Fawakko (EUW)
: The reason Udyr is allowed to just run at you is because you are in a bad position, your teamcomp is terrible or your team doesn't peel for you. Just because you, or your team screws up, doesn't mean a champ is bad.
But then again, you are simply saying that you have to build cetain teamcomps or pick certain champs just to fight against Udyr which isn't really balanced in my eyes.
Fawakko (EUW)
: You play Jhin, an ADC without any mobility. Of course you will have problems against Udyr. Maybe we should nerf any champ that can get to you? I mean, its easier then learning how to position yourself right? Or learn how to play against it? Lets just bitch and moan on the forums like any other bronze,silver,gold player and cry for things to get nerfed instead of learning how to deal with it. So tired of these posts.
If you read my post, you should have noticed that I said that Udyr just runs at me and kills me, also I said, that I played Kalista as well and I couldn't kite him either. Also when I'm staying behind my team because I have to and we don't have hard cc he just ignores everybody that doesn't pose a threat to him and runs though them to kill or zone the carrys.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: He doesnt deal tons of damage. What are you talking about? Have u even looked up his AP scaling? Runic Echoes Udyr is all about splitpush. Only reason he would do high damage is if he would build Thornmail and your dumbass ADC would attack him.
Well then tell me how I should fight against him if I should not attack him? And don't tell me to ignore him, because his damage is high enought to kill fragile champions such as ADC's. And his ap scalings aren't that weak either, I mean 50% scaling on W and his R has two components, first beeing his damaging aura with 25% per second for five seconds and the on-hit proc with 45% ap damage ratio, so when everything hits you deal 170% ap damage and more because you can proc the 45% multiple times.
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Liinad (EUW)
: Is Kalista useless after 5.4 Patch?
@Pampam666, but if you decrease her windup it's literally a decrease to the attackspeed. And yeah, those jumps were really overpowered but if you think about it, if you nerf her kiting potential she can't do anything else than hoping that she doesn't get burstet at the beginning of a teamfight. Her range is alright but her damage potential is really low in my opinion.
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