Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: I have been banned 7 times accross account and have reformed, i know how the ban system works. It doesnt have to do with reports. Even 2 report across 2 games can get you banned if you flamed. You had a 14 day ban? You flamed. End of story. You are bound to run into some flamers. As i said, mute them and move on. Riot will never ban you if you do the bare minimum for being a good teammate, which is: _drum roll_ mute the toxic guy(s), dont say anything (preferrably) and play the damn game.
dude. i was banned 10 seconds after i got reported. what do you wanna say? that riot read the entire chat log in 10 seconds?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >do you know how many people got banned without even flaming? i do, ZERO, 0, none....
lol. you think its 0 XD dont talk if you dont know. even 'ff 15' can be a reason to get permanently banned just like i was on my other account.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: How hard is it for you to, just, NOT flame the toxic guy? Mute him and move on.
lol? i never said i flamed him where are you getting this info from? iam saying that 5 reports in 20 games can result in a bann. and league of legends has an automatic bann system
: I hope they manage to ban you, unless you receive some braincells to not rage. And, in particular, get the braincells that will make you think that invalid reports will not harm your account at all
i see.. another %%%%%% that doesnt know how this damn system works and you talk? its an auto bann system braindead kid. do you know how many people got banned without even flaming? dont talk before you dont know shit behind your screen you are safe and talk big forreal just like the other keyboard warriors i see in my games
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