: Just main Vlad, in my promos to gold last season: 2 of the games I carried and one of them i had to solo carry with only the Zyra one trick support ult being the only person (apart from me) that didn't feed the enemy team, Vladimir can solo carry if you learn him just learn him support and boom climb thank me later {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
But then you do and suddenly people discover that Executioner's Calling exists and you start getting shit on 24/7
: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
For a while it's always been an exaggeration with the ranked complaints. But not this time, while the LP gain from the placement games is pretty cool that's as far as you'll go. You can boost your rank easily there but once you're done with them, you're basically done with ranked. From Gold 4 all the way to gold 2 I never once got my promos on first try. Always had to do them twice or thrice and I'm not the only one. Then there's this stupid loop of win one lose one that goes on forever and winning streaks seem like an impossible dream. I can't always have flawless games I can't always carry the team but when I don't no one else really does. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing with mindless apes that autopilot the entire game. There are millions of guides yet no one watches any of them. I'd really like if Riot put a video in the client explain how to win games. But yeah, all in all the ranked system is %%%%ed and will be %%%%ed until and if they do something about it.


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