: You have a error on your speach >Sure it would be longer; nevertheless I prefer waiting five minuts to find a game I aml going to enjoy, instead of being prisonner of a role I didn't want to supply during forty minuts. Is not 5 minuts wait is 30-60 min wait, since most of people play mid, would be a big queue on mid played and yes you would take more of 30 min to find a game where you could play mid, unless you think if fine wait 30 min for a 20 min game, when you will get fedder, afk, like all other games. That are the queue times that guess if riot remove autofill. Is just my guess. Support - Instant Queue JG- 1-3 min Top/Adc 7-10 min Mid 30+ min
Like a lot of people I had played in the teambuilder when this function existed. It was about to 6-8 minuts to find a game as a mid laner. It would be way easier with the draft system figuring out furthermore that more people queue in there. Plus, saying there is an error in someone's speech justifying with unsourced numbers seems inappropriate to me.
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: Lemme correct you a bit there. > Remove RANGED right click champions. You can outplay melee right click champs, with mobility spells, CC, kiting etc. If you're playing a melee champ vs a ranged right click one, your only outplay potential is "kill him before you die". It's toxic, and it shouldn't exist. #BUT THEN AGAIN, why would you wanna remove anything from the game, it'd lose its identity as a whole.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: How reliable are ranked stats?
> Are your stats greater than challenger players? Yes because challengers play against others challengers, Nabs play against other nabs. Score is nothing. You can't farm easily if you get permanently harassed, you can't have a big kda is nobody "trolls" with bad placements etc...
: > two. If you build you would sorely feel it in your damages. Whereas on the adc side doesn't impact so much their damages. how? if i'm not mistaken banshee and zhonya gives even more raw AP than the AD counterparts.
AP scales with skills that have a CD which isn't the case of AD with auto-attacks. So raw AP is meaningless. If you really want to try, build Banshee/Zhonya you will **SEE** the damages you waste. ;)
: > after the third item That pretty much complies to what I said before...
No because, they did it even if they were not widely ahead.
: > • The backlash for buying defensive items is not harsh enough. This is so horribly wrong. Keep in mind that in theory if you are ahead by a large margin it is generally more efficient to invest in defense than in damage because you're already killing your opponents but can deny shutdowns (gold/**exp** gains) this way (always situational and champion dependant).
Maybe it is horribly wrong, but to be honest, the adc I have seen this season were never full AD, they start going defensive after the third item.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: The adc is really weak early game ,if you main mid ,you could be good mid laner too , that dosn't mean that your lane should be nerfed cause you can build zhonya with armor , or spell shield etc... , in general mage have more cc skills than adc ,look lisandra ,syndra, annie,viktor , veigar ,ahri and there are lot's of assasins champions who can one shot adc or any squishy hero ... ,the reason you thin they strong is because you don't control that good your lane and don't roam enought to help other lanes, for exemple if you would roam and help from time to time your bot then enemy adc will not be a problem... , same apply if you focus him as an assasin mid laner , mage heroes have more strong damage than adc , the adc needs likely 3-4 items to start do damage , early games most of mages should have higher damage than an adc , that depends about how feeded is each of them , if there is a 7 0 adc then obvious he got items faster and does lot's of damage etc... The adc relay only on basic attacks so is hard for him to use skills and to don't use basic attacks or getting close , if his/her stats are perfectly,and he play in the back line, very well placed ,then the team need to figure out one way to kill it, i would stay mid for exemple some time as entire team , force enemy to use wards mid ,then i would move top where they don't have wards or bot , and have the surprise elements of catching enemy in weak plays out of vision ,adc champions relay very much on vision , cause if someone get's behind the enemy back line they death if no one protects him or stays around him , + there are lot's of stuffs you can do as team against an adc , for exemple when i was playing veigar mid , i was all the time forcing enemy late game hard when i was using a flash and e on enemy ;)) , was really cool ;)), i mean you can force a lot enemy summoner spells or force them to fight in your advantage , zhonya is cool and helps you to reset cooldown on skills in team fights without to get damaged sometimes.
{{item:3157}} is certainly a strong defensive option, nevertheless, it is **ONE** defensive item, not two. If you build {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} you would sorely feel it in your damages. Whereas on the adc side {{item:3139}} {{item:3026}} doesn't impact so much their damages. ADC's build is usually cheaper to allow them to get strong damages quickly, so they don't get stuffed slowlier, getting three item isn't so slow for them if they're not dried up during the lane phase. > for exemple when i was playing veigar mid As Veigar you would obviously fear the {{item:3139}}. That item makes you the prey of any adc. Same for Syndra or Ahri, {{item:3156}} is their greatest fear.
: adjusting individual champs will never balance the game
Once you pass Platinum, you don't get much more feeding, people play rather safe.
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