: i wouldnt say its a bug as such, during the dash part of the summoner spell, you are both untargetable and invulnerable (think zhonyas with forced movement backwards), at the point in which you were drawn towards urgot with the chains, you became invulerable (thus negating the ult) and had the forced movement part imposed (hence the backwards movement) saving your ass :)
: ARAM Backtrack & Urgot Ult Bug
played another game, same bug https://youtu.be/NKrFrdEH4x4
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: Ornn Passive - Please don't upgrade the items automatically.
I cannot agree more. This is becoming increasingly frustrating as you need to spend extra to sell and rebuy, sell and undo doesn't fix it. Most ap assasins have ludens and deathcap and cannot choose. I had a lucian with BC and Botrk and it auto upgraded BC. Let the player choose what he/she upgrades and or switch what upgrade they get.

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