: slight misconception there, muting doesnt stop flaming AT ALL, all it does is stop YOU from seeing it, the flamer is likely tilting the rest of your team...
Yea, slight mistake. Still, banning flamers just keeps them from throwing their tantrums at literally everybody else, which saves others from the hassle of ever needing to mute them. My point is that it's far better to ban flamers, even if it's from chat, than just leave it to everybody else to mute him.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: What is wrong with volibear ?
The fact that Tom 'Zileas' Cadwell (known for speaking against Volibear and armored bears) still works in Riot while the staff member who brough and defended the idea of an armored bear champion is gone gives food for thought. I wouldn't have minded a rework gameplay-wise but, please, let the bear keep his armor.
Dvs Hexler (EUNE)
: Riot bannining systems is a joke and only focuses on the flamers and nothing else. The days that the Tribunal existed where GLORIOUS DAYS.
You realize 90% of the Tribunal was reports for flaming right? Doesn't sound like you checked the Tribunal too much. It still was nice, plus it was entertaining to browse some chat logs and watch them raving.
: There is no punishment system for years now...Trollers,Griefers,Wintraders,Boosters etc are customers for Riot and they're a lot of people in total. No company wants to ban a considerable amount of their customers and that's because they're a source of money. Riot made clear all these years that they won't change the ban system.Only Flamers will get punished because their offensive language can force people to leave the game and no company wants to see their customers leaving. If we want to see these dogs changing the ban system we have to stop paying them...But this won't happen...Everyone's going wild for the Jax,Garen or whatever skins they release. So basically what I'm saying is that it's doomed for the most of us.If you are an old player who played the "good,old League of Legends" then it's Impossible to have fun under these circumstances.The amount of trashes in-game at every elo from Iron to Challenger is just insane.
"Good, old League of Legends" died with Season 3.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: What stupid excuse holy shit.Mute button exist.If you get butthurt from someone that flame into an online game maybe the internet is not for you. You can stop flaming easily mute and focus on the game you cant stop people that leave or simply run it down.
You can stop flaming by muting. You can stop it faster, and way easier, for everybody else, except the ones who just feel running their mouths, when you deal with the core problem (the one who flames). Plus, the rest of players who didn't deal with the flamer will have no need to mute him which spares them some trouble (and potential trolls).
SoBadKid (EUW)
: i dont think people should get banned for flaming, bc flaming dont kill the game or match, its the feeders if u hadnt noticed, they ruin the game.
Sounds like the opinion of someone who has been banned for flaming. And they definitely should get banned, because shitty behaviours have no place to be tolerated and flaming is trademark of such.
: Or, you could learn to play against some champions for example c:
Nah, that's too much work. Learning to play against champion sucks, better ban half the list of champions. More bans, less brains. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
gandalfhan (EUNE)
: True, but is it a really toxic behaviour worth reporting?
Saying "bad" just doesn't tell enough about the player attitude and how toxic in order to earn a report he is but it's kinda rude, so it's always preferable to say things more sensibly. It doesn't take a lot to spark a fight with another teammate and it'd do well in many aspects to avoid that as much as possible. Good manners can help with that.
: Penalty for dodging when autofilled
The same is applied to literally everyone else who gets autofilled with the same role. So, if everyone could dodge the time wasted with the game would be time wasted on the queue, thus returning to the same situation. It's almost as if you don't get the point of autofill at all. Or penalties, for all that matters. No one wants to support, but someone has to. If you have a problem with that, go Blind pick or learn to play one or two support champions to get autofill protection.
: Let me quote it for u M i s s i o n s a n d t o k e n s a r e n o t h i n g c o m p a r e d t o r e a l m o n e y have a good day sir.
Hextech crafting wasn't even a thing until S6. Before that, there was no way to get any skin for free except the promo ones. Nowadays you can even just get 25€ worth skins in one go. You really started playing yesterday. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: One Trick Illaoi name suggestions
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...
I don't feel really excited or outraged about this champ. Being technically restricted to only 2 weapons at a time that you can't choose nor change in a short-term basis feels restrictive. Plus, balance would be completely hell for him: You're in late game and you're stuck with crap weapons right when your team is about to fight at Baron? You want to freeze lane against a bully lane and you're stuck with the AoE and the close range weapon? Good luck then, because you'll get stuck with them for a while. This champ lacks a lot of flexibility in this regard and it looks like you'll hardly get to take full advantage of his toolkit many times, unlike with champs that already get their full skillset from lvl 6 onwards. This could be partially solved with the addition of an E skill that, on a medium to long CD, skips a weapon, moving the queue. But it doesn't seems Riot is going to give that a shot. Definitely, this champion is not my cup of tea.
Esmeralde (EUW)
: Why does it feel like nobody understands English on EU West?
"Understanding" english means most of the time that they have the ground skills in the language. That is, how to spell a bunch of words and simple sentences. Moreover, everyone knows most of the League's basic lingo: "gank", "feed", "peel" and all those words that, in-game, are rarely translated into other languages for the sake of commodity. Truth is, not everybody in Europe can fluently chat in English, let alone speak it. Sill, they can grasp some understanding on simple sentences and they will uderstand if you tell them "Gank X lane".
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
So far, my most stable pick was always {{champion:55}} since her first rework. The old, old Kata never seemed interesting to me (didnt have much of a combo) and I sucked a lot with her. When her first rework got out, I tried it on a smurf and then loved the champ at first sight. I just loved that I could go after a kill and go ham if I got the sweet reset. I loved to wait patiently for their team to use everything they got, then sneak behind and cause a bloodbath. I loved to play risky and dive champs under their turret regardless of my own HP and shunpo out quickly to not die to turret. And it had a cohesive gameplay that the first Katarina didn't have. After playing a lot of games with her and being bashed for being a "noobchamp player" by many salty midlaners, with the 2nd rework incoming, I got repeatedly told about the rework, how the increase of skill would make me useless with Kat by (obviously) many enemy players and how I would not have a chance against them with Katarina on a higher skill floor (along with a lot of comments about how I smashed the keyboard with the head each time I got fed). But, guess what, I found that I liked her 2nd rework even more than the 1st and I feel even more comfortable with the new Katarina. More jumps, more flexibility, more stuff to play around with and still with the same satistfying rewards when doing it well.
Sceizer (EUW)
: RIP ezreal x lux
On the other hand, GarenKat ship has skyrocketed. And THAT is my kind of ship. But, seriously, I thought it was Lux, not Brand. Because that taunt to Lucian is pure fire.

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