Gnarcotic (EUNE)
: Stuck on honor level 2 with no penalties received (Not a rant)
I am still waiting for mine,lv 2 since the start,last time I got a punishment was many many months ago and now I'm reformed..still no lv 3 while my toxic silver friends got already lv 4 ahHHA..gotta love all these silver-gold players having lv 3-4 while other plats and diamonds do not even get there that fast,something is broken here
Siachyu (EUW)
: My game was a remake and they placed me without letting me play a game. Edit: im q dodging now cause everyone in b5 thinks they can play anything anywhere and win... they cant xD
and you cant carry? lame EDIT: you are fucking silver since 3+ seasons,what you think about being less close minded and improve for real without giving fault to their rank or their choices? if not you can stay there and cry about people playing what they want in a rank were it really doesnt matter if you play soraka ad jungle or riven adc
Shumal (EUNE)
: Oh thats just OverReaction she isnt that Powerfull i played as an irelia for quite awhile and She is strong and got strong kit and all but she not That Strong Her Stun isnt long as much as 1-2 Secnds And the fact at that ADC gose alone vs A tank is all ready a mistake , what you expeted to not get kiled by A Tank that can actuly jump on you and you cant brust him down form A far and any Case irelia is not strong as you say she is well blanaced unless riot Wants to Buff her up or narf her but in my opeion and considering All irelias i have seen so far She is not That strong unlike yasuo darius or Reneketon ( About those last two You cant even say anything cuz they are simply overpowered and Desrve a Narf same as yasuo and his abilty to Counter every skil shot in this game )
lmao my eyes hurt,not even gonna bother give a good answer,you already showed 0 knowledge about the game and irelia itself when you said she doesn´t have a 1-2 seconds stun
Jâshîn (EUW)
: first of all yasuo can dash to u so its almost like he's ranged X'D second i'm in low elo cauz i had lagging issues and i didnt play a lot of ranked games third, this is my first season playing lol, Silver is enough for me for a first season, dang it hasnt been a year yet ... anyway I dont think yasuo is OP because the GOOD yasuo players reks US 1V5 I would never complain about it, what hurts the most is that MOST (90%) of yasuo players dont use him to his full potential, YET STILL can reks a 5 man team in my ELO, LOW ELO, cauz nice focus and all, all im saying is, even if u're trash with yasuo u win lane, + 1v2 (ganks and whatsoever) SO THAT MAKES HIM OP thank you for wasting ur time and replying to me, as u can see i'm noob and still got a lot to learn.
First season playing here,got plat 5 with 60% win rate,unfortunately I started playing ranked too late (one month before season end) And internet issues isn't and excuse for someone doing poorly and ruining other people games because they have to connect and reconnect every 5 minutes,making the team play 4vs5,fix your stuff before doing ranked If you are complaining about yasuo in low elo then why you don't complain about irelia,riven,annie,darius,garen and many others? they are easier than yasuo (not riven but yeah) and are easier to pick and master and also help a lot more than playing yasuo in lower elo Learn to play against him and don't come to conclusions too soon because it will not help in any kind of way. And uhm yasuo has a static cooldown on his E for every target and at max rax the cd is of 6 seconds and to be honest by mid game-late game it's not as useful seeing that you will use your Q and AA more to dish damage (+you have frozen mallet which like makes enemy move slower so you can catch up) But meh,whatever..a champion is OP when his win rate goes super high and a lot of people play him,when his utility,damage and stuff are better than anyone else..if you have any question or want to know how to play against you can add me in game,have a nice day.
Praes (EUNE)
: I'm having a hard time understanding what did you exactly add to this conversation? "And please go spread your false informations somewhere else" could you be a bit more specific with that sentence? Would you kindly define high elo for me? I would say Riven counters Yasuo, I've played it myself multiple times as the Yasuo and as the Riven. "P.S. How are your mechanics challenger level if your average cs is lower than an average yasuo main deaths in a" What's the point of this, it doesn't add any value to your argument. Is it there to make your argument seem more valid with you bashing on me? Did you even check my profile? On my most played champions my cs is about the average for that certain champion (looking at the average from all divisions in the past month in ranked queue's). They're about slightly below that if looking diamond+ ranked queue's. That either means that I'm bad at cs:ing not mechanically, I tend to end games faster than most people or that I focus more on kills/objectives. My kda is higher on or about the same or higher than the average in diamond+ ranked queue's which does imply that I focus on kills more. (source; How do you even look at mechanical skill? Is mechanical skill only cs:ing to you? I wouldn't say that one's mechanics are bad if his cs isn't good, since those are two different things. Sincerely yours, SuchHookMuchWow
"Also Riven is a Yasuo counter if you didn't know that." And if you want I can ask my yasuo mains friends that are in the Yasuo Club but unfortunately you will get the same answer regardless of him being a yasuo or riven main..and uhm? If you played the yasuo vs tf lane and lost,does it mean tf counters you? LOL Yes,I checked your profile and being arrogant enough to say your mechanics are on par with some challengers is truly bullshit,your cs with your main (as ADC where farming is one of the most important things) is lower than (this is only diamond,couldn´t find challengers but only LCS that stays around 353 cs as average) And what? Guy says his mechanics are in par with challengers but his cs is lower than diamonds,like what? Do challengers have bad average cs too? Anyway I don´t have time to argue with some random faker smurf
Zanador (EUNE)
: First, i know about the QSS trick. Wrote my opinion about it in a post right above this one now. Second, I did not say i trust my top/mid to win the game for me. I trust my team to know what they are doing. This includes not getting tilted or losing focus after a troublesome early game. Third, you are right. I've been in the same spot you are now in this topic, but with other champions through out the last couple of years. And all my experience says that you are correct. My post was not meant to challenge or discredit your statement, i just wanted to write down why many people, me included prefer to ban Yasuo if there is a reason to believe the enemy might want to pick him. But if i could ask you one thing, then that would be to please avoid bringing up raw statistical numbers in the future. Statistical numbers mean nothing without proper details and analysis. Just saying.
what? same dude..I don't really care about other opinions as long as they make sense,but I tilt the most when I play against guys who flash while coming to lane,uses all his spells on the minoins and then stays in 20 minions wave and dies to me and then says yasuo is broken or shit how is being 0-1 vs a poppy a stat that means nothing without details and analysis? what you want to analys? lol
: Yasuo just has too much going for him, he's ALWAYS useful in a game. Pick a typical champion, if they perform badly in lane, go like 0/10, then they'll struggle to have an impact on the game. However, you can shut down a yasuo so hard early game, but mid - late he still has his 100% crit, utility from windwall, shield on passive etc, and will still be able to dish out damage and utility. It's so frustrating that you can shut him down so hard but simply because its yasuo he can still 1 v 2 or more and be relevant, when other champions in the same position don't get that chance. And thats when he's behind, if he finishes even or ahead, then its even more accelerated.
Please senpai silver 2 since 2 seasons,can you show me how a 0-1 or more yasuo can win against a darius or not get one shorted in a TF? You know..i'm a little bad at him,once 0-1 I can't even 1vs1 the support,maybe you can teach me..
Jâshîn (EUW)
: u must be a yasuo main, I mean COME OOOOON that passive, that wind wall where ADC's becomes totally useless, higher HP than the ADC, higher DAMAGE, higher armor/resistance,Bloodlust + Bloodthirster{{item:3072}}, think about how CAN THE ADC COUNTER YASUO ? the answer is clear: he simply can't
Yeah of course because assassins were made to counter tanks kek get your facts right See the difference between a guy who deals 1000+ damage from staying 500 units away from you and a guy who need to be in meele range to hit you Sigh why i'm even wasting my time arguing with support mains who aren't even trouble about ranking until that bronze 5 guy comes and complains about Ivern being OP or shit because he lost one game to him and doesn't want to learn how to play against
Praes (EUNE)
: Everyone's gonna lose their lane now and then, you've probably lost countless of times to an Yasuo as Riven, so that doesn't really mean anything. Also Riven is a Yasuo counter if you didn't know that. And this game sadly isn't about mechanical skill, mechanical skill is my forte and I can guarantee you that just being able to look at the map and knowing when to take objectives is way better. I'm up to a par with a lot of the challenger players mechanically but they still are better players than I am.
I never said I didn't lose in the past,but it's been so long since last time I met a yasuo good enough to beat my bronze riven while i lost as yasuo vs riven because i got too cooky And please go spread your false informations somewhere else,this place is already full of people who if you were to tell that Ivern is OP they would believe. Yasuo vs Riven it's pure skill matchup and Riven isn't a counter to Yasuo,maybe it was in the past but now it really isn't,you can go on reddit or ask some high elo riven/yasuo main. P.S. How are your mechanics challenger level if your average cs is lower than an average yasuo main deaths in a
: Yasuo isn't even op right now, last game I met yasuo midlane on rank (about week or 2 ago) i picked darius mid. He ended up 0/10 :/
That was a case,not all yasus are so bad to feed so much
: Well,all I'd refute your stat argument.Can't realy say that much about the stats as I don't know where you got them from.
If I told you I follow Voyboy and he plays irelia and I also have access to youtube and can write "irelia games" would you believe me?
Zanador (EUNE)
: I think the main problem with him is his interaction with knock ups. Knock up is the strongest CC as it can't be cleansed, Zhonya's hourglass doesn't work during it and tenacity doesn't shorten it's effect either. As an added bonus, Yasuo's ultimate is AOE, and Knock up happens to be the most common AOE hard CC in the game. There are a total of 28 AOE Knock ups in the game, and i didn't count the single target ones now. Even if that Yasuo has been doing poorly so far, there are 28 skills in the game that can potentially provide him with a setup for winning a team fight. Quite a powerful combo. There was one similar champion in the game, namely Anivia. Her E, Frostbite used to proc the double damage on any freezing effect. All skills from Ashe, Nunu, but even items like Rylai or Frozen Mallet on other champions could give her a setup for the combo. This has been taken away, since it was too easy to provide Anivia with situations where her damage output was significantly increased. I'm not sure that this would be the right thing for Yasuo too, but with his current kit, any player in his team, for literally any position can pick a champion that can help even a below average Yasuo to carry the game. And his scaling aside, what items are his opponents supposed to buy if Yasuo gets ahead? Armor? He can ignore half of it with a skill for 15 seconds. HP? Yasuo doubles his AD scaling with two items, how will you race against that with HP? Attackspeed slowing items? Doesn't work on his Q, which is good percent of his damage. Combine these two factors with his projectile blocking wind wall, and a long ranged ultimate, and you get a champion that can safely enter fights to be instantly useful even if he is in a bad shape, and if he is ahead, he can kill most opponents 1v1 without trouble. **But, without doubt, he can be stopped.** The problem with that is you either have to trust your teammate on Yasuo's lane to know what he is doing, or ban ~25 other champions in the lobby to prevent the enemy team from providing Yasuo enough support to get back into the game. Even if there are currently at least 10 champions stronger than Yasuo, i still think banning is just the cleanest way to deal with him.
Like I said,not all yasuos are good..I haven't lost myself against a yasuo since immemorial times btw suspension can be QSS-ed,you can search for a video who shows it And no,try picking poppy and you will see that even at 0-1 0-2 you can still 1vs1 him,oh and careful that most yasuos get too cocky and end trowing their lead. P.S. You have the wrong mindset if you think that you have to trust your top/mid to win you the game,win your lane harder and push your lead to get results even against feed yasuos
: Just because Irelia has somewhat of an overloaded kit that doesn't mean it is fine for Yasuo to have it. But I get it, Yasuo main tilts over Irelia since she is a darn good counter to him. Also: She doesn't have infinite dashes, its only if the target dies and it costs mana surprise. The tenacity is so useless ever since the rework. The true dmg is only useful midgame. Wouldn't really say THAT tanky. You can't complain about irelias stun when Yasuos knockup is almost as long and suspension>stuns AND it works on all 5 members whereas Irelias stun/slow only works on 1 target and even then you dont max the E first anymore. AAAAND the stun only proccs if you have a higher % health than her, Yasuos suspension proccs if someone is airbone everytime. Edit: Forgot mentioning, Yasuo brings a lot *ALOT* more utility than Irelia with his Bs _KEKEKEKEKEKE BLOCK ALL PROJECTILES FOR 4 SECONDS_ _LOLOLOL ALL OF YOU ARE SUSPENDED_
I bet you aren't anything better than g5 if you still think that counters really exist,I'm play 5 and can shit on 400k Irelia mains,does this make yasuo counter irelia? ahaha Tenacity isn't useful? LOL Ahaahahah,why the fuck the most bought boots are the ones who give tenacity? True damage being useful only mid game? uhm hello? are we still playing the same game? true damage is true damage at any stage of the game,don't tell me garen R true damage is useful only mid game and early not or maybe late when he takes thousand of HP in one R? yeah she isn't tanky..just has 3k+ of hp with 250+ Ad with 200 armor and MR,not tanky at all,not even gnar :/ Irelia stun is cancer,it's point and click whereas yasuo third Q needs you to hit the target..but I guess someone here never played yasuo? Like I said,having a stun of 2 seconds while you can run 2000 units in the meanwhile is not right,I can't stun with yasuo or riven every 3 seconds and my stun isn't 2 seconds long and if you have lower health you get shitted on by her burst and if you have higher you get shitted on by the true damage/infinite stun and aas with sheen proc so your problem is his W,yes dude go shot everything at him in those 4 seconds and then complain if he kills you while you have 0 spells up! You will get challenjour!!!111!eleven!
Shumal (EUNE)
: irelia is some how fine , her stuns only takes effect if your health is higher then hers, her Dashs are not infinite she needs to kil mobs/champions to Rest CD what makes it normal and that Same Lifesteel come form her W and its Really isnt that big deal to deal it , the CD is like 10 secnds or so if i remeber right So you can hit her and kil her once that W expires , since she is much more weak after that anyways , the Tanky is just the mata you play on Irliea you can make any champ tanky af Just some champion become more stronger as tanky as Chogath and Maplf , her skill Kit isnt the thing that make her So tanky
She isn't fine,she got even picked in the pro scene 1)Her stun works in a stupid way because if I have less Hp than her she can burst me while slowing (adc or squishy) while if I have more HP I just stay there 10 hours and waiting for the stun to end while irelia does 4001401023 damage on AA because of her W 2)she buys tanky but her true damage+fervor make up for the lack of damage 3) (insane irelia outplay kappa) P.S. the game doesn't work anymore like that,you don't buy anymore Sunfire and get free/easy one shots on the adc..
Jâshîn (EUW)
: high skill cap indeed, when u just autto attack twice to kill an ADC AAAAND HIS SUP ... :3
look at your rank..also yeah,adc with 1500 HP,50 armor and 60 magic resist Yasuo with 2400 hp,300+ AD and 100+ armor he is made to do a lot of damage while also being useful,while an adc is made to do DPS aka Damage Per Second..if the adc had 10000000hp and 20000000 Armor,Magic Resist and AD then it would make 0 sense because there is supposed to be some counterplay
NotBardo (EUW)
: i agree. also a fed yasuo is maybe your worst nightmare but at the same time he is super easy to shotdown if he's not that far ahead.
Yeah but belive me,once you know your champion and the matchup vs yasuo it becomes totally a joke winning,I´ve beat countless diamond yasuo mains as riven with my mechanics(happened when I was hard stuck in silver 3 against a d4),I´ve beat 400k yasuo mains and I´m not even that good on riven And yes,people need to understand that if he is 10-0,of course his damage will be high and you will say he is broken,what you expect..
: is yasuo broken?
it´s sad..I main yasuo myself with around 600k on 2 accounts and I admit he was broken during the Tanksuo Era,then he got nerfed but he still got more bans,now that he isnt so strong anymore and gets shitted on by jayce or kennen people still talk about him like he is super broken Yeah broken my ass,people on NA or KR already stopped banning him while we from EUW are still at the pre-nerfed yasuo from 2 months ago 51% win rate overall,44% win rate for new yasuos in ranked while 52% win rate for those with 125+ games..broken,pls nerf And by the way just looking at half the people aren´t even in 50% of the top database..why do you still complain..
: Yasuo has 2 major problems imo - 1. Overloaded Kit - Infinite Dashes, Passive Shield, W nullifies any form of counter aggression. 2. Scales too hard
irelia has infinite dashes too,tenacity on cc,lifesteal in her kit,true damage,tanky af but one shots adc,stun longer than my future..yet no one complains
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Signed up to Alpha months ago, no access.
I signed my main and smurf on the same day last week,yesterday my smurf got access but my main is still waiting,like dafuq?
: I got a smurf account where I'm mastering/maining Fiora (if the matchmaking allows me...I keep getting my secondary role).
I get it now but your statement is still bs,not gonna belive a decent fiora can't hit her vitals and escape yasuo lv 1 poke,a fiora that can't W yasuo third Q,or one shot him while yasuo r is down And I say this as 500k yasuo main,the matchup wasn't so easy before and surely it will not be now after the nerfs
: Yes, all Yasuo mains are as mentally capable as you.
Lmao,you make me laugh,get a life kid{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It's not about Yasuo imho. It's about the synergy from 3rd mainly root on masteries with the first. Add 12% dmg reduction from {{item:3046}} and the toughness from {{item:3156}} you get an undying beast. (Grasp of the Undying it's called after all :p ) Same applies to Lucian and Graves who can take advanage of this synergy.
Indeed,same with frozen mallet and trinity force+fervor,stupid stuff that gives damage,cc and resistance strong af
: The thing is, mostly Assassins in Mid are bullyed by one auto atack, and the Long range guys suffer on the minion aggro, but here you first have to auto him AND get the minion aggro to be even able to dmg him
never played ranged vs meele? AA,walk away so you don't have too many minions aggro on you (early),then spam qwer and ez kill Or simply learn riven,fuck if she is stronger than yasuo I've beat a yasuo one trick who was diamond 5 and had flash+exhaust as silver riven,but you can remain close minded and think he is op with no counterplay,I mean renekton,riven,darius are there for nothing.
: He has the worst design of any champion IMO (gameplay-wise). His whole kit is completely antifun and toxic regardless of whether it's OP or not. Whooo I'm just gonna press this button here (W) and your ultimate disappears. Whooo I'm gonna wait for Malphite while mashing R. You harassed me? I'm gonna run around for a few seconds and get another shield whoooo. You wanna hit me with that skill shot? Nope I'm just gonna spam E on this minion wave whoooo. As far as I care he should either be reworked, completely gutted, or just removed.
Ääsfeis (EUNE)
: if you play yasuo like i do, then almost every champion can 1v1 me unless im having a good day xd
yeah if you pop your W randomly you are screwed unless you cc them somehow Like in late game try 1vs1 a cait who has full items,she deals more/same damage as you and she can poke the shit out of you and if you use your W she can simply walk away,not as easy as those nubs who never played yasuo can understand
: Yesterday I played Fiora vs Yasuo At level 1 he killed me without having his Q :D I hit 3 vitals and kept AA him and still he went away with 30% of his hp (I had 4 ad more at level 1). Isn't it some huge bullshit? It was impossible to trade. So I rushed a randuin and an hydra. Still couldnt trade with him. He went triforce, sunfire, frozen mallet build, which is the emblem of thsi season bullshiit. He had literally half of my AD and armor and 0 crit chance and I couldn't kill him alone. Not once.
There isn't even a fiora game in your support/mid games (?)
: This is how Yasuo mains communicate.
You are stating that every yasuo main is like that? You must be one of those who probably say to everyone that "my jgl is shit but enemy jgl is the best every game :/" aka "yasuos in my team suck and feed,afk and troll while in the enemy team they win lane and carry 1v9" because chances are that all bad yasuos are in your team and never in the enemy team lul Flawless logic,actually,flawled af. EDIT: You are an adc main,no wonder.
: He can just put a windwall infront of you, and that little armor doesn't matter to him since he has simply the highest DPS in the game.
Riven kills yasuo in a 1vs1 EZ YASUO MOST DPS agagagaga cry me a river bby
: Have reported 500+ people never have I got a popup of them being punished.
lol same,I see it doesn't work so why not do the same logic in 2016
: Say this every game and they be like "no fuck you"
got thousand of games where they just spammed this and no one ever got banned,logic
: > i don't see zed as a problem really, with the nice tank meta there aren't as many targets for him as there used to be. Imo the Problem with Zed is, that he has not enough weak spots like other champs, but there are so many strengths. - High burst - Manaless - Easy to escape - Easy to hunt someone down - Easy to escape skillshots/AOE, when he has Energy - High Poke range compared to other assasins - One of the highest snowball Potentials in game - High 1o1 Potential Yes there are options to play against him, like Tanks or some support champs. But its not possible to counterpick each game, especially when you on another lane. Its becoming really frustrating for many roles/champ if there is a fed Zed. P.S. other stupid Champs like Fizz are no excuse for Zed.
TBH,I always pick yasuo/ahri or fizz against zed,he may be the best zed EUW or KR but it does shit if I charm him under tower+full combo+ignite or exhaust,or simply with yasuo is just a skill matchup,with fizz is even easier if you have clue of what you are doing,either so the W active and passive nerf hurted his early a bit but even so at lv 6 he can kill everyone so easily like it's nothing if you aren't 100% sure of what you are doing,said so he is not the biggest problem but it's still a problem,I hope they nerf the damage from Q and get the W back of how was before because 22 CD at rank 1 is huge+that is the last ability to be maxed,that's my opinion,only a lowly silver player
FrankerX (EUW)
: PSA: WE ALL know insults in almost every EU language
Well,I also curse in 3-4 languages that I know mostly because I meet annoying people but I never say something about them I just curse the void xd Also it's funny how you think that all italian (I speak it xd),poland and german (I speak that too) people flame like this,of all my games I never saw a guy from poland but from russia,italy,germany and french..only them flame,I.E I was riven top against this 4 italian man-premade,he was illaoi,I destroyed him and he started cursing and calling me with names thinking that I don't know what he says,but bruh man,this kind of people don't simply say something like "stupido/dumm",they flame like there is no tomorrow and I have to agree that they should grow and stop flaming but this doesn't mean that all people are the same


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