: Its always funny when permabanned players post the dunkey video. It's like when someone breaks up with them and they say they wanted to leave them anyways.
LOL don't compare the average player to dunkey rioter themselves admitted they found his videos funny and said his references in their office, they reinstated his ban to only 14 days and he still refuses to play mad respect for the guy for having the willingness to not play this shit game ever again and cut all ties to it
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Some stuff I didn't know that I found out (League Facts)
The person tanking Baron deals half the damage to it so master yi's who solo baron are only dealing half damage kk :))
UkiT (EUW)
: State of the midlane right now.
ayy reason i don't like playing mid anymore you could add sylas in to spice things up
Bombario (EUNE)
: his name and his job at riot are written right below I did not publish it because its forbidden on this board. it is clearly not just a league of legend player. I know it is hard for you to admit that you are wrong sometimes but this is the situation in this case.
how am i wrong i have no strong opinion about this i am trying to stay neutral to this case cause riot stance is against creating new accs and that's what was known for a while
: Sorry you got punished. I think I understand what you are saying. But it's very hard to give you a definite answer or a list, about what is ok and what is not, because as you said that would be objective right? Of course, inting, cursing, spamming and threatening with reports is punishable. Those are the easy ones. However, according to Riot's rules, you can report any player whose behavior makes you uncomfortable. NOW, I am not saying that the report will actually be valid. It won't. But you can use that, in order to understand what they expect from players: which is to not attack anyone in chat, don't use the chat to turn a game into a bad experience. I don't think complaining once will result in anything (anything but tilt teammates even more), but turning it into a long in-game debate, that's a red flag.
yeah i know this much
Bombario (EUNE)
: https://imgur.com/gallery/cCR2cir
while that's probably not an official rioter they act like riot's speakers in some cases so i say it's weird they encourage creating new accs even if you might have been a bit persistent but those are just lol players no different than boards users i guess
: So they want toxic players to play the game. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} In all seriousness. How would you explain the crafting system? If Riot wanted to take everything back in order for people to start over, they would not hand anything over in the first place. And it's not even limited. You can get a skin for free from any tier. I created a new account and got Elementalist Lux from the very first box I opened. For free. So they told me "here's the best and most expensive skin on this champion (I'd say in the game), so you do not need to get anything else". The reality is, by banning accounts, they just want to make it harder for toxic people to continue play. It's like you tell someone: "you now lost everything, there's nothing for you here better leave". Now, if this person wants to start over from scratch, that's his decision. I do not want bans. It's a cruel measure. And I am certain Riot doesn't want them either. This is the reason there are so many warnings before the final permaban. It surprises me, how there are people that just fail to behave like actual people after so many warnings. _An irrelevant opinion about people who get banned:_ After I started getting Ranks seriously (which was the worse mistake I could make on so many levels - ask any high Elo player who 'cares' about competition, I am sure he will agree), I started getting more and more frustrated after stupid loses. It was at that time, I decided to create a second account, basically, to become a jackass. I've read so many rude and passive-aggressive comments, I wondered how would I feel about it if I was the one writing them. Would that help me release some steam on games that seemed unfair? So, after I got my first and only punishment, which was a mere chat restriction for just a very few games, even though I had seen it coming, I didn't take it so well at all. I felt unwelcomed. And not just that - On my main account I had the highest honor level. I got every icon regarding honors when the system changed. And with that punishment, I felt I spit on the face of every single person ever that honored me. So I immediately started to play as much as possible, to level up, thinking I would somehow redeem for this (you don't). And that was on an account I didn't care! I am not a saint, I sometimes get frustrated up to this day. But I cannot imagine how people repeatedly behave like that, on an account they actually care about, after so many warnings.
it's not just failure to behave it's (for my case) an issue of not taking these warnings seriously i meant if you think about it should riot ban me for this? logic: no riot: yes and riot does what they want and prove themselves right regardless of what you think is right i don't know if that makes any sense tried to express the thought process is all
Shamose (EUW)
: It's not the change in skill that seperates Plat and Gold. It's ego. Plat players suddenly are in the top 20% of players, so they'll let you know they are better than 80% of people here.
no difference between ranks in skill level then iron=bronze=silver=gold=plat=diamaond=challenger only ego right?
: Ok worst elo by far is ..
worst elo is bronze dude the game doesn't make any sense in this elo and people always flame or be hyper stupid 24/7
Bombario (EUNE)
: having trouble uploading screen shot as URL give me your email and il send it to you
did u try using imgur?
Bombario (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NYBVrKAf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-15T07:43:05.796+0000) > > did riot actually tell you to start a new account themselves? hard to believe give me a second il upload the screenshot
Bombario (EUNE)
: Face the truth
did riot actually tell you to start a new account themselves? hard to believe wow
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you imagine hundreds of thousands of games happening non-stop, it's not surprising at all that some games, by pure RNG will just end up a stomp, be it you stomping or you getting stomped. The factors aren't only rank, its also the players moods/states in real life, the lane counters, the snowballing, the internet speed, you-name-it.
the only factor that matters is MMR none of the dumb bs you mentioned matters.. matchmaking %%%%s up and calculate wrong undeserved mmr for several people then match them against each other just cause they were win/loss streaking
: help me understand this shit
i am not rakan i am ryze i queue as top/mid i am not into masochism of bot lane and if i was filled there i'd probs play zyra lux morgana sona but not rakan i don't even own rakan
Rioter Comments
: Annie in Wonderland
riot update my loot with an annie skin already
: feeding is fine, but don't u dare to type 1 swear word or the LoL reaper will come to get u. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
:D honestly i appreciate that riot even if unintentionally is trying to reduce cyber bullying in the game or punishing it even if it's inconsistent and let a lot of people get away with it, but at least they try i called that pantheon a moron and asked him to fk off and no ban just don't over do it
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Even if someone feeds or afk after mentioning it in chat, it is somehow hard to differentiate it from having a bad game. This is why players are troll feeding and lol I don't even know why they downvote this post(as well as few others of yours).
idk cause boards hate me and u are maybe one of few people who sometimes write something neutral under my posts but even you will eventually hate me without knowing like others do
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hdBh2fEj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-14T18:14:09.019+0000) > > good if his damage is low that's good because he's now safer than ever and more forgiving to play > immunity to damage when it was just autos > larger ult hitbox and larger q range > > why in the hell would you give a champion like this more damage?? He is being played as a support... His immunity to damage isn't as good as you think unless you are dumb enough to waste all your Cd's on that. His "Larger Q range" Is negated by the fact it does wet toilet paper damage if they are behind their minion wave. You should only use Hold Q if you want to execute someone, poking with it is not worth it. tap Q refunds 50% of the CD and does full damage to everyone. He is "Safer" to play? How come? His E is only 1 Direction, Most champions have dashes to get around it and he doesn't get free blocks anymore. Sorry but he is far from "Safer". You will see in a few hours / days on how he will get hotfixed buffed. Mark my words.
just played against him and still insta deletes people just like old pantheon maybe the ones who play him are first timing since hes new and don't know what they are doing his damage is fine
: Played against several pantheons, His damage is not toplane material.
good if his damage is low that's good because he's now safer than ever and more forgiving to play immunity to damage when it was just autos larger ult hitbox and larger q range why in the hell would you give a champion like this more damage??
: Garen vs Urgot - Bugs over Bugs over BUGS :D
because his e animation can not be interrupted once casted and cc doesn't change that i hate urgot too don't think it's a bug except by knock ups maybe
: help if i will get banned or not
he lives up to his username are you really tunisian btw? (just guessed from username)
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Oh! If you're playing ranked, from Lp gain and loss, we can somewhat estimate in which range the mmr is and ofcourse this can change with winning/losing streaks. If you're gaining more LP and losing less, your mmr is higher than the current rank's mmr range(by few divisions); if LP gain is slightly above the loss, mmr is nearby the current rank's mmr-slightly higher like 1 rank. if LP gain is lesser or equal to LP lost, mmr is lower than or equal to the current rank's mmr. Imo ranking is pessimistic, so we will always be placed in ranks lower than our mmr. With 100+ games it usually gets to the actual mmr and after that it is slightly difficult to climb faster unless there are constant winning streaks and high win ratio.
i wasn't playing ranked that's why i made the post boards thinks idk what's the difference between ranked and normal mmr ik they are different but they estimate regardless of ranked games even unranked accounts get estimated to a rank based on their general performace not just their last ranked games with this site
why is riot so good at coming up with shitty ideas like this wtf is an eternal
: What a garbage player behaviour system
>They just ban one person and let other people get away with their disgusting behaviour I agree, but it's funny when your team dislikes you and tries to get you banned by lying and calling for reports, if you know system well you won't get banned dw
Silent Note (EUNE)
: The new Pantheon is just straight up better than the old one. He kept his kit, it just got adjusted a little.
don't like the adjusments now he can "parry" magic damage as well i honestly didn't like old pantheon that much but his kit was simple and nice i still played him sometimes for that, now i would never play this new one ever and it's a waste of BE
: When I was new on this boards I had the most perfect answers with the sources posted, showing objectivity from both sides, coming with tips and way to improve the problem and all I got back was "stfu you don't know". For people like him I should not waste time making a good response just to make him come back with shit arguments and denining the entire system just because he is the one who is involved. I use the most basic way of understanding: more know better than one. If they don't agree then I also don't care.
oh i see now i understand more this behavior now tho i don't agree that more necessarily know better than one
Rioter Comments
: 1. It doesn't matter who flame 2. At so obvious flaming don't even know why he complain We know what he mean, we know what we answer, we get annoyed by someone.
tbh i'll never understand people like you at all and i don't mean that to offend really don't see any point of posting responses clearly showing your annoyance it's not constructive it won't change op's mind or anything idk what else to say
Shamose (EUW)
: I have an idea. Maybe you should consider the fact that people that work on skins aren't the same people working on balance. And that those 2 teams don't interact or have any effect on the other. So saying one thing should be prioritized over the other while both things are worked on by completely different people is kinda stupid.
average player shouldn't be informed about the internal work arounds of riot and that doesnt excuse it if riot really cared they'll underfund the people responsible for skins and fund for more accurate balance faster bug fixes and better servers but riot doesn't do that because their best interest is money and not the state of the game
: >why am i recieving chat restriction for this? Because you flamed... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
he flamed 1 a toxic person 2 he didn't flame much and thinks it doesn't warrant a punishment do you people really read questions literally and at face value? it's obvious what he meant
: riot. why am i recieving chat restriction for this?
don't wave bans at people cause it's bannable telling someone toxic they'll get banned is bannable ik it gives no sense but it's riot we are talking about here :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: > they fed the game away isn't based on just chat do you think i am that dumb?? Well you seem to want him banned based on one line of text that may not be related to his deaths in the least, hence why its ignored > always riot excuse "maybe they have a bad game" and these people blatantly admit to feeding and nothing Because as i've said, saying something in text doesn't make it true, its done to annoy you and it seems his mission was a success :P > lol if someone does the same dumb thing over and over and over again and says hes feeding and his team asks him to stop or call him out and he never stops and says hes feeding that's just inting to me idc how bad of a game it's stubborness into giving enemy advantage and admitting to feeding should be punishable You can call him out for being bad all you like, but you also don't seem to understand there is a difference between being bad and intentionally feeding, and this is why you're not in charge of punishments :P
one line of text? he argued about other dumb stuff u don't need to see but this is just kind of stubborn feeders who riot needs to ban but they don't ban they instead ban executing to towers and other dumb shit but invading jungle and dying 7 times in a row isn't bannable
: 2.5K Elderwood Arhi Wallpaper
it's as if ahri and neeko fused together
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because what they say in chat doesn't mean much, i can joke about feeding and then just have a really bad match, doesn't mean i fed
they fed the game away isn't based on just chat do you think i am that dumb?? always riot excuse "maybe they have a bad game" and these people blatantly admit to feeding and nothing lol if someone does the same dumb thing over and over and over again and says hes feeding and his team asks him to stop or call him out and he never stops and says hes feeding that's just inting to me idc how bad of a game it's stubborness into giving enemy advantage and admitting to feeding should be punishable
Rioter Comments
iaapvper (EUW)
question is this ranked? cause from "don't come mid" line it sounds like normals blind why you give a shit about normals dude, i play trynd jung mid bot idc what lane anymore as long as you are confident you are good at your champ you don't need to care about which lane you go in low mmr blind pick games, shit laning phase is the least impactful when games last 40 minutes long also stop being this toxic it does none no good
: people say sivir is god tier! is it true?!
this is like me trying to figure out why kaisa was broken before i know what ff is (the rune not /ff)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >am i given xp by knowing how much exactly i got from each game? yes because you can farm it, the more you play the more xp you get, on the other hand you wont get more honor for playing... (well i should say not that much more...)
no i will not farm it i have better things to do than sit on my ass and play more games than i could enjoy and btw that doesn't mean you are not earning it stil..
Uraraka (EUNE)
: MMR isn't visible and any site giving mmr is just an estimation, not at all accurate. I don't see any game history op.gg or league of graphs.
because this is not the active account i am using in game lols
: I had 60% winrate on trynd on normals
I AM TROLLING BECAUSE OF DATA I GOT FROM 3RD PARTY SITE THAT I CANT UNDERSTAND boards pettiness level...everything they don't like=troll yikes
: ignore Luther, big troll on the forums. so many posts recently with %%%%%%ed ideas/ questions {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
ignore Smörgåshatten doesn't post anything helpful in a post asking for help just get out dude, none has to start dumb witch hunts when most boards posts go 300 views and 0 replies do you think ignoring a thread is somehow a special treatment? it's the norm, most threads get ignored and your pettiness will not help anything
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Normals have their own MMR. Therefore they do not affect the ranked MMR and are not based on that. Also MMR given by op.gg is... well... in the best possible wrong (and in the worst, imagine yourself).
if i imagine myself i'd say this is accurate i am bronze 4 and since i picked trynd and consulted for best build etc i am playing a bit above my level in normals and winning games where i shouldn't have won if i played something else i am not good at the only problem i am still playing and mmr is still there with positive winrate being stuck at bad mmr with positive winrate doesn't make any sense to me
Wen294 (EUW)
: Yes. Yes you're being an asshole then. And yes sometimes you should just mute people. If you mute people that seem to be an asshole (no need to inform them of this btw) and just don't use chat to say negative things towards teammates. Whether that's passive agressive notes or just direct flaming/blaming (or report calling) then you'll gain honour levels at a reasonable pace. You don't have to be the kindest soul around, or the ray of sunshine in every players' dark days if you want to get honour levels. Just don't be an asshole.
ok thanks for the feedback it's hard to not be an asshole in this game cause teammates stupid actions affect you so much tbh
Hansiman (EUW)
: > the problem i still have mmr of bronze 3 player......according to league of graphs No site gives you your MMR, they guess. Besides, whatever they give you, it tends to be their guess for ranked. You were playing normals, which doesn't influence ranked MMR.
I didn't play many recent ranked games mostly only normals and that estimation has changed based on the normal games i played what does it mean?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Because normal games don't have anything to do with your ranked MMR.
what does this mean then? https://imgur.com/a/yajLSLq not trying to be argumentative but i think there's still estimation for ranked mmr since normals have no ranks they compare you to the mmr of rankeds instead
: I had 60% winrate on trynd on normals
not even 12 views and first downvote jesus guys... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Rioter Comments
Tarolock (EUNE)
: and whats the point? first you saw only the lvls, ppl said its not enough, so they added milestones, now you say its not enough, you want to see every percent... i bet if they did it you would ask for the numbers because percents are vague and dont tell anything.... so i say it again: honor is EARNED, NOT given...
am i given xp by knowing how much exactly i got from each game? i still have to earn it, idk what's this logic of cheating your behavior as if knowing the number will make you a nicer person in the end? it wouldn't it's just good to know and people have the right to know the exact number imo, yes
: So the system is to make the people flame less and not making them stop flaming. GJ!{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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