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: It's only the 7th! Chill.
_Chill._ ......And if someone else didn't comment on it, I wouldn't have gotten the pun. Dhuurr! XD
xaien7 (EUNE)
: new azir skin is unmasked?
Well, Azir is a pigeon and that skin is a rooster.... so maybe not? XD
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: I don't hate the game specifically, I hate all turn based games
I usually find turn-based games way too slow for my liking. However, Atlas Reactor is the first fast-paced turn-based game I've played.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot is awesome!
Yeah, they totally did all those things because they are a charity- It's not like they did it a) to keep players interested; b) to make more money. No. Totally not.
: Atlas reactor is a shit game, only played it for free inventory in defiance
Atlas Reactor is a really good game. The fact we already get people in this forum hating on it out of fear, like with Overwatch-hating, just proves it further.
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Endosa (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure in the US of A, you can buy those sweet pinkie shotguns at any age, or at least with the most likeley given permission of ya YEEEHAAAAWWWW parents. Not biased at all /s
And that's why in USA they get a school shooting per month....
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'm not gonna say it...
The issue is that normal kids can't buy guns to mimick him. But they CAN buy cigarettes to mimick him. And yes, many people are _that_ stupid.
alistial (EUW)
: why not make her ult after shes used the ult a ability where it makes her fly at the cost of 10 fury for like 5 second? or something
: Lizard, dragon. They are the same thing.
: Or the simplest solution which will satisfy everyone: change her walking animation to flying when she is out of combat. No balance problem, since it changes absolutely nothing about her gameplay, just giving you eye candy so you feel like a flying dragon. Your solutions would change her in a way it shouldn't in my opinion.
Changing her walk animation would already be a good step.
: she isnt a dragon shes a HALF dragon
She's stil made to fly. She ain't a lizard.
: Not all dragons have wings or can fly... there are plenty of dragons from mythology which can do less than what shyv can do. Hell not all dragons are even capable of breathing fire... some breath other stuff while others do completely other things. It all depends on what species of Dragon we are talking about... but shyv isn't a species that can fly.
SHYVANA IS CLEARLY A SPECIES THAT CAN FLY. Not only because of her body which clearly shows she's meant to fly rather than crawl, but also her official lore artworks:
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: [o rly](
Darling, you do realize it's been a lot of days since my thread? And google has changed the results?
: Just tell me.
: Tried when watching Youtube videos. he just looks down at a dummy that he accidentally shoves aside, doesn't it?
: He is uncanny valley stuff, so cute and so much non-creepy...that it smells like creepy. A little like Lulu: so plunged into a world of fantasy that she ends up being disturbing. This guy is possibly even worse, as it's look is not so unmistakenly cute as Lulu's, quite the opposite, it got something of slenderman-esque. It looks like a creepy mannequin. All in all, still one of the most "fantasy" champs made lately, and one that drips personality by every pore.
: He isn't creepy per say... just taboo. He is a human and still has a human mind but he has had extremely little human contact for centuries maybe even millennia... instead he spends his time with animals. That's why he seems so creepy to us, he is a human mind who has been warped by the isolation and the company he has into something not human which is what makes him creepy to us. Animals aren't judgmental so he can act as creepily friendly as he likes and has been able to do this for countless centuries, anyone who has had that experience would be creepy for us as well. So I think riot did an amazing job here, he isn't creepy because that's not what he is... he is a big friendly giant and wouldn't want to hurt a fly... but he is human enough and at the same time inhuman enough to creep us out, he isn't trying to be creepy but he is a feral human who hasn't been touched by societal norms for an extremely long time...
I don't think that whole "spending time with animals" has anything to do with what makes him creepy. I'd say what makes him creepy is his thin legs and arms, disproportioned body, perpetual smile....
: He's not even creepy at all... Christ, this is Teemo all over again. You see him with a nice lore, nice personality, but can't help but dig some dirts on them...
...Have you even seen Candy King's recall? I'm pretty sure Riot is aware that he looks unsettling.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't want to imply that's it's bad that way or anything like that. I personally consider it to be quite good this way. But it most likely is a reason why new champs aren't played as much, they are different, and unless you like the niche they fill you won't have any reason to pick them up.
Ok, I agree with you. Most players just pick the easiest/most OP champ and play that one. It's why I see hundreds of Yasuos for example.
: Just Want To Say Thank You Riot
Pretty sure they haven't made the game free because they are a charity. They made the game free because, in the end, **it brings them more money**. So, don't thank them. If they weren't making a huge load of money with this current model, League would be a pay-to-play.... which would be great for me since I'd find less angry kids online.
Eveninn (EUW)
: New Champions have gotten quite complex or... 'different'. Looking at Aurelion: For most midlaners he seems weird. Mages and assassins both mainly rely on spells, have CDs, and use burst. Aurelion on the other Hand has his passive/W as mainy damage source and... meh. **It's not like you get anything out of it, is it? So why bother with putting in the efford to get used to it.**
According to this logic, Riot would need to copy&paste the most boring and simple gameplay mechanics, when they make new champions. No thanks.
: Can Riot re-add champ voices to Champion Select
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! I like it the way it is now - hearing only the voice of the champion I selected.
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: Riot is sexist against men!
I don't want Star Guardian Taric because I have Armour of the 5th Age Taric, which already suffices. But oh HOW I would instabuy Star Guardian Garen or Star Guardian Darius!
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raps1355 (EUW)
: Idk i think its quite strong. The blind is very powerful and annoying especially with the new blind covering the screen mechanic thats been arising which im not sure why teemo dont get it too but still. Also the mobility is very strong its just unpopular is all but its not shit.
I guess she's better top, however...
: play her mid, or jungle. if someone says she can be played support, she can be played anywhere... and DAMN she is infuriating. I watched a quinn feed like a soup kitchen, but when they got their {{item:3812}} {{item:3087}} no one could touch her. literally 1vs4, where 2 of the kills were 1 shot's. I couldn't believe my eyes... what a scum champ
Jungle? Is that a viable idea for her?
candoodle (EUW)
: Do certain roles attract certain personalities?
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: They are not, I get massage that my report triggerd ban from time to time. Try not to report someone every single game and for everything and your reports will be worth more. More often your reports are false the less they weight and become useless
So if I get trolls EVERY MATCH then I can't even report them, because then my reports would be less valid?
: First of all, do you report people when they feed (because you think they are trolling? Because if you do so the system takes your reports as fake, and then they are not taken into account even if they are real.
I report people for flaming and harassment. I have NEVER received a message informing me they've been punished.
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lulencepro (EUNE)
: Ye, i mean, it was good for first 2-3 weeks, i was getting fragments fast,but now.....
For me, it was good the first 5 days. :/
lulencepro (EUNE)
: I had the same problem, i was literally getting 1 fragment per month. Yesterday i sent Riot support a message and i got one fragment,but thats it.
Those jerks are trying to get you to buy them, I guess. I knew Hextech Crafting was too good to be true.
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Estti379 (EUW)
: Well, the lyrics of your song are "the server is down", which they obviously aren't =P And I did read the other threads, the ones about people with hour long queues. None of them ever mentioned something about servers being down or not being able to log in. In other words, you are the only one singing the song "the servers are down". Because they aren't =P
Well, nice clumsy attempt at covering up your mistake. "It's your computer, you dumb.... oh wait, it's really a Riot problem? Uh.... welll... but technically it's not the _server_!"
Estti379 (EUW)
: I think you'll be alone singing that song. I was able to log in without any issues >.> If you want to blame someone, start with your own computer. If it isn't your PC, blame you ISP and a malfunctioning connection between you and the servers. If it is one of the above that is preventing you from connecting, it is way out of riot's jurisdiction. To put in words even you should be able to understand: it's not riot's fault.
Sorry, they already admitted that the dynamic queue was having problems and are starting to fix it. P.S. Every single person in my friendlist couldn't start games. P.S.2 Maybe you should read the other forum threads on the same subject before smugly assuming it's my computer because Mighty Riot obviously never does bad.
: @Riot is doing a TERRIBLE job at informing players about the behavior/report system...
I feel Riot is INTENTIONALLY not giving us informations about how the reports work. First, because they're afraid people might find a way to exploit it. And second, because then we'd all find out it's not working as it should.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
"Just one guy"..... on every match.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh, it's flame. Ok then. No ban needed isn't it.
Magneset (EUW)
: You got a punishment. So the report works just fine. Also you have no way of knowing if he lied.
Yeah, it works fine when it's me apparently. Not others.
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