Hansiman (EUW)
: Win or lose is the only factor that really matters, because at the end of the day, those are the only outcomes that can occur ingame. --- > Wİnning and losing has many different variables that you can not perdict like having troll, smurf, or afk x2 İf they are on enemy side. Regardless of these events, it doesn't actually prevent you from getting to where you want, assuming you actively play. They can ruin your enjoyment of the specific game you're playing, but due to have statistics works, it does even out over time. You can look at how the law of large numbers work.
"You can look at how the law of large numbers work." Keyword: large numbers. League of legends had become another grinding (ranked) game some seasons ago. You like the grinding? Go for it. You don't? Well, doh!
Vyrren (EUW)
: Hey, I personally climbed my way to plat5 from Gold5 by just playing Nami in a very, very short period. This was awhile ago though, like 2 seasons back, but Nami is still very oppressive in lane, and while she does not have the "i have no carry, let me be the carry" potential that Brand/Zyra and the like have, she excels at saving team from doing really stupid things, kinda like Janna, but with a lot more teeth. She doesn't have the best roams, but she's really good in skirmishes and in the midgame, which is good for the inevitable river yolo that always ends up happening. In lower elo, I felt damage control is equally important, if not more important as making things happen, because in lower elo there's ALWAYS something happening anyway, because both teams have no idea what's going on and all they wanna do is fight ALL THE TIME. Being the one who can turn those usually stupid fights and save your team from idiotism is really valuable. IMO. The biggest thing as a support is that you make calls, all the time. Your pick comes secondary to that. Ping people who are about to do something stupid back. Ping the turret, even if your jungler is already in lane to take it, because he may change his mind and randomly start backing. Ping scuttlers. Ping enemy red. Do not ward where you want your team to NOT be, ward where you want your team to be. Similarly, ward where you THINK enemy team may be going, because the enemy is as bad as your team, so it's very possible that they're about to do something really stupid, too (read: "hey, good idea, we have a small lead, hey, dragon is up... hey, you know what, let's go yolo in enemy jungle with no vision for a bit before we do dragon...") now imagine if that bit of jungle has been lit up like a christmastree because you kinda saw this one coming - you ace them, take dragon, a turret, maybe two, maybe enemy red, get push in all lanes, now you can go get baron control, and kill the enemy support as he makes his way to baron.....). Think where you think enemy will be. If your jungler is getting destroyed, chances are enemy jungler is gonna come for your buffs even before laning is over. Ward those before the buff even spawns. Similarly, if you guys are ahead, ward deep, so you can contest the camps/buffs or even kill them: make them FEAR your team. Contest everything that gives gold. Scuttler? Ward it, catch that enemy jungler, if you can't kill him at least your top knows he can all-in the enemy. Learn what good warding spots are, specifically the deeper ones. I don't believe in counterpicks except in really high elo, but support picks at any elo can really can change a game. Picking what your team needs, or picking precisely what enemy team does not need can really completely and utterly change a game, change all win conditions, change everything. Still, I don't recommend a really big champion pool. I said I played mostly Nami, but if they only had assassins, Nami is completely useless beyond laning phase, she's a free gank too, and instead I'd usually pick Janna or Lulu (any assassin's nightmare) or some tank/peel. That tiltproofs me and it will really help my team to NOT pick Nami in this specific game. Make the enemy hate you. That's your goal. And lastly, just watch a lot of videos, note where the supports go and why they go there, what they ward, etc. TL:DR play what you like, work on your macro more than on your champ decision.
2 seasons ago, you had Ardent at its fullest :p Just saying. Pro-active plays around map after first back give you often the edge on lower elos. Just tell your ADC you are doing it. MID lane best option because you can just go back to bot lane most of the time. Even if the gank didn't neat a kill, sometimes the pressure alone should make the mid laner win the race.
Lakedima (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lilandblue,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0350owvc,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-01-17T14:41:51.011+0000) > > - Why you want to play a game that is causing you such a distress? You should play games for fun, not to get stressed out. > > My piece of advice: > 1) Reconsider playing other games. > 2) If the above doesn't suit you because you are not ready to move on, play another server. If you notice that the new server is as toxic as the old one. Move to next. And so on. > > P.S. I quit LoL 7 months ago. I played a couple of games last Monday. It felt clunky and even if last hitting was difficult on my worse role. I think I ended 100 cs ahead on the next player. With the most KP of both teams. Enemy bot lane team taunted me along with top laner I think. Long story short: League of Legends remains one of the most toxic games. Mhmmm Haven't played since Monday. I might play a couple of games today. Who knows... But I think I have better things to do. i started in tr server.. cuz of exessive cursing i went euw... than i saw its the same and went back to tr... than it was unbearable to see curses everywhere and i went euw again... than some1 told me eune was a little different so i went eune.. than again tr..... cuz my friends were in tr... so every server is the same .... the problem is y am i getting 2 weeks without any warnings b4hand or y riot deletes my posts... or y riot sends me a chatlog and it doesnt inclueds any curses and when i sent ticket they say oh that was wrong here u go there is another chatlog... and what happens ? it doesnt include any cursing neither ???.
:p I was teasing you to be honest. I am forum troll and a retired LoL player. All the servers are the same. LoL is by far, the most toxic online game. What I stated on my previous post is real. Enemies taunted me when I literally just wished them Happy New Year and told them to be easy on me due 6 months not playing. Played almost on all servers. If your ping is ok at EUW. I think that is the less toxic. If you add me in game at EUW, we could play some games this evening... If I decided to log in.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lilandblue,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zEsZB6o8,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-01-14T15:09:05.476+0000) > > This. > Not sure if freezing is a good idea. You want to put pressure. Freezing offers nothing to the (your)team. > > Objectives come to a cost: tempo. Some objectives should be neglected as a laner. You want that objective? Put pressure somewhere else and let the jungle take it for free. > > Low elo is a blast. When done well freezing does apply pressure as it forces your lane opponent to do one of three things: 1. Stay safe and be denied Farm. 2. Overextend and use their abilities to break the freeze, leaving them vulnerable to ganks. 3. Call their jungle to help break the freeze, relieving pressure from the other lanes.
Excuse me :) I was jungler main before quitting. 1. The team freezing doesn't deny a creep unless it freezes under enemy turret (whom is denying effectively while making enemies failing its last hit) 2. Ganks. The pressure comes from those. Not from WHO initiates the freeze. I don't know if you realize it. I am just making it clear. 3. Same as before. This is an hypotheses though. Anyway, to be honest. Most people at low elo don't even understand how to freeze. Slow push. That freezing near own turret is a great risk due wave push and timed ganks with rotation of aggro. Or don't bother to read the forums. P.S. By the way, wave management from support implies autos/skill on enemy minions (mostly). Or aggro pulling (but I doubt it was through this). Auto/skill use can be punished by enemy and should be. Also, in SoloQ without proper communication with ADC, you are probably messing ADC wave management as well. And If he didn't think about wave management, it defeats your purpose of trying to manage it by yourself.
Lakedima (EUNE)
: sexist turkey server employees banned me 2 weeks on lol and boards to cover their mistakes.
- Why you want to play a game that is causing you such a distress? You should play games for fun, not to get stressed out. My piece of advice: 1) Reconsider playing other games. 2) If the above doesn't suit you because you are not ready to move on, play another server. If you notice that the new server is as toxic as the old one. Move to next. And so on. P.S. I quit LoL 7 months ago. I played a couple of games last Monday. It felt clunky and even if last hitting was difficult on my worse role. I think I ended 100 cs ahead on the next player. With the most KP of both teams. Enemy bot lane team taunted me along with top laner I think. Long story short: League of Legends remains one of the most toxic games. Mhmmm Haven't played since Monday. I might play a couple of games today. Who knows... But I think I have better things to do.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: > First of all my adc doesn't know shit about wave management, to the point where I will get a perfect freeze near our turret and as soon as my adc gets there they break the freeze for absolutely no reason. Same for supports. I have never seen a mage support who can restrain himself from just randomly placing a spell in my minions in front of the turret. Not only does it break my freez, it forces me to hard push since low health minions are a turret one shot but a 2-4 shot for me. So it goes both ways mate Also consider, you are low elo, might be your ADC has a reason you just don't understand it, or the reason your low elo ADC pushes actually is a bad idea, but still he had an idea, eventhough it was wrong. Most common point is, put down pressure, make them lose minions under turret and pull the jungler towards bot side to relieve pressure. Or what I do, make the wave move back and forth to force positioning mistakes, after all the other adc is just as dumb as me and will push eventually :D Also it helps when you see your jungler is bot to just push so he does not %%%% up a bad gank against a early game ADC like lucian while you play freaking Kog'maw and are useless the first 10 minutes. So you push and force him to either leave or just go and ping dragon and since you just pushed you now can help. So there are plenty reasons. Freezing is not always winning. As a tristana eg I basically do not wanna freeze against a mage support, they can shove minions to easy into my turret and Trist is really bad at farmung under turret for the first minutes, her passive makes it that minions become a oneshot and it can get really hard to manage. > Second, I will ping an objective like dragon. Set up vision perfectly, ping my team to help me and instead they start fighting on the other side of the map where we have no vision at all. Your ADC feels you... I just wanna farm, I just wanna get strong. but they keep forcing fights, so you either let them all die and farm or go there help and lose out on farm and everybody but the bot lanes profits of kill trading. So you now have 3/3 on all 10 players, the mid and jungle one shot you now while you finally could do something in lane. but laningphase is over... mid and jungle said so by now towerdiving. :D Low elo is a blast.
This. Not sure if freezing is a good idea. You want to put pressure. Freezing offers nothing to the (your)team. Objectives come to a cost: tempo. Some objectives should be neglected as a laner. You want that objective? Put pressure somewhere else and let the jungle take it for free. Low elo is a blast.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >so you check it OO GG and see he has a 70% + win rate in silver and MMR through the roof? If he would have mmr through the roof, he wouldn't be in the same match as you.
Szinie (EUW)
: Female Gold Support and Male 'whatever, just not ADC' Gold LF people to play ranked teams with.
Added you both on this acc. Would like to play some ranked team :)
: How can remain calm like this????
Love this post :p Had a laugh :p Is he trolling?
: The #1 thing I see Bronze players do/say after they die is "If I had my ignite I could have killed them" or "if I had my ult I could have killed them" learn not to engage until you have all you need to engage ESPECIALLY MANA and go in. Trade when you have mana and the enemy cannot contest a full trade or sustain a prolonged fight.
This. Over all, learn the Cool Downs of skills and track down summoner's timers. Rotate wards depending on next objective you want to take or defend.
Christien (EUW)
: For me playing full AP Sona as support worked to climb with. Of course I still bought a sightstone, but after that I just went full damage. People in low rank have no idea what to do against it. With just a few items you can kill their adc / apc with just ult + q + aa its kinda funny. XD Edit: I see you never take a sweeping lense after you finished your sightstone. You should take that instead of the warding trinket to clear your enemies wards. The second point I have for you is: Don't build exactly the same every game. Check if your enemy has more ap or ad and that kind of things and make your build depend on those things.
Sweeper is not a must. Blue trinket can be really useful as well to extend your vision over 3 wards.
: Need tips to leave bronze...
Just play ADC heimdinger or caitlin.
: If you are single, dont worry!
You deserve a cookie! You got already my up-vote. Positivism in League of Legends!! Yihaaaa!
Weelah (EUNE)
: Im shit at the game and need advice
Just checked your CS average as midlaner... IS that the standard in EUNE for Gold 2?? I am SPEECHLESSSSSSS
Paying (EUNE)
: Slowly but surely going down in ranks
- Your farm needs improve. This can be due fact that you lose trades and then you are forced to lose CS. But it could be that you are not good last hitting. Or a combination. - Pick top according to match-up. Despise what someones says below. Top lane is a 1 vs 2. You need to win it alone vs top + enemy jungler. That is your duty. How? You see enemy jungler somewhere else? If you are better than your opponent, you pick that window and decide lane. - Decision making: roam or not to roam. Learn it. - 0 vision wards in 20 games? Not sure, but you have a bronze profile. No Offense. - No trinket upgrade in 80% games? Work on that.
Tarolock (EUW)
: every single champ i played in ranked started around 70% winrate (except zilean with 10% rofl) then slowly back to around 50-55% where i switched to a different champ but its still not about me, its the fact that i got 8 lose in a row with terrible ppl where the enemy had at least 4-5 times more kills and we lost every single lane while before i got evenly matched games where mistakes meant the win/lose and i didnt lost the game from 5 mins
Got 70% Ranked win rate, just lost 2 games lately. One because I thought it was normal draft I was playing with a friend and we were just chilling... On the wrong queue... Rumble Jungle, when I didn't play Rumble whole season. I have feeders every game. Every game. I have people clueless everywhere. Plenty at Gold. I have midlaners and adcs doing less damage than the tank (me). We all have that. Still 70% Win rate. Solid. Let me put it short: You not upgrading your trinket is bullshyt. You not changing your trinket to adapt enemy trinkets is bullshyt. You following always same build path is bullshyt. Can I be more specific? Correct those. Also, Pick support for the team. You carry supporting. Pick the champion more suit for each occasion. And finally. If you have 46% WIn rate with a champion after more than 30 games. It is time you let him go. You are bad with him at the elo you are playing. YOu should drop any champion below 50% win rate. They are dragging you down. Train them in normals.
Dimarank (EUW)
: took the first drakes and tower mid. I main support but my results is mostly good and i see that it's better then my teams most of the time.
You forgot that SoloQ, DuoQ or even more in DynQ. Is not your skill what matters to climb but how good you play as a team for climbing. It is a 5 vs 5.
Tarolock (EUW)
: My road to Gold
Even placing 3 accs into gold this season. It is sometimes hard to carry some teams between silver 1 and Gold 5. Basically, newbies are given silver 2 mmr. That means, that you can have those players in your team while you are on that bracket. And let's face it, not everyone has 3 ranked accs. Then, there are the boosted animals of Gold 5. Not kidding. That bracket is the most boosted. People literally boosted from bronze. And finally, people is bad. They complain about you (tank) even you do 10k more damage than adc or mid as tank in 40mins game. So, short story. Believe in you. Also question yourself your win ratio on CHAMPS. Check patches. And play for the composition of your team! You buy pinks. That is good. You don't upgrade your trinket. Nor swap it during game depending on the needs. BAD. You always follow same build path... WTF. Well, I am not support. But every game has an optimal build path. Gl in the fields of Justice!
: Riot have literally just stolen my account from me.
If I am not mistaken... And you read the ToS and all that stuff... It is clearly stated that IT is NOT your account. IT IS RIOT account. And they let you use it for a while. Maybe 1 day, maybe all your life... The first step to accept a loss, is to realize it was never yours. There are tons of thinks that suck in life. Losing someone's love, losing a limb, losing a child, losing the capacity to think straight. If you get upset for losing a LoL account. You have lost it already. Think about it while you can and it doesn't get worse.
: Fitting name.
> [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=mIybmbv1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-11T19:39:27.014+0000) > > Fitting name. You were too fast hahah
: {{champion:36}} Cheap and easy, can manage most lane matchups if you dont fall behind pre-level 6.
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=tA61YHLH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-11T15:03:54.159+0000) > > {{champion:36}} > Cheap and easy, can manage most lane matchups if you dont fall behind pre-level 6. I like Mundo, he goes where he pleases. Anyway, you should do what other poster said: try free rotation champs. Also playing Aram learns you all kind of champs. Good Luck on the Rift!
GGWPizza (EUW)
: what rank do i deserve
You have like almost 4 weeks to go. Dunno if you are going to make it. But good luck!
: I'm sorry dude, but we are looking for spanish people :S
It is ok. I am sorry too. I am spanish. Good luck searching.
Add me: lilandblue Going to be on around 17 pm CET.
NCP Jiang (EUW)
: Need some basic advice, Willing to improve as a new player.
Controlling the laning phase: do you mean wave? Play versus 1 bot at custo and check how wave reacts when you autoattack the bot, how it reacts if you use skills from afar, how it reacts if you get closer to a minions, etc... To control the wave, you should control the damage output on enemy wave. Making Decisions, Check summoners timer and ultimate timers. Macro play. Rotations. Rotation is key to win. Best rotations are when enemy laner doesn't profit from your absence. Simple. So you forced him out: Option 1: you profit farming. Option 2: you rotate and try to snowball other lane. A kill means, an enemy will be out as well + gold + xp. An objective benefits all the team. Placing down vision. Don't be cheap. Buy pink wards. Champion Mechanics. Play. Itemisation. Press Tab and check score to be aware what are the enemy threats. Check guides for basic knowledge. If you are winning hard, some defensive items could be the difference between you surviving more time to deal more damage or not. If you are losing hard, defensive items are required. Tracking enemy movements. Runes and Masteries Trading inlane Specific Matchups What to do if losing lane 1, can you still farm? farm safe. Don't play the hero, wait for help of other lane or jungler. 2, you can't farm? roam. Rotate to other lane and try make them lose. How to play a teamfight or When. Play Arams. You can learn Champion skills and teamfighting. Keep track of summoners and ultis. You teamfight when you want to get(or defend) an objective. Fighting in the jungle just to rumble has no benefit... Your team is ahead... Force teamfights, but always searching something to win. If teams are balanced, the outcome should be balanced. Things you can win: Vision on some area. Allowing your team to gain territory and placing wards or removing enemies' A neutral objective: dragoon, nashor, herald or a buff. A structure: turret, inhibitor Positioning Play Arams.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Early I prefere to not be pushed up at all. Even if you are confidant that you will be able to dodge every gank on you, pushing up completely denies most opportunities to make a play on the enemy laner and most champs can farm well enough under tower to not really care. Having the lane frozen in center and taking an offensive trading stance denies way more farm if you manage to pull it off. At least that's my oppinion for Top and Mid, on Bot I'd agree more with you. The nature of the lane usually benefits early pushes
I agree with you. Neonchan. Most of the time, since season 3 :) Still, theoretically best tactic is pushing. But put more details into it. No matter what, you want to push your lane for level 2 advantage. The wave resets at turret, if properly executed, so no matter what lane the best option is to push for level 2 and try to reset it. Then freeze, even placing yourself between wave and enemies to deny gold and xp. This is easier executed in long lanes (top and bot). At mid, being shorter, you would be to close to enemy turret and got 2 flanks to cover vs jungler. At top, being experienced player, I prefer to freeze just before my own turret range. So if enemy wants to kill one of my mininons, I can trade sometimes for free because he would take turret aggro. Doing so though, pulls enemy minions into my turret range. I do not play mid often. Therefore I stay at the middle and play safe. I do not play bot often, but if I do, I push level 2 and try to win some early trade there.
NCP Jiang (EUW)
: Hi Neonchan, Im curious about when to freeze or push a lane? the pros and cons about Freezing and Pushing Kind regards NCP Jiang
Theoretically, you want it pushed always. Early: it might deny some creep-gold to your enemy laner. Mid-Late: forces enemy to choose between defending a structure or another neutral objective. It is true though, that early, if not properly warded. Enemy roaming from other lanes or jungler can take you off guard. But even then, forcing an enemy coming to your lane, opens an opportunity somewhere else. P.S. By the way, 41 kills on Aram and your question shows some experience in LoL. Do you come from other region? Is this some kind of hidden camera :p? Did you play any other similar game?
Nadapan (EUW)
: How do I reach gold as a support
Being on the top 35%(around) of player base.
: 1- stop blaming your team 2- play a carry meta jungler 3- camp the lane with the strongest champions in your team that can snowball hard. 4- if no champions have hard snowball potential in your team then camp the opponents lane that is on a huge lose streak to tilt him/her.
As jungler, I only need a player doing fine to snowball the game in low gold. I struggle if all lanes lose 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. One true of jungling: snowball your best man. If you have more, the better. Your approach, shows you lack basic knowledge of jungling. Helping your weakest link is like putting resources into something that doesn't work for starters... FLAWED. You don't want that they feed to the tops. But for sure, you should camp the lane who is winning. And that lane will snowball to others. See the point 3 mentioned above. Also, your win rate with Lee is 45% over 92 games. Assume you are freaking bad with him. You can choose: you play him and you keep losing, or you move on and try to climb. By the way, you don't want to hear what they call people without flash at some elos. Sounds like potatoes... Last tip, before to learn how to CARRY. Learn how not to be a BURDEN to your team. Good luck.
Shirooyasha (EUNE)
: They disconnected right from the start but then blitz reconnected only to get disconnected immediately. It followed like this for the rest of the game and we couldn't remake. The system is not working as intended.
Their network is what didn't work :p And sorry to say, this happened to every player of League of Legends. Actually, the system minimizes the chances. So be grateful. 2 days ago, I win a game when an enemy lost his connection for 6mins. Yeah, that was enough if you know what you are doing. Yesterday, I lost a game when a mate lost his connection multiple times. We usually forget the positive and remember the negative. Try the other way around, World gets brighter!
: as an ex janna player: you are not supporting your adc, fuck your adc, if he is bad, fuck him you are supporting your strongest player in your team, shadow that player, protect them, keep em safe it should be very easy unless they are an assassin like Zed, Diana, Fizz, etc which will jump in the fight if they are divers like irelia, tanks, mages, adcs (even yours from bot lane), they are much more easy for janna to protect
Actually, this is a good approach to gold. Partially. I do sometimes when I played support. You shadow the one who potentially can carry. Still, you should keep in mind that, ADC role is who carries the hardest at some point due sustained damage. SO if enemy ADC is fed, and yours is not. You have trouble, unless you have an assassin (or CC, or something...) to deal with that. One thing I hate from supports. If you are not a threat to enemy at lane. I prefer you roam and leave me solo so you don't leach XP. And as threat I mean, you are positioned where you can autoattack and use your skills if they decide to engage. If you are miles behind at XP range, and ADC got engaged, he will get double AAs from support and adc, what a level 1 or 2 is like 10 - 20% health each. Only from autos.
Nadapan (EUW)
: How do I reach gold as a support
No pink ward in 20 games... Disgusting. AP focus selfish build most of the time. No consideration in team composition. Yellow trinket forever? Infinite list of mistakes without seeing any game... Your are not gold worth. At least as game knowledge goes. Probably your game skill is not gold worth it neither. Improve. Then you climb.
Wex0r (EUW)
: They do you can create your own smurf account and "have fun" in bronze.
[quote] They do you can create your own smurf account and "have fun" in bronze. [/quote] :) I was sick of players feeding as not tomorrow and pretending they were good. At least, they could feed and just try to learn something instead of chatting gibberish non-sense. Damn! You die a lot OP. Must be a smurf on each of your games on enemy team... That sux...
KinMal45 (EUW)
: Riots Perfect System.
you die as much as a Silver 4... No offense. Is not your team. It is you.
Charibasa (EUW)
: How to play against rumble?
MR and champs with sustain?
: Help..
Matchmaker considers your mmr is too low for the tier/division you are located. Maybe because a losing-streak. You have to tank your mmr up winning more than you lose. Like in around 20 games getting 52% win rate or so.
Rioter Comments
Brocks91 (EUW)
: If you want to play Vayne in Bronze or lower Silver, just don't
Had a 270K Champion points Vayne that did 11K damage in 50 mins. I usually ban Yi or Vayne :p to avoid my team getting those while playing on my silver account. The "skill" and toxicity of the players using those 2 at silver are unbelievable. There are exceptions... But hard to find. Then, I dodge, if they get one of them.
: Thought Process behind Yi ban
You are just ranting... I ban him because I DON'T WANT MY JUNGLER PICKING HIM. But your closed mind just puts options about your rant...
Meritas (EUW)
: The problem stands not in those coordinated premades, but in the solo players unable to coordinate with each other in order to win. Since there is no realistic way to fix the latter issue though, people prefer to hate on the former one. My only issue with Dynamic Queue is that it isn't always that both sides have the same number of premades. I know that wait times are a problem, but if Riot fixes this nobody would have grounds to complain about Dynamic Queue in any way.
The main problem is that players can DQ within different divisions... Even tiers! 1 division difference to be able to queue up should be the norm. You want to queue up with a friend who is ranked higher or lower? Then normal drafts, not ranked. I do play ranked with friends that are highger or lower than 1 division. But is not healthy for ranked-games. Also, it can be exploited if you have different accounts.
Uberfrag (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosDefrost,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8jlAqqel,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-05-11T12:23:45.421+0000) > > Congratz for not having to play against 3-4 premades almost every game. Unfortunately you are in that 1-2% of the players that are lucky enough to get fair matchmaking. No I'm not, but I'm in that 1-2% of players who dont blame matchmaking for game losses.
: If the fed adc gets 5 man ganked why are you not rushing the enemies top lane to the inhibitor? I feel like 5 man ganking 1 person would be more of a pro than a con :L
This. If 5 ppl or 4 or even 3 are at bot lane for just one player. It means the team of that player has free map. Literally. Most of the time those 4 ppl just wander around jungle :) or hug a turret. The statement of the post is totally wrong if you pretend to win. Your adc got 4 kills in 4 mins? The best chance to win is YOU TO GROUP with this player (Not him with you). He obviously knows what she is doing... At least mechanically. Not her with you.
Viavarian (EUW)
: You're a) unlucky b) on tilt Most likely both. Take a break for a week.
> [{quoted}](name=Viavarian,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0zWBAvGq,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-02-25T13:05:18.512+0000) > > You're > a) unlucky > b) on tilt > > Most likely both. Take a break for a week. >c) bad
: Nope, I don't play top. I just see most top laners in my current elo (silver 2) get completely destroyed by him, making him an utter beast in late game. Hell, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you are right, and he is easy to counter. In which case, it's the silver 2 elo that's doing its magic.
I didn't say it is easy. Basically, because it is yolo. I think that a good teemo destroys him. Problem is that you will push the lane. Graves does the work too. Fiora. Darius. And Vladimir. But Vladimir is so weak pre-4 and 1 item. So whoever gets the upperhand wins. Nasus goes for spectral and Vladi goes for hex to perma QE-harass. Best way to destroy nasus though, is your jungler starts red side and ganks lvl 2 while you both are 1. Free kill.
: what is malphites weakness?
I beat him as AD, caster. He is quite weak. Weaknesses: - No sustain. - High Q mana costs on Q. - Melee caster. Pro's: - Scales good with HP: passive. - Scales good with armor. - Massive CC on clustered enemies. - Extra health due passive. So you have to exploit its weaknesses and take care of his pro's. 1) Having in-built sustain against him is great. 2) If you plan to trade, know when you have a power level vs him. Then continue harassing enough so the shield doesn't come back. Check wave and just enough to deny him the shield. 3) bait his mana. 4) Do not cluster in team fights. 5) AP opponents deny him damage due armor stacking.
: Nasus is a little bit ridiculous on top lane.
Nasus is pretty weak. I main him. That's why you do not see him past certain MMR brackets, because he will lose so hard to most of the match ups 1 vs 1. Even though, I admit that I used him to climb my Silver V account to Silver I in 3 weeks. But, mostly because people have no idea there to what to do. Some tips: - Instead of complaining about a champion. Next time you lose against him, ask yourself what you did wrong. - Hybrid damage hurts him the most (well, true damage). Is even better to combine AP top with AD jungler or the opposite. - Bad Nasus will not roam. You can exploit that. - Know level power spikes. - Learn to freeze lane. Really easy against Nasus, because he also wants to freeze it. But also, because the only way he has to push it before icy gauntlet, is using E. Which is not powerful enough to hard push, and because its mana cost. So once, the wave is at your half side, he has trouble to push it all the way to turret.
: Fill * option builder. always support.. always..
Someone is failing to understand the concept of a four letters word: F I L L
Baby Yødα (EUNE)
: so if someone is new to the game reaches 30lvl and win 9/10 they get placed gold v...but when someone improves and wins 9/10 they get demoted ...nice...logic
If is a fresh account and wins 9/10 Gold V is deserved. Because s/he will be paired with plats after match 6. You can trick the system though if you think YOU are that good. You find someone that ended 1 tier above you. Let's say you were Silver V, you Duo with someone that was Gold V End Season. Your opponents will be Silver III ish in first match, if you win 9 games then. You will be placed higher.
: So many complaints about placements, it's both entertaining and annoying at times. I f'ed up my provisionals pretty hard and (deservedly) got silver III - I proceed to get 29-30LP a game and skip silver II. I don't really see why people would be having that much trouble.
I raised already 2 divisions as well. :p
Baby Yødα (EUNE)
The default is dropping 1 whole Tier... So you actually Improved on rank, because Bronze II - 1 tier = Copper II? And you actually made it to Bronze IV! So 3 divisions above what WAS designed for you in the reset! I ended also 2 divisions above than expected on the account I am ranking after placements. (Aka I dropped 3 divisions only) Not Bronze though :p
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