TzukiiHD (EUW)
: 3 DC in a Week!
Check your connection
Glazby (EUW)
: Check ingame ms?
just limit the download speed for your internet(router) = netflix won't fuck up everything
Dame (EUW)
: captcha
Its pointless because there are no spam bots here anyway, right ? :D Oh... maybe thats why >_<
badezari2 (EUW)
And what happens if I choose kog with karthus passive? I divide by zero?
Niaphim (EUW)
: New summoner spell: Cripple
Yeah we totally need a new summoner spell that makes the game less interesting. I will seriously never understand why people like you aren't game designers already.
Ceymo61 (EUW)
: Oldest Karma
Anyone still remembers ??? "X OP Champ at release" ????? He was so broken that even I managed to get a kill once in a while!!!!! Oh how I miss those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls bring something like that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry, I tried copying you but I forgot all those beautiful punctuation you used. fixing.
Nubkachu (EUW)
: Mecha Kha by Sophie (Nubkachu)


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