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: Since TFT is in B E T A, and riot is working on fixing a proper patch notes, match history and other functions. Have patience, this is not a finished product.
this quest was reported in PBE server more than a month ago. they have not fixed it yet.
: You are wrong, the second draft is between stage 2-3 and stage 2-4. So the only way to do this is with 3 early pirates AND 4g from their bonus. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c9bkvj/there_is_a_tft_mission_that_either_has_a_5/ Good luck.
Please be so kind and read at least whole quest info before you go in like a person with 0 working brain and start pretending to be a female dog with all this barking. in mission description it clearly states ROUND 11, if u can't count to 11, please go back to kindergarten ok? stage 1 has 3 rounds, Stage 2 has 6 rounds .... so that is 3+6=9. stage 3-1 is 9+1=10 (in the picture) . so please use your head , not your bum to think.
Exhausting (EUNE)
: Which twitter? I did check @riotgames, riotgames support, league of legends. Cannot find it.
who is dumb enough to follow Riot twitter? Plus this quest was Bugged in PBE , and after all reports there they still left it BROKEN.... so hell yes it does need another post for them to wake the Fack up!!! :D
LukaCamper (EUNE)
: Ok, t hat explains just one of the problems, not others... Like deleting tokens when i should be getting them.
to begin with, for each victory you get 8 and not 12, loss - 4, and me (with the pass) I had 0 problems and, I think, I got even more than i should get by playing TFT (they count it wrong somehow in there){{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: We surely ain't getting any answer from them I guess. And I can't seem to find any update from Rito as well. How come they are not aware of this issue?
Maybe cause you and everyone else expects that people already reported it and Don't use the "report bug" system???
: TFT: Selling image did not leave and would not allow me to buy champs
yes it is a common bug when u try selling anything on round change, Normally u can fix it by selling any other champ, but it was your 1st champ u can do 0 at that point.
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