: Maximise Teemo's Mushrooms.
if you want to purely maximize shrooms, these are the most important items: {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} Rylais won't do anything for your shroom damage as it only increases Liandry's damage if they aren't already slowed. On top of these items I would recommend {{item:3115}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} a combination of any of these should see you right depending on the situation.
: For those who always complain about their A+ rating with their awesome KDA
I'm not sure how the system works, but I pretty much get an S- at least every time I win a game (and sometimes when I lose) with Jax. I also get a lot of solo kills. I'm not sure what algorithms they are using but perhaps they give more points for unassisted kills, %of a champions damage on kills (as opposed to poke damage) and extra points for turret and inhib kills? Would explain how I get so many good scores with Jax, even when my KDA and general performance wasn't great.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LynXerf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jrhyzfVi,comment-id=000300020000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-02T14:37:16.215+0000) > > You're in silver because you prioritize champion "mechanics" over lane control, innate reflexes and speed of thought, map awareness, strategical prowess, teamwork etc etc. You genuinely cannot see the advantage a ranged DPS champion has over a melee bruiser. If you even let Jax jump on you, you deserve to be killed. You simply do not hit him unless his jump is on CD. if it's not on CD, don't hit him. Is that too complicated? This game isn't about 1v1's, it's about 5v5. Otherwise Jax, Yi, Irelia etc would be the pick/ban priority. > > You are butthurt because an ADC stomper in Jax is getting a small buff. Awesome sauce. you forgot olaf, vayne and graves
I didn't want a long list, but yes further examples. This guys is QQing about DUELISTS being able to kill him. Why not just delete that entire class of champion then because he doesn't like them. RITO PLZ
: Oh at least from your named champion list you have 2 normal champions , Ezreal and Lux. Congratulations! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You're in silver because you prioritize champion "mechanics" over lane control, innate reflexes and speed of thought, map awareness, strategical prowess, teamwork etc etc. You genuinely cannot see the advantage a ranged DPS champion has over a melee bruiser. If you even let Jax jump on you, you deserve to be killed. You simply do not hit him unless his jump is on CD. if it's not on CD, don't hit him. Is that too complicated? This game isn't about 1v1's, it's about 5v5. Otherwise Jax, Yi, Irelia etc would be the pick/ban priority. You are butthurt because an ADC stomper in Jax is getting a small buff. Awesome sauce.
: Oh poor jax main , from your match history most of matches are victory and I will not play that sh** champion , because I don't see anything fun playing him :) And you try to pick ADC [ execpt vayne ] and try to play against tank with gapcloser , stun or low cd slow , then you will see what is hard . I guarantee if not jax main , you would not be plat. :)
Fantastic attitude. I'm plat 1 at 70ish LP. You really think I would be in gold if you took Jax away? I actually have had more success with Nasus, Amumu, Lux and even Ezreal in the past. Jax is the most fun to me - mainly because he can built in so many different ways (notice I've been doing AP Jax lately...). Don't be butthurt because I'm higher elo than you kiddo.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Patch 6.11, just wanna share some opinions
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jrhyzfVi,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-02T06:18:51.397+0000) > **Jax** > [new] LESS RELENTING : Stacks fall off 1 at a time rather than all at once > > Rito plz. > I'd call this one QoL mainly, stacks falling off just feels way better than them suddendly vanishing, especially when you just started the AA Animation. Just... no. This is a pretty big buff to Jax. This effectively draws out his passive for more than twice as long - and the faster he hits to begin with the faster his passive also re-stacks itself. In other words, Jax will be hitting faster a lot more of the time. It will make his laning better but particularly his teamfighting will be buffed a decent amount. > **Tri-Force** > > So as far as I understand this simply means: "Tri-force had too many different stats, some would almost always go to waste, we will Focus it on less stats" (it kinda was the same when taking AP away from sheen and Tri I suppose) > > **Stinger** > Pretty much just bringing it in line with other Tri-Force combonents. > I'm trying to think of Champions that effectively use Stinger, and pretty much only Azir Comes to my mind (all others seem to just aim for the upgrade, while Azir would even pick up stinger as 1st item). > And... I don't wanna Sound baised... but I don't particullary mind Azir nerfs. (sorries) Stinger was strong as a single item before, so the nerf makes sense now that it has 2 buildpaths again (Oh Zephyr how I miss you...). But Triforce will now take up it's former place as the go-to item for bruisers and sometimes tanks who want more damage. {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}}{{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} etc will all love the new Tri.
: Easy champions , who doesn't need mechanics ,doesn't need to know how to play got buffed [ jax ] , champions who need to know how to play correctly , need to know tricks , mechanics got nerfed [ Azir ], WP rito wp. Maybe just delete all champions , leave only jax , yi etc. and that would be enough , because other champs will become shit if u will do this like to azir , last time i saw yorick or rumble or urgot was 1 years ago , but of course riot , don't look at those champs better buff and rework those who are still playabe , easy to play and have nice win rates.
If Jax is so easy pick him every game. If you "don't need to know how to play" then I'd love to see you deal with other top laners who generally outclass you in lane, particularly early game. {{champion:245}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}} Oh yeah good luck just right clicking these champions. Just because a champion has a less complex kit doesn't make him braindead or even easy to use.
: "Swiftness boots are just too good compared to mobility boots"
{{item:3009}} Boots of Swiftness (Cost 1000) +55 movement speed. +30% slow resist. +10 movement speed when in your own base. {{item:3117}} Boots of Mobility (Cost 1000) +35 movement speed. +45 movement speed when out of combat for 4 seconds. (in addition to the +35) +10 movement speed when moving in the jungle or river. Not rocket science.
: I've watched a stonewall008 video about him and he says that when he was released splitpushing was the most effective tactic and he was kinda made for this. Just splitpush like e monster and 1v1 anyone who comes. But since this tactic is not as effective he falls off.
I haven't seen the video but that's something I can completely agree with. Unlike other strong splitpushers however {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}} he just doesn't cut the mustard in teamfights because his sustain can be almost negated when focused and his passive effectively makes him into a suicide diver - and then he is completely reliant on hitting the squishies with his Q to try to burst them down.
Kjelldor (EUW)
: He is quite strong right now, but what I don't get is why people dont just get mortal reminder/morello when he is fed. Especially morello, which is now one of the items that gives 100 AP is decent enough on its own, let alone when versus a fed Swain.
I tried {{item:3123}} against him with {{champion:24}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3111}} and still got completely wrecked. His slows stop you from being able to go toe-to-toe with him and then he can root you as you're slowed to a crawl and simply chunk you for free. He's completely obnoxious, incredibly safe (as if you gank him he just needs to root where he's about to walk and you have to go around, then his slows ensure you don't get any closer), and scales insanely well. Even grevious wounds do not stop his insane regeneration with the new "spend mana to gain health" logic which goes hand in hand with his ultimate. Why would anyone pick Vladimir over Swain? Both fill a similar role except one can be killed and ganked, and the other is an unstoppable wrecking machine more often than not.
: How to easily fix Aatrox.
He's out of meta (and weak) right now because he has identity/design problems which make him entirely feast of famine, yet the only way to make him reliable is by building him tanky which makes no sense with his kit and leaves him weaker than others similar to him. So, with this in mind, if you implemented the changes you suggested it would make him a far safer pick and allow him to scale massively into late game, AND it will make him the strongest champion in the game when fed because you can't kill him due to the most OP passive ever imagined PLUS he'd become an unstoppable wrecking machine who can dive into teams and they couldn't do a single thing to stop him. I'm afraid Aatrox genuinely needs his kit re-thought. His design was flawed from the start.
: Anything being done to tanks in ARAM?
I think simply due to the nature of ARAM you can't peel tanks as easily as normal because your own frontline is quickly faced with an entire enemy team too. I can't see how you'd be able to scale down the late game power of tanks in ARAM, it's simply the advantage they have in the gamemode. BUT, they usually are at a disadvantage in the early-mid because they can't tank enough damage and usually can get poked down before they can initiate well. Champs like Lux and Jayce have an easy enough time as it is, if tanks can't stop them in the late game then these champions become even more powerful in ARAM.
Rioter Comments
: Rageblade gives stats as you ramp it up... So at zero stacks it's cost inefficient but as you stack it up it becomes well beyond stat efficient (1920 gold with no stacks and 5893.5 gold at max stacks). That's what is intended, it's an item which stacks up during the fight so it starts weak and gets strong. It's got to be more gold efficient at max stacks than most items as it has a major handicap which results in the item being forgotten when it isn't (like what it's like for the majority of its life span). And you literally just proved my point for me... It's not the stats that people buy iceborn gauntlet for its the passive... So why the hell are you suggesting they nerf the stats and buff the passive when it's the passive that it's getting brought for not the stats. And guess what riot is nerfing the passive. And it is the damage that's the issue... why do you play tank ekko, or tank karma, or poppy, or trundle, or tank fizz, or any other abuser of iceborn gauntlet... for the fact that they do a lot of damage while being difficult to kill. None of these guys even need a slow... they all have enough cc or mobility on their own to stick to people. All they want is the damage with the tank stats, and as you've just said it ain't the stats that's the problem here... It's the passive. The only champion who uses iceborn gauntlet for the actual slow is blue build ez... and the trade off for that is that it does less damage than other ez builds yet it's out damaging them... why, because iceborn gauntlet has too much damage. The slow has nothing to do with this, most iceborn users wouldn't even notice it being removed. All they care about is getting damage while getting tanky.
Exactly, so on the face of it Rageblade is stat inefficient and not worth buying on anyone. Only when you take in the gold value of the passive, which is what make many items worth buying over others (and not just raw stats before passives) do these items become strong or in some cases broken. People do buy iceborn for the passive - but not the one you are referring to. Of the slow and the damage, the slow is by FAR the most broken and OP part of it. A sheen doesn't break anyone. But perma peel and cc lockdown on champs who have good raw damages on their (significanlty lowered CD) abilities, and then tie that in with sunfire passive and grasp and BAM you have a ridiculous synergy all tied together because of the perma slow. I'm afraid you are simply incorrect on this matter. Lets take the champions you mentioned - poppy to start with. Okay she smashes you into a wall not too far from her tower. She follows this up with a couple of autos and now if you are not comfortable fighting her you back off heading towards your tower. Without IBG she could use her W to give herself some speed and try to stop you if you have a dash. Nonetheless you can land a couple of autos in yourself while running back and perhaps cc her or dash outside her w. She will perhaps get or 3 procs of grasp onto you too. But, needless to say, unless you are already losing hard the best poppy can hope for is to make you back from the minion wave until you pop a potion or two. Now, WITH IBG this becomes a very different matter. After she smashed you into the wall she will hit you with the 30% slow. There's no way she can miss her q now which slows you again. She can then pop her w to boost in front of you, auto you to slow you 30% and again there's no reason she should miss her q. She will now be able to position herself in front of you and already the trade is looking very different. I'm not saying she can kill you at this point of course, but now she has already got 3 or 4 procs of grasp onto you and her E will be coming off CD again so either you can manage to use a good dash or heavy amount of cc on her, or she will do another round of her abilities onto you. Even if you don't get hit by the second round, you have lost a lot more health because she has her Q's on easy mode thanks to the IBG slow. The same for all of the champions. Sure Ekko doesn't have much problem getting to you, but of course depending on your champion you can either attempt to trade, dash away yourself or cc him. With IBG he becomes a sticky menace so even if you cc him you're slowed by 30%. I have no problems with slows it's just that on IBG it's like a free slow. You build frozen mallet for the slow, with the stats in mind. You should be building IBG (which is comparitively cheap and easy to build item too) for the armor and spellblade damage but as an added benefit of the tankiness it allows you to stick to anything. It would be like Trinity Force giving you 110 bonus movement speed instead of 20, that is the comparable speed difference. They could nerf the spellblade down to 100% from 200% on it, but the item from this alone would become broken. Why can't people see the actual importance of movement on this game?
: And then the Threshhook appears, CC'ing you whilst you cant use your ult and you get knocked down by some burst. :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Go ham or go home my friend! Surprising how many ranked games I've carried with it mind! Just don't even bother if the team has a comp like {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:81}}
: Attack speed is worth 25 gold per 1%... against one champion it's worth 375 gold... in a teamfight with every champion being in range of the aura it is worth 1875 gold. You have essentially stolen 1875 gold worth of stats from the enemies by just standing there. Also speaking of cost efficiency lets look at each item... iceborn gauntlet is worth 2600 gold in stats and costs 2700 gold... So it's not completely cost efficient. Frozen hearth on the other hand is worth 2960 gold and costs 2800... So even without its passive it's cost efficient. So stats wise frozen hearth is worth more than frozen gauntlet... which shows that stat wise frozen hearth is superior (360 gold to be precise). Now let's look at your suggestion... that version is worth 2360 gold... and costs 2600. You have made an item which was only 100 gold off being cost efficient to 240 gold off being cost efficient. That's a massive decrease and yet you still didn't touch the reason why it's getting picked... in fact you buffed it so you've managed to make the stats less cost efficient while making things like tank ekko more of a problem.
If you think it's getting picked because of 125% spellblade damage then you are very, very wrong. I'd love it to be patched to 100% - you will see absolutely nothing will change. Nada. Zilch. Stat efficiency is all very well and good but item uniques are often the reason they are chosen. Look at {{item:3124}} - its trash tier on raw stats. Only with the passive does it become very good. To compare items purely on raw stat efficiency is BEYOND flawed. The 2 passives on IBG are what makes it OP. The slow, in particular.
iRawren (EUW)
: Game mode idea - "Not so unique" - Removing the "unique" passives.
{{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} Everybody ready to get one-shot?
Schadock (EUW)
: anything with 2 sated devorer would 2 shot anything else, the additional on hit activating each other. provided you don't try to hit something with 6 thornmail, it may backfire.
I don't think so {{champion:54}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3047}} How do you like your negative attack speed?
: the topic is an item comparison and you're botching it because you're denying the value of an AS slow aura while vayne (or at least one adc in every game, potentially more because of picks that are more common now like jungle graves, kindred, quinn, varus and corki mid,...), irelia, yasuo and yi are abundant. even friggin tank ekko top is AS-reliant.
What planet are you living on? Are you actually suggesting FH can even compare to IBG at the moment? It certainly does as a standalone item. But that's not how items work. You buy multiple of them and aim to boost your stats and gain item synergy. IBG is the glue in this current tank-assassin meta. Without it, the builds would not work anywhere near as well. Sure FH is a far better defensive option on paper. But you don't seem to be aware of the effects of grasp, sunfire and visage. They all work in tandem together thanks to the AOE slow and CDR of IBG. Why are you repeatedly ignoring this? Are you trolling or are you that dense? Sure FH looks great but it's simply outclassed by the utility of IBG in so many instances. This shouldn't be the case. It should be "Do I want a bit more damage and utility or do I want full-on defense" whereas at the moment its a case or "do I want to be relevant with an OP build or do I want to give my team some AOE stat that may or may not be useful depending on the enemy carries".
: a stinger also builds into nothing useful for virtually anyone. the worth of stats is derived off of basic items.
So that's how you justify your shocking logic. Nice one! Also, let's ignore the topic of conversation just to make ourselves feel smarter shall we.
: you need some basic math skills to understand. use yi's base AS of 0.679 to calculate the percentage he needs to reach 2.0 which is 195%. do the same thing to calculate this for 1.7 which is 150%. you will get a percentage difference of about 45% points which is almost 4 daggers which cost 300g each. what you don't want to realize is that attack speed slows make him execute all of his autoattacks later, so they take effect immediately after his first autoattack. they make him kill people later beyond the first attack, they delay his passive, they delay his sated procs, they effectively increase his q cooldown.
You're an obnoxious little... joy aren't you. A stinger gives 50% attack speed and 10% CDR for 1200g. 45% AS is not valued at 1100g no matter how you twist it, or how long you stare at it. besides, we are at the upper end of the AS spectrum here, this is where FH is at its best and god forbid an item should be good when situational. Let's just get our "ideal build" and stick with it every game as is happening now ({{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} ) because the items work so well in tandem with masteries that they provide all the tools in every situation. IBG is the biggest offender because it allows the other items to work efficiently with its CDR and AOE (sometimes perma) slow. My original statement is still correct - you usually have attack speeds in the region of 1-1.7 on anyone auto-reliant and the gold value of the AS reduction is MUCH lower there. For defense against auto-heavy teams you SHOULD need to get {{item:3110}} . BUT, theres a reason IBG is still chosen above it - because of its synergy with other tank items. This is the only way the item will be fixed.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well i guess i should've mentioned another issue with your suggestions. Item is rather bought more as an offensive defensive option kinda for the damage and champions who get it don't really have trouble sticking to the target. Then there's the issue that your change makes both FH and IBG more similar and overlap at what they do, now both of them reduce AS(besides even the fact that they both have similar stats to begin with).
Where did I say my suggestion reduces AS? No, the movement impairment is exactly what's wrong with the item. An Ekko that can simply stay on you for 100% of the time because of the slow in between his dashes while his sunfire cape melts you and undying grasps wilts you down is not healthy for the game. This is a case of stacking mechanics. The changes here moves it away from FH, because now the CDR is changed and now IBG does slightly more damage by itself but with the reduced movement slow it should make it at lest semi-difficult for a tank to stick to you like glue.
: lol, you're taking attack speed worth 1100 gold from a 2.0 AS yi near you just by existing, slowing his q resets down. yeah, totally irrelevant. it should steal at least as much as 2 attack speed items so frozen heart's gold efficiency goes up to like...300-400% ?
Where did you pull these numbers from? I'd love to know. A 2.0 AS Yi will be reduced to 1.7 AS. That means he loses an auto attack every 3.3 seconds. You value that at 1100 gold, just how? "lol"
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Okay so Riot clearly recognises this item packs wayy too much power. Their PBE changes are to change it's spellblade effect from 125% base damage to 100%. This will solve NOTHING. Because what you want if for the item to be completly useless while Riot want to tone it down, but still be relevant. and btw there's also a nerf to that tank mastery too.
Useless? Come on, look at the item stats I just posted and I'd STILL take it over FH on a tank unless they had a vayne and Yi or something.
: do you realize that a 15% AOE (!) attack speed slow and 25 more armor against autoattackers is basically twice as much defense as gauntlet offers? minimum!
15% attack speed slow is hardly game-breaking. There are usually a maximum of 2 AS reliant champs on an entire team, and unlikely both would be within the range anyway. You will be lucky if the 15% reduction results in 1 less auto attack. 25 armor isn't massive either. I'd give the stats about 400-800 gold worth depending on the situation. FH does NOT give twice the defensive capabilities as IBG, stop being silly. Beisdes, If you consider the slow on IBG, this allows tanks to stick to targets better and thus proccing grasp of the undying more often (and whatever other sustain they may have...). Dealing even more damage and sustaining more, thus giving more defense. Movement impairment is absolutely far more useful than attack speed impairment.
Rioter Comments
: Vandal Jax
Personally I don't like the model or splash - I prefer Angler Jax or temple Jax which both look great in game and both have great splash arts now.
: Tyler 1 ranting about the current meta He is right..
The best thing about that video is the trolls in the chat log on his stream :D
: Ok so now i had to try: {{champion:24}} {{item:1415}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3068}} or does it exist anything more broken?
Ew that's a horrible build. 2 options I love to go with (at plat 1) with jungle Jax: {{champion:24}} {{item:3930}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3022}}{{item:3053}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} - MR is more important to Jax in general because he negates autos, and he picks up more armor through his ult active. Of course depends on enemy composition. I prefer this because the items give more reliable slow than IBG, more HP, more damage. OR, if you have gold and want to go balls to the wall and literally melt anyone with 3 autos **even faster than a fed Yi**, try this {{champion:24}} {{item:3930}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3111}} - You will be doing 60 bonus dmg through devourer, 60 through nashors and 60 through rageblade. You also will do more than 400 dmg through ult procs. With your AD about 230 you will be doing on average 700 mixed damage per auto attack. Not to mention with Jax's scalings and the CDR, you can do about 600-700 damage per leap strike and about 450 damage per W. So if you jump on someone, auto, and then w and gunblade active you will deal more than 2700 damage in .5 sec and then proceed to deal more than 5000 within the next 3 seconds through autos. And then your cooldown's are up and you can leap and w again. All while having 230 armor and mr through ult and 2400hp, and healing for 15% of damage through gunblade. It's incredible.
iRawren (EUW)
: Game mode idea - "Not so unique" - Removing the "unique" passives.
Ah man I'd love to go {{champion:24}} and build {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3111}}
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: The real problem with Report system (Not QQ theard)
I think you are focusing too much on the summoners code. Basically the summoners code = be polite to other people. You would never be punished for a simple "I think we need to play more defensively and hope to stall it out guys" - aimed at xin. Or after Malphite flames/threatens to AFk "Stick with it, they'll make plenty of mistakes, that's opportunities for us". Losing games = won games with good team morale. This is amplified the lower ELO you go because winning teams will make more mistakes and get more frustrated than at Diamond/Master.
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:24}} I don't want him to be banned, so pls no bufferino. Maybe a Sith Lord/Dark Jedi skin. Jax would be perfect for that. OP
: Buffing tower dmg would result in a minion buff needed -> 4 vs 0 would be how can i get the most minions. Because even 10 more dmg on turrets ruins the farming for adcs in a 2v2 lane probably making either a miniiom buff as said pr a new meta with adc solo laners(probably mid lane) and mages and assassins bot lane.
Not true, all you would have to do is buff the tower damage to champions, minions would be unaffected. I think a variety of things needs to be implemented, such as the following: Towers have +25% damage to champions Outter towers have +25% HP I think the majority of the community want this for ranked, plus it would make the competitive scene better as they would be easier to defend. You simply cannot stop a 4v0 tower stomp.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Don't we all miss that, it is how I have continually said for the last few years. League is becoming a TV show. Everything about it is balanced around what brings in VIEWERS, not players, because they surely make considerably more money from Esports than us players. Regardless if WE made it happen, if WE made this game big. IF WE CAUSED THEIR SUCCESS. I mean seriously. who else misses the times when league had a small playerbase, where nearly everyone knew everyone else. A time where no one got stressed and flamed, a time where the forums consisted of a conglomerate of constructive idea's and RESPONSIVE developers... A time of fun. On a side note. Yes. Fucking Jax. I'm genuinely tired of seeing a games ending become solely dependent on Jax. Take C9 vs CLG; Rush was an absolute god among players that that game, with a very high, mechanically skill based champion that requires meticulous thought at all stages of the game, a champion that has had nerf after nerf after nerf. Yet he persisted. Only for ALL of his hard work to be wiped clean at the end of the game because one guy decided to pick that one champion who pressed those two buttons then that third button to win any fight regardless if he is against one, two, three, four or five players.
You seem to forget that mechanical skills are not the entire envelope of a player's ability. Awareness, tactical prowess, timing, game knowledge, quick decision making are all huge factors too. The Jax was massively up in gold because he controlled the game so well, he knew when to split, when to force towers down, when to fight and when to engage. He died a few times to gain an advantage for the team. These players can all q, ward hop and ult with Lee Sin, it isn't as difficult as it looks. Your sentence just made it sound like Jax was 0/8/2 and feeding, then destroyed everyone. No, he had a huge amount of gold from pressing C9, taking kills and towers, making them try to force fights where they shouldn't (dat tower dive tho, that baron tho), and then captialising on them after they burned their cooldowns. Maybe I'm alone in appreciating the tactics beyond "5v5 teamfight mid, best mechanical skill wins".
: New pick system is not fit for purpose
One possible solution is to give a 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 chance to make someone support role even though they have not selected it or fill as their main or secondary role. This would lesson the burden on those who select it as their secondary role. Another thing worth noting is that it is pretty clear that the support role still needs some loving. I'd say it's in a much healthier position now than it was 2 seasons ago but it could still use some love. The following masteries would be nice: **Being close to a minion without dealing the killing blow gives a stacking effect:** FEROCITY TREE - **0.05%** armor and magic resist reduction on your most recently attacked enemy for 5 seconds. CUNNING TREE - **0.1%** cooldown reduction RESOLVE TREE - **3** Permanent HP If these were placed on the second or fourth tier of each tree, they would be accessible to supports, and would be a nice buff for them. There's no reason supports shouldn't be able to carry games more regularly. They are already tasked with babysitting another champion for the laning phase of the game, they should be rewarded for this.
I208iN (EUW)
: ARAM META: It's not just about randomness
{{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:44}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3146}} and {{item:3110}} or {{item:3102}} / {{item:3112}} = unstoppable backline wrecker
: A good player knows how to get back in the game.
On the other hand, a good team will know how to punish mistakes, especially an AFK. But in SoloQ, teams can get cocky and overconfident. Not grouping and doing their own thing. That is what you hope for.
: Stuff I've learned so far while playing League Of Legends...
A couple more to add: * The premade bot will always feed and blame the jungler. * If your team is behind by 6 kills to 3 at 7 minutes, apparently the game is lost and it's 13 mins until surrender. * If your top lane is AD, your ADC is not Corki, the mid laner is AD, then you know your jungler will pick Lee Sin. * You pick a high damage hyper carry as first pick, you just know the rest of your team will pick squishies too {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:236}}
: Sunfire cape
Why does Sunfire suddenly need a buff? It's in a very good spot at the moment. Its base stats are now comparable to Deadman's and Randuins. And if you buy Sunfire, you will deal a lot of damage if you are in combat for a long amount of time. Here's how the 3 armor/hp items compare: {{item:3068}} Damage over time {{item:3742}} Initiation/short burst {{item:3143}} Maximum defense (particularly vs auto attackers & crits) Given those 3 categories, both bruisers and tanks can benefit from Randuins if the opposing team does a lot of their damage through autos & crits. Of the other two items, as a general rule of thumb, bruisers prefer Deadman's Plate for the extra burst onto squishies and tanks opt for Sunfire because they spend more time in combat and benefit more from the AOE damage. If we were to go with your proposal, we would only increase this split between Sunfire and Deadman's, and make it even better on full tanks. {{champion:32}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:36}} etc etc already get a huge amount out of Sunfire Cape. Why do you want to make it even better? Riot already did this with {{item:3075}} . They changed it in S5 so that only tanks benefit from it as bruisers were using it as their only armor item and become nigh on impossible to deal with for ADC's and light fighters. But, in the changes to AD itemisation this season, Thornmail has been left in a bad spot. The on-hit damage from that should be buffed, but then you are running into the issue of giving tanks even more options to become unstoppable forces. Of all the champions right now, the strongest class are probably full tanks. You propose buffing them... {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:223}}
: Well played, League of Legends community
"Free-to-play" is simply a business model. One that works extremely well, by the way. They tend to make a LOT more money than pay-to-play games, from in-game purchases. League of Legends isn't a charity, it's a MASSIVELY profitable game. Let's just set that straight. I don't even know or care about this discount shop thing. If I like a champ and skin enough, I'll buy it. It's that simple for me. But others have spent a lot more than me on this game, and I guess they were hoping for something more. Let them voice their complaints, it's how the World works. It's just seeing "free-to-play" is a little irritating, because it makes it sound like it's a charity. It's not, it's a very clever way of making more money.
v1rtue (EUW)
: There was atmas impaler once, a long time ago. However, that item was either so strong that every top laner built it (heck, even combining it with warmogs). Even AD carries would build it, because it was so strong. Then Riot nerfed it a little and it became completely useless, so they removed it altogether after a season, since no-one ever used it. This just shows you cannot have an AD + Armour item.
I used to get Atma's when it was not meta. I loved that item. But that item was really iffy in design mainly because it gave you attack damage based on your health. That was the part that made the item hard to balance. I can't see why we don't have a item that builds out of phage, ruby crystal and chain vest, giving the following stats: 400 health 40 armor 30 attack damage Phage bonus speed unique. also stacks 5 armor per attack, up to 5 times. That would hardly break the game, but would be a nice buy for toplaners/junglers who just want to bulk up a bit rather than go investing into black cleaver or trinity.
: Get Rammus {{champion:33}} =) His passive will let you build AD while building Armor!
: first, manamune is easier to stack than archangel's, unless you're using continues abilities like anivia's R or swain's R. second, 3% max mana is too much. 6% is just broken (180 extra damage from just manamune and base mana). In contrast, **lich bane does 300 extra damage if you have 500 AP** and has 2sec cooldown. Imagine 6% item on vayne or kalista. RIP balance. And yes they would buy this as 2nd/3rd item, as it would provide more damage than any other item in the game (70ad + 180on hit). But i agree that mana usage and needing to activate/deactivate is extremely annoying.
It's easier to stack than Archangel's, but it takes longer. How often do you buy Archangel's and are limited by your cooldown's, rather than the cooldown refresh of tear? That's the issue here - surely you can stack using AA's but a lot of the time the limiting factor is the CD refresh for stacks. Nonetheless I've changed the value to +6. 6% was high because the drawback for using the on-hit was removed, so I've changed it to 3%. But still, comparing it to Lich Bane is like apples and oranges. Lich Bane is fairly cost efficient as it stands, and the bonus damage is great for anyone AP who uses auto's and low CD spells. There's no penalty to using Lich Bane. Manamune takes a long time to stack up and is a fairly weak item while doing so. You don't compare a fully stacked Rod of Ages to other AP items because it is ultra efficient - the reward for the long time it takes to stack - you invest in the item. If a Vayne builds Manamune and is allowed to do half decently in the game, she should be allowed to absolutely wreck faces anyway. ..
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Muramana 6% damage on-hit/on single-target spells with no drawbacks? lul. A wild Ryze with 3000 mana appears; Wild Ryze has used QWREWQQWEWQWQERWQ, it's super effective... A wild Ryze is Legendary! ~180 damage added on every single Q/W or autos. Same goes for Kassadin and god knows who else.
Valid point, number tweaks ENFORCED. I've always hated Ryze anyway.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > First of all, it gives half of the mana stacks Archangel's Staff does. It's a fact, pure and simple. And requires no mana to proc, AA only works when you expend mana > Toggle active of Muramana is awkward to say the least. It is hard to keep track of, doesn't feel rewarding and it's detrimental to high mana users. So the blue glow on your champion and item icon in your buff bar is too hard to keep track of? also, its probably not really built for high mana users, champions who don't really rely on their mana late game are the ones most interested in this item, champions like corki and lucian will want to avoid this as it really isn't cost effective, champions like caitlyn and ashe however will find it more useful, its not going to be a "one size fits all" item and it never should be
That's exactly it - it SHOULD suit high mana users. It should be the item you build if you really want to solve your mana issues, but you have to invest money, time and playstyle to the item to make it really worthwhile. AP users have Archangel's staff - if they go OOM with that then they have truly gotten their use out of it. Anyone who effectively uses Muramana will go OOM by the nature of the item, it's such a daft concept. My proposed item will solve this issue, it doesn't create a "one size fits all" item because if you want maximum damage through crits, you still build Essence Reaver. But, if you are willing to have a later power spike and be able to spam your abilities with on-hit damage, you buy Marumana. There's a choice, surely that's what everyone wants. As it currently stands, Manamune is rarely worth ever buying and it's a very steep investment for an awkward return.
TeiX (EUW)
: thing is on most champ a fully stacked manamune at level 18 gives abotu the same AD as ER bnut instead of having crity as the added start you get the proc that gives around the same potential if you manage it
Exactly, the difference is that ER gives you an INSTANT power spike, and is useful throughout the game, and you can play as normal. Whereas, with Manamune there are two issues currently - first of the actual item doesn't give a great deal to begin with so sometimes just the tear is kept until it is stacked. Secondly, you have to adjust your playstyle because you are generally weaker AND you have to be mindful to actively proc the stacks if you want Marumana anytime soon. What I propose will solve both issues, although it will still be a mid-late item as it should be. Rod of Ages is a MASSIVELY efficient item when stacked. That is because you have to invest in the item and wait for the stacks. Archangel's Staff and Manamune share the same concept - by nature they need to be very powerful when stacked.
LynXerf (EUW)
: Manamune Remake
Guys we all know you can stack manamune on auto attacks. But champs who buy Archangel's tend to be able to spam some sort of spell very quickly, and both Manamune and Archangel's users tend to be limited by the cooldown refresh of the stacking. THAT is why you'll see Archangel's transform faster than Manamune most of the time. I've changed the figure to +6 per auto/spell. Number tweaks are easy. This post is regarding the concept, not the numbers themselves. Agreed on looking at it again, 6% maximum mana would have been a bit OTT, especially as you're now gaining a good active ability and there is no mana drop per use. I've changed it to +3%. All the number tweaks I've made are in _italics_ in the original post.
LZ Flame (EUW)
: "•Takes too long to transform, unlike its counterpart Archangel's Staff" stop talking shit mate "•Outclassed by Essence Reaver" why? "•Toggle active of Muramana is awkward to say the least. It is hard to keep track of, doesn't feel rewarding and it's detrimental to high mana users." 70 Bonus dmg for free is not rewarding for you enough?so you know mate you can just toogle off if you need to spare your mana
You're pleasant aren't you? Delightful. First of all, it gives half of the mana stacks Archangel's Staff does. It's a fact, pure and simple. It's outclassed by Essence Reaver because STATS. Anyone who chooses between the two chooses ER now by default because it's superior. If you can't see that, then go back to season 5 where there was a choice. I'm not the only one who hates the toggle active that DRAINS your mana. 70 bonus damage "for free" (which it isn't - you have to invest a LOT not only in playstyle but in gold, item slot and time to get it to the point where you get the bonus damage), and not only in that, in long drawn out fights where you are rotating from lane to lane etc, it's easy to leave the toggle on while you're focusing on the game as a whole and hit minions 3 or 4 times and lose a large chunk of mana - leaving you with less damage and lower on mana. The item can achieve the same goals, while competing with ER - without punishing you for using the on-hit damage, as I've suggested. So buzz off and check your attitude, and learn the facts.
: Useless slow after usage of W from Blitzcrank
It's basically so that his W is useful for engagements and catching out opponents - the entire point of Blitz. The downtime is so that he can't just spam it all the time and also be a very safe disengage champ too. He's in a decent spot now.
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