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Tsukaite (EUW)
: Riot please give us free dodge in Promos, trolls are no fun
It will probably not be changed since riot has a pretty strict system already. Riot doesn't actually want players to dodge. Even once. Sure it's quite a light punishment when you do it just once. But there is still a timeout and lp loss. If you give a free dodge in promos there wouldn't really be a penalty for dodging.
: uhm i didnt get it exactly. If you look into a bronze-Game you can see players would follow calls and hints where they can play better. Tell a gold player this and that and he flames you and going 6x Tear. -.-
Well that's the picture that you have in your head. It is not a definite fact. I would agree that higher elo players generally speaking become more arrogant when their rank improves. But when it comes to actual level of gameplay bronze are and will generally be worse than gold players. Their attitude to the game also varies heavily from case to case. I have friends stuck in bronze that complain about how they only get bad teammates. I also have friends in gold that complain about the exact same thing. However since gold is "above average" they might use the "im gold you are bronze so shut up" card. Which can follow into them maybe trusting their instict about certain calls. But I've played with both gold and bronze players that follow calls equally well.
: The State of Ranked Gold Players
This could literally just mean that you are getting better at the game and can see more mistakes than you did before. And these thoughts and feelings go all the way up the ladder. Some challenger level players complain about how other challenger players are completely boosted. Just like people in bronze complain about their allies. Ofc the gold players you have seen aren't the best at the game. But if you go back into bronze and look at how most players play you will probably change your opinion about them fairly quickly.
MarcuszP (EUW)
: 4 days for a response or more??
Riot gets to each ticket in time. Since it's humans behind the other end for the most part that means that during certain times there will be more. It's not much them ignoring it or something like that but it takes time.
Silmä (EUW)
: Why does the client suck so much?
: The time where you could call LoL a good game is over since a long time. Lethality, and the stealth rework just killed it entirely. Its only oneshot or get oneshot, fun, or game Quality is nothing that LoL provides.
That's your opinion but many people still like the game and keep playing it. Even though riot makes these changes. Lethality and stealth rework was better for the game. Lethality made one of the most op stats in armor penetration balanced. Which meant that it wasn't as easy to oneshot as an assassin. Stealth wise idk I like what they did to Rengar and twitch. And as long as true stealth doesn't last more than 2 seconds I think its fine since you can't really use it to move to the other side of the map.
: How can i see how much money i have spent on lol?
1. Go onto riot support and submit a ticket. 2. Then you choose "account management, data requests, or deletion" under request type. 3. After that you choose "I want to know how much money I have spent on league" under the tab "I need help with". 4. Then submit the ticket and you will get the information you are looking for shortly. Hope it helps!
: My Opinion on the game.
I agree with point 6 and 9 (nice.). But the rest just feels like general "League of Legends isn't perfect therefore we complain." I know that there are some things that need improvement but all in all isn't LoL a great game anyways? I have got countless hours of pure enjoyment out of the game.
arbine (EUW)
: Red Bull is such a terrible company.
: Top Tips for Playing Bot Lane Post-8.12
I am getting the feeling that the way the balance team approaches the meta nowadays is not like before, say for example tank ekko, tank fizz, and other builds that weren't intended are now being more or less allowed. Fiddesticks is seing a lot of play in the support role but there is no nerf to make him never play that role again. I like this new approach and I think it's better in the long run if all roles become a little more loose with what can be played. Like top, if you need a tank pick maokai, if you need a carry pick yasuo and so on. This is the feeling botlane is starting to get, need more magic damage? fill in with vlad, need an adc? pick an adc. This also makes midlane a little more open and you wont run into the "full ad" problem as much in Soloqueue now that more roles have a flexible champion pool.
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: Greetings. Don't worry, you're still getting honored ^^ The pop-ups just haven't been implemented into the new client yet. _(I recently received a ribbon without noticing because of the missing pop-ups, it was a pleasant surprise :P )_
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McLarenF1LM (EUNE)
: About Vilemaw, the boss on the Twisted Three line
Meh, treeline will probably go like crystal scar did eventually.
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TDL Demon (EUW)
: Silver Team Looking For Players
Age:15 IGN:Luchjo Current Rank: Silver 4 Primary Lane: Bot Lane-Adc with Jinx, Vayne and Sivir. But looking to increase my champion pool. And always looking to improve myself too. Secondary Lane: Mid with Katarina, Yasuo, Zed and Ahri Playtime: I have played 2 years and have about 1500 hrs on league. I play atleast 3 game a day if I can. As I have school and stuff but weekends I'm open to play 90% of the time.
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Skenged (EUW)
: Need Supp/ADC for Dynamic queue (Silver/Gold)
Hi, S4 Soloqueue tryharder looking for people to play with. I play a little bit of every role but really love supporting. I mainly play Alistar, Thresh and Leona but looking to expand my arsenal so to speak. -Luchjo
Shinuzui (EUW)
: You mean, you are so soly? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Luchjo (EUW)
: Game Crashed Can't and finished, all I get when I log in is "reconnect to game"
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