: well look at pro scene, they focus on getting objectives more than getting kills, kills make easier for you to take objectives but they are not the sole reason you win, there have been people who go 0 kills and still win the game, gold from minions imo is easier to get than from kills.(Take Zero Damage Tryndamere for example, guy has soo much gold from cs'ing and he won that game.)
I'm not talking about the pro-screne, I'm talking about elo-regions where 98% of the players are in.
: yes but that's not the point, you are implying that kills are main objective, and not getting them should be punished, where i'm saying that main objective is to take out nexus.
He is implying that if you get no kills you cannot win the game, and I want to hear your argument against that.
: Is it FREE to leave a game in RANKED?
I agree with that personal feeling of you, but I don't think that there is a system like this actually in the game. The basic of statistics of maths are doing the job for riot here. Lets take a look at a basic example: Lets say, your chance to get an Afk/Int/Disconnect/Savage (Short AIDS) on your team only is 20 % (and 40% on any team is realistic too in my eyes). I guess that's kind of a realistic quota. Let's look at the distribution of the chances of an "AIDS-free game in a row": https://prnt.sc/ps9nuo (I don't know how to insert graphics directly, if it is even possible at all). This graph demonstrates the probability of getting a troll after the number of games played on the x-axis. You can see, that after about 5 to 6 games, your chance to have a troll in at least one of it is almost 1, which means it is almost certain to have one troll in 6 games. Of course you can still win 4v5's, but I let out that case, since this is only possible, when you play in an ELO-environement which is about 2 entire rankings below your supposed rank (A Gold can't carry any silver game, but for sure a game with only bronze players in it, again, just a thesis, to make clear, what I'm trying to tell you). I don't like the thought of the system being that much of a coinflip, but unlike many of my friends, I have not given up hope yet, that riot performes some black magic and fixes problems like this at least in ranked games next season.
: "So out of the tens of thousands of feeders my sample size is 1, it gave a negative result, hence the system doesn't work" - your reasoning 2019. The system, for all you know, might have a 99.999999% efficiency. Unless you create an equal number of accounts to all the soft-inters in the game, and run it down a couple of times, you won't be able to tell how efficient the whole system is. They should teach more science in schools I guess. Your little "experiment" is as inaccurate as it can be. My friend ran it down 3 games, while I was just chilling, he got 14 day banned, then it took ONLY ONE GAME to get permad. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/538580198044467212/639437199586099228/Screenshot_2019-10-31_at_14.14.42.png So now with our 2 sample size, we figured out that the system is nearly 50% efficient. You could have been a self made millionaire in the span of Season 9, but you chose to do this. I'd be a bit sad if I'd wasted my time this hard, in the end, our time is VERY limited.
I did not want to make a scientific proof that their system is shit, but rather share my personal experience, if you don't get that, listen to me here
: All of this was a waste of time since being bad is not punishable. Try to go int under turret 10 times and than tell us how it went.
Super hard int like this is obviously banned after some games, I'm talking about soft-int
: You are free but unlike you I'm not crying about people who have bad games should be banned
I'm not doing that, I have bad games too, as you pointed out in your very on-topic answer to my post, I rather stated, that one does not need to worry about that.
: Truth else you would be banned 1/10 zed, 1/8 ez, 0/7 ez, 1/10 nasus 0/10 varus, 1/12 cait ? Want me keep digging your match history?
xD This is not the account, but yes, you can keep digging out my bad games, do you want me to start searching for yours?
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SuperJunk (EUW)
: 4:28 minute of game you have 20 farm?
Not everyone is Grandmaster, like you seem to be, and if he got caught in a fight at lvl1 mayve defending an invade, and was late to farming because he reset, it's quite common to get such "low" CS-numbers.
Krilldop (EUW)
: Submit a ticket to RIot support with all that screenshots and describing the whole situation. They will probably punish that player.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Justice is sweet
U just won the lottery, Riot considered one Report finally worthy ;)
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: To be honest words shouldn't be a reason to ban anyone. However toxic, or bad it might be. You got a block player button. USE IT! Playing off-meta should only be bannable on !!RANKED!!, if it's totally unreasonable, or played really badly. If you bring AP Jihn+AD Janna botlane with Janna playing the carry, that's obvious troll. Building pure AD Garen against Yi+Vayne+Gnar is quite reasonable since all of them are % damage tank slayers. No point building tanky against enemies like these. Playing really badly should be bannable on ranked in general. If you give 10 kills in 10 minutes, then you do something seriously wrong.
So I should get banned for not playing well, but should not be banned, for wishing you to die? Ok then...
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