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: Poppy can be CCed in the dash. She actually only follow ups the knockback. Works as intended. And I don't have a problem with it so far.
Yes I am well aware of that but what I am talking about is this that you are 1v1 in toplane and use the ability (nothing special is happening; no cc are used etc). You expect to charge in and be in the same position as your opponent however you are about 1 or 2 Teemos away (Riot uses Teemo as a measurement) which make it difficult to fully charge in. Maybe it is the way we play her (clicking a lot while using the ability or something) :o
: New Champion-Selection
I understand that it is annoying but I think what Riot wants to do is for players to lock in faster instead of locking in because of the timer that is given. I too feel like it's a bit annoying because some players don't lock in but I think after a month or so games will start so much quicker because of this.
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