Nickow31 (EUW)
: I leave you a friend request, i hope i will be part of your club. See ya boys
People still find this 7-month-old post :O Awesome! :3 Lux is the very best <3
Devil Teemo (EUNE)
: If your talking about them banning toxic players, then they sure are, just 5 days ago I got a chat restriction for 10 games because I was actually trying to guide people, help them in-game but was met with "fuck off" every time I did so, hence losing patience and flaming them. But hey, I am the one to blame right? Lets ban me because I swore few time and said the truth, instead of fixing the problem of players feeding and being crap. Toxicity is not the issue in this game, AFK and FEEDING leads to toxicity, and they focus on getting rid of the latter and not the MAIN problem.
AFKers are banned a lot; those hit with the /remake command are LeaverBusted. Flaming them has really no point AT ALL since they can't even see your messages to begin with. **No point in flaming them**. Feeders, as in "terrible players who have no idea what they're doing in-game and even though they're trying they completely suck at the game": no, you can't report them, being bad is not toxic, nor can you doing anything about it, so flaming doesn't help you nor your team. What are you trying to accomplish by flaming, huh? Does it actually work? No. **No point in flaming them**. Feeders, as in intentional feeders: these are banned rather frequently since they are very easy to detect. Again, they're doing it for the pleasure of ruining your game, and flaming them makes them feel better, so **no point in flaming them**. Here's what I really wanna say. You're NOT the **only one to blame**, you are **one to be blamed together with the rest of the problem**. You are not forced to flame, you are not forced to lose patience, you are not forced the play the game, you are not forced to get angry, you are not forced to get pissed off by other people - YOU choose to flame, YOU chose to lose patience, YOU choose to play the game, YOU choose to get angry, YOU choose to get pissed off. YOU are part of the problem. Not the main reason, but part of it, and you can fix that (if you're actually willing to, which i doubt). Learn to control yourself. Remain calm, it's hard and that's why you think it's impossible in those situations, but if a game is lost since min 10 because of an AFK, relax and accept it, you won't accomplish anything by getting angry. All about self-control. I know, you're gonna do the same as every other angry player and respond we with the typical _"BUT WTF RIOT SHOULD BE FIXING THIS INSTEAD OF ME TRYING TO AVOID CONFLICT, WHY THE FCK SHOULD I BE THE ONE TO HELP OR DO ANYTHING AT ALL"_. But you see, then again YOU choose to look for conflict and YOU choose to find a reason to flame. Not many things are fair in life, and getting angry to the little things like "a bad player" is just plain stupid. --- Anyways, have a nice day.
: How exactly can you win lane as vayne?
Easy: you don't. xd You pick Vayne for the lategame ;)
fLyShoP (EUW)
: Community
Most important thing is that you don't go down to their level. No matter how hard they upset you (through flaming/trolling/int feeding/etc), don't flame them back, ever. Ignore them and report them, only talk to the few nice people playing ^^
: He probably was upset about his own inting and your question was the icing on the tilt cake.
Yup. Gotta understand that not everyone has a good day when playing. Some might be already tilted before the game starts for whatever reason. Sure it is (a bit) rude and if the guy your asking it to is tilted, they might go ahead and think it is flame (even if you don't mean to), but it's probably not their fault (or yours). Conclusion: don't expect everyone to understand the question in the way you want them to. Expect any kind of answer. ^^ For example, if Teemo is 0/4 then you might not want to say "Why the fuck...?", since he's probably already tilted and your question makes it worse. Of course, whenever someone trolls or intentionally feeds, report him (no flaming though) :P
BexXz (EUW)
: because i stand up for myself. if someone calls me a loser, i will call him a loser back, if someone punches me, i punch back.. that is how we are brought up. and riot aka mother. doesnt want us to stand up for ourself.. all riot wants us to do is send a report aka tell mommy. report wont help me, i still lose my points and get nothing back, flaming atleast makes me feel better and no it doesnt make me play worse. it actually helps to vent. i understand your point but the flaming would be 10x less if riot would stop trolls better, stop smurfs, stop boosters.. stop ebay accounts.. instead of just saying ''u shouldnt flame'' look at what makes people flame rito.
Life is much easier if you don't have to try and look like the "big guy". If someone calls me a loser, I ignore him since I honestly don't care what that random guy/girl/it thinks about me, all I know is the guy who called me a loser is the loser anyways for thinking he's better than me just because he knows how to insult... If someone punches me, well I don't know what I would do, because really, I don't do anything to deserve a punch in the first place. xd See? Life's much easier if you just ignore them instead of getting involved in *stupid, unnecessary and useless conflict* which drags you down. There are better ways to vent than flaming (or trolling) the guy you dislike - go do something else, **ANYTHING**: go outside, walk the dog, go with friends, play other games (play with yourself? :P), go shopping, buy a rubber toy, use the rubber toy to smash it against the walls, anything really xd BTW, the "stand up for yourself" vs the "tell mommy" issue: this is where many people get it wrong. The reason many people hate the community is because of the toxicity in the game. And the way they deal with it is by worsening it. I mean, there's a lot of (as said before) *stupid, unnecessary and useless conflict* in this game, so why add more? There's no need to add more negativity. It's the same with Youtube comments, the way to avoid hate comments is to just ignore them: reply to the good comments so they rise - that way negativity fades away and positive comments get more visibility. I'm using this as an example, I hope you understand. ^^ I know it's hard to avoid, but if you respond to negativity (toxicity/flame/whatever), you just continue it. I just wish more people would understand this. It's hard to keep toxic players away (even for big companies like Riot), but the community **can** help, it's just a problem that most don't know how to - I don't know how to get all of the players to cooperate in making the community better. My point, let's all hate toxic players but ignore them at the same time, avoid trouble and make life as easy as possible. And let's have fun. :) I hope you understand. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Elementalist Lux
Yep. Animated background if you use the new client :) If you use any of the 11 elemental icons or the origins icon it works. :P Just know that she only has one background (unlike Sona or Udyr who have 3 or 4)
BexXz (EUW)
: problem is, what does he get for reporting them. he wont get his points back or anything. and not even a guarantee the others get punished for his report. i dont blame someone for flaming a troll whatsoever, that person deserved it. and yes i know flaming doesnt help the team but its the best self justice you can get, apart from trolling.
> its the best self justice you can get, apart from trolling I understand how raging it is to get a troll in your team, you feel hopeless, like there's nothing you can do against it. And it's normal to get angry. But even so, honestly, I would never accept an "eye for an eye" treatment. Don't flame/troll them back Why? Well, you bring yourself down to their level, then they beat you with experience. What I wanna say is, you're gonna have a harder time than if you just ignore them. I mean, you won't change anything by flaming them so why flame them in the first place? In fact, people mostly flame/troll because they want reaction, and if you react, they'll just continue, because it's fun for them. If you make the game boring for them (like, stay completely silenced or win an argument easily), then they'll most likely (slightly) regret it, since they didn't get any fun from that. Trust me I play support and have been basically studying toxic people (so many samples to study from!) for ages and trying different ways to calm them down. It's sad that I have to do this, but I do it for myself. And... if you just mute them and try to concentrate then it's just better (unless it's a troll, in that case, ignore them and just accept that you can't change anything and you just lost LP for nothing, they will certainly get flagged as troll and probably be banned if they continue that behavior, just relax that game and chill, no need to get angry over something inevitable). I tell you to not flame, because trust me, it's better not flame. You can relax way more. It's just a psychological thing. ^^ Any questions? xd Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
duckarp (EUNE)
: Because there are not enough support players. So there's either autofill or 30-60min long queues.
I don't play Ranked much, but in Normals i mostly queue as Mid/Support and get Mid about 40% of the time. That's probably thanks to the +10 supports in the free rotation, but I'm not sure. However, whenever I don't feel like waiting, then queuing as Support/Mid and getting <10 second queues is just great! :P
: Yes but they didnt get punished.
Another one of those "HE STARTED FIRST!!!" kind of post. You **never** (NEVER) have reason to intentionally feed or to flame. If they flame you, intentionally feed, or troll, you just report them. BUT you can't go and flame too or intentionally feed. It's not fun when someone else breaks the rules. But you broke the rules too and got punished. Learn from your mistakes. This is 100% fair. Plus you don't always get a notification if someone you reported got banned.
geminivibes (EUNE)
: control wards sucks
Well, whatever. You fill the boards with unnecessary, undeveloped posts with 0 arguments. Reported for spamming (more precisely, "Making a post that has entirely no purpose or discussion value.") From the [Universal Rules](
geminivibes (EUNE)
: where's the counterplay vs a champion that goes invisible? (e.g Vayne) there's none.
There is counterplay. It's called mind games. Prediction and anticipation. Enemy movement patterns. AoE skillshots (Lux E, Brand W, Amumu R, Lissandra W, Alistar Q, Thresh E, Thresh Q, Lux Q, Annie R, Annie W, Karthus Q, LeBlanc W, **and tons more**) to either hit them or CC them. General positioning: stay with tank so Rengar/Shaco/Talon/Kha'Zix can't go in, stay away from walls so Vayne can't surprise condemn you, don't stay too far ahead or completely alone. Also, same can be said to Pink Wards. **What counter play is there to pink wards?** That's right, I can't do absolutely nothing since that 75gold instant cast item reveals me, makes me targetable AND has 4 hp so I can't just kill it and hide again since it takes a long time. None of the stealth counterplay is 100% effective, **just as it should be**. Pink wards were broken because they were 100% effective ALL THE TIME, and were unhealthy gameplay for both teams. Also, what about the plant hating? Please don't reply to only one part of my comment... Btw, your post is utterly unnecessary. It's just a basic and typical "OMG RITO THIS IS OP PLS NERF THIS (even though I provide absolutely no information or arguments to support my opinion)" kind of post.
geminivibes (EUNE)
: MUST READ!!! Suggestions for gameplay!
Vayne's too strong in my opinion, so I won't argue with that. The rest however... I disagree. Pink wards were broken. Bad for the team needing it and bad for the team countered by it. Completely disables an enemy invisibility ability with a push of a button [Bad for the team countered by it]. Uses an item slot which is reserved solely to counter said champion's ability, and becomes a problem when you actually need the item slot [Bad for the team needing it]. Control wards are way better. They get the job that the pink ward was supposed to do. However this ward doesn't break the game like the pink ward does. There's no need to have an item slot just for this, since you don't need it in the first place to counter an invisibility ability. AND the enemy team doesn't get "outplayed" by the push of a button. This allows Riot to balance invisibility champions around control wards, which is a lot more reliable, instead of pink wards, which were broken. And plants are good in my opinion; what's with all the plants hate? All the plant haters haven't given me enough reasons to hate plants.
Zvonimir14 (EUNE)
: Who to main
*Fun* is completely subjective. You prefer higher skill-capped champions so you can invest more time in them, which is great. Everyone has their own taste and I don't think people should offend someone else by saying their mains are boring or whatever, since that's just gonna create unnecessary conflict. My main's Lux, someone you might not want to main since she's fairly easy to learn and pick up. My main reason I like her is her position in a fight: far at the back, where no one should be able to touch her. The second reason I love her is her 100% reliance on skillshots. Having all four of her abilities as skillshots greatly increases her skill-cap, and it takes time to master her completely. However, as you said, since you will perceive her as easy at first, you'll probably lose interest pretty quickly (generally how I think about someone like Veigar, who I personally find boring, but that's just my opinion). Since my playstyle differs a lot from yours, I'm probably of not much help. xD --- How about someone like Zed (even though he's not that strong anymore), or Leblanc? I find the new Leblanc a lot of fun. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I have a suggestion about the new client
Yes! Something I'd really want. I mean, definitely not because I want to brag... (shows **lvl 7, 630k points on Lux**) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: What is happening to the game right now??
I can't agree nor disagree on the jungle and the plants. Why? Because I don't play jungle so I can't really give an objective point on that. The plants are nice for everyone who isn't jungling. I CAN agree on the Normal Drafts. I really like normal draft so it would be a shame for it to go away. I disagree on your point with Lethality and new Stealth mechanics. Lethality is more balanced. Why? It isn't crazy overpowered in the earlygame, nor is it underpowered in the lategame anymore. It is balanced throughout the whole game. I really like how they changed stealth. They removed the one-button instant-counter to stealth (pink wards) which, btw, in my low elo almost no one uses, and the need to sacrifice a slot just to properly counter stealth. The two forms of stealth are great. Can you add some arguments to your "i hate riot and their game now, they fcked everything up" type of post to at least be reasonable? One more thing, have you played enough games with the new mechanics to truly know if they're bad or not?
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Does Fiddle need a skillshot?
Right now his silence is annoying to deal with. If fiddlesticks players find it more interesting for his E to be made into a skillshot, then great! Of course it's about making it less horrible to play against and more enjoyable to play as, so I'm curious to see what fiddlesticks players (and mains too) think. :)
: Too far? This joke went exactly as far as it should go. It's perfect. This should be in the next set of "crap skins" !(like Draven Draven, Urf the Nami-tee etc)
Except that they can't do it for the same reason they took away his cigar :(
kurnubego (EUNE)
: There are class updates. And there are individual reworks. And there are x number of teams working on these projects. It's not entire riot working on one champion. Uh. Ppl being ignorant :/
Exactly. They're being done at the same time. Warwick needs a bigger update, thus it takes longer. If Riot released WW before the assassins he probably would be crap since they didn't work enough for it.
: When a Joke is Taken To Far....
Graves can have his joke taken too far but he can't have his cigar?! okay no lol.
: i dont know why iam silver 4? ez , i was doing the provisionals won 5/10 and got silver 3, ez then climbed to silver 2 and got demoted to silver 4
**Don't respond to only one part of the comment...** Also, let me ask you a question: Why did you get demoted? Do you think you could've done better to not get demoted? Or is it that you have super bad luck and get bad teammates every game? I still think flaming is worse than feeding, not changing my mind on that. ;)
: Question...
> IF there arent feeders i wouldnt flame. Oh, a flamer... Sorry but flaming is worse than feeding. I'd rather have that feeder than you on my team. Plus you flamed him so he played even worse. > Idk even how this guyz got silver 2 / silver 1 (r: dynamic queue) In other words, you have no idea why **you** are only in Silver IV? > Well do u guyz prefer a guy that do 2/12/14 every game every fucking game (dont call it bad game, call it feeding on porpouse) or a flamer. You can't claim he was intentionally feeding in all of those games... --- Calm down. No need to stress so much. You've had a losing streak, couple of dumb teammates, whatever, chill. At the end of the day, you won't find that person ever again. No need to flame anyone, it only makes things worse. Either you reform and understand how bad flaming is, or you will get banned. Flaming is worse than feeding. --- Good luck on the Rift! Don't flame and have a nice day!
Xêm (EUW)
: It should. Ranked indeed is more serious but as a guy who dislikes playing ranked it'd be nice if my teammates would just not AFK if I want to play a game. Leaving a game is not okay, period.
Agreed, what's the point of the other 4 people in the team to being in that game in the first place if they don't get to enjoy a 5v5 match? Heck, what's the point of the enemy team being there if they can't enjoy a 5v5 match? If Riot thought it was okay: Why would I queue up into a Normal game knowing that a player might disconnect anytime for whatever reason? If it was okay, then it would mean I don't get to enjoy a 5v5 match properly. I'd have to worry about people leaving the match... Only 5v5s are fun. 4v5s are only fun if you have the chance to actually win, but the opponents have to be really bad at the game to lose a 5v4... --- ##The thing is, it's something out of my control. I can't control if someone will DC in my team. And no, I do NOT find it normal. ##Sorry, but by leaving the match you are wasting my time, the rest of the team's time, and probably the enemy team's time too. And for what? I didn't deserve it... I want to enjoy the 5v5 that League was intended to be played as. The punishments for leaving a game are fair, but I think a bit more strict should do. Many players just don't care about AFK'ing and that's not the mentality players should have. The only exception to that is if there is some crazy important emergency (example: you're house is set on fire). In that case, protect your life instead of a game's match. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Whats with the policing on these boards?
Seriously though, I'd think it's much easier if everyone spent 2 minutes reading the damn [Universal Rules]( They're there for something, but their objective is nowhere near to being done... --- I just copy-paste my *"[...] Naming and Shaming is against the [Universal Rules]( [...]"* text, report the thread if I find it necessary and then just move on. I don't expect anyone to respond me, and if they do, it's usually in a polite way, I'll happily say "np if it's fixed now :)". I'm not a Riot employee, I just spend some time on the Boards and am tired of seeing the same kind of posts all the time and thus I reduce the number of those posts. Simple, easy, no complications, no arguing, no nothing... So chill. --- But then again, maybe it's only me. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I've currently got 2 champions who I consider my mains. First is {{champion:14}} who I've been maining since S3 (way back when he was old sion... used to build him full AD). He is fun, fits my play style, and I've fell in love with him when I did my first decent play using old AD sion (which was a 1v5 quadra with the 5th having to run... it was when I was pre. 30 and wasn't that impressive but it's still a highlight in my time on LoL. Mastery points I've got around 50K and he is level 6 (I play a lot of ARAM so my champions are that high levelled). I'm not an amazing sion player but I'm pretty decent, I can handle myself in most match ups and I get a decent amount of S- ranks with him. Um cool trick etc... Well I guess the one where he can use the wind down from his ult to hop over walls (according to the loading screen tips... I'm waiting for the sandbox mode before I try to get the wall hop down...). My rating... 9/10... gonna be harsh he is amazing and I love him but I did have to lose a main to gain this one so it's bitter sweet. ------------ The other one is {{champion:223}} who I started playing when he was released and I've decided to main him about a month ago. The main reason is that I feel like I'm pretty good on him... plus it's a nice feeling when you get to save people's lives (and I've noticed people thank tahms more than most other champions)... Mastery points is around 45K and he is level 7 (currently my only level 7). I'm a better tahm player than I am anything else in the game and I can do some pretty cool tricks with him but I'm still nowhere near a master on him... I've got plenty of room to improve. Tips and tricks wise... this is more of a lore point but it's interesting... tahm kench isn't his real name. Tahm doesn't actually have a name nor a consistent form, he shape shifts to represent the darkness in a person's soul and also is based on their culture and stuff... his current form is from the gambler from his teaser video... who's name is tahm kench. So we call tahm after the person which he modelled his current form for.
Haha I'm not that old of a League player (playing only since S5), so I have never experienced old Sion. ^^' My first decent play (not really that impressive if I look back to it) was also when I was pre lvl 30, with vayne. I got my first ever Pentakill in an ARAM. However the end of that story is quite different than yours, since I'm really bad at Vayne right now, and thus I don't main her... xD You get many "S-"? Well that's great! Rito only gives me "A+" all the time just to say "Nope, no chest for you (thug life)". I never knew about Tahm Kench's lore, I've never really gone into it either. It's quite interesting though! :)
: I main Teemo **jungle** and Fiddlesticks. Total mastery score (rough estimate): Teemo - 70k Fiddle - 40k If you ask me, mastery score does't really mean shit; it's solely based on how much you have played a certain champion. For example, I could have 200k mastery points on Irelia and still be realy bad with her when someone else who has a lot less could be clearly better, because people have different learning speeds. --- My current stats on my mains (note that I haven't played much ranked): This account ("Jungle only" - Gold V - playing against mid gold - low plats) My EUNE account ("6Cookie9" - Gold I - playing generally against plat IV - plat I) --- I believe both champions are pretty balanced atm. I would absolutely recommend trying both champions out; they're really fun-to-play. I would not recommend Teemo jungle to new players though, as his jungle clear requires kiting and his playstyle is a bit unique. Fiddle has really easy clears and pretty simple ganks after level 6, so I think he's a good jungler to beginners, although his playstyle requires some time to get used to. --- Btw, if anyone's interested in jungle Teemo, I can write a guide on how I play him (I pretty much never do the on-hit build).
A Teemo Jungle main. Interesting! ^^ I have personally never tried Teemo Jungle, but I don't see myself playing Teemo Jungle anytime soon since I'm a terrible jungler in general. :v
Wen294 (EUW)
: Why can't i vote for multiple options D: No but seriously, i don't main any champion. Why? Because it's boring. I dislike doing the same thing over and over and over. Playing the same champ in the same lane gets repetitive. I just play some champ in some lane. Basically the lane is what gets left after other people claim and then i just think to myself 'who do i feel like playing this time?' which usually ends up something else than my previous game. For the reason that it's boring i also highly doubt i ever will main a champion. Sometimes i have periods in which i play a certain champion a lot (had a time for ahri, taliyah, urgot (and no i'm not joking with this one, he's a pretty funny jungler), tahm. Well i really just play whatever because i like the variety. Also your post is way too long.
Yeah sorry for making such a long post. I was having lag issues (250ms RIP ping) so I had nothing better to do (except for studying...). Anyways, it's great to hear other people's opinions. Have a nice day! ^^
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Wex0r (EUW)
: EU West is the best, i do not jest, be our guest, puff out your chest, give eune a rest, BE our Guest **Come to EU WEST!!!!!!!**
: 2 western brands copied in one product! WP China, WP! (or are these korean letters?)
Yeah, pretty sure they're Korean xD
Luxified (EUW)
: Looking for someone to DUO with for a push to Gold
I'm only Silver 4 and I'm not playing Ranked until next season so I'm not here to duoQ with you. But on another completely unrelated note... You have Lux in your name <3
Kkirill (EUNE)
: Thanks Riot.
Yeah, they're always kind enough to give any player who's missing just a little bit of RP (like 10-30 RP). I find it a great little detail to give to us players. ^^
JohnR94 (EUW)
: Cant Access Profiles
Yes happens every time to me... It gets annoying. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
rekt15 (EUW)
: Taliyah Kit Suggestion
I can understand. I really like Taliyah but her CC is not the most reliable, especially when going against hard matchups. I think her Q is not bad so I'm okay with it, plus I rarely use Q if I don't land my W E combo first, unless it's late where I can just spam without worrying about mana. You have to be careful though as putting a stun (even if it's only a 0.5-0.75 second stun) can make her OP. I feel she's pretty strong in the right matchups but suffers a lot in bad ones. They recently buffed her too, since she was underperforming. --- In the end, I don't know how to solve it. Adding a stun may be overpowered. :l
You should specify what kind of clips you want. Pentakills, wombo combos, 1v5 outplays, 1v1 outplays, flashy plays, jukes, BMs or support plays (or maybe something else)? ^^
Rioter Comments
: please post this on the NA boards too
I'm told that if it's a very low amount of RP, they can give it to you for free (like 1-20 RP), however I have no idea how or IF they actually do that. Missing 2 RP is pretty unlucky so maybe you'll find a way. Good luck! :P
: Assasin rework (ZED NERF)
You'll just have to wait until you can actually try this live. Many times people can see stuff as overpowered when set on paper or even when on the PBE. Then they get release just as expected (seemingly underpowered), and soon people will realise that's it's not that underpowered, and often balanced (sometimes even overpowered). At least, by setting such low expectations you can get a bigger relief. But don't lose faith. xD
: riot please explain
It's not like blinding Lee Sin will help you not die xD Sure his basic attack hurt but against a Teemo a full combo will just destroy him :P --- Meanwhile, here's something you probably didn't know: Lux can't laser invisible enemies or out of vision enemies. The laser gives vision already but it works if Lux is near-sighted (Graves/Quinn). It's funny how sometimes there are instances where Rito uses logic, and others where they completely ignore it. x) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Can we please get more adc mains in plat
I'm a Silver scrub that doesn't even play Ranked anymore. But what I can say is, it's better to have a plat ADC that fills than a silver ADC that picked it as primary despite not even knowing how to attack-move while farming to avoid harass (tilts me so much ;-;)... Anyways, good luck in your next games getting more decent ADCs to support! ^^
Mr Dude (EUW)
: Do ranged basic attacks travel faster with attack speed?
I'm pretty sure they don't. Since attack speed only affects well... your attack speed. Or rather, the time it takes for you to throw in another basic attack after the last one. I could be wrong though. ^^'
: Visual rework
Yeah, but I can only guess that any visual adjustments will come last. So we'll have to wait. :)
XankoBrat (EUNE)
: idk mate, u must be a newbie or know nothing about this game to enjoy it, i dont enjoy it since tanky meta came in, full tank with 1 dmg item np u die in 2 secs, and in the end of the game, The tank got more dmg than midlaner and the adc HAHAH how am i suppose to enjoy this?
Easy solution, if you don't enjoy it, then **don't play the game**. I personally really like the game. And no I'm not a newbie, I've played all the way back when Ivern was released!!! Kappa
: if i have ultimate skin in crafting it will gone when season ends
Your hextech crafting items won't disappear when we go from one season to the other, so don't worry :)
: This is the right answer... the packets that your computer sends to BF4 and GTA5 take different routes to their respective game servers. We can't generally control which route they take. We're continuing an initiative that was started in NA called Riot Direct to help facilitate the EUNE servers soon, though.
Thanks for clearing that up. :)
XankoBrat (EUNE)
: Do people even enjoy this fucking game ?
Yes. Actually some people enjoy this game. Don't think there's any problem there. We don't all have the exact same tastes as you do. Stop being so rude to people.
rayman878 (EUW)
: What to do
First of all, learning to play League takes time. 6 months of play is not that much really (I have personally only played a bit more than a year now, so it's not like I'm a veteran xD), so don't worry, every good player has started being a bad player. Learning to get good is just a normal thing :) You mention that most of the time you can tell your lane opponent is pretty good and once the laning phase is over you're behind both in kills and farm. That just means you have to improve your laning phase. It's important to know that, even though it has a very big impact on the game, the laning phase does **not** 100% decide the outcome of the game. And that even though you lost laning phase, you'll have prepared for the mid-to-late game. That said, it's still very important to do well in the laning phase. --- You should search for tutorials (whether it be videos, pictures, text... anything) on improving the laning phase. Some stuff you can look up are: Poking, Harassing, Trading, Farming, Minion Wave Management (that includes freezing, pushing, stalling), Setting Up Ganks (that includes both physically via CC or abilities, and mentally via clever positioning), general positioning, Attack Move, Warding. Then you can transition into stuff that isn't directly related to the laning phase: ganking other lanes, rotating, minimap awareness, jungle paths to avoid getting ganked. --- As you can see, most of these don't require you to be mechanically good, but just have knowledge. ^^ I can think that's best if I just let you explore whatever you can find out there on the Internet, that's the best way to learn since getting information all from one spot isn't exactly good at all. Also it's how I learn to play League :P Other than that, since I don't play top lane a lot, I can't really help you out on that specific role. GL HF {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hangule (EUNE)
: Just asking
Seems like your MMR was very low to begin with. If after your 6-game winstreak you're gaining the same as you're losing, then there's no doubt you've had many losses in the past that may have reduced your MMR by quite a lot. You have a 51% winrate, which is fairly average and the MMR estimate says it's average too. I don't play Ranked often (I think I've played like 2-3 games this month. lol), but I do know that my MMR is quite high. In fact, even though I'm Silver IV (I won't bother trying to get Gold because of the toxicity I'm getting recently in my Ranked games), my MMR estimate is Silver II (thanks to my 55% winrate). And thus I'm gaining 24 LP per win and -17 LP per loss. You can also check and scroll down to "MMR DISTRIBUTION BY TIERS" and match with your MMR estimate. :)
XankoBrat (EUNE)
: how am i suppose to play with 2s delay mate? no ping spikes in BF4. no ping spikes in GTA 5, only in league? this is not even fucking possible lel, this is not league anymore
200+ ms is not a 2 second delay lol, it's more like a 0.2 second delay. Still very noticeable though so it's not like I think it's low or something. Still, so many factors outside of Riot's control are in play when connecting to their servers. Even if you get like 40ms ping on other games, you're not guaranteed to get 40ms ping in League. Try pinging their servers before entering a game and see the results.
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