: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUsf-4bzNQE i think you need to watch this
> [{quoted}](name=Darkpang,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=n7WbW76V,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-03-18T01:57:28.896+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUsf-4bzNQE > i think you need to watch this I don't think I need to watch this, since my post has nothing to do with "I demand women in LCS for the sake of women being in LCS hurr hurr", not at all. All I wanted to do was start an educated discussion about the lack of women, despite no real disadvantages in abilities compared to men
: It might be partially because of stereotypes, for example in Korea you wont see female pro gamers because for a girl to play video games is actually frowned upon and even ridiculed, in the EU and NA female and male players are usually seen as equals, as gamers. though as shown in the numbers Riot released in 2012, over 90% of the entire league player base is male which is most likely why they dominate the LCS roster.
Over 90% !? Holy, I didn't think of a 9:1 ratio...
: Neither am I a psychologist or sociologist, nor female, so I can only make wild guesses. From what I gathered over time is that women, bare exeptions that prove the rule to quote you, arent that likely to have the necessary competitive drive to become pro at gaming specifically, which may just come from how they were raised, educated or generally less interested in competitiveness. Look at players like Doublelift. He lives for the show, for the drive, for what has become his job. I rarely find this drive in women on gaming or women I met IRL.
That's a point I really don't feel I'd agree with. Take the olympics for instance - a lot of female athletes, who wouldn't be afraid to shed their own blood in order to be high ranking in competitive stuff. I don't think you can pin it to "not being competitive"
: As far as i know it's simply because currently the highest rated players are male, nothing is keeping female players from joining LCS teams when they gained the proper recognition.
But that's kind of the core of my question. I don't see a point why women and men shouldn't be equal in LoL, in a sense of skill, reflexes and so on. So I'd really be interested in why it is, how it is, with the highest rated players being solely male!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I'm really interested into why I only get to see little pimple-faced nerdy guys sitting in LCS chairs http://bildr.no/image/MUpXK0VR.jpeg
Exceptions prove the rule :p
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