FlameFoxi12 (EUNE)
: Free Champs
tristana riot girl garen hurp hurp knight alistar something something gangplank maybe ? those are the only skins i got and since i dont buy air with real $, they are free.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rayz019,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A75iiWcM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-03T05:10:03.431+0000) > > No champions whatsoever, if you can take stormraider's surge, you should always take Thunderlord's decree. Thunderlord's decree doesnt give movement speed so its not better than SS
I dont know man, at first i was amazed by it. Hecarim, pantheon top with ignite (impossible to avoid first blood). chogath, wukong. But it doesnt seem to help other than the surprise factor of the level 3 all in. But it does that SO fuken well, its unreal. Toplaners caught everytime. But then, it doesnt seem to do many things, after 2/3 uses, they know, and after that, in teamfights you dont really use it that much. Thunderlord's is really the better mastery in almost every case, and if you dont get that you will prefer something else more.
: I don't get how calling someone a "retard" is trolling. But whatever, if you enjoy doing that go ahead.
Just because league of legends is mostly for twelve years olds and riot acting accordingly doesnt mean jackshiet. Definition of the word ''delay or hold back in terms of progress or development.''. Now tell, looking at this as a team game, the guy who IS FEEDING, is it or is it not, a retard ? Also, since when that is an offense in any way ? Projecting much ? RITA PLEASE GROW UP
: Chillax man, just because you knew and showed me how I missed out the entire definition this single time there is no need to spread AoE salt {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Vayne's Nemesis
even better. go {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} botlane and assassinate vayne from lvl 3. Oh god i hate dose mayne mains. too maynely for me to handle. just go talon zed is the ultimate counter. what does vayne hate ? assassins, so you take 2 of those for the overkill and you place them bot. PAYNE TO ALL VAYNE THE MAYNES. TOO VAYNELY FOR ME. Btw you can even you ap aatrox, he is the ultimate vayne counter.
: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... given thats a very wide definition of AoE if you widen it to anything else than damage spells.
Oh god....please man. Stop, just stop. AoE is no whatever you want it to be. It is what it is. AREA OF EFFECT. Do you have a buff ? Does people will get it ANYWHERE on the map OR IN A SPECIFIC PLACE/AREA ? THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL AOE. It doesnt need to damage. Like seriously man, you came to lol after hello kity online or what ? U never played any rpg before ? Are you twelve ? Its AOE, it was always AOE, it will always BE AOE.
Kolfin (EUW)
: Does the word RESPECT means something for you ? Do you _really_ think you can't get banned for saying the truth / banned because of your lack of skill/intelligence ? Tell me you are trolling here ...
uhm, im trolling here ? oh ur e-respect bro. sweet sixteen i still dream of this time. good thing he got the joke. nvm u didnt :)
: Uhm... What kind of AoE does Warwick have? Passive: Enhanced AA's Q: Single-target W: AA buff E: MS buff R: Single-target
xCillion (EUW)
: If they go "report x for x" in chat all game long, or in the lobby.. yes that can be reported. (and is quite commonly considered a "negative attitude") However, if they report you for no reason, their reports will just end up being worth nothing. **Extreme** cases of players who falsely report a lot (abuse the report system) are known to lead to bans aswell. However, if you want to report someone just because he reported you, that is not a report reason i think^^ (if i report you for calling me a **retard** (to use the word you just used there..), you can't report me for reporting you :p, unless ofc as mentioned above i go and type that in chat constantly)
can we get riot to ban you if you clearly are a retard ? im not saying that you are, only that the evidence steering me into that direction. can we report the vidence too ?
: > So old Poppy is probably the only champ in LOL with no AOE skill. {{champion:19}} {{item:3070}}
nope, he has 2 aoe skills. the real ONLY ONE champ without ABSOLUTELY ANY FORM OF AOE in this game is vayne. THE ONLY ONE CHAMPION. I read it about it in reddit and it blew my mind/
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hmm.. tbh, I don't think I saw Voli in preseason so far. :o And I always thought more as a tank of him... but I guess it could work.
thats the point man. only guinsoo's and devourer. He seriously deals the same dmg as yi, only he wont die because after those 2 items he will build full tank. And still deal this damage. If you are lane you can try the titanic. The damage...
Eveninn (EUW)
: {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}} But yeah, it really needs a bit of tweaking I think... It's not unbeatable by far, but it seems a bit stronger than it should be.
When people realize....add voli too. Those three do what yi does...but they wont die. They wont fuken die no matter what.
: Lulu vs Yasuo
Want to dash to me? No way, you'll get polymorphed and eat a free Q = shield down and MAYBE 1/15 hp lost. Your mana on the other hand ? Yasuo will do it again right after, can you keep it up ? Want to trade after polymorph ended? = ehm...no ty ? Also, the E should bypass the windwall, so no Q block, windwall useless. = Ok, you land q, he windwall in your face = you cant hit anymore = he can. hurp ? Let me give you an example following your logic. Soraka, yasuo wanna harrass me ? I heal. Yasuo wanna all in me ? I root. Yasuo wanna farm ? I poke him because im ranged champion. Yasuo ulti ? I ulti = no damage taken. So go now and see how theory =/= practice
: Does it? Seems to stack for me.
It stacks fine but doesnt apply the damage, it says on the tooltip man. 2 effects man. First - Basic attacks and spells grant you a stack of Fervor for 5 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Second - Each stack of Fervor adds 1.32 - 8.46 (based on level) bonus physical damage on-hit against champions.
: I've tried out both that and the "Fervor" mastery and actually found going 18/0/12 was better for me. The ramp up time on Fervor is quite fast and helps him clear a lot easier too. Any other tank I'd say Grasp, but Voli has decent AS steroids and other damage sources (E, R's chain lightning etc).
good clears with fervor ? fervor only works on champs man.
: Anyone Else Finding Volibear Good ATM?
Volibear is a monster now. He and warwick are the two most affected by ragerblade and everyone going nuts for trynda and jax. Both of them, try hextech and ragerblade to full tank. The fuken damage is unreal, and they wont die no matter the focus. For reals, you cant cc them, because it doesnt matter, you cant run from them, you cant outdamage them. 6 items adc and still wont be able to handle them. Ofcourse jax is strong, but he was always strong. This patch's biggest comeback are those two dogs. And in the woods, devourer to ragerblade to full tank. My god...the dmg..i dont even. From lvl 6 to endgame, no one can handle them with any way. Another weird champ making an over the top comeback, udyr top...
: Yi vs jax
The only way to outplay a jax is this. u go in > he dodge > you run away > as he jump on you you alpha strike him in the air > wasted stun and jump > manfight him and win. If this doesnt happen u cant win with yi.
: Interesting example there lol 10/10 agreed
senpai, are your wings usable or are they like chicken wings ? Well if they are, i hope they are tasty <3 brb im gonna ride my elephant to the market
Nikläus (EUW)
: [Pre-Season 6] Vayne and her build.
dont build botrk in any case....also at the second build your lvl q. these two are indeed the builds that used by pros and tested to be the highest dps ones. DO NOT BUILD BOTRK
Bombardox (EUW)
: To those who dodge when lane is taken / this champ is banned
not hard but why do it ? if you like chocolate and dont mind vanilla, why eat vanilla when you can eat a va-gina instead ? I dont get it.
xMidnight (EUW)
: Did what? Make no sense? Be toxic? Underage behaviour? Lmao this guy is a joke.
honestly man, what do you expect from anyone that says ''riven is op'' or ''yasuo is op'' or whatever. (ragerblade IS OP tho and its the rare times where people actually have a clue on forums)
NamelessD (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xMidnight,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KHxGGHbO,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-11-11T20:54:40.043+0000) > > U are a joke lol. Some Yasuos including myself can carry some 1v5 games without problem. but yeah, what else could you expect from someone of your age lmao. and fyi, i am a god when it comes to Yasuo. #AND > [{quoted}](name=xMidnight,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rBrAf6b6,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-28T00:03:10.311+0000) > > wut, just saying her kit is stupid af, way too much mobility, no cds, overly high dmg, an extremly big shield from building ad..... **RIVEN LOSES GAME CUS SHE GOES SOLO AND GETS 5v1d AND THEN THE OTHER 4 LOSES NEXT FIGHT 4v5 AND GAME OVER LOL.... THE CHAMP IN ITSELF IS OP AF, BUT THE PEOPLE PLAYING HER IS TOXIC PLAYERS WHO THINK THEY ARE GOD** just cus they play such a broken champ. My conclusion is you are toxic low elo shit that is judging other people based on yourself. Underage shit ...
xMidnight (EUW)
: Well she is usually aids to play against, but the riven players themselves are usually toxic enough to make their team lose but still the champ is stupid in so many ways lol
So, in other words, you feed riven in riven, riven loses the game because shes riven, and ALSO, FINALLY, riven is OP. KK, dully noted.
Godalor (EUW)
: you live in Silver 4... what am I supposed to say?
lol so sad :D wanna play some 1v1 ? added you, come learn some silver V mechanics bro
Godalor (EUW)
: LW Spike is gone, granted... Tiamat is still strong for burstcombos and is available once for every camp, which is fine with the stats it gives considering that it costs less than a BF sword. Warrior is a good spike on Kha. 60 AD and 10% CDR for that Price is fine. Armpen goes into the build with a Serrated Dirk that builds into Maw, a few runes and the Precision Mastery in the Cunning Tree. I can't see a world in which Rengar can get effective ganks done before Kha can. As Kha, I get my first gank off at level 3 or 4. Rengar gets his first good gank off at level 6, before he relies on his lanes to set up laneganks and those are usually a huge waste of time where you wait for the minionwave to push back again. Check out [my](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Godalor) Kha matches during preseason and tell me again that he is a weak pick. Another thing... Not every champion can be top tier all the time. If you're actually complaining about Kha not being a top tier jungler right now I don't even know what your problem is. He can't constantly be top tier. If you think he is weak... Don't pick him, that's as easy as it gets and how meta works. Complaining about the meta wont change it. EDIT: WAIT WHAT? If you don't think he's weak, why are you here complaining that he lost all his powerspikes? They don't seem to matter if he's not weak...
: this is crucial information. Thank you for enlightening me.
Its a code thing. Since we dont have quantum based codes (lol) no 2 things can be happening at the same time. SOME spells apply the cc first and some the dmg and then the cc. I cant tell what is what tho, maybe not even rita can tell without too much work. Spells like talons w should def apply some extra damage since its in waves. But what happens with, elts say botrk ? I think it first applies the damage and then the show, so the item itself shouldnt get any extra damage. And then there is rylays, does it make every spell get extra damage ? Some spells ? No spells ? Confusing shiet.
Godalor (EUW)
: First off... I do believe Kha needs a change and I hope that this new AD Assassin Item that is to come in early 2016 is good on him, but... Kha'Zix is in no way as weak as you say. He can still oneshot, I played my fair share of Kha'Zix games and have my mastery 5 on him. The thing is that preseason has made his feast or famine principle even more extreme, because it is overall harder to be useful when you're behind and Kha already had a really hard time when he was behind (This would not be the case if he still had the damage reduction on his R). But if Kha gets ahead he can just aswell oneshot isolated enemies as Rengar can. One Jump = One Kill. What you build is pretty simple... Tiamat+Warrior, Boots, build out Ravenous while building Maw of Malmortius and Black Cleaver, and round it off with a GA, Zz'rot Portal, Banshee's or Randuin's. (forgot Death's Dance, take that either as last Item or replace Black Cleaver)
So what man ? Have you played irelia jungle ? Talon ? Zed ? Nasus ? Chogath ? All work like a charm, all can dominate games. So what does that mean ? Khazix is not weak and I never said he was, but he lost every spike he had, he lost the tiamat fast farming, why do you even build tiamat now ? He lost his LW spike which was the most important one. He lost the jungle item, he didnt careabout the dmg of it, he needed something arpen/cdr cheap and fast to combine with the other cheap farming item which was tiamat. With those two, you could farm and gank at a decent pace. Now you cant. Khazix cannot work like rengar does man, you kidding yourself if you equate those two at the moment. Rengar is a beast, he can farm safer AND faster, can gang harder and earlier, can scale better, can comeback from early fails easier by building tank. Those are details, details that change EVERYTHING.
: The removed "transfer to EUNE" token most likely got removed because it expired, which is normal after so many years. If you don't want the "free transfer to NA" token, feel free to not use it, since nothing obligates you to use it.
Hah, and again. Can you explain me HOW or WHY it was credited ? Or how and why the others got removed ? The FAQ u gave me doesnt said anything about transfers staying for 3 years and then getting changed into other transfers. You see something is indeed wrong here. Milk the sweet cow milk. milk ?
: I have no clue about all those specific promotions, but seems like you're part of one to transfer freely to NA. If you want to, you can contact [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new) about it, they'll be able to answer your questions :)
i did contact and they gave my no answer on that. no one knows why or how i have NA transfer and the ones that removed (eune) i had since 2011 when the split happen.So i call BS and rita milking hardcore on this.
: Lulu viable supp or not?
Lulu top , afk farm. Items :{{item:3124}} {{item:3101}} it fuken works...i cant understand how or why, but it works so fuken good its unbelievable if you dont try it yourself.
: I think you're talking about "transfer tokens", which you get them with special promotions. For example, when EU split into EUNE and EUW, there were free tranfsers to the server that was most fit for your geographical location. You will only be able to use the token while the transfer promotion is active. If you choose not to use it, the token will be removed once the promotion is over. Which is probably what happend in your case. You can find more information in this [FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751924-Account-Transfer-FAQ#h1q4) :)
Ok makes sense, can you explain to me how i have a free NA transfer right now then ?
: All we needed was extra bans.
Its easy how they managed this. They selling too much air. Thats how they managed. 15 years olds, UNITE.
: The reverse gank
Another retard remake. Its obvious what they are doing. They force things to competitive to ''spice things up''. Poppy will be must ban pick with any team that can act like a ''team''. Just like the tp nerf, forced and retarded. Tp is the same since 2009 but now all of the sudden, OP tp nerf. K. This fuken shiet going rotten, you fail to create things and you make this system, so the players will fix them for you. And what happens ? Half the league is made for bronze/gold, part of it made for competitive divisions, and the last part is made for competitive/pro tournaments. Check on dota's meta to see some real design and vision.
: Could you give a bit more context? Would make it easier to answer :p
I had a free transfer to eune and turkey. and now its changed to NA ? wtf is this ? i cant pay for a eune transfer, and the support service says they cant take back the NA for the eune i already had. What did you do to the transfers ? Are you seriously trying so hard to milk those ?
: The Lee Xin plays possible....
{{champion:5}} Take that shiet bro {{champion:64}} fuk, dont send that shiet to me, u take it !! {{champion:79}} me no laik {{champion:154}} cant handle it, ty {{champion:53}} ok ok il have it then {{champion:157}} sorry...couldnt ulti, lag.
: What do you think about the new Poppy when looking at her abilities, scalings and stats?
Dont like that fuken ulti. So a 5v5 suddenly becomes 2/3 vs5 ?? From the video, she threw them way too far for them to come back and keep fighting a lategame fight. Wtf was that ?
: Is Nocturne out of date?
His ulti lategame can become VERY fuken annoying. All is good and well and you are about to start a 5v5, and it ends up 4v5 with nocturne flanking your second damage dealer...This champ is pure cancer and im happy that people dont realize this.
: > [{quoted}](name=LivingBehind,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ycMUV09p,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-24T11:51:39.507+0000) > > How come no matter how good and fed i am on lucian i can never 1v1 a good rengar. > How come New adcs are so strong in early and mid game, a lot stronger than assassins and supports ? > How come you can never win a pantheon lane ? > How come tryndamere doesnt die ? Wheres the counterplay. > How can supports have so overloaded hits and presence ? Thresh soraka blitz cancer anyone ? > How can you build def vs vayne ? > > Hurp First, next time u say that about tryndamere and no counterplay, people gonna call you noob. I will try to restrict myself from calling you that for now. Second i never talked about rengar, and rengar is counterable by anyone with pink, also he is made to assassinate the adc so, yeah. Lucian and Mf are the strongest adcs at the moment so no need to cry. And supports are the playmakers of the lane, practically the champions with skillshots that need to make the play... Thats why they have such impact on bot lane and not the autoattack braindead role adc that only mechanic is the same one as any other role -avoid cc by movement,summoners.
Take off the blinders bro, fuken obvious really
SoulBawz (EUW)
: im a yasuo main and even before the new crit changes i always had 100% crit change after 2 items and thats still the same, people are just crying for something that shouldnt be cried for :/ weird imo indeed
same here and tbh my early game felt more powerfull with that 10% crit. Really yasuo made the biggest comeback in this patch and really uncalled for, for champions like warwick and aatrox to make a come is logical but yasuo ?? New shiv nerfed to hell now, early pd sounds nice.
Nibzmeister (EUNE)
: Exactly, games like Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm don't even have surrender option.
This system creates a mindset. A mindset where you think like if shiet happens, well tough luck, try next time. But this is VERY WRONG. It will only make you go full retard, you miss the big picture, its not about winning or losing, feeding or getting fed, its about doing good in the ''NOW'' not in ''LATER'' and definitely not waiting till you find worst players than you. I swear, most people go to ranked, start a game, lose or win and go to the next one, and its like playing the roulette, they keep going for next game in hope that they will find a bad enemy laner to get fed on and feel good and if that doesnt work, well tough luck, try next game. No, you shouldnt do that, you should fuken try and adapt to the enemies, play different everygame, act like you are making choices and not just flowing with things till the end. This is classic human psychology which i study, but it goes EVERYWHERE in human business. We are not perfect, but we should at least try.
Nibzmeister (EUNE)
: Surrender vote
There have been many games where i tilt and rage and ask for ff. If i fail hardcore (myself) i get very mad, if people fail me i laugh it off. but those times i cry for surrender. well, its wrong. the voting to surrender should go away. it keeps people down. rita and you people doesnt realise how bad it makes things. how bad it makes learning experience and curve. the option to surrender should NEVER exist ANYWHERE, its a rooted problem of the human psychology and it should be cleansed.
: Dude it's like a 2 day paycheck where I live..
Dude, that shows your age and your responsibilities if you say that so lightly. Easy to spend the mnney you never earned.
: How are adc,guinso champs and ad assassins balanced with mages?
How come no matter how good and fed i am on lucian i can never 1v1 a good rengar. How come New adcs are so strong in early and mid game, a lot stronger than assassins and supports ? How come you can never win a pantheon lane ? How come tryndamere doesnt die ? Wheres the counterplay. How can supports have so overloaded hits and presence ? Thresh soraka blitz cancer anyone ? How can you build def vs vayne ? Hurp
jana (EUW)
: you will be even more happy: pbe notes: > Caretaker's Shrine (W) [Looks like AP ratio is up to .3 from .2 // .6 from.45]
It was never a better time for the DFG bard
6layerS (EUW)
: Win lane? lol you nearly never win lane you use your ult to help sidelanes to gain a lead.
Exactly that is the point. No one is able to bully you out of the lane, because you arent there. You either get a creep and back away or you tp counter gank. And all this without anyone being able to stop it. You could argue that leblanc can do the same, but you know that you can see a LB coming to gank, you cant see a tf even if you are faker.
6layerS (EUW)
: TF nerfs
Bad laning phase is for champions that have no way to kill or farm. Good examples {{champion:67}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:3}} Tf on the other hand is one of the safest midlaners, you can do nothing, pu ssy away at your tower, and still win the lane hardcore..
: I realise that, but no way I'm paying 25 euro for a champion skin, just so the champion looks prettier xD
What, 25 euro for air doesnt sound good of a deal ? Im amazed.
BenasBr (EUW)
: Never go hydra on yasuo pls... Just dont. You dont need aoe on yasuo he already have tons of it to clear waves and since when hydra is good for dueling? Its active only gives you a damage of 60% of your AD. Not worth it.
Listen this good man, he knows. Only time you buy tiamat for dueling is on the likes that using combos with long auta reseting after that {{champion:92}} (cancels everything and mainly w) {{champion:114}} (can use for ultra fast combo of auto attacks to stack ulti) {{champion:58}} (cancels w autistic movement at the end, the one where renekton swings around his arms in panic/joy/autism after the 3 quick slashes) {{champion:91}} (cancels q) {{champion:107}} (combo with jump to make the damage where you land while in the air , combo with q for 5 stacks q > hydra aa > q, stacks with w) long write damn
: Poppy's E and her autoattacks
Which bug {{champion:121}}
: Well, time to move to 'murica then. Write a support ticket. I had a similar problem before, except that my free transfer didn't show up at all.
Ahh ol'Land of tha Frii...Anyway I thought its too mundane of a trouble to start a support ticket. I will go now and do that.
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