: check the Region / language :)
That was not the problem.
Sub Spice (EUW)
: Stuck in Ghost game
Hello! Here to report 3 months later and it literally just happened to my friend, then I played an ARAM by myself and it happened to me (last night). Find it weird how there's not even a mention to a fix or any recognition by Riot that this bug exists.
: TFT long que time - Whats the excuse now?
Maybe the Amsterdam servers are overheating due to recent heatwave, either way, I'm patient enough to wait a day or so for it to be fixed. {{summoner:13}} On a side note, bring back the old client please!
: Game gets stuck after game ended
Guess there's no fix for this yet.
: Game gets stuck after game ended
Been having this problem to. For like 2 weeks already. I have to ctrl + alt + delete in order for me to go to task manager. Then end the league of legends process in order for me to go to the post game honor screen. Can't even ctrl + alt + esc because the league victory screen will block everything otherwise. Alt tabbing for the same reason does not work.
LoveGiant (EUW)
: Username / PW incorrect bug?
Seemed to have been resolved, weird but it works now!
lil sinji (EUW)
: Could be update? Removing one for all? :(
I thought it could be update to, but it usually won't let you press the "sign in" button when it's updating/under maintenance. So I just ruled that out.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh cool, I didn't know that! How come it's not just a permanent feature as opposed to returning?
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Frius (EUNE)
: fucking hate this new client ,not even chat rooms and sound cant be mute by minimizing
Store is next to IP and RP on the top right, and the lootbox is next to the store. The Play button is on the top left, followed by Home (which brings you back to the front page) Profile (where you can view match history and ranks) Collection (where you can view champions, Runes, Masteries). Hope that helped you find your way. As for sound, on the top right, next to the 'x' to close down the client, there's a cog wheel where you can mute or adjust any sound you like. Also, if you don't like it, they said you can revert back to the normal client. Hope I've helped with everything : 3
cllara (EUW)
: Custom game with bots
I'm also wondering about this. I like to warmup with CS'ing and new champs before hopping into a real game.
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: From what I'm aware the bug is a combination of buttons and then pressing B to back. Someone discovered it by accident on Reddit I believe, but that was partially due to the fact his key bindings are weird. It seems you have to know the key combination to know how to do it instantly, so the only abusers of this bug will generally be those going out of their way to abuse it.
Oh in that case, ignore my comment :) Completely my bad. I experienced it in one of my games where a TF would ult in then insta back, and we all thought he was hacking or something. But anyways, thanks for the information!
Ertela (EUNE)
: I've never tried on NA, but im afraid of in game ping and lags. I know, sometimes you just wanna help and find out someone slept with your whole family, but in this case just let it go. Let them learn in a hard way. Ahri tank? Well, ii guess she ended up dead. A lot. You got reported for what exactly ? "He was trying to help me, ban him, please!" :D
Yeah I've learnt to let arguments go. It's a step for me to become less of a rager as well. Yeah, ahri was a friend of someone on my friends list, so I had no idea who he was. I didn't want to AFK either, even if it's absolutely pointless to play the game, just never give up you know? I think I got that classic "Oh he's annoying so I'm gonna report him" report. Y'know the report that most league players use if they have even the slightest issue with someone xD
Bénjí (EUW)
: Perma ban for bug abuse while it's fixed on live. I don't see a massive problem, I hadn't come across a single bug so I'm sure many other people didn't, and if they did, as I said, just ban the abusers..
So the champions that have the recall bug just aren't allowed to recall during the whole game? It was reported that over 20+ champions have had this bug. It's not a massive problem if you don't mind your enemy insta recalling back. And you can't ban them for abusing if it's not abuse, it's more like "I want to recall now, oh wait it's instant". I understand that you have not come across this bug, but that does not mean it does not exist. It's better to take ranked offline rather than you joining ranked and finding it randomly, then complaining that this bug exists.
: When will ranked will be finally available...... By the way i don't like to complain but the communication about the problem is inexistent!
To be fair, the status board was pretty clear that it wasn't going to be up for a while.
: i think youve ( once again) disabled ranked so you have more viewers on LCS. i cant say i dont see the reason, many noobs just want to instantly copy the picks in silver or bronze and you get a wave of toxic plays and players wich most of them also close the LCS once they start the ranked game. However its a low moove by you guys to do. I also noticed that when you didnt disable ranked players conveniently had " connecion problems " wen trying to start the game. {{champion:26}}
I would love to agree with this conspiracy theory. Except this bug was pretty intense, so I agree with Riot on their decision to take off ranked. 20+ Champions had the ability to instant recall, so I'd rather them remove ranked. Source: Experienced 1 game of that before ranked got taken down.
Ertela (EUNE)
: Stop being so toxic towards new players!
IMHO The best server to learn to play LoL would be NA. They're incredibly nice at lvl -20. From my experience, the couple times that I played, anyways. But yes, I agree with the whole toxicity thing, but new players should want to learn and listen to. I once tried to explain to Ahri that she was not a tank and to let the tank be at the front during a team fight. Yelled at me and told me to F Off, told me he doesn't need my help. Kind of defeats the purpose of trying to learn the game. I got reported after for this xD


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