: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Here's mine! <3 http://prntscr.com/pk9avj Server is EUW and my Summoner Name is ,,Lord Dominator'' if you can't read it in the bottom right corner.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You don't get the chromas You get Honor tokens you can buy the chromas with from the hextech crafting Dunno about EUW, but here on EUNE we already have the tokens and the chromas in hextech crafting
: Don't think it's been announced yet. I remember hitting honor lv5 in season 7 and never hitting honor level 3 again. Good times.
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Spearki (EUW)
: UNjustified baan riot won't remove it!!!!!!
'%%% doesn't have a different meaning in danish versus english' I googled it and in 5 seconds I found out it means kiss -.-
: Easy way to understand when champion deserves visual rework
KinuKarhu (EUNE)
: As a Lee Sin main it's really important which ward I have in use coz I feel the most comfortable with the default ward and now I can't use it
I found out that it is just a visual bug and if you click on the green ward once in champ select, it should still appear ingame then, even if it doesn't appear visually in the champion select.
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MaidrobX (EUW)
: its been half a year and still riot didnt manage to fix this, really riot ?
more than half a year, around 9 months now.
: No I want to be able to play in a less toxic community, where ppl spend more time trying to improve them self than flaming. Having toxic players, afks, rage quits, minute 3 giving up, minute 15 spaming surrender, etc...does not help in that intend.
Yeah...but how would Riot change that...?
xZabaksx (EUW)
: What skin would you like to be made for your main?
Timarius (EUW)
: riot games is a company that...MAKES GAMES, how can you ask them to change people minds? this is a sort of SCI-FI question you are asking for XD
He wants Riot to brainwash the people playing the game.
: Thought it was 8pm? no?
depends on the time zone.
: how many hours left?
3 hours + 13 minutes
: Locations that makes you invisible (ARAM)
Yeah, it's also on SR sometimes, it might have to do with having a pyke on your team or on the enemy team? well I mentioned it on my bug thread.
: when does sales refresh?
Every monday on 9 pm, GMT + 2
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: Hm... That's odd.
: That Yasuo bug must be intentinal after so many patches No objection here
itram2001 (EUW)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YJJoHEaURM This video shows a bug with Zac's Q, don't know if you have alredy been notified but felt like I should let you know. There is a recent post with a bit more insight but that's basically it. It seems a purely visual bug though
Alright, I've added it.
PolishBum (EUW)
: I swear Rito doesn't care anymore... You know flower-vision bug? That it shows it's there but in reality it's not there. It's like a month now not repaired while old Rito would fix it immediately. Now i feel like they will just be waiting with next patch before even try to do something... They're just lost passion and got washed up after so many years. Only focusing on E-sports nowadays and just don't care about casuals players...
Yeah, my guess is they haven't fixed it yet because it's no gamebreaking bug.
: Blitzcrank R stopped working mid game. Couldn't use ability at all
God Yo (EUW)
: i am constantly getting the system error bugsplat thing when try to connect to games, making me afk, and then it freezes on the screen making my pc unusable so i have to sign out and back in to fix it. happened 3 times yesterday so i even tried uninstalling and re-installing it. Didn't make a difference. Got the error message again today with a freeze. Too focused on TFT and not on their actual game that the majority play. Theres been a Yasuo windwall bug where stuff goes through it for over a month now.
interesting, that is point 6 though.
itram2001 (EUW)
: Just played a game with Azir, can confirm the bug ISN'T fixed. It still does only 30-40 damage (the extra AD the turret gets from your AP) to minions but full damage on champions
Ok thanks. Updated it to not fixed.
: akali Q is still bugged on euw at least the second Q on the video below this game was just ~30ish minutes before posting this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkbvF_XyWeo . . *ignore scarra on the background was wathing tft stuff*
Alright, updated it.
: wukong can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a E+A+Q combo
Alright... there's no reason to make 3 different posts about it tho.
: I said earlier that I didnt get Xerath Q lag spikes. Everyone BUT xerath gets the spikes (on release of channel).
I actually played Xerath myself and whenever I used my Q I had short freezes.
Sun Titan (EUW)
: Whenever I use Jayce's Gate (E), my screen freezes briefly (maybe fps drops?). I'm a main Jayce and this started happening only since last patch came online.
nikiBG13 (EUNE)
: Client Crashes After Pressing Login Button And Gives Me Bugs Splat Screen
RuIe 34 (EUW)
: from when i e'ed and about half of trynda ultimate duration, it was longer than the ''grounded'' effect clip; https://gyazo.com/249e6d30af6f525b992c68a25a7504f4 note: ingame the icons for my abilites where the same as if i was silenced
: 59 (illaoi tentacles disappearing in morde ult) Is not a bug but rather a mechanic as her tentacles are treated as units, they don't get tp'd to the death realm, same goes for any other units: Heimer turrets, Malz voidlings, clones, traps and even abilities.
Alright, it's removed now.
: Spellthiefs proc properly too.
: Lux W not fixed.
That's point 51, and I'll update the Lux W Bug.
MarOuane004 (EUNE)
: {{champion:11}} My problem is When i put my username and password and click the sign in button,The client closes and a bugsplat window appears "whoops something broke !!" ,can anyone help me i redownloaded the game and it still broken, btw Thank you Lord Dominator for investing your time to writing all of this If the bugs get fixed you've really helped this community. {{champion:11}}
well, thank you for the kind words. About the Bugsplat when you try to log in, I think it is related to certain accounts or maybe it has to do with the operating system you're on. But idk, so either way I guess you just have to wait for Riot to finally say something about this.
Hazecrown (EUNE)
: Sometimes Fizz can E while knocked up. This happened a few times in ARAM when i played Blitzcrank, enemy fizz was able to E out while he was in knockup animations.
: I thought illaoi's tentacles disapearing in Mord's ult was supposed to be like that (number59). Riot actually says it in the new rework Mord champion spotlight,
really? Is that the case for other champion's objects too? Like Zyra's plants and katarina daggers on the ground?
: > **In the loading screen the amount of champion points a player has with a champion may be bugged and it shows nothing often at times. ** I think its not a bug. If U dont reach level 4 With a champ you dont see the mastery.
I'll put it in brackets
: 5,10,11,12,13,16,17,41,44,47,52,54 are definitely fixed, idk the rest.
Alright thanks, updated them.
RuIe 34 (EUW)
: another bug, i was playing trynda and e'ed into a poppy and i couldnt use any abilities afterwards i understand that it grounds you, but i couldnt use my q either
weird, for how long did this persist?
: Maybe if even 1 rioter even gave a %%%% about the bugs they could reply here with a fixed list. But they blind and ignorant af only wanting money from skins and focusing on their shitty new mode tft.
Yeah, it's kinda upsetting how popular this important post has gotten, but no Rioter even cares to help us out here.
Vorácity (EUNE)
: Can you please add the Katarina bugs I mentioned in my report? I would really appreciate it <3 https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/JL5nG555-katarina-bugs-914 I tested the electrocute over and over again. It seems like they fixed the bug where it does not proc at all, but Katarina is a different story. It DOES work but when i do a simple Q+E+autoattack combo it does not proc when it is supposed to. When i use my E i have to cancel the autoattack that follows it then use it separately to proc the electro. It might seem minor but the bug really hurts Kata's trades because that forces her to stay longer in fights rather than doing a fast burst and running away.
: Zyra ultimate that doesn't deal damage nor cc her target * Ingame her ult doesn't apear and just goes on cd. * In replay her ult is visible and even knockups enemies but no cc (stun) is aplied to the target.
: Okay so another big bug... If katarina is in morde ultimate she cant shunpo to her daggers. literally cant shunpo. what??? RIOT WHAT {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Bug test as of 18-07 17:55 ----- > 51 Karma's W on Champions doesn't reduce her Ultimate's cooldown anymore. [FIXED?] **NOT FIXED** --- > 27 Syndra's ultimate doesn't show the amount of spawned spheres anymore and sometimes her W goes on cooldown immediately after picking something up so that you can't throw it anymore. [FIXED?] *R spheres counter*: **NOT FIXED** *W cooldown reset*: Seems to be fixed (didn't get it a single time in 5 minutes of practice tool).
RuIe 34 (EUW)
: got killed twice in lane cuz windwall didnt block syndra stun and hecarim ult
That would be point 28, but thanks anyways.
: Morgana R cancels when using hourglass (I am assuming this is a bug, if not there is no point playing her again until it's reverted).
oh, I think it's a bug.
: And why did u made this?
Maybe to help the developers, but I don't think they even go on the boards, so maybe it's just for nothing...
: I don't get freezes when Xerath Q's
Maybe they fixed it, also the freezes are really short.
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