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S γ z (EUW)
: "There was an unexpected error with the login session. Please try again later."
: Same here... I force quit the client 10 to 15 times and sometimes I get lucky and I'm logged in.
Yes, playing this game is a matter of luck nowadays -__-
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: Can't reconect
I've had this problem for the last 4 weeks already. RIOT PLEASE FIX THIS, it's annoying AF. I've redownloaded the game countless of times, but nothing works.
Amagil (EUW)
: Problem with Client
: Funny, 5 mins after writing on this forum I was able to get in and was able to play a little draft game! I logged out and now I can't get back in again. very annoying.
Jep. I can't get into the game for the past 2 hours. I already tried to delete and download it again but even that doesn't work anymore. Just a full black screen :(
As a Mac user I have this issue too and it's annoying as %%%%. I also often get a full black screen when I get logged in and afterwards is says ''trying to reconnect''. It's been this way for the past few weeks. I deleted and downloaded the game several times which temporary resolves the issue. But the next day it's the same and I have to delete and download the game AGAIN.
: WTF EUW is broken
Well, first I had that problem too and I had to wait 3h. And now I can't log in at all, I'm not even put in the %%%%ing login queue. I'm so annoyed.... Edit: after 20 minutes of being ''unable to connect with the server'', I now have to wait 65 hours and 19 minutes. Way to go riot.


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