: Although I am OK with words like "shitty", I find it outrageous you can get banned / chat restricted in games for having normal arguments regarding strategy and for way less than using "shitty" on chat. Then people that do blatant inting like this, without using the chat, can get away with absolutely no penalty at all. For the sake of the game, which I enjoy, Riot has to change this. Be harder on people inting that ruins the game way more than a flamer. I am not saying flaming is good, but inting is definitely worse.
Had him in 2 of my games yesterday morning. Dont worry, he is talking. He also says for himself he has perfected the way of trolling without getting discovered by Autodetection system. He follows the jungler and steals every xp he can get. Thus, making the game essentially 3v5. At the moment he is still ruining games. Right now he has 46 nunu games with 0% winrate. Nothing is being done despite 100s of reports.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3wLecupt,comment-id=0007000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-28T12:32:34.862+0000) > > Doubt if it will work, as a player support always answer with only "please use ingame report option." Of course there is possibility that they review and ban people and just answer with the same phrase, but about this You have a better knowledge than me. :) No different from what I said above, the ingame report function is much preferred (as it can correlate much better and improve) - but support still take a look at tickets manually :-)
How can it happen that after hundreds of reports and 0% winrate with nunu out of 43 games he is still allowed to play? Seems like a scenario for which the auto detection system should quickly find trolling behavior?
: Everyone has bad games, remember NOT TO FLAME :))
Surprised to see nothing has been done?? I checked the player this morning and he is still ruining countless of games. AFTER COUNTLESS REPORTS he is still normally playing. At the moment he has 43 nunu games with 0% winrate. SERIOUSLY? So let me clarify: Yesterday morning I was playing soloq ranked and I got him as a support on my team. All he did was following our jungler and stealing every XP he could posibly get. With this strategy he made the game essentially 3v5. I went afk and got 5 games low priority queue. Whatever, I queued again, waited for 20 minutes and again got into a game with this guy. I queded again, waited for 20 minutes and got into a lobby and guess who was on my team again?? This time i spammed the lobby and luckily someone dodged. The player was reported I guess over 100x times and nothing was done by RIOT. It hurts me to see that Riots trol detection system is so bad.

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