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ZockerZel (EUW)
: Uhm.. Riot? Nani?? Championcapsule
You can use those essence to make a champion out of the shards you get. I don't see the problem. Also, English has a word for what you are looking for: 'what'. Try using it.
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: I feel like the majority of people quitting or threatening to quit league are old players who couldn't adapt to the new changes that Riot brings to the table every season, they keep complaining about how the game has changed and bring nostalgia of how good it was a **decade ago**. You people need to understand that if the game still as it was 8 or 9 years ago it wouldn't exist right now or at least not with this huge player base and it's thanks to the new stuff that they are delivering to the game every year. Too bad for you guys you need either to adapt or just quit for good.
If you read what I typed, you see that that is not it. It is not nostalgia. I am fine with the game changing. It is the way they do it though, and the little thought and care that is put into it nowadays that is frustrating. Change is fine. League of Dark Harvest? Nobody wants that.
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: Servers going crazy yet again !
RallerenP (EUW)
: You say so many wrong things it is incredible. I am in fact not lying. You asked me a simple question. No matter my answer you wouldn't have been able to present an argument. We do all meet unfriendly and nice people that is correct. Without the banning system we would meet alot more unfriendly people. Finally, your question may have been rhetorical and may also be an arguement, in which case I appear to be confused. Had I answered: "I meet many assholes", how would it have been an argument? It didn't present a case for why Leagues banning system should be entirely removed... This is why you don't make the rules. You propose an insane system, can't present any argument for it. That and you also didn't make the game. I urge you to make your own online game without any moderation and see how popular it becomes. Good luck! (I am done with this discussion. I gave you an honest chance to present an argument, you didn't because there is no argument for the system you proposed.)
If you do not want to see an argument, and just claim all the time there is no argument, then I suppose you will get what you seek right? The argument was made by implication: namely, there is still so much flame on league. Hence, do you really think this system works? Do you think it is possible to spot bad people by using flawed statistics? Also, I was not even talking about punishment free league really. I was alluding to the fact that people flame with the worst language possible in many games and apparently don't often get punished, while if you afk one game you get a 100 min leaver penalty. Is that a fair system? Does that system deal with the real problems? To me its not. It is trying to squash ladybugs with a giant electronic flyswatter while the mosquito's go unharmed. But my all means, keep it up with your personal attacks, putting words into others' mouth and deflecting the real issue by bringing up ridiculous, non-related issues. A genuine argument based debater you are. Good luck indeed!
: > I stay positive. But there are those situations where I am just like: %%%% it, I'll go get a coffee. Hurts no one, right? What do you mean it doesn't hurt anyone? How is playing 4v5 not detrimental to your team? And your justification for that is: "Well it's better to leave than to flame." That doesn't make any sense. Don't give yourself more power than you're allowed to have.
> [{quoted}](name=Illaoi Prime,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=as6u3BN8,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-06-03T00:28:48.454+0000) > > What do you mean it doesn't hurt anyone? How is playing 4v5 not detrimental to your team? And your justification for that is: "Well it's better to leave than to flame." That doesn't make any sense. Don't give yourself more power than you're allowed to have. Dude... there are so many assumption in that post. First off, I would not flame. It is not flame or leave. It is get annoyed BY flamers or just go get a coffee. I don't leave people who are behaving, I don't leave games that go bad. I do not even leave most of the time at all. Like I said: I left one game. Why? Because I was literally not enjoying it anymore because of the flame going around. So I take the better option and chill down with a coffee and a breath, wait for them to be done.
RallerenP (EUW)
: That's not an argument. That's a question. But i'll bite: Not a lot. I usually stay positive, as do others. I play mostly with friends but when I do play soloQ i rarely encounter anyone worthy of filing a report against.
Lying through your teeth mate. ;) I stay positive. But there are those situations where I am just like: %%%% it, I'll go get a coffee. Hurts no one, right? We all meet people that are unfriendly. Also meet nice people, don't get me wrong. But this system is a joke. Besides, a rhetorical question can be an argument. Things you learn, right?
RallerenP (EUW)
: That is actually an insane new gaming concept. Keyword insane. Atleast try presenting an argument (if one can be made) for a punishment free league.
Ok, here's an argument: how many ***holes you meet on league?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Well disconnecting from games will, at most, get you 5 games of 20min LPQ. Flaming will risk you a permaban. Which penalty would you more like to have?
How about instead of giving people penalties.... we let them play? :O What an insane new gaming concept, am I right?
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Yetisław (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench cannot devour Shaco
Still present. Had the same multiple times. Needs a fix ASAP.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: This "little function" is no secret, it's right there on the client xD Other than that, you're asking to people to >Help me pressuring Rito to never settle for this new garbage which is called the new client. That's no solution. Working to fix the client, providing bug reports and supporting its development is a solution. Not just "get rid of the new mean thing".
It is. Maybe you don't like it, but it is the best/only one available.
: the new client is pretty awesome. even my surface pro tablet can handle it, i cant imagine how terrible of a computer you must have to not be able to handle the new client. p.s. my surface tablet is the intro model that doesnt even have an i5 or i7 proc, it runs an m3. LOL.
You do realize a surface pro costs about 3 times as much as a standard entry-level laptop right? You can be all cool about this, but some people just don't want to or have the resources to waste on expensive laptops because someone was unable to make an actually user-friendly client.
: Yea Riot knows this. Here is a list of knows issues the client has atm: At the bottom you find this: MY COMPUTER IS A LOWER-END MACHINE, AND THE UPDATED CLIENT IS RUNNING REALLY SLOWLY! Our top priority is performance. Currently we’re seeing worse than normal performance on low-end machines running the updated client. We will continue to optimize the client to ensure players who are able to run the legacy client smoothly are able to do so in the updated client as well. They will fix it asap, just play on the legacy (old) client till this is fixed
They are never going to be able to scale it down though. Never ever. Just wrong programming, wrong approach. By optimization, you might scale back like 20%. 40% if you did a real sloppy job at first. But never are you going to be able to scale it back to the level of the old client. Forget it. Ask any programmer you know, they will simple laugh when you tell them this. And then they will cry about how a company that makes millions, can do such a bad job in this area.
Badjo (EUW)
: any idea how to go back to the old client without reinstalling the game ? Because i started having this problem too .
Here's how to do that:
Minstrel (EUNE)
: The old client actually used more CPU for me, and my system isn't high-end. If it's so bad you can't get through champion select (in-game there will be no difference), that's a concern for sure, but the client is still in beta. You can report this and work to help solve it. Not whine about the whole client.
That is factually just not true. Multiple people here on the boards have posted their computer stats. The new client asks a lot more from your system, that is a plain and clear fact. In game, this is still true, since the client will still have to run in the background while you play! I don't whine, I offer solutions, unlike you. For those unable to play with the new client, this little function allows them to play. That is the aim of this thread.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Yada, yada, yada. Every big change, half the community seems to be complaining. You'll be used to it after a couple of weeks.
> [{quoted}](name=Minstrel,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=RBUO7fvh,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-11-18T02:08:43.320+0000) > > Yada, yada, yada. Every big change, half the community seems to be complaining. You'll be used to it after a couple of weeks. Unless we are all unable to play due the huge amount of CPU the new client uses and hence the tremendous drop in FPS and the framelag associated with it, right? Every guy in favour of this new client starts about change. I don't mind change. I never post here on the forums about jungle changes, nerfs/buffs etc. This is not just a change, it makes the game unplayable for about 30% of players which are the lowest system users.
Vesemir (EUW)
: I have a high end pc but that doesnt mean Bob has to have one aswell. Because Bob cannot afford one. Bob used to be able to play the game but now he cant.
> [{quoted}](name=Chelleyon,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=RBUO7fvh,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2016-11-17T16:47:16.968+0000) > > I have a high end pc but that doesnt mean Bob has to have one aswell. Because Bob cannot afford one. Bob used to be able to play the game but now he cant. RIP Bob!
: This doesnt work for many of us, because this new client is not working after hitting the Launch. Please post how to downgrade manually, or if you have downgraded, can you please post zip of your Riot folder...
I have read comments about this as well. I have no first hand experience, but advice you to 'repair' (read Hextect Repair Tool somewhere) your client. This includes reinstalling it I believe. And then the button should be there. Please do let me know when you (or anyone else) have more specifics. I will edit the post above to help out those that need it.
: Let me use the legacy client
Easy! Here is how to:
: New client is bad. Give us the old one. Add improvements to old client.
How to get your old client back:
Xaalderan (EUW)
: Delete the new client.
How to get your old client back:
obeyman (EUW)
: new client.
How to get your old client back:
: The new Client make low fps in game :(
How to get your old client back:
: I thing this client is not more clear. It's chaos... But it's only my opinion.
Not just yours. I think anyone can agree that a lot has been made less clear. And on top of that: like at least 30% of the players will have CPU usage issues, causing lag, FPS drop and general unplayability. This is not an improvement, it is an outright disaster.
unsea (EUNE)
: Riot, u failed again.. 10°C difference in clients.
How to get your old client back:
: We want back old client! [Vote here]
How to get your old client back:
: How to launch the Old Client
Remember to upvote so others will see! Thanks!
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Ekoy (EUW)
: Text
Text is not really your 'thing' is it? Seriously though: I have no clue what you are trying to say.
: What is it : Amazing clear and well designed client. Good job Riot.
I rather disagree. Some things are better. Yet a lot is also actually worse: vectors used (for example the icons for positions or in hextech crafting), chatboxes, friendslist, champion collection, masteries, runes, game history. And then I am even omitting the true terror of it all: CPU usage by the new client.
: High CPU Usage for The Beta Client
Upping this. I am forced to quit playing since I simply cannot handle the new client...
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: Wanted: Teamranked for wardskin
Added you... but you are not accepting. :P Anyone else: feel free to add me to give it a try! :)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Most of your KDA's arent even that good. For an S you should aim for 60+% kill participation and 20+ assissts in a normal length game. Also people tend to give too much value to KDA, i had some games with prety questionable looking KDA and still managed to get an S.
Yeah, perfect KDA's or 34:1 aren't that good right? Get real dude. I am not posting this to show off. It is to signal a big problem in the system.
MorroWtje (EUW)
: I've had some fun playing AP Alistar support games (in d4 i shit you not) and the odd game where I pop off on it, getting shit like Ludens/Lich/Rylais, doing 35k dmg and having 11 kills I get the S+'s, but playing normal alistar going 2-2-28, getting an A+ or something silly. It isn't based on Assists/shields/healing/etc etc. Still based on kills.
Yeah, exactly! One of the games that got me to send this in, was the game on {{champion:161}} . 8/1/10, got caught once, played a perfect game for the rest of it, did almost as much damage as the top-damage dealer and the game only lasted 20 min. Result: A+. I was like: what can one possibly do to get an S then? Maybe even an S-, because I made this one mistake, but come on: if this lands you an A+, nothing in the world will get you an S+ on Vel'Koz support. Simply because you do not farm like the midlane variant. But honestly: I have seen people ruin games on top-lane Janna/Soraka because farming all game apparently lands you ranks.
Remian (EUW)
: Also Kill Participation. Ranks are calculated by all players' performance on this champ, so if you don't get S for good performance it means someone does better. 0/3/19 is good for Soraka, but to get S you'll need something like
Well, they say this. But let us look at the stats I provided above: {{champion:53}} 58% KP and 5.17 KDA lands you something insignificant (a B+ I seem to remember, or else maybe an A-). {{champion:222}} 53% KP and 4.50 KDA gets you an S-. Now, the only difference I can discern here is this: Jinx farms, Blitz does not. Should this be something a support is judged on? I just don't buy it that people do better on Blitz than my games above **but not on Jinx**. (Read it correctly please: I do not say I am the best Blitz player, there's loads of better players out there. What I do say is that my Blitz performance is quite much better than I play on Jinx.) And trust me: 0/3/19 on Soraka will not get you an S. Been there, done that.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Hey Lil Blue :3 I kinda cry every time i see the mark i get after a game, its really hard to get anything above A+ i think. Which is good, i guess, it should be only for those really really really really REALLY well played games. Although, i have seen some BS from this, i´ve seen a katarina go 23/1/6 and only get an A- even if she carried the entire game. More extreme, ive seen a vayne go 44/0/something and still only get A+. The score is heavily reliant on your creep score, i think its safe to say that KDA plays little to no role in the mark.
A fellow Blue. :) Let us unite and take over the world! All kidding aside though: I left the Jinx game in on purpose. It **is** heavily dependent on creep-score apparently, but is that not the biggest part of the problem? Most supports do not farm.
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Message to all players who play non support champs as support?
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Mirgata (EUNE)
: You dont buy sightstones and dont swap your trinkets. Have fun staying in silver.
I will try to put it somewhat kinder than Mirgata: your builds and play-style may need some changes/more experience. Why don't you try to DuoQ with a Silver adc?
10962670 (EUW)
: Guys, the main point im getitng at is for 15 minutes straight they could not 5v5 us as we would just win unless someone misplays horribly so what possibly could we have done
Your point is: they would lose a 5v5 versus you, but you were afraid of backdooring? Well, there is no one-size fits all solution here, but one of the things you can do is keep a ward inside your base and teleport back when the backdoor is happening. Another thing is to invest in mobility (on your support for example) so that you can quickly react to changing positioning by the enemy, take out the backdoor champ and then push for objectives with your team. If you lack a teleport/mobility, have a dueler (likely your toplaner or jungler in most compositions) that can handle the Rengar or Yasuo (or at least keep him off an inhibitor long enough for the team to come back in) in the base. But this is tricky, as it would mean they can opt to fight in team instead and try to outnumber your team instead.
: Need help with masteries, please?
To me, it has been useful to use the following distinctions. I have general setups for: - auto-attackers (ADC's and the like) - APC ( = mages); one for tankier, one for more damage focused. - Junglers; one AP, one AD. And a range of different support masteries (since I play mostly support) and some for specific champs. What I find works out is to have these basic sets as a start and then see what you are lacking in your games and write that down on a notepad (can be as simple as a piece of paper next to your gaming PC/laptop), be it runes or masteries or both. For example, you play {{champion:31}} and equip your 'tankier APC' set on him. But during the game, you find out that another set might work better. Or you get a tip by another player or look something up online. Now, if you like playing Cho and plan on playing him more often, it might be worth it to make a specific page for him. If you only play him every so often, perhaps the 'tankier APC' page will do the trick well enough. Seeing as you are only level 16, start with these basic pages, and experiment a little from there. And if you see someone playing a champ you also play a lot and are impressed by how he/she is doing, add him after the game and check his/her masteries, runes, items build and tips! Good luck
: Thanks for the comment, I appreciate that. I am a bit of a vision fanatic so I sacrifice some of the early sustain for it. Defending the pink is an issue sometimes and I might pick up another on my first back if it is destroyed and I don't have enough for a sightstone. I might experiment a bit with the extra cookies and just rely on the trinket at the beginning. Thanks again..I am always wanting to learn the best strategies :)
No problem! Always happy to share my thoughts/experiences. Also, do read the part below talking about gold differences between {{item:3303}} and {{item:3301}} . Especially on Soraka, there is a real choice to be made today, largely depending on your play-style and the lane you are facing. Do not be afraid to adapt your build to the situation at hand!
: My starting items for {{champion:37}} and {{champion:16}} would be: {{item:3303}} {{item:2043}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} First back {{item:2049}} {{item:1001}} {{item:2003}}or {{item:3098}} building {{item:2301}} or{{item:3092}} and {{item:3504}}
It's not bad at all, you just risk a little more because if you get early pressure and have to regen, you are going to miss those two extra cookies. So it all depends on your lane. I could understand doing this against, say a {{champion:67}} & {{champion:40}} lane, but not against {{champion:236}} & {{champion:53}} . Also, bear in mind that if you are not able (or prepared) to defend the pink, its basically just throwing away money. On the other hand, if you coordinate with your jungler, they might be in for a nasty early play.
: I have to be honnest with you. In the lower brackets of play it's almost always better to get {{item:2301}} or {{item:2303}} since you won't get a lot of gold income with a bronze adc while playing a traditional support. I wouldn't really recommand the {{item:3301}} line since you will have zero pressure. Since the game will probaly last for like 50 minutes you will eventually get full build and ending up with another item slot it just so much more usefull while in the early game you will have a lot more room to get {{item:2043}}'s or even {{item:2031}} in some situations. Here are some build example for tank supports: * {{item:3302}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} * > {{item:3097}} * > {{item:2049}} * > {{item:1001}} ({{item:2043}} whenever you have 75 spare gold) * > {{item:3111}} * > {{item:3190}} * > {{item:3083}} or {{item:3512}}
Have to disagree with you here. Since the update, the {{item:3301}} line actually is quite a good choice in some situations. For example: I see a lot of Soraka's opting for {{item:3303}} . But when you do not play aggressively, the coin actually gives you better money than the spellthief. On top of that: it now gives a 5% CDR, and it gives you lane sustain (minions die and you restore HP). Because of that, it can, on certain champs, actually give you more laning pressure. And it still is the safe choice for a support that cannot use {{item:3302}} . {{item:3301}} gives you a steady flow of income and sustain, at zero risk. Likewise, if you do not optimally use {{item:3097}} , you actually get less gold than with a coin. Also: do not build a Warmogs on supports as one of your first items. Please. Do not ever tell anyone to do that. Sure, there are situations were you can, but not until you have reached full build and have absolutely nothing better to do with your gold.
Pfeoteric (EUW)
: ward in hextech
First off all, just like with normal skin shards, you need to craft it. But I assume you did. If so, go into a game, and while selecting your champ (before or after banning in draft pick) you can click on a ward icon (image 1). Then a pop-up screen (image 2) opens and you can select your preferred ward. Also, see images! 1: & 2:
: Support items and Sightstone
To add on Swampert: I hardly ever buy {{item:3069}} nowadays, especially not in solo-q. It only really pays off when your team uses it to the full advantage, and in random teams it just doesn't do the trick in my opinion. Plus {{item:3800}} is better, especially since you almost never have the {{item:3069}} on tank engagers, since you start lane with a {{item:3302}} . Also, if you are the kind of player that never (or almost never) uses actives, go for the combined forms. There is a thing making the selection a bit more tricky though, and that is the upgraded {{item:2049}} -> {{item:2045}} . If you are going for a lot of active items, or say you **really **need that {{item:3222}} 's active every teamfight to get your carry out of trouble, going for a Ruby sightstone is better. One more thing: always upgrade to second forms ({{item:3302}} + {{item:3096}} + {{item:3098}} ). You will earn the investment back and they are generally good early game items. I always upgrade or get a {{item:2049}} + {{item:3341}} first base (or both if you landed some assists in lane). If you have further questions for specific champs and builds on them, ask away. :)
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