: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
I've signed up around 2 years ago but i've never gotten pbe acces and i haven't received an email.
: I said it in the first comment go in to Pingtest.net and select Frankfurt server
: Riot Euw servers are in Frankfurt Germany try to see what your ms is to that server so u get the most accorate ping shown, also since there are allot of people playing while u are playing u should add on a couple of ms. Use Pingtest.net its really good i use it all the time before starting games to see if my ms is stable.
You know how i can test my ping to Frankfurt?
: That can be a deciding factor in your lagspikes. Something that takes internet requires internet.
It sucks tho it makes league unplayable since my last games i've only fed because of these lag spikes.
: Yeah but not only your activity matters in this. If there are other devices for example a secondary computer in your house where people watch videos on that will cause lag spikes. If someone is downloading things that will cause lag spikes. And if your internet connection is just inconsistent that will cause lag spikes aswell from time to time.
Hmm that could be it tho... My brother recently bought a new iPad, oh boy it uses alot of internet connection...
: Lag spikes are occured through your activities on the internet, if you listen to music through YouTube you will get indeed lag spikes in between the video switches. If there are more people going to come with Lag spike issues it's something with the servers. But for now I can only speculate that you are using too much network traffic from other resources.
When a game of league starts i always make sure that i have nothing else in the background.
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: SUGGESTION: New "Skins" section in player profile
What an idea. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Making Ranked Team!!!
IGN: Î Gôt  Côôckie Age: 14 Country: The Netherlands Rank last season: Silver ( I just played ranked to get my division, didn't realy care ) Role: Jungle / Mid Available times: It depends on it. Sometimes school leaks out or something. But mostly of the time that i am free i will be playing league Experience(other ranked teams/soloQ): I haven't played ranked teams or soloQ that often, i can't realy give me experience of it. Champion pool/playstyle: I prefer fighters / assasins Why do you want to join: I don't like playing alone, and it seems fun to me to have a team where you can have fun with. Biggest weakness and strength: I am realy agressive even if i am underfed. I am a strong laner.

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