SeeS (EUW)
: thanks for your answer =D well i try to play it safe at the beggining, but then in team fight I don't know what to do. and I will keep on playing it then =)
That's great, have a blast! Try to figure out when you can splitpush and when you can teamfight. Playing teamfights as Tryndamere requires serious knowledge of your limits and possibilities, but with time you can learn!
SeeS (EUW)
: Tryndamere and the new runes
As a D5 Trynd main: metas come and go, but a good Trynd stays. If you are better you will win. Right now just focus on trying out some pages and don't take it too serious, it's preseason. Try this page: I KNOW IT's A VARUS GAME, but the page is something to try. Also Trynd has a hard time laning vs pantheon or ranged. YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP SOME CS! You don't have the right to any cs, take what u can get. You can still win if you keep your calm. Keep your rage in it's cage. Other things to try: doran shield/cloth armor start, put a point in Q first if you get harrassed... I can keep on going but you get my drift. Tryndamere is never in the competitive meta, but he is always in soloque. PS: Never stop doing what you love, unless you move on to something else you love
Eambo (EUW)
: [Teamwork - Close Combat] List of Ranged Champions!
Looks like I'm playing ADC {{champion:10}} !
TTekkers (EUW)
: That is quite the jump xD I went top into support into ADC (with some brief forays into the mid lane), but Maokai to Braum isn't too bad, they're both big tanks with defensive CC. Which ADC(s) are you starting out with and who did you play in the top lane? I may be able to give some advice :)
I mained Tryndamere top on this account. I just like kiting and right clicking stuff. I actually got to diamond with Trynd, but now I get feeding supports and junglers that get themselves executed near gold (LordSecretop). What has happened to League... I have to relearn the whole game to deal with all this stuff. Also it feels like whenever my support is filled and theirs isn't=autolose.
Savrak (EUW)
: Sadly there are a lot of support players out there who don't understand how their positioning as support helps the ADC in lane. A little bit of aggressive positioning from the support can go a long way to enable the ADC to farm more freely and all without actually doing anything because the threat of the action can have more impact than the action itself. This is something that has to be learnt and you need a surprising amount of game knowledge to be a really effective support. Both the ADC and support need to be aware of their own champion's strengths, weaknesses and where you can safely position against your lane matchup. You need to work out how competent your lane partner is and adjust your play accordingly and then you also need knowledge of your lane opponents, how their champions work, what they can do, if you will do better by playing more aggressively or more passively because of how your champions interact and trade, how and when to punish them while their abilities are on cooldown. All that knowledge takes time to learn and its much more complex than being in a solo lane. When solo its just you and you can focus on working out how good your opponent is, seeing if they understand how your match-up generally plays out and if you can exploit any weaknesses they show. In bot lane there is a lot more working out to do because there are 3 other people there instead of just 1.
Great effort on writing this, my thanks! Swapping from toplane to adc is like learning to play a whole new game!
DeRoo (EUW)
: Unfortunately you will get those games pal. I main adc/support and I check my partner in champ select everytime. So I can best judge what champion to pick. If I am support with a bad adc I pick aggressive supports that I can solo the lane with. If I am Adc with a bad support I pick something I can cs under tower with easily and 1v2 without dying. Like Ezreal, Cait, Jhin.. that sorta safe pick. It's HORRIBLE when you have a overly passive support as an adc. Try find a duo partner. I have like 20+ people on my friends list I used to duo with. I no longer do cos I am much higher rank than them now. But it's worth doing!
That's helpfull! I will check out people's before I select my champ. A good way to deal with randoms. I will also look into duo partners when I can, it just makes life as an ADC so much easier.
DeRoo (EUW)
: As a diamond adc/support main... I can say you clearly don't main either bot lane roles xD
Hey man I'm trying to learn ADC, I main toplane and I never had to deal with a lanepartner, that's why I'm asking.
: i do not understand the question. in many situations this is how you play. Janna and Soraka almost always play like this. If the enemy have a huge minion wave, even aggro supports like Leona will play like this. Because engaging in a huge wave is, well, a shiit idea. Accept the fact that in some situations playing actively will not get you fed, but your lane opponents fed instead.
I'm not talking about when they have a huge wave coming in, I mean when they are freezing and your support refuses to walk up with you.
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Jyu Hell (EUNE)
: is this a joke? the new mode?
It's the best game mode since the first urf. Better actually!
: the hardest one is the one where there are velkoz all over the place... you need to sit at a corner, kill that corner as it spawns and then move as a unit from corner to corner to kill them all... usually we kill them on the right (since they spawn sooner), start moving top, then left and finally bottom (since they are more farther from each other and the AoEs doent hit as many of them)... its doable... but its quite hard...
Quite helpfull here, thanks!
: i just won 2 onslaught games in a row with randoms... and im gold V... so... where do i sign to get on the SKT roaster?
I did it a bunch more times and sometimes you don't get the vellkoz levels. Then u can actually win
: Looking for players invasion-eune
I'm D5 im in! Will contact u after this one!
: Man I can't even make it past Normal
You can definitely get good or bad luck with the levels. But normal should be doable with a few tries. I managed to do the hard one too (easier with a full diamond team).
wildfox99 (EUW)
: it is possible,but you need to be good at dodging and to don't panic
Normal mode is doable with 5 coordinated gold people. Hard is literally impossible even with SKT. That mode needs to be nerfed.
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: But if you do that I wont be able to tell you a story when in game. :( I cri
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: Help me to find my main
You don't pick a main, at some point you realize you just wan to play one champ over and over. If you are not feeling that, don't bother picking a main. Play what feels good.
: My rant about the ranked solo/duo system (just my personal opinion, take this with a grain of salt.)
I kinda like the idea, but I'm pretty sure the people at Riot games are pretty smart. Also they have more data available than we do, so they probably know best. Would love to see an official reaction here. Probably not enough support players so the other 4 roles will have to wait indefinitely?
prololmatek (EUNE)
: I can't stop being toxic. Help
People will say it's just a game and it doesn't matter. Don't listen to those people, they are not invested like other players so its easier for them and they have no idea what they are talking about. Either you care about winning and it matters or you don't and you might as well not play if you have a competitive mindset. I'm trying to crack this problem too and it is a really hard one for some people. So far my best bet is to fullmute all and pretend they are all very stupid bots.
: How are you supposed to lane as a melee?
You can build {{item:3077}} or {{item:1053}} to get farm, you can let her push and kill her with the jungler. An adc without a support is pretty vulnerable to ganks. Also riven mid is really hard to pull of, she has no sustain and is melee. Midlane is a short lane so its easier to hide under tower. Also there is a 50/50 chance the player is better than you and then it's always hard no matter the matchup.
: So me and my friend are having a debate
ADC is harder than mid. Done.
: Make Yi a much higher priced champion
You can actually permaban a champ if you hate it that much
Couttsy (EUW)
: Suddenly Losing Games
The system actually works, so going off that: looks like you either tilted or hit a bad loss streak. Your winrate will always go down when you climb. Example for a Gold 3 player: winrate in bronze=90% winrate in silver=70% winrate in gold=50% winrate in plat=30% winrate in diamond=10%. Stop thinking about your winrate and focus on always being better than the guy playing your role on the other team.
It's terrible and all, but you have to admit that tactic is pretty smart and not to mention HILARIOUS! Just put some clown music on and let's go!
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Is it normal to get a big losing spree after having a sustained high win rate?
You are always going to have huge win streaks and huge loss streaks. That's why its win% and not guaranteed wins. If you don't tilt your luck should turn eventually.
: I Found The Best Way To Win
If I go in a game below plat, I can just /fullmute all and carry. No amount of flame can chance my winrate there. When its more close in skill it will only matter if someone tilts (the flame or camps actually got to the person). Talk in League is overrated.
: How often does a sup get honored ?
Man supports get loaded with honor.
: Instant regret for getting into diamond
Diamond 5 is honestly horrible. I talk from experience. It's like being back in bronze.
Insides (EUW)
: Props to the new honor system
This and the /fullmute all made my games a lot better!
: Rankeds
It adds to the grind. Grinding is not fun, that's why I quit maplestory...
: Which Riven should I buy?
Redeemed is kinda meh compared to the others.
Zednar (EUW)
: Oh really, clicking on "quit" is done unwillingly?
He is probably talking about connection issues. Those actually exist, not everyone who says they have lag or their internet suddenly died is lying.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys. Just a quick question. :)
This is amazing! Actually I have made a couple threads that volunteers reacted on. They are a huge help and nice people, even when sometimes I rage a bit, they calm me down. For me that has lots of value.
: What's a common thing you see people do but they don't realise that it's bad
Lmao everything if im not playing on my main. Mostly though people running around like headless chickens. People have no clue where they should be on the map. Under diamond you can win through splitpush alone.
: Is there any Tahm Kench main that can advice me on his builds?
Going to be really hard to find a main. You can try the site lolskill and see what the best people build. Might help.
Four Star (EUW)
: Bronze 5 here here looking to coach challenger teams
: "Be Careful What You Wish For" - Arrogance with League of Legends.
As far as the smurfers flaming you, I won't say it is nice, unreportable or good behavior. However it is quite understandable; they have better game knowledge and they watch you make basic mistakes, while you can't even see what you did wrong. It is understandable to get frustrated seeing someone play that way if you are used to something else. Then again it is wrong. Wrong, but the reason for it is clear, so I hoped I answered the why part.
: I'm quitting League
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: Bro I thought the same...Who is gonna honor a support. But I am getting constantly honored even in lost games...I am so surprised...I am not so bad after all :D.
If I don't know who to honor, I honor the support. Usually they are autofilled and I honor them if they don't feed too hard.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Feeders? Unskilled then? You have 2 other categories to reckognize people in. This honor system sure seperates mature people from immature. *whisper* Guess you are in the immature part pal.
Besides what if I mute everyone? I can't know if they are 'being'cool then, and I have the right to mute everyone.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Feeders? Unskilled then? You have 2 other categories to reckognize people in. This honor system sure seperates mature people from immature. *whisper* Guess you are in the immature part pal.
Good argument ad hominem there buddy, good stuff trying to attack the person.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Its not like we are removing the option to not honor here. However, you are encouraging people who normally woouldnt give a shit, to do it, cause its the lesser of two evils. Waiting 20 secs, or honor someone and proceed. But if you really dont feel like you want to honor anyone, you will wait those seconds in pure spite.
Man I hate it when people force stuff. Mind your own business. I will honor you if I think you're cool. Don't be one of those posers who just begs for free stuff.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: No honor to those who dosent vote!
No. When my team is trash I won't honor them. If everyone feeds no honor. I'm not rewarding bad teammates ever, period, nada, njet, go to teemo.
: Bro relax "toplife" mean the "top lane life" which means the top laners routine.. and i'm thinking of getting her right now
Do it man! Well.. kennen is unbeatable for all melee toplane matches and teemo is hard. I suggest permabanning kennen. The rest is beatable is you play well. Get riven, jumps for days!
roughvan (EUNE)
: Depends on players, you can't always win a lane for someone. Its normal that i try to do so as in s7 its all about the early game.. In gold/plat players often lose lanes and all they want to do is carry or lose. They don't try to play passive. For example i go top lvl 2 and get a kill on enemy top laner and my top laner still lost the lane. It doesn't happen often that you have 3 losing lanes but the problem isn't that you are not offsetting the ganks of the enemy team its just that once 2 lanes lose or sometimes even bot is enough to lose and they roam to mid if tower goes down if my bot lane played really poorly. So after they get bot turret, they can roam to mid and get mid and so on. Mid may not have been losing may have been 0/0 but once they snowball from bot its gone too. I may try to focus my bot lane if they are losing to try and hold on if my other lanes don't require much help and i see potential in winning if i camp bot. Also i've been trying to play mid/late game champions in gold/plat when im smurfing as games just last much longer and they don't know how to end and don't listen to calls. So usually these champions aren't really good in first 10 minutes.
I will see you point about a lane that snowballs out of control. For soloque however I would suggest focus on one thing and that is your own role. Over 100 games, if you are systematically better than your counterpart on the other team, you will climb. Try see it somewhat as a 1v1 of your role vs theirs. True some games other roles have more impact, but the more you play the more you get out of your consistency. This is a good soloque mentality. As for playing other roles, the role that you are most likely to play 300+ games with is probably your best bet. That is why fun champs/roles always win out for an individual compared to meta/%winrate/best role over the long run. If you like something meta even better.
: I feel so sorry for bronze players
Pretty sure I can carry bronze with one hand {{champion:23}}
: How to rise from bronze
Get literally any game knowledge, read a guide or a build and you will get out of bronze.
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