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: But imagine, in my case im silver 3. I will get the silver rewards, but can i get for example to silver 2 if i win some games in a row? Or even reach gold? (Still receiving the silver rewards)
BooM2003 (EUNE)
: Can someone explain to me how ranked works now?
Your current rank is now ''locked in'' for the 2018 ranked season. your rank will reset around like early January. if you play ranked now it wont affect your end of season rewards but just your MMR.
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: Dude I have the same problem every game, too. Got Leaverbuster for this now. Im so angry that riot cant do there work right.
yeah its getting really annoying at this point. Riot should take a look at epic games. No wonder why Fortnite is such a succes, atleast they listen to thier fanbase.....
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