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Ficuss (EUW)
: "make them remember you" mission unachievable?
You neglected to count the 5 weekly repeats of the "Play Like The Pros" mission, this brings the total up to exactly 50. ( Edit: 55 if you count the K/DA missions in fact, i'm not sure if these count towards the total however) I have a related issue though which i have submitted a support ticket for but i would like to know if anyone shares the issue; i have yet to see the "Make Them Remember You" mission appear in my log despite completing every single worlds mission bar the "Watch and Earn" missions (for which i am desperately trying to finish before the deadline) as and when they became available. Has anyone else had this problem or has the mission appeared for all of you?
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: Riot is not responsible for your friends bad connection. Please fix connection before you go into second game.
These two games were unrelated, with different friends, and weeks apart from one another. Player connection is not the issue here.
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dogehkiin (EUW)
: Game freezes
since patching i've only played two ranked matches, both of which i had a momentary screen freeze before minions spawned but in one of them i later had a screen freeze that forced me to re-start my computer because it didn't resolve itself and i had no way of tabbing out to close the program.
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HistoRick (EUW)
: Update for custom games.
This would be perfect, 90% of the time private custom games are for shenanigans and this would just be the perfect addition to that

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