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Telenus (EUW)
: sry I forgot the -t I added it try it now
Still does it, managed to print screen and it says could not find host
Telenus (EUW)
: To everyone thats complaining about not being able to see ur ping before game
: actually i dont care if someone is having a bad game i also try to protect them when flamewar started i mean everyone can have a bad game even the pros at lcs sometimes get stomped as long as there doing there best and try to play a little bit more safer and try to turn the game even if they had a bad start its fine by me i dont really get things like "OMG 0/2 mid gg free elo" its useless to write something like this bcs the person themselve will know he played bad theres no use in blaming them or flame them, they wont perform better its will just make them distracted from the game. my game motto is always "there are 5 enemies in the other team, we dont need to make any more"
+1, which is why flamers do deserve the punishments as well as REAL trolls like the nida
: > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sb3ULFLf,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-20T10:32:54.628+0000) > >Because riot doesn't ban feeders or trolls or bots. >Only flamers ;) > I Secon ThaT. They dont ban trollers!
Only problem is, some players like to think that someone just having a bad game or making a poor decision is intentionally a "troller". Cases like the one above are rare and do deserve to get banned though.
: Hm, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side... altough it'll probably stay green... untill another tank meta pops up...
Tank meta is always worst meta, and any meta is always better than the current meta. (Also apply this to real life) imo I liked the meta late last season with carry top laners and all the diversity in game (URGOT), even though adc was quite dead until kennen adc came along.
CryGods (EUW)
: Being Toxic VS Being Troller/Feeder
People just need to control their anger problems. Imagine being in school/work and having someone be constantly angry at you and insulting you all day for the smallest things, like not sitting up straight. I'd rather have someone be shit and quiet with everyone positive around trying to help them. Then again, I'd rather not have anyone toxic or anyone shit in my games. (Also people NEED TO REALISE that someone having a bad game and on tilt is not "intentionally feeding" or "trolling" and shouldn't be abused/reported)
Solash (EUW)
: So I decided to assign Pokemon types to every champion. Cause i'm a goddamn nerd.
Why is fiddlesticks only a flying type? Surely he'd be dark
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Is it that hard to buy a sightstone?
Support main here. They're definitely not obliged to buy a sightstone, but damn in a ranked if you want to win you have to know your role and understand the importance of vision, hence the sightstone. I can't rely on one pink from my other laners to be sufficient without my help, especially as they need to be focused in lane and leave the little jobs to me. Don't listen to everyone else bashing you for wanting your supports to buy sightstone, just hope you find GOOD supports like me who always buy sightstone.
: My (not so) little rant about the state of the game
The double cinderhulk tank meta wasn't fun at all either though... The meta game is just hard to balance seeing as in a matter of time the most effective strategy will be seen as 'OP' and 'unhealthy' to a portion of the players


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