DrKaique (EUW)
: Patch 8.4 (Lee Sin )
Welllllll technically you can always have a stack of 3 {{item:2055}}s :P
Agidyne (EUW)
: What a disgusting thing you guys have created, part 2
xD Heck, Tris positioning was a bit of, a little bit to close since she was alone, but hey she got basicaly 1 shoted by a Q and her w. Tris even had a {{item:3140}} which negates Zoes double magic pen....
: LF ppl Teleport mission, EUW
: Control ward should have its own slot..
_____ I do agree that we need space for control wards in the lategame so that supps can have 6 items too. I have talked many times about this already months ago, so let me make it short and break it down: A free control ward slot is bad. To many control wards on the map! Control Wards are powerfull we cant give free access to them without a tradeoff! **Solutions:** - A Control Ward trinket (simliar to {{item:3362}}) - make Ruby Sightstone{{item:2045}} be able to carry 1 Control Ward (maybe 2), AND/OR possibly allow every other Tier 2 Sightstone ({{item:2303}}{{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} and {{item:3711}}) to carry 1. You can access/place the control ward via Shift + click/number - make a mastery/rune which allows a control ward to be stored in the boots/or the Sightstoneitems. (overlapps a bit with the preditor rune, but could still work) You can mix them all as you like. **Important:** We can give free access to Control Wards for everybody. They are very powerfull! There must be some trade off aka. losing other trinkets, only accessable to supports and vision jungler or a Rune. _______
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: > And getting an "ok, we will check it out" from the devs is pretty tricky if they dont answer at all xD Hmm, seems like they're not that interested in doing it over in NA :/ ---- >My idea would be to provide a link to the post here, this way we can gather the ideas from this board and afterwards/later tell the devs about this. First of all, many community creations like runes aren't exactly great ^^ Most players don't know what it takes to balance something like a rune, while making it interesting at the same time. There's a reason devs are being paid after all :P Additionally, there's no guarantee that Riot will take any of the community's input in this regar, it looks like they already have some pretty clear visions for the Rune Rework. ---- We can't just sticky any post, it's better keep that number small, so we're not exactly increasing visibility by doing it as Volunteers ^^ If you create an interesting discussion on NA, and get to the hot tab, that could be the most promising way to get heard, but I personally don't think we can do much there, sorry :/
>we're not exactly increasing visibility by doing it as Volunteers ^^ You and others would increase the visablity because your name is known! You are basically "famous" or atleast more famous than me here :P And I wouldnt neccessary pin it, maybe for 2-3 days if you really want to and then unpin it. > First of all, many community creations like runes aren't exactly great ^^ I 100% agree that most suggestions will be crap/unbalanceable, but the runes seem to be more widespread so even unconventional ideas may work. Something completely new like turret buff rune or whatever, you know what I'm talking about. Its more about getting a wide range of ideas, not just good, already fully balanced ideas (which would be the biggest problem if we ask the community for ideas xD) > Hmm, seems like they're not that interested in doing it over in NA :/ Sadly seems like it, but I'll bother them a little more with it maybe I'll get an answer that way >:D I dont give up that quickly! > If you create an interesting discussion on NA, and get to the hot tab, that could be the most promising way to get heard Yep that will likely be the most promising way, but discussions rarely make it anywhere :/ Getting these started and working is very unlikely and I cant make those super awesome drop-down menus... they would help a lot to sort the ideas, without flooding everything with text (like my post always do). (I have done a lot of huge wall of texts, an 11 parter with improvements for the game) To get to hot I should make a cheesy, flaming post about it ^^ ____ The most I can ask from you mods would be to make a post/discussion and then provide this to the guys on NA. If you dont think it will do much, thats fine, like I said I would do it by myself :D I know that the chances are very, very slim but I'll take them for the sake of improve this game! Cant lose anything anyway ^^ well except getting on Meddlers nervs even more xDD But thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make!
JamesIAm (EUW)
: I like the ban intend. I think that an intended part of the new system is that some (OP) champs, will get banned by both teams. This means the actual number of bans won't jump up too much. Under your system we would lose this. Not saying that's a bad thing, just pointing out the change.
Yep the number of "permabaned" champs is lower in Blind, but we still will have 2-3 that will be permabaned, regardless. Still if champs are permabaned than there might be something else wrong than just "annyoing to play against". Lets compare them: | Blind Ban |||Advanced Snake Draft Ban | |:-|:-| | **+** fastest (only 1 long phase) | || **+** faster (only 5 short phases)| | **+** likely lower amount of total permabaned Champs | || **+** strategic decision making| | **+** "personal" bans | ||**+** "personal" bans | -- frustating if ban is a duplicate(aka wasted) ||| -- a tiny bit more complex | -- (low chance) of only 5 bans ||| -- more champs permabaned | -- no strategic decision making | -- to counter combs you need to have & pick champs yourself ___ Technically Riot should lower the number of permabaned champs anyway. To me the potential frustration, needing to pick champs yourself to counter a comb and especially losing the strategic decision making is not worth the lower time spend in the banning phase and likely seeing less permabaned champs.
: Well if you want to reach devs involved in Runes, you want to check out the NA Boards. No EU Rioter will be able to do much with Rune suggestions :P
I did already, but I havnt got any response yet and will likely not get any :/ I suggested this idea to the mods on the NA boards too. And getting an "ok, we will check it out" from the devs is pretty tricky if they dont answer at all xD My idea would be to provide a link to the post here, this way we can gather the ideas from this board and afterwards/later tell the devs about this.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: It would just make champ select way too long. Maybe you could implement this at diamond and above? But for the vast majority, this will speed champ select up and hopefully stop people alt - tabbing as much.
Currentely we have a 1-1-1-1-1-1 ban system, (6 phases total) so both of my suggestions would be shorter, not longer :D (only 5 phases) For example in the 2nd phase all 3 guys would ban at the same time, not with seperate timers. 2-3-3-2 would be even faster, but less equal in terms of power. But Blind is by far the fastest! Also this "ban intend" should be definitely implemented regarding of system
: > an idea pool for runes. You mean letting the community suggest some of the new runes? That _does_ sound interesting, but of course we can't guarantee that Riot will make any use of this collection, it might set some very false expectations :/ --- There are so many awesome features that the Boards could have, we'll just have to wait and hope to see some more effort put into the Boards ^^
Yep, I thought about collecting a decent amount of ideas from the community, maybe already finetuning them to a certain degree and then "persude" some devs to may drop by if they want to have a look at some ideas, without needing to search everywhere :P The problem right now would be that hundreds, thousands of people would need to spam the devs so they see their ideas, or the devs need to actively search thro all of boards... If we give them a collection point, both parties would benefit. The game and devs, because we very likely get more, even very interesting ideas and the community would get actively included into the game development (Which currentely atleast **feels** very lackluster). This also would be a great oppertunity for Riot to polish their image a bit up, psychologically speaking. But the point still stands that we cant guarentee that Riot will atleast take a look at it or even doing/using these ideas. Thats the biggest problem :/ We can still try it, but this would need to be made very clear from the get go! ___ Yeah I hope that now, after my lovely, precious Old Client got to her last rest (R.I.P (Q^Q)7 ), some devs get some more free time so we can kidnapp and tor... eh, I mean to invite them to a nice cup of cofveve and "convience" them to take a small look at boards ;D xD
Eambo (EUW)
: Reminder: 10 Bans coming very soon - champions required for ranked increase
I honestly think that a _1-3-3-2-1_ or a _2-3-2-2-1_ (first ban =/= first pick) would be the best. The blind ban has absolutely no strategic decision making and some champs, the worst 2-3, will likely still be permabanned, and now by 2 teams xD. Also if you want to counter a potential comb you need to pick the champions yourself now and thats not what should be happing. The only faster system would be a 2-3-3-2, which is pretty simliar but the power in the last bans is a bit less equal. I have suggested this over at NA boards already but nobody wants to talk..... All I would want is just a discussion not something like: "promise me this", "now you need to make that" and so on. I know that they/you are not fulltime "listen and talk to noisy guys on boards", but if serious fleshed out ideas pop up that actually would help the game, I personally would give them a thought. I have suggested a lot, a hole lot, more than I want to admit and not getting any feedback what so ever is a little dishearting, and leads to some repeatment since I dont know if someone actually read the idea xD Anyway this obviously doesnt apply to you, Eambo, our server saviour :P But I'm always ready to discuss things if you want ;D Lets see how the blind ban will work out!
: 💠Honor Rework💠 What we know so far!
May I hijack your post a little to suggest a mod project? My suggestion would be something like an idea pool for runes. I definitely would do it myself, but you guys have far more reach than me and you have mod rights, you can also make it look fancy xD There is a feature, which I would die to have on boards, but you need mod rigths to do it... I'm talking about hide/"spolier"/drop-down list. Here is what I mean: [Boards Feedback, and What We've Gathered(NA)](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/4HHR0ibm-boards-feedback-and-what-weve-gathered) They recentely started toying around with that, you might want to have a friendly discussion and snag what you can ;P This thing is insanely usefull for stuff like this
: Riven can have animation cancels but graves can't have a ..... animation cancel?
Riven is one of the few champs where animation canceling is intended. Graves however had an inbuild weakness, aka the self knockback of his ult, which was not supposed to be negateable. Thus giving him more power then he was supposed to have.
: My sucking in game got me to diamond 3 seasons 3 different ways. And let me tell you not a once I got oneshot by tank until now. If cho can flash ult for 2k dmg why cant darius? Basically same champion. Useless without flash, is meat shield but has worse CC and no way for hitting enemy from distance unlike cho gath.
.... I dont care what rank you are/were, if you fear you will get 1shot by a cho you should have bough a GA. Darius can dunk your hole team with 1k+ truedmg not just 1 person like cho.... and he just needs to get his stacks once to dunk everybody.... Darius is miles better then cho. If you envy a champion who was and is under the 5 worst winrates toplane for serveral seasons you should reajust your view quiet a bit.
: 1907 dmg chogath is equal to cho gath having 8k hp. He only needs 4k hp and gargoyle stone plate. Game was long around 40 minutes Ive won my lane but cho made me useless in teamfights when he joined.
assuming 3+ people are near: 650 + 0.1(maxHP x2 - 1,9k base hp) = 1900; maxHP= 7200, bonus HP = 5300, 160HP/stack = 33 stacks. assuming 2k Hp from items and 0 Ap = 20 stacks needed 100Ap = 500HP from items. So ChoGath has to eat 14 Champs and/or Drakes and Barons..... He can only gain 1 stack in a teamfight. If he comes closer or uses gargolys RUN, after the 4 seconds he cant kill you anymore.... And also there are at least 3 guys nearby... and NO, beeing in flash range of a stacked ChoGath is YOUR OWN FAULT! Lasty, as a Protipp: If there is a dmg nuke in the enemy team and you are not the best at positioning... #BUY A GOD DAMN GA!!! People, Riot just gave adcs and AD assasins a free out of jail card....... If you suck at the game AND dont want to use your brain stop complaining! Elo and victorys are not served on a silverplate you need to work for them.
: Why does tank hit me for 2k true damage?
If a chogath is able to deal 1907 dmg with his ult you should have lost the game 15mins ago....... A chogath dealing 1907 dmg with his ult is equivalent with a 3k ap veigar or a 2k stack nasus...
kiwishrew (EUW)
: You think posting a thread in protest will delay them in the slightest?
: Played LOL since beginning of season 1 when games were alot better and more enjoyable.
I think I started endish Season 2, but yeah the gold old days where everything was somehow broken, and still alot of fun! And back then we had 50min+ games, comebacks, wierd (but fun)champs positions and a questionable Support role xD
kiwishrew (EUW)
: They'll step over you, alive or dead. The old client is being retired, and it would be better just to accept it than getting mad
I'm certainly not mad, this is more of a last stand/good bye post for the Old Client, not a rage post ;P Even if they stepped over me, I (or better the directx bug) held them off for **1 HOLE DAY**, I did my job the best I could do to honor our Old Client. Now she can get her very deserved rest. (Q.Q)7
SeekerK (EUNE)
: https://newstoriesoldbook.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/goodbye-preacher-burning-bones.gif ######Casper, in a month you gonna love the new client. ######Too dark?
: Edit your item sets while you still can, man.
Updated them as much as possible! But now its gone :'c R.I.P Old Client, you will be missed!
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: https://media.giphy.com/media/Lb3vIJjaSIQWA/giphy.gif
Thanks, I needed that! Do you know the feeling when you finished a book or a series? I feel exactly the same right now :'c The emptyness is like a endless devouring blackhole! But please tell me that you just woke up!? I know I might have some screws loose and GPet should have gone to bed, but forgot it (he might have a screw loose too, but dont tell him!), but I cant have more crazy people around here! There would be a few to many dudes with some screws loose...
Eveninn (EUW)
: 6:32 I might have missed the time where I was supposed to sleep... come to think of it.
Wtf I think Eambo is trolling me.... The Old Client is back!?
Eveninn (EUW)
: 6:32 I might have missed the time where I was supposed to sleep... come to think of it.
...yeah, "missed" xD But that happens to me way to often too ;D
Eveninn (EUW)
: You are still awake too. <.< And I promised to do more sleeping at night, so I can't sleep now.
I'm on my last stand here, it would be the deepest shame if I would go back on my word and would also dishonor the old client! Thats why I'm still awake :D Isnt is 5-6 am at your place too?
Eveninn (EUW)
: You are still awake too. <.< And I promised to do more sleeping at night, so I can't sleep now.
NONONOONNNNNONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOO They kicked me out </3 How could they do this!? Eambo I know you are reading this and cant stop giggling!!! whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy!??!! Old Client, you will always have a place in my heart, all the great memories, all the salt that was accumilated, without a doubt great times! Great times indeed! It was both an honor and also a pleasure to test, play, climb and fall with you! Rest in Peperonies Old Client, you have done your deed! (Q.Q)7
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hold tight, you got this!
Dude its 6am (or 5am), why are you still awake? xD Im holding my ground, till Eambo or someone else faces me off, or they pull the plug.... whatever comes first xD
: Riot! You will need to step over my dead body to retire our old Client!
: Riot! You will need to step over my dead body to retire our old Client!
Eveninn (EUW)
: They still do work ingame. ;)
I know, I know, but I cant edit them in the client anymore (atleast till they finish the new client version) But I already miss the old client, been years together, through salt and sugar, through long nights with old and new friends :'S It needs a worthy end and I will stay till the end! Thats the very least that I must do!
Doomyous (EUW)
: You are not alone! Me {{champion:13}} and my Book {{item:3165}} will fight with you!
Thank you! I appreciate the help spikes alone dont seem to be enough :D
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Fajerk (EUW)
: I do believe this is related only to practice tool. The thing is that ability refresh apparently works so that it waits until the ability cast fully finished to refresh that ability, which takes into account entire cast duration and animation, however you can often finish cast animation earlier by casting another spell over it, this apparently allows the spell to reset earlier and thus allows you to spam it faster but it appears to really depend on how long the original ability cast frame is in the first place as I saw little to no impact for abilities with very short cast window in the first place. And since it appears to be only related to the cooldown reset mechanic I believe you could not experience this in real game. Also a bit of inconsistency could be added by ping difference and by input device
We have resets abilities and ones with stacks, so it does happen in normal games too! Its definitely not limited to the practice tool only. GP can abuse this for example. The only things is its really unreliable since I havent figured out the exact circumstances yet :/ So I cant say anything for sure now, but there is a "cooldown" before you can recast an ability (just double tap an ability and the second cast happends way after the cast time finished! Way after), but you are able to negate this internal "cooldown", thus basically "quick/double casting" it, essentially casting it back to back. There are some more inconsitencys from my testing: GP needs to cast an ability and only then he can double cast the next ability. Lux's Q is "double casted" if you press QWQ and not WQQ like in GP's example. Also you can double cast her ult only by spamming her R, no other ability needed... But Im still testing so take those observations with caution! :/
: Honestly, I don't think this is a very important "issue", if you can even call it one. Afaik, this phenomenon only appears in Practice Tool, and when cooldowns are set to refresh immediately. It seems that the input queue is opened for a short window while you cast the spell. Tried it with Lux's Final Spark a few times, it is easily recreatable there. You can "double cast" your ultimate if you click it again during the channel (where the blue bar is charging up), if you do it just a little later, the time it takes to cast another ult is considerably larger. However, I don't see how this would affect regular play at all, as you'll never be able to cast spells in such a quick succession anyway ^^
GP can abuse this "double cast" with his barrels and other stacking abilitys(like Rivens Q) and reset abilitys(IreliaQ,Kha/Tris jump) should be affected too! So its not only practice tool behavior. And yes this should only affect the absolut top of League players, but it can influence us "normals" too :P And it could potentionally win or lose you a game, but its incredible unlikely xD Im talking about **REALLY** unlikely :D But hey, I'm just a theorist, not a Proplayer! I was able to do the triple barrel /w double cast only twice in about 50ish tries. Pros on the otherhand might be able to do it more frequently! I call this waiting time, if you double tap an ability, an "internal cooldown", and if doesnt reset for the jumps, it could cost you your life, atleast in higher elo. But whats throwing me off the most is the unreliablity :/ Only 33%ish successrate is really wierd... I'll do some more testing but I sadly dont have much time and only about 25% of the pool xD
: Hey, just thought I'd let you know that you probably won't have much luck finding Eambo soon. He's off his regular schedule right now, doing cool stuff :-P Maybe he'll come and check on the Boards, but you should expect less activity than usual. --- Hope someone will help you fix your problem though!
I spotted him on Sunday moring, 5am. And I thought that was his "regular" schedule :/ Heres the post: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/EHdAbqAP-riot-this-guy-has-earned-my-respect-give-this-man-a-cookie-or-something Do you by chance know someone/the person who could help me with this problem? Because I can only guess at this point :D **Edit:** Or at which department this should go. Maybe this could be in bug reports?
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: i am truly in love with the new cinematic. BUT
Trust me they talk alot ingame to make up for that. ALOT!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Why would they do that?! Im suspecting some connection routing/problems? Cause I havnt heard of EUNE only features/tests, and EUW seems fine or perhaps I missed it. Anyway Eambo saves the day (again) :P Helping EUNE out of their shitty situation ;D
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Scrinnid, We have re-enabled ranked queues, and also we do not stop existing ranked games from running - although loss forgiven was enabled for a small period also.
what happend? Did you perhaps disable/fix xerath?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No worrys! I can understand what you are going for. Hmm... Technically the purpose of my Idea is to cover very rare technical difficulties/malefunctions once. Leaverbuster may not flag you if you "leave" once but you still get the "punishment" for the "left" game, aka. losing a game/some LP. With /remake in place we can lower frustrations from leavers/afks/dcs pretty well already. But if the dc really happend because of a technicall problem (acurring for the first time and not all the time) the person would feel ripped off... What do you think about making this "TechProblemPass" ("free pass" sounds a bit wrong to be honest) even rarer? Like once or twice a season? Also we could just ship parts of the idea! Like the "vote gets reset and everybody needs to vote again" thing if the dced connects back in time?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So with all the rubbel out of the way, what do you think about the idea? Are some problems still unadressed that I might have missed?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Obviously if a problem, like the game crashes every game, is present and you still insist on playing without fixing it, it causes to much strain on your teammates and you should get punished if you dont resolve it. My idea gives you only 1 "free pass" every patch/month, not everytime. (And we can limit this "free pass" further) Also if something happend, like your game crashed, you should search for clues/contact player support BEFORE you play more games! But if it happend for the first time and you still get the full punishment it doesnt feel right/good. Btw. I'm fully aware that Im talking about very very tiny "punishments" like a couple lp or a game in promos lost. Nothing big! Thats why I called it a small improvement ;D I'm not sure how or why, but everytime I talk about tiny adjustments its always feels like a huge super important thing..... No clue why or how I do it!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No problem, I needed to reread the exact definition of the remake vote again before I made my suggestion :P I had the game crash in the loading screen like 3-4 times a long while back, with no clue whats causing that. Or how I could repair it. So after a restart it worked but when I finally got into the game, the remake vote was already done, and I got "punished"/would have got more punished if it was ranked. I dont think such punishment is justified and I view it as a flaw in the system. No system is perfect! You can improve everything somehow. And thats what I like to think about/suggest/do in my free time xD By no means should leaver/afks/trolls not get punished for their behavior! And thats the tricky part! How can we make my idea unabuseable for those, but still improve overall game experience... I dont know how leaverbuster works in detail, but if somebody "leaves"/"dcs"/"afks" regulary once every patch/month, Im not sure how effectivly leaverbuster can handle them, thats where an extra "mark" could be requiered/needed. But hey I dont know, I can only guess how things work :D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The remake vote only gets reseted, not removed! Everybody needs to vote again! So if they still vote yes the game gets remade. But the dced/afk/troll does not get a penalty. But this should be limited tho so trolls cant just afk join at 3 mins and remake every game. Thats why we should limit this to once a week/patch(2weeks)/month! If we want to extend this, the sytem could mark them and see if they afk/dc regulary once every week/patch/month etc. to indentify intentional trolls. The only troublesome thing left in my eyes is that this is a "free dogde" every week/patch/month. I sadly couldnt come up with a 100% safe solution for that problem :/ The best guess would be to use this new "lock" feature, so the player support needs to "unlock" you after your "dced/afked" game. The chatlogs from champselect/ingame could help to judge if it was intentional or really a technical problem. Otherwise you should not get unscratched out of this! The goal is to catch wrong punishments, caused by technical problems, without making it abusable for trolls. But this case should not ocurre that often.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=skocc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cIGmJOE6,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-03-28T13:20:32.738+0000) > > Hmm, guess i got it wrong, i only remember getting loss forgiven (prevented) a lot of times at one point, and i kinda remember most of those games involved leavers. But now that i think about it, i can understand how it can be abused :/ a shame, a similar system that works one day would be lovely Here's hoping :-) It took a while to get to the level of /remake, and I sure hope that will be expanded in the future (not my area I'm afraid so I can't comment on that) - but most likely if you got loss forgiven due to leavers, the leavers were the symptom - rather than the cause. Server Issues = Leavers = Loss Forgiven Leavers != Server Issues != Loss Forgiven If that makes sense :-)
Hey Emabo, very sorry this might be slighlty off topic, but I have a question/suggestion regarding the remake feature. A while back I rarely had a couple of game crashes, after restarting client/killing the launcher I got back into the game but often the remake vote was already finished or already voted. So the game would be remade and I would have gotten a penalty/lp loss (Luckily those were all just normals, so it wasnt a big deal for me). Now my suggestion: - If somebody joins the remake vote **gets reset and everybody must vote once again**, normally they all voted yes because it was not certain that the leaver/afk would come back. But if they finally get back into the game, the vote is already done and it cannot be changed. - Tell people if a player trys to join back, as a message in the chatlog, this could be trigged by the player logging back into their account (so after a crash), or when he trys to join back but is in the loading screen. This could help, but it could be already to late and the voting might have been done. - If a player rejoins but the voting is already done (3+ yes), he gets lower or no punishment. The "best abuse" case I could came up with is (especially considering Nr.3 No punishment): Requiers Premade bot. more teammates possible, supports "afks" the first 2-3 mins to see how the game is going and then joins back if everything seems ok. Gains: if a game will be likely a loss( judging from the 2-3mins gametime), it can be made undone without a punishment. (But this time is not enough to accurately judge if you will lose or win) Disadvantages: You need to play 1v2 at the start. If the support rejoins hes at a lower level most of the time. Giving you a disadvantage for the hole lanningphase. But if the 1v2 player is decently good and can handle the 1v2 for a couple of mins without getting bend over (more likely in Bronze&Silver) he could have a level advantage. - Additionally we could limit this "no punishment" to only once a week/patch/month. So it will not be abuseable. What do you think? Did I forget something important? I know everybody is currently busy with the midseason update, but I like to tinker with small improvements to League a lot :D (made a 11part series of small improvements for League xD)
Kay Pacha (EUW)
: This guy knows something about Lulu we don't
That something is called "beeing boosted"
: > What do you think about the "heads up" from something like the shopkeeper as a voiceline or so? I think there are a lot of negative reactions to it and not very many positive reactions. I don't think it would be a good addition to the game.
Thats true trying to improve the mood of people when they are already slightly tilted is tricky :/ If it would be added to the game it should be more of an easter egg type and not something general/potentionally obnoxios :D Otherwise I do fear it could do the exact opposide.
: > Hey there I'm very sorry to butt in, but who/where can I ask if Crit strike streaks are limited? I have absolutly no clue where I could get this info from... Non crit streaks are limited, I know and tested that, but it would take months to get reliable data from my own testing for a positiv limit. > Very sorry to disrupt! No problem :) I honestly have no idea, but I'll ask internally and if I find out I'll get back to you. No promises though since it's Saturday :) > Maybe the system, after identifiny a loss streak, could alter the MM in the next normal game? To get the player back on track. And only just a tiny bit tempering with the MM! Not by a huge marging or so. Just a tiny bit. When on a loss streak your MMR is decreasing so the system is already putting you against opponents around that MMR anyway as a natural consequence of how a MMR system works. I don't think we'd ever modify the MMR beyond that...
Thank you very much! It could be possible that you are not allowed to tell me this "actual code/info must remain secret" thing! Just as a heads up, i dont want to cause any problems :D I didnt think the mmr would take a hit instantly, more like a gradual increasing loss of mmr when on a losing streak. But yeah I also doubt that should be done! What do you think about the "heads up" from something like the shopkeeper as a voiceline or so?
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