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: Fix your attitude before you make a new boards post.
Maybe you'd want to take your own commented on one of my posts accusing me of being salty while you were the only salty one on post..quite ironic
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DeejayF (EUW)
: It's 2019 and people still hate yasuo
Did he get any less annoying or broken since 2014? if the answer is no ..then you should know why
: I agree. Nothing brightens my day more than reading salty posts about players being permabanned.
People getting banned is sad not funny imo tho some chatlogs of the extremely toxic ones make it hard to take their side
: I agree almost my whole post was sarcasm.
The community being comedic isn't entirely false tho lmao
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YUxUA60R,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-21T12:56:03.307+0000) > > riot: it's your fault you keep saying things that are grey area but we keep blowing it out of proportions Note how you never even clarify what you mean by "grey area", as well as the fact that your position is questionable when you have to rely on grey areas as a defence. > also riot: someone wished cancer upon your entire bloodline? that's okay he said it only once Please don't tell me you're another one of those players who only believes this to be the case because they didn't see a punishment happen.
grey area: things that shouldn't be bannable that are only bannable because of stretching and a ban happy system (only ban happy at times it seems) yes the fact that none gets banned for that is a questionable system, please don't tell me because u don't see it they get banned they get away with not even a chat restriction many tested it themselves and got no punishment as long as u don't spam riot doesn't care
problem is the game has competition but lol players are so used to this mediocre game and they can't quit and devs have no pressure to improve
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: Right right. Everyone get punished eventually, I don't care if it's one time or many times. Get f*** by the system, see you later slip up guy. Clearly the system works. He doesn't have sufficient evidence that the guy hasn't gotten punished, or that he won't get punished just like he did. Salt :)
i like salt on my food tho not sure if it's good for my health
: Sounds like you're one of the salty kids that got banned and now is salty cause salt. The system works. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
eh yeah i might be a bit salty but do you want me to be happy about bans or this flawed system or something?
Shamose (EUW)
: No it's actually a person who slipped up once because someone was provoking him a whole game. With him being punished for the single slip up while the provoking party remains unpunished.
I love how both of the comments above are true
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Aryęnzz (EUW)
: People using LoL as a chat room instead of a videogame (SUGGESTION TO RIOT)
i am ok with this if they disable it for premades as well since premades never shut up and not everyone who is toxic has received a punishment before so idk if it will work
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah you're right. People intentionally feeding and flaming isn't the problem.
Shamose (EUW)
: Someone who is part of the problem isn't gonna tell me what's wrong with league.
He's not part of the problem he's talking about...this is petty
Shamose (EUW)
: Lmao a shaclone vid? You listen what this toxic shit has to say?
How does that matter? X person I don't like has opinion so their opinion automatically doesn't matter, great mentality
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Chat logs or don't waste our time.
You don't need to post chat logs for these entitled people they won't change your ban status just accept it
Pakushy (EUW)
: The Adventures of Jhin Jungle (Animation)
Make new stuff pakushy please..people who know you from YouTube watched all your videos already lol
Murdarici (EUNE)
: are my example dumb or you're too dumb to understand intelligent exemplars ? - you saying making expensive stuff that people NEED is ok ? so exploiting the need for medicine, food, water with outrageous prices to get richt is fine? - but making expensive stuff like ingame cosmetics that people DON'T NEED is bad ? is bad growing your business on people inability to retain buying useless stuff that's evil ? companies are wrong and not the ones that spend money on stuff THEY DON'T NEED ? wow you are indeed really smart, my bad!
Nah your examples are just dumb
: who else thinks the ping timer is too long?
Don' spam.. No cool down then
: Qiyana is useless in base
She only has red element in base duo with an ivern to get the nature one always
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I went to the bakery store and slap the f out of them! stupid money grabbers THEY DARE TO SELL BREAD !!!!!!! and make money using people hunger ! and they didn't invent new bread for so long they keep milk people for money with same product for 50 years!
Sorry but your examples are always dumb 1- bread is actually a service people need, none needs a prestige skin or a 5th chroma for a little legend 2- support players will probably help if you jokingly ask about how to fix your fridge, they are chill people unlike you...
: > then they'll say shotcalling with x score stfu or other annoying shit it's really pointless to talk anything normal with these people Oh really??? Maybe thats why i try to explain to you ignoring them is the best option? > the impact is to maybe make them understand what they are doing is not ok Yeah because a tilted toplaner we is used to flaming will FOR SURE stop if a random stranger starts insulting him. Do you even think or just wish?
: Well, you can write stuff like "focus on the game pls", "dont type, farm" or "reset and get baron". Probably wont have too much of an impact, but then again, what kind of an impact does "stfu noob" have?
then they'll say shotcalling with x score stfu or other annoying shit it's really pointless to talk anything normal with these people the impact is to maybe make them understand what they are doing is not ok
: > they are just speaking to a bad person If you are "just speaking", you wont get any punishment whatsoever. Only IF pour petroleum, i.e. flame them, you get a punishment.
how do you speak rationally to a flamer they are only interested in flaming nothing nice is going to break out the situation and i am not sure you won't get banned if u respond to everything..
graabbuu (EUW)
: Disable team chat
look for it? it's always in interface>chat..
Lowkey 16 (EUW)
: Any chance for a Unban ( 2 Years Ago )
wait for them to unban everyone
: Did you read my example at all? Every escalation needs two people at least. One may flame, but it is usually people like you "responding" to him who get the whole flamewar really going. If someone tries to set a house on fire and manages to get a small fire going, then someone else pours some petroleum to really get the fire going, would you say only the first person is to blame and the second person "didnt start it"?
no, but the one who starts it should get punished harder and these toxics who start shit are usually easily triggered as well, you could say anything except "i am bad sorry" and they will flame the shit out of you harder so i wouldn't call it deliberately pouring petroleum they are just speaking to a bad person who want to escalate the situation anyways and whether you respond to things or not might not even influence the outcome of the situation they will still flame
: > a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same The problem there is that just like in real life arguments, flame wars require multiple people. E.g. The support dies at botlane and pings the ADCs unsused heal. The ADC responds by pinging the "Braum - Respawing in 7s" which leads the "heal" pingspam. It escalates further with "stfu", "learn to press heal", "wont heal a noobsupport", "report mf trolling" etc. Now who is to blame there? Who started? BOTH! And that is way "caring about context" will only bring you so far. There might be a bit more extrem cases but the point will always stand: If everyone just muted and reported flamers instead of starting flame wars, there would be much less toxicity. > a matchmaking that actually gives sense that doesn't place people with huge skill difference with/against each other so all the petty wars of 'you are so noob" "no you" could be avoided and the games are less setressful in general, doesn't excuse people acting in that way but we should put some effort into reducing the likelihood of it happening The only possible thing would be to decrease the range of MMRs which can be in one match, but those comes with a big cost: Longer waiting time. And it wouldnt even help much. Most of the performance variation stems not from different ranks, but from differences in role-assignement (i may be a okay support and a decent-ish jungler, but i seriously lose midlanes vs goldplayers), day-to-day form etc. If you see your botlane stomped it doesnt necesairly they are worse players, maybe they are just tired and only using 25% of their true power. Or they are filled and can barely play adc. How could any matchmaking forsee those things? Its simply impossible. But more importantly, you are delusional if you think a narrower skillrange would result in less flame. People dont flame because someone loses the lane, the flame because the have no selfrestraint.
no only one started it, you can't both start it lol, this is what we call a shit stirrer someone who asks for trouble and likes others to get into trouble too
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Cause you have lower attention span than me lol
Bleedless (EUW)
: Why is the client so bad?
I think i am just gonna switch to dota not having locked screen is a bit of a turn off but that's way better than the shitstorm i am being put through for playing league
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: There is so much wrong of this I don't even.... If you construct a thread, you want to keep yourself within the thread. You need to know wheere you're wrong and where you're right. Blind anger leads to ironage.
Question why do you reply to a thread from 4 days ago?
signedL (EUW)
: >i can sympathize with toxic players because getting banned never feels nice, i know the feeling That's like saying I can sympathize with Jaclyn Hill, she released expired lipstics with hair and bits of metal in them but it sure never feels nice to have your mom have to defend you on social media. >a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same Even in the fairest matchmaking people in the lower ranks are pretty delusional about their own skill so I don't believe it would have impact in any way. >a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same This actually is a nice idea I would love to hear what other people say about it, I can also see why it would be very difficult to judge fairly when provocations are not only verbal and a lot of people here are provoked by people simply getting killed.
>l would love to hear what other people say about it What other people? They are busy downvoting everything and ignoring threads it might be Petty to care about votes but this is actually annoying lol >a lot of people here are provoked by people simply getting killed. You are just one of them ..enjoy being sarcastic always for the rest of your life ...
: That isnt the problem Im affraid about elo boosting I wont share the account im just asking if i create another to play with my nooby firend, will riot considerate elo boosting?
if you do it for free with a friend it's not bannable i think but not sure
: But wont i get ban?
don't share your account and you won't get banned lol riot doesn't care how many accounts you have as long as you are not "toxic" or breaking other rules etc
More0 (EUNE)
: i'm talking about people who talk about kids every game. Like, when you or someone in your team said or do something = kid, %%% you kid, %%% of kid, this children this days omg, etc. And all game talking about kids. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
More0 (EUNE)
: Disgusting people
does a dark joke make you a paedo tho or do you have a more convincing example
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: Why do the boards even still exist?
lol i think people upvoted first post because it confirms that report calling is chat-restrictable to them that's more important than admitting to inting games..
Timarius (EUW)
: ok, i guess you have something against every item in the game if you talk like that XD
nice argument mate the persuasion is off the roof
: I have a new expensive monster gaming pc so that shouldnt be the problem Its very annoying thoo
The game is almost unplayable for me now because I use a very average pc How did u afford your gaming pc? Really good job?
: I get huge fps drops since the new patch
Same...I think you need a gaming PC to play league now people who said you'll need 16gb ram to just run client weren't joking...
: still love you guys
Aloneylas (EUW)
: Lol Skin Mod
Trying it for one or two games is harmless I think but then you have to delete it and sprinkle your account with holy water to avoid bans
: Got my first ban and was wondering if this was worth a 14 day?
You flamed new and bad players riot doesn't take it lightly when you flame bad players but they keep matching you with them because riot are trolls Also doubt this is your first punishment
Timarius (EUW)
: randuin + stun + do not get killed in early
Randuin Is useless he gets armor penetration on his ult and his damage is too high even with crits reduction
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Etarga3ut (EUW)
: riot says that being toxic makes u lose more games
they are good enough to carry despite being toxic lol
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