: league client loading
btw did anyone ask for the new launcher thingy? where did that came from? i had not heard anything about them adding it nowhere
: I heard that the European production team asked NA to host it because they've got their plate full this year, not only with the upcoming summer split but with hosting Worlds in Europe this year. No need to get angry, friend c:
okay, that makes sence. for a moment i though loser hosts the RR :D
L0ckSmith (EUW)
: last years rr was hosted in NA,right?again?why?This year's rr should be hosted in EU...that's bullspoo
Yeah thats bit of a shame i would like to watch it live but NA is wayyyyy too far for me xD
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
https://imgur.com/a/2SwIrWK With neeko in town to join irelia aatrox and akali soraka is hiding behind her cristmas tower
Scoot (EUW)
: Snowdown 2018 Pass
nah dw even while owning the pass it says you dont. https://imgur.com/a/3lqs6wY
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: Same here. I also don't have normal ranked games from few weeks. Getting pretty much bored and all i can think of is joining normal draft games to let the time pass untill some better days come for this game. Last few ranked games i played without any desire to try to win. This feeders, Pro League picks by non skilled players and the last few %%%%%%ed patches by Riot made me sick. I'm just gonna hang out in normal games and troll the trolls.
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: Asking people to report someone, sadly is bannable.
yeah and shit like picking alistar"adc" in ranked is normal behavior nowdays what is wrong with this game.
: Old client = New client
it would be amazing, been complaining about the launcher since it came out, having more problems with this "improved hightech" launcher more than i ever did in older one, fps got cut in half on my crappy computer, champ select is a guessing game if you can even ban a champion in the time how hard it lags at times, cant run it in background because it sucks fps out of your game too since two paches ago (atlest for me) it just a disaster, i would quit league but i dont have any other game that i could spend so much time on and not get bored as league. and i think thats the bigest problem, there was no real compitition against league before, noone to threten them so they just ran it how ever it was most beneficial for them. I hope fortnite overtakes league. Maybe then riot stop and start lisening.
Ãdelsïn (EUW)
: The game is being worse and worse and rioters keep ignoring our enquiries and issues that we face with this "game" , maan can't they write a topic about that to enssure their players that the issue came from their side ? because lots of players had already reinstalled the game or even their windows or even changed their pc specs and nothing worked out !!! DONT BE STUPID AND FIX THIS ISSUE WITH OUR MONEY !
how typical of riot, "there is a bug with rp gifting" nothing about fps drops. its ovbius whats on the top of the priority list...
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