: I can agree Nasus gets out of hand quickly, especially if you haven't fought him much before and the +12 change baffles me considering the one time I had to go against Nasus, he was at 500 stacks by 25 minutes before the change. Not fun. As for Vayne, she really shouldn't have the 3 hit passive. That would be like Cho'gath getting his feast off every 5 seconds or less and while Cho'gath does a lot of damage, it doesn't grant him invisibility and he needs to be up close and personal unlike Vayne who can tumble and be invisible pretty much all the time. Too many champions to ban. Honestly? The power creep is going to kill the game soon at this rate. They seem to buff everyone's damage instead of nerfing it thus making it even more unbalanced than it should. Conqueror being another problem.
Conqueror needs to be a thing with champions like Nasus though. He becomes this unstoppable mess that if you don't have conqueror then you might as well forget about him because you wont do a scratch of damage
: Lucian needs nerfing vayne is alright Also nerf Pyke, Rengar, Riven and Yasuo. Nasus's slow just needs to be less insane.
Yeaaa lucian is pretty nuts, but i feel like I can actually kill him cause he cant go invis or dash away every 1 second
Cubidyow (EUW)
: I think Nasus stacking is fine, what makes him obnoxious is that W, meaning you can not choose your trades, once he is ahead.
I agree here, his W is a mess. However it's once he starts clearing his junglers camps for 12 stacks a piece where you literally have no chance, the W is just the cherry on the cake at that point.
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