ easy. Q/R Self cast, W AoE field and E point and click. I was saying there's **no such thing as a 'noob' champ**. Hell even Master Yi has some dodges and resets to master.
noob champs are easy to pick up for new(noob) players. them having a deeper level of difficulty doesnt not make them a noob champ. like you said a noob master yi, like me, goes in presses e and alpha strikes whenever it off cooldown, and gets a penta kill. a skillfull master yi goes in presses e uses alpha to dodge cc, or heavy damaging spells uses w to aa reset, and gets a penta kill. he is a noob champ because even new players can easily do good with him, but his high skill cealing allows better players to still find im interresting.
: Make lifesteal a unique passive
how to counter lifesteal cc burst grievous wound or have more crit/lifesteal
Mister Kill (EUNE)
: Why are ranged champions top a thing?
because people couldn't win matches with them in other lanes they decided to bully a lane that consists mostly of melee champs. and those champs you've listed where the ones with which they found the most succes. most of them are not even early game champs, but by placing them against a melee champ they can become lane bullies that scales eaily into mid/late game, ofcourse that is unless they face another ranged champ, or a player that just knows how to %%%% with those anoying kite champs.
: Ye we're probably just discussing over the fact that with "tanky AD" I was referring to a champion that just wants to survive more, but doesn't scale with AP. With the last point I do almost entirely agree
ok, but still from just maw you get 345 magic resist shield. the shields number increases with magic resist, and the value of the shield also increases with magic resist, aka 100 extra mr makes it a 445 shield, and you have extra mr to allow you shield to tank more damage. and the lifesteal and spellvamp also help with surviving, especially if you have spirit visage which increases both too 13%. abysal is certainly situational, but not dealing magic damage is not a reason to not buy it, league is still a teamgame. maw is underrated.
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