: "We have restored an older version..."
This bug is still going on. Repair didn't do it's job. Nothing updates.
iTsRik (EUW)
: Because riot is a company that only cares about twitch streamers and money
Your salt clearly won't solve the problem. It's actually makes me glad you have it.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: I am confident the suspensions were accurate, however I have taken a few cases from the boards to have a look about if there is anything that seems weird I'll raise it with the guys. People think that the 3rd party programs need to give an advantage over other players but _** "No software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen."**_
I've got to admit, looking at all those people getting ban "for no reason" have me worried. I've never used 3rd party, change language or did anything beside using basic client. My computer is clean and I don't use crack game / pgrm since I earn enough money to buy all of this . And I'd be pretty pissed myself if I saw my 8k games / 500€ account go down without having an explanation or a lead to understand what caused my ban. (ps: Im not ban, yet don't ignore the growing fear of false positive)
Kite (EUW)
: Just to make this clear, so i am allowed to use a programm like Wooxy to change the language?
iTsRik (EUW)
: I got banned aswell, i NEVER used a 3rd party program, so for you Riot 'helper' , you can be 99.999% sure but i am 100.000% sure i did nothing WRONG.
Why Riot think otherwise then ? Did you crack another game that fucked up your computer ? Your computer might be part of a botnet without you knowing.
iTsRik (EUW)
: People coming like ' yeah just deal with it you got what you deserve' please just don't react to this forum because this is a serious problem, the only programs i have on my computer are Razer game Booster and Curse voice (< wich i never use) i got banned tonight till 9001 and you have no reason to say i got what i deserved because this time i seriously did nothing wrong at all.
>because this time i seriously did nothing Loving it. Dude admits he already did something. Hope you never get busted in your future crime, you wouldn't hold 10 minutes in the interogation room. Did you at least clean your PC ? You could be falling twice for the same reason.


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