: Searching someone to trade Xayah with
Yeah sure, I'll add you Btw, someone has to be in your friendlist for 24h before u can gift them something
Tayroar (EUW)
: Gifted new champion, no icon in return
Sorry, but if you read the post about there being a icon rewarded for gifting one of these champions, you could've atleast read the whole thing. Especially if you've got a question regarding it. NOTE: Both unlockable Summoner Icons can only be earned between 16:00 am April 19 and 07:59 pm April 27. **The icons will be granted within two weeks after the promotion ends.**
Altiverse (EUNE)
: So how is Xayah pronounced?
They literally say her name in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlalkAUkwqE
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: It took almost 2 years, huh?
Not counting this forced hybrid adc/sup combo, counter still going for me
Natis345 (EUW)
: Noxus icon
During the release of Camille they'd released the Piltover icon, afterwards with the Warwick rework they released the Zaun icon. Now there's the Galio rework, and they release the Demacia icon. So just be patient, they'll release the Noxus icon at some point too.
: Behind the Legacy Hextech Chest: "If you’re only interested in a specific Retired Legacy skin, they’ll all be available for purchase in the store during the duration of Snowdown!"
Retired as in retired from the store. Traditional Trundle was never in the store, meaning it never retired.
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: Just play her support, what's stopping you?
Any champion-role combo can be played, and you can have fun doing so. For me however, losing because the other (designed) support has the upperhand is not.
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Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: Tailyah: so many chills given
Yay we finally know how she lookslike! When I heard her name I thought she would be black, but I'm glad she isn't. No racist, but when I read the story I really pictured her having a white or kinda lightbrown skin. Plus now I can pretend that I'm Toph in my head when playing her. Her clothes are cute, her hair looks OK(I'm just afraid how the back of her hair will look ingame, as it's kinda spiky) I'm really really really hoping she's a Support, I would be very dissapointed if she's not. When do y'all think she'll be released on PBE?
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LuIu (EUW)
: Solo Queue Support
thanks for all the replies, how is Nami? she's free right now and I'm testing her out and she seems like fun will she also be able to carry once I've mastered her?
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LuIu (EUW)
: Best healer champion?
Thanks everyone, didn't expect so many people to reply! :) I think I'll be playing Soraka, tried her a little and I think I like it - though atm I kinda suck since I need to learn how to hit people with Q. Plus I don't got any runes or mastery points, and I don't really know what to buy from the shop or how to upgrade items. Is http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/soraka-healing-your-way-to-victory-406725 a nice guide to follow?
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