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RipJaw101 (EUW)
: LF gold flex players for a 5 stack
Added :) I play support/ad mostly.
: What you say is ALL true and i'm really glad to find a person with such refined points of view. Your arguements are excellent and indeed the developers are doing their best to keep the game fresh and have done changes to take the pro-scene to the next level. But, as you already know, it has ended up being really demanding for regular people and it's not quite fun to be forced to use a lot of energy playing a game, hell perhaps more energy than when you work:P.
Thank you for your kind words, I suppose I wrote this just to see if there really were people that could relate to me, hopefully it could somewhat comfort people, and possibly help people think from a different perspective. Yes, demanding is a very good word to describe the current state of the game actually. Even playing for fun, you really have to put in 100% not just for yourself but for your whole team if you seek any form of reward. With the addition of a grading system, it pushes their vision of being fully focused all the time. This is where seriousness surpasses actual fun, which I don't agree with, I like to just relax and not feel judged while playing. It really depends on what job you have :) I'm a designer, I'd consider it to be more of a paid hobby, which has easy days and hard days. {{champion:202}}
: I can most surely agree. The meta has shifted towards a point where the slightest mistake can cost you the game. Riot decreased the gold, exp and assist gold one gets for first blood one or two years ago, in order to decrease the snowball effect it had. Now, they have given a ton of tools to the team that is ahead to allow them to further snowball the game. They added the Herald buff that usually goes to the team that has the most control around the top part of the map. In other words, it further boosts the jungler's, top laner's and mid laner's snowball. On the bottom side of the map, there's the stacking dragon buff that also goes to the team that has the highest bottom map control, increasing the snowball effect even further. As if the above werent enough, Riot also gave more power to the minion waves of the leading laner. In other words, if you are ahead, your minions are stronger. Add to this the fact that, the towers have been turned into a joke and you get a seriously high snowball effect. I remember a time when you could safely back to the fountain and not be afraid of losing your tower 8 minutez in the game. Hell, it sometimes needed 15 mins for the enemy to destroy your tower. Now they fall apart stupidly fast and even the slightest mistake or even backing once can cost you your lane and often the game. If you thought that was all, guess again. Riot also gave teams a new baron buff that makes minions almost unkillable. So you have stronger minions by being ahead in exp, baron buffed on top of that, you have dragon buff that does increased damage to towers and a powerful red buff. What chances does the defending team have to keep their base in one piece? Well, none. And in case the winning team messed up somehow and the game dragged to 35+ mins, there's always another powerful buff to pick up in the form of the elder dragon. The game has become extremely fast, unforgiving, snowbally, unfun, fast and with no clear sense of balance. All these traits have made it really tiresome to play, especially since 80% of the people playing have miserably failed to adapt to the huge changes the last 2 seasons brought. I dont know for how long i'll have the strength to play it but if this continues, not long.....
I completely agree that the game has been rapidly changing, to a point where you you take a month out and you have missed two meta's, rift updates to monsters, towers, and whole marksman class update (a rough example). It is difficult to adapt to, especially when your play style is adapted to perhaps a much slower version of the game. From a developers point of view, I suppose it is about creating more than one goal for players. Rather than focusing on a steady early stage of the game, they have created alternatives to invite other options for players during the lane phase. With additions to all of these buffs and such, the developers have pushed the game into being more focused around team play, which I believe is why I still very much enjoy watching LCS teams play. Unfortunately, that level of team play is not often seen in general, communication is incredibly difficult, and is therefore severely punishable due to the game being so early snowball focused. I was a huge fan of the lore and the game art, the look and feel was somewhat inspiring. The Diana lore I found my favorite, the story was engaging and I could feel the pain of the character, from what I know, her lore has been simplified to something rather generic. The evolution of league of Legends I would say is tailored more towards a mainstream audience, which is good for the popularity of the game, the esports scene and is highly profitable for the developers. Though it's not a game that inspires me to play any longer, it is still a good MOBA game, maybe it becomes something I like even more than before, I can't see it but who knows ^_^
: Perhaps playing with a group of friends will remove the toxicity and refresh the experience for you? Just a suggestion ^^
I do certainly agree that playing with a group of friends makes the experience a lot better. Toxicity however has never personally affected me, it is a topic that is unavoidable when playing against other people, nobody likes to lose and when you rely on others to win, even the nicest people can get frustrated. What bothers me is how I see how toxicity affects others and when you dedicate 30-40 minutes into playing this game with them, it's hard to just get over it, after all, you get punished for leaving. Despite toxicity, the main reason I have shifted away, is due to the game no longer being exciting for me, the fast paced play style it has leaned towards is very try-hard themed, and very punishable for the smallest of mistakes. You are definitely correct though, returning to past games with a bunch of friends is great, thank you for your comment and have a nice day ^_^
: Sad to hear that your not playing anymore maybe after a few years you will come back??{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}
Perhaps, I don't know. the game is ever changing, only time will tell, and there are no particular boundaries for League of Legends to change and expand just as it has already. I'd like to think so, because I have a lot of respect for the developers and I hope the game continues to thrive for many years to come. {{champion:121}} Change is good.
Phorce (EUW)
I put a TLDR at the bottom, just for busy people like yourself :) have a good day
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: Looking for Top and Botlane for Team Gold I - S5
: Looking for Members for our team
i dont mind paying the top role if you like
Eulerius (EUW)
: I can adapt myself to the team!
You could play with us if you want? We have 8 members, it's a new team, all Gold players, We currently have won 3/3 on twisted treeline and 1/1 on summoners rift, so 100% win rate the team is called: TTJMAS , if you want to check it out, Add me if interested, Thanks
Eulerius (EUW)
: Looking for a Ranked Team
What roles do you need?


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