Zanador (EUNE)
: Ah, calling people "subhuman" because of their win rate in a game. You are working hard to make yourself look credible, right? And Riot is selling worthless things for money? Yes, i hope so. The only things that are worth anything in a competitive game are things that give you a competitive advantage and i sure as hell would not want Riot to sell any of that for money. So it would probably be the best for everyone if they kept on selling worthless things, wouldn't you agree? Or would you rather have people pay 5 euros to start with a BF sword at the beginning of the game. Finally, it is not about a 10 minute wait time for you. It's about 60-90 minutes of queue for high ranked players. You were playing during the dynamic queue disaster. In fact that seems to be the first time you hit gold, so you must remember. Riot tried two things: 1. role selection without autofill and 2. different rules for lower and higher elos to solve the problem that came from that. Both of these failed spectacularly, and if you want Dynamic queue back, then you are indeed in a very small minority.
I think there's a problem with the lp reward, if you get stomped as a bot laner because mid and top keep dying from 2mn and that your jungler is saying nope, I don't see why you should lose lp over this. Sometimes you just can't win. If someone disconnect, allow ending the game, give the guy extra penalty and remove the penalty on his team, give half of the win bonus on the enemy team. Also duo should be forced to go flex. We need a pure solo ranked to avoid premade, which was the purpose of the flex you know, premade vs solo. It's unfair to play as 2 solo vs a duo in bot.
Tree Main (EUW)
: The problem called Sona Toplane
prob with this shit is that you %%%% supps for top lane. sona is a free kill to many champ, just pick one of those.
: The entire client is down
can opem, but it's bugged, game in progress though it's supposed to be won.
: Yuumi and other chapmions designs
Yuumi is an extremely bad concept. And there are champs like senna, sett, aphelios, pyke...
manolis201 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shady XLVII,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MLWrAGz9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-20T06:55:15.962+0000) > > Sometimes matchups are not well done, especially with so many smurfs going around. > > I have seen though, that most smurfs come from gold/people getting permabanned. So you are not facing anything different from silvers. > > E.g.: Had one vlad smurf yesterday midlane, we managed to keep him down, despite him having like 75% winrate with that champ with crazy kda scores (14-3-12) for many games. > > > It all comes to cooperating with your team, even if you are behind, stay as five group and try to pick someone of them going alone. Adjust your build to what happens (I do it with Lissandra and Orianna e.g.) and mute people who flame. > > I am also assuming you are one who does not flame, but if you do so, stop. It does not help you, nor your mates. It will just make you play worse, you'll get angrier and go worse again. > > > > Last advice: > > After three losses in a row, if you can't deal with it, stop playing for a while (1 hour) to get your mind refreshed. It will go better. Go as team? say that to my 3v5 game and my malphite staying still and duying repeadtely while they group mid and kill him then my darius which was trolling and afked early game half the game,and also inted 14 times. 3/14 Darius Afker Trolling inting 0/14 Malphite jungle 8/14 Adc xD 2/14 support 11/9 Mid (me)
> 2/14 support Assists ? You'd rage if he ksd you.
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lleajy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MLWrAGz9,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2020-02-20T08:58:50.248+0000) > > P2W ? Since when we can buy LP ? not lp, you literally supposed to make new accounts to rank up. Because of this we have bazillion smurfs on this season
I still don't understand how that makes it p2w. You're a smurf, you stomp noobs, what do you gain from it ? i'd rather start with the last season mmr than not. You either stay at noobs level or you go back to your old one and you are still stuck if you were. You don't have to put money into your acc btw, so...
: New player, blind pick problems
LoL never had a very good beginner experience, find a buddy that knows his stuff and play with him, playing alone as a newbie is very frustrating.
: It only helps those who are aware of what's going on, even when there is 0 vision in the area where wards are needed. And yet there are still people who choose to ignore what they see on the minimap.
I say that for a reason, you don't buy reds. I recommend porofessor, it's quite nice to find issues.
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: chill man, they don't care at all. I already lost plat and demoted to g3 in CURRENT season, if you want to rank up its P2W now so create new accounts to smurf, other wise tryhard and suffer for rank up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
P2W ? Since when we can buy LP ?
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McJesus14 (EUW)
: LP
The perf notation is BS, they can't base your lp gain on this.
: Only 8? Pffft amateur. Try a 20 game lose streak.... Followed by 2 days of winning and losing enough to slow down from having to lose more ranks then followed by a 15 game lose streak and then you are at the very bottom with 0 lp in Bronze 5. But I do admit that this seasons matchmaking is honestly just pure garbage.... Because of that I honestly lost all of my faith in junglers, matchmaking just wants to give me all the junglers who are of no use... And before anyone say anything that means, "Oh then just get good and start carrying your games if you don't wanna lose." or, "Your a low elo player, no wonder you're bad" No person has any control of how the game goes. Every person in a match is 10% reason why they win and lose. I can't carry my team cause I'm really passive and have a supportive style. Meaning that I prefer to play the long game and that I don't care if I have 0 kills. As long as my team wins then I don't care who is best player in the game, I'm pretty much the unsong hero for my teammates cause I do the small work that no one wants to do and I'm willing to share the glory we get. Of course I'm not the best player in the world, I don't follow what pros doe and I don't rely on cheap shot champions. So yeah. I do feel your pain, but at this point I'm more certain that the system is just made with the idea to prevent many good players from getting higher then they should be by placing them with the worst of the worst.
Buying wards helps.
: If he’s 1v5ing you then either you have no hard cc (you deserve it), or he’s outplayed you guys hard (again deserves it). He’s a noob stomper, once you figure out how to beat him he becomes a lot easier to deal with
Not all champ have hard cc, and in solo/duo you can't always expect your team to pick these, nor there's anything that guarantee you that you will pick AFTER yi's pick. If for you picking hard CC is the only way to play the game, then well, nothing to add then. Trust me you don't need to be a noob to lose to yi. All he has to do is to wait AFTER THE %%%%ING ENGAGE. Though I agree he's easy to catch and kill if you are prepared, thing is you are not always fully prepared. People here always talk like they have the perfect situation every time to talk "if X does that then you do Y etc etc". Well most of the time you are not in a perfect situation. The moment you enter in a defensive/reaction/counter stance, you lose the initiative, that's why hookers are so frustrating to play against. I win more than I lose to YI though, but the game often turns into, hunt yi or lose, that's stupid. BTW taric compo makes the cc kinda useless. You CC, you waste your dmg, and he Q and ruin your team. If you throw all your CC one by one on YI, the rest of his team rapes you. A yi with the right timing is not that easy to catch, especially if his team works with him. Really you are a bit condescendent here.
: Abusing in lower level games
Did you even see the state of ranked ?
: Frustrations of a top laner
Let the lane push, call jungler, sona ded, rinse and repeat until she afk. I know, people have issues with not pushing in this game, it's mind boggling.
: Lets talk about Blitzcrank
The scam of the "hook needs skill" thing is that in teamfight, or with ally CC, any idiot can hook. Also some people says no mana after two hook, but that's very early, for a very short period of time, once you get the first item, it's not a bother. Mana in this game is really there for the 5-10 first mns.
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Player47 (EUW)
: I hate to sound like a typical low elo noob, but I know grades jump once you win a game, unfortunately if I get paired with a poor ADC it's hard to do anything. For context if you look up my and look at my last 2 support irelia games. I can't win and the plays I make early prevent me from getting the kills early, I'm not a huge fan of KSing as a support, I only do it by accident or when neccessary.
I said KSing but it just about getting kills as a supp, I don't really "KS" unless the guy is an idiot.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You don't have to steal kills to get an S on support, stop spreading false information. I practically never stole kills and only kept high Assist counts and managed to get S+ multiple times on utility supports.
Don't half read comments or pick what suits your aggressiveness, I said gold. I often have stupid amount of assists, and it's quite hard to have S with that even on good games. You'd have to get like ~30-40 assists, 20-25 assists usually gets me an A+/S-. however you add kills to that, your gold drastically raise. You don't need 10 kills. usually 4-6 do the trick. Also supp getting gold means you get better supp, it's not like it's a waste of gold, this community is so %%%%%%ed on this point. The system sucks because having a bad score doesn't equate to being bad. Sometimes people just don't do anything until you actually engage-suicide. I had game where the solo carrier kept kill me with his ult when I played aggressively on him, and we won because of that. Because you know, you don't waste your ult on supps unless you know you won't have to TF behind. And I've lvl 7 on most of the supp, just nami and karma that are lvl 6 yet, bard and the grabers that are 5 or under because I don't really play them.
Player47 (EUW)
: How do you get an S?
Gold, how much you land your skill are the main factor I saw. As a supp you have to farm and KS to get an S at level 6 most of the time.
: Have you ever tried balancing a single champion, let alone 149 of them? It's an impossible task.
Riot is the one adding them no ? I've always thought it was ridiculous. we should have like half or one third of the current pool.
: Riot rewards EUW finally!
: Well, I ban Pyke every game, hardly see any Blitzcranks which leaves only Thresh, and even then I see more AP supports than him. *shrugs*
Crank is a pain because of how short the window to dodge is, because his grab can make you go through obstacles... But yes Thresh and Pykes are the most picked. Brand is an other issue on its own. I'd wish the support was reserved for actual support champs, traditionally healers, buffers, shielders in every game but %%%%ing league. I'd love a mode with restricted picks per job and no auto-fill.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > hooks are normal skill they shouldn't be able to give some much reward with that low risk They don't give that much reward tbh, and the low risk is, as said, countered by using your own minions to your advantage. If you constantly position yourself in a manner that makes it easy for you to be hooked, then the fault isn't with the champion design. --- > When they pick a graber you have to play around them, that's exactly my problem That's what you have to do vs anything your opponents play: play around their advantages and focus on their weaknesses. Do you not play around assassins? --- > "Taking the advantage of a missed hook" Keeping knowledge of what CD's an opponent has also assists you. At level 1, Thresh' hook has a 16 second cooldown. That means there's a 16 second window where you have a window to poke the enemy, or set up something. --- > But now you're asking silver to manage their lane. And you're asking to nerf a certain group of champions because, by your words, silvers can handle their lanes. Balance is done mainly around low diamond. --- > I don't play tanks, or more precisely, I don't want to. If you want to climb, you should also learn to play champions that don't struggle as much. If your team lacks a proper tank, isn't it better that you know how to play one? --- > Tanks don't tank anymore unless you get the advantage. As a tank player, I disagree.
> They don't give that much reward tbh, and the low risk is, as said, countered by using your own minions to your advantage. If you constantly position yourself in a manner that makes it easy for you to be hooked, then the fault isn't with the champion design. Thresh basically disables you for age just with his Q. Getting any adc that has some CC usually gives you instantly an unfair advantage on the first landed Q. Jinx, cait, jhin for example. > Keeping knowledge of what CD's an opponent has also assists you. At level 1, Thresh' hook has a 16 second cooldown. That means there's a 16 second window where you have a window to poke the enemy, or set up something. CD fixes that with time. Also his E covers his cd for the hook. > And you're asking to nerf a certain group of champions because, by your words, silvers can handle their lanes. Balance is done mainly around low diamond. In some way yes, I'd agree for separate balance. Like balancing the game for the Esport doesn't work, never has, balancing all the tiers the same way is wrong. I'll be happy if they just removed pyke. I see no logic in this champ, he's completely unbalanced. How about unlocking champ available in ranked in function of the tier you are in ? That would be an interesting approach. > That's what you have to do vs anything your opponents play: play around their advantages and focus on their weaknesses. Do you not play around assassins? That's being dishonest, of course you have to take into account the enemy, I'm not saying you should have to lose that in the game, It's about how MUCH you have to do it. Grabs are too much of a threat comparing to other skills. > If you want to climb, you should also learn to play champions that don't struggle as much. If your team lacks a proper tank, isn't it better that you know how to play one? Yes, there's an issue of balance in the game. That's why I posted. > As a tank player, I disagree. As an ex-tank player I disagree with your disagreement. One last thing I didn't talk about is the hitbox. Which has little to do with the hook size in the game. Just like every bloody lux skill.
Buxtata (EUNE)
: Honor level punishments, separately of chat restrictions and bans
I advocate a perma-chat ban instead of a perma-ban for toxic people (not trolls and cheaters, these totally deserve perma-ban). Because toxic people will recreate accounts, while a simple perma chat ban will have them stay on their account with the skins while they can't talk and spread their stupidity. So you kill efficiently the source of toxicity without over-punishing.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I usually manage to dodge, but I can't say the same from my adc But then it's a problem of the player not knowing how to play around hooks, rather than the hook being the problem. --- > In teamfight the disadvantage of the hook disappears. That depends. Have you ever been Blitzcrank that manages to hook a tanky Amumu into the middle of your team? Hooking the wrong target can easily lose you the teamfight. Have people that don't "mind" being hooked stand in the frontline. --- > In late the cd isn't even a problem anymore. Same as above counts. If you are a target that shouldn't get hooked, use your allies for protection. I tend to play tanks, so I position myself between the enemy and my squishy allies.
hooks are normal skill they shouldn't be able to give so much reward with that low risk, they shouldn't disrupt a lane game-play that much. When they pick a graber you have to play around them, that's exactly my problem, they have the initiative. "Taking the advantage of a missed hook" is not that easy unless they go overaggressive on your tower side, pyke invi and run away, thresh has load of CC to kite, and crank can still dash away, and his passive would cover extra damage. But now you're asking silver to manage their lane. And I have enough experienced that elo to say that an adc that last hits and manages the lane is a smurf or won't stay silver very long, most just hit the minions to death. There was a time where pushing was universally known as something wrong to do. Sadly it has become the opposite, and you see people pushing, that are unable to gain a cs advantage, and that ends into a sad gank party and a lost lane. > I tend to play tank. I don't play tanks, or more precisely, I don't want to. Tanks don't tank anymore unless you get the advantage. Also I don't think that taking the hooks for your adc would change anything, because you know, you will have to do that every time and you are the one going to die. It's not theory, that's my experience. Your position might be right in high elo, but that's not what experience 90% of the people in this game.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Quite often the problem I see from players struggling against hook champions, is that they keep standing on the wrong side of the minions. Actively keeping minions between you and the champion that can hook kinda renders their ability pointless. Some hooks, like Thresh's, have a windup giving you time to move. Try not to move so predictably, and they'll struggle more to land their hooks.
I usually manage to dodge, but I can't say the same from my adc, I usually pick karma and even when I shield them they just get hooked because they don't know how to move unpredictably / dodge. Yes I very often have adc that don't understand the basic of positioning. I usually get hooked because I sometimes have poor reflexes, It's not something I can fix. But I'm very rarely the one that feeds on my lane/games. In teamfight the disadvantage of the hook disappears. In late the cd isn't even a problem anymore. But even beyond how good or bad i'm against them, they are too much picked, it's just boring, that's it.
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: When you supp says "safe kill" but enemie junglers position is not known and enemie Brand support still has ult and nothing on CD and just waits for you to go in ;-) Nah but I get what you mean. Sometimes we are just slow. Farming juking/dodging poking gets in a rhythm and sometimes you just get lost in that rhythm
A good Brand is a banned Brand.
: I might be biased given that I'm plat-diamond depending on my role, but imo, riot's MMR system is almost flawless. Whenever I was stuck somewhere, I knew immediately that my drive to improve was off, often before it was fully off. No idea how good the placement system from preseason is, but I'm sure they'll fix it with s9.
If it's flawless then why hide it. What's the logic of sending you stronger opponent if you keep winning in your div. Why do i have to play with silver against golds in a silver div match ? That's basically trying to up on gold match in silver. How isn't that beyond %%%%%%ed. I had like 12 win in a row, game in which I played a role, i was not carried, lucky. Instead of sending worst teammate they should just allow me to raise faster. Which they aren't doing. I was at a point where i won 20 and lose 20 lp on game where 1/4 i have a disconnected and the rest are poor team that i have to tryhard to keep them from falling apart. I don't know, that's not what this game should be about. I feel that I'm more playing against MY team than theirs. I know you can't win all the games, but without trolls and disconnecters/rageqer I would be above 50% winrate and gold already I swear it. SoloQ shouldn't mean solo game. I've played with and against enough gold to say that their level is not different from silvers that play good. Too many people got carried by their diam/plat friends. I don't think I'm that good, I don't see myself plat for example but I just want to reach gold, and stop this game once and for all. That's a goal I fixed to myself.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: Adc
Wait, they are going to buff vayne ? Are they that %%%%%%ed ? Vayne ruin anyone once a bit ahead.
crazyAlec (EUNE)
: first of all opgg is the worst place to track mmr.. updates "once a 10 year" calculater is manually evertime u go check it to the date. but they are just aproximate calculation as somone said mmr cant be calculater accurately by thirdpartys.. but yea.. in a nutshell i think its fcking idiotic try to climb from b4 when i still have to compete against gold players.. as we all know its based on game performance aswel not only win ratio.
There's a button to update. Use it. And yes NO SITE gives you an accurate MMR. Because Riot's formula is bullshit and they don't want us to know that. If it works then playing to get the max of point, knowing the formula, from it should lead to better matches. But Riot system doesn't work yes, just the fact they match unranked with silver instead bronze... TBH I'd rather play with silver I & II than the low gold trashes, these people have ego high like mountains and are so bad... %%%%ing boosted noobs.
: Toxicity in the Preseason
"Pre season doesn't count looooool" [...]
BleupizZ (EUW)
: I don't know if I'm playing with real humans or dumb bots
: grateful
If only they could spare us the debacle after each patches...
Gabresol (EUW)
: Let's talk turrets!
I have doubled enemy duo with karma more than once because they dived me thinking I was an easy prey. The new turrets are better damage wise. I think that you shouldn't get gold from downing shields, period. No additional bonus or malus. Not being able to down a shield is no shame since you can get camped while your team just ignore you. Just make it one bar since no gold makes the chunk useless.
crazyAlec (EUNE)
: <HELP NEEDED> lf MMR Expert to explain me few things.! : 1,038 MMR Bronze 4 Normal. Now Your MMR depends on how you play! I'm currently sII : 1,570 MMR Gold 4 Very nice! Your MMR is considered higher than this league!
: Tips to get out of Gold Q
> look to keep your side-lanes pushed, ( so you don't get sieged and you've got some pressure) So that's why all these adcs push like monkeys and end up feeding...
Shamose (EUW)
: > Because you punish a part of the community that wouldn't turn toxic if just chat ban, which is the freaking point of that post. But that part would be so small it wouldn't be worth it. Would you open up a prison just because 5% of people there were wrongly convicted?
1. It's just disabling the chat, it will take few minutes to implement. It's impossible they don't have object with method to disable it already, if they don't then they hired %%%%ing amateurs, I don't believe it 1s. 2. Size doesn't matter, it's money and human being. One unfair ban is already too much.
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't think you understand. Permanent chat bans were a thing in the past. And Riot saw that a majority of people that got one went on the grief games instead of flame. So they changed the system to this more strict punishment system. So explain to me why they should turn it back when the outcome of the whole thing was just people that were perma chat banned went on to grief? What gain do we have to let people that flame have another chance at ruining games by griefing?
Because you punish a part of the community that wouldn't turn toxic if just chat ban, which is the freaking point of that post. Riot failed at implementing something, doesn't mean this something was bad. If someone troll or grief then he will be banned. It's about avoiding getting NAZI. If someone get chat ban, you can flag him as high priority target for report and game analyzing, if he trolls/grief, then you can %%%% him like you want quickly. I've never griefed a game while chat banned. People that grief for that, in the end are just that, griefers... They would get caught at some point anyway. It would be actually a good way to ban the potential griefers.
: Chat filter would be a great future to implement to the game
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah but what's the point in adding extra steps instead of just permabanning toxic people right away.
I don't think you actually read the post itself. The title is bad yeah. > > 1. **A player is toxic and insults others**. Solution - permanent ban the player chat in the game, toxic players won't be able to type anything. > 2. **A player troll a game**, ban the person from rank games after investigating the replay. > 3. Group of bullies reported a single player, support should investigate the whole game chat and punish the right person and not blame the victim before doing any punishment. Flame and grief/troll are different cases. You can flame and still play correctly.
fardawy (EUNE)
: -21. +15lp i cant come back anymore
I think it's because your MMR is crap comparing to your div. Therefore Riot forces you to go down unless you tryhard and get above 50% winrate. You might get back a correct LP reward by carrying games I think.
Rexyrr (EUW)
: No level 7 token with S rank
Oh man, I chained A+ and S- for many games, I'm so disgusted :/. S- should be enough to get a token. Not carrying the game doesn't mean you are crap with your champ. As a support I often get the following scenario : We push the enemies, enemy turtle, ADC doesn't want to stop pushing the lane, we get camped by mid and jungle, our mid doesn't want to move, jungle prefer top than counter gank bot for some unknown reason... You can play correctly but you can't hack your adc to force him into last hit...
Zanador (EUNE)
: Somehow doubt that you want more trolls and feeders in your matches. But that is exactly what happened when Riot tried to chat restrict people for 1000+ matches.
He said the trolls and the griefers would get perma ban I think...
Rynor (EUW)
: Permanent bans of accounts should be removed, instead permanent ban chats
That's what I've been talking about for a long time. Perma ban is too much if it's just verbal abuse. Lock the chat, done.
sLwOlive (EUW)
: why are bronze pieces of sht carried by even worse iron garbage CONSTANTELY?
Jungler is as much a baby sitter than supp is. If you just chain the opponent jungler without caring of your lanes, you take risks. Counter ganks are a good way to do both. TBH, the level is trash tier all across the tiers currently, since the end of the season nobody seems to care. on my ten last defeats, nearly half are because of afk. So people will tell you, that you will eventually climb, but when you lose game that you should win because someone disconnect and that riot doesn't intervene, you get horrible ratios and don't play at your level. During the season I went up to silver 1 solo, but lately I can't even pass sIII 34 lp. There's something going on.
: Wew. "Brand is not a support" - when I see such things I don't know if someone trolls me or just is new to this game. Let me tell you why Brand is a good support: 1. He can stun which is either life saving or helping to get a kill. 2. He has high damage and can easly peel and initiate a teamfight. This is called "ap support". Not every support need shield or heal to support adc and team. Just remember to buy wards and be aware what is happening on the map. And Brand's roams are really good. You are mistaking "support" with "guardian" (popular for example in Smite). For me it's 2 different things, because guardian GUARDS (aka throws shields, heals, tank for team) while support SUPPORTS team with his skills and also - sometimes - with damage. You are not ap caster because your actions focus on being supportive and protective but this doesn't mean you have to deal 0 damage... Look at Janna - She has shield, heal and CC but she is paper and have no damage. When Rengar or someone will jump on her she can dissapear in seconds unless shielding herself and protecting with ult (= you are losing 2 important things to help adc and team). I find it really frustrating to not be able do anything when adc is dead, away or just very bad. With tanks and ap supports you are more independent and helpful, at least in this meta. Do I like it? Well, not exactly. I love playing Soraka, Nami, Janna and I still play them when I want to but I would think 1000 times before taking them on ranked. If enemy have Zed, Yasuo, Rengar, Kha etc. then you can be just a free kill in game. :/
This is called plain old dual lane. With Riot bullshit on top of it. I've no problem playing squishy supps. The problem is more that Riot keeps matchmaking me with headless chicken than assassins. I can heal as much as I want, if my adc refuses to dodge that thresh hook or that Ez Q, I will lose my lane. I have 70% of my game without frontline, "supp can go tank meh". I hate playing tank as a supp because you often lack the gold to tank the champ others fed. That you are often just a punching ball until 6, or until the jungler realizes there's actually a bot lane. Also they nerf'd health runes, it's literally impossible to tank in early, any damage duo will just kill you if you try something. Rengar and kha are only a threat if you feed him. Zed ex'd does no dmg unless he has like 3+ level of advantage and is fed af. Yasuo is perma banned. Because most people, me included agrees it's a stupid champ. You can start with the runes that give you the zhonia clock then rush zhonia if assassins are a problem.
: Oh and one more thing - support is a role, about how you act. For example I really like playing with Lee on bot, he is not typical support champ but with a good teamwork we can own botlane and do much in late too. The same goes with Rammus, Poppy etc. etc. I like this kind of games because you have so many options and you can try new things and check if it works. You don't have to pick always the same champions and buy the same stuff. And I hope Riot will leave us such freedom.
He is more a support that will ever be brand, he actually has one shield skill. Ardent lee is fun to play, especially if you have a ww jungle as enemy, your R make him more or less useless. I do it from time to time, but people trolling or flaming me, not understanding the game makes the experience less fun. I even read people actually saying that every champ can tank with the right item. So I'm not surprised anymore. There's no such thing as a freedom since there are champs that are stronger on purpose because that's their only way to balance their game bloated with champs : Unbalance it one way or the other and call it meta.
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