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: noone says you need to pick a support that works well in LCS (protecting the carries, initiating teamfights). You can always pick stuff like {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:161}} be creative, it's allowed
> [{quoted}](name=prof1cy,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=0XTAkFEu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-09T15:50:16.007+0000) > > noone says you need to pick a support that works well in LCS (protecting the carries, initiating teamfights). > > You can always pick stuff like > {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:161}} > > be creative, it's allowed Am I playing support then? Atm Im playing mainly Zyra. Ofcourse, I can always build a Rabadon's and play as a second ap-carry. I even can steal the farm of my adc if I think he wont be able to do anything, reducing my dependence on him massively. However I dont really want that. Because Im not playing support here. Im just playing around the problem. Still thats not what the thread is about. Im talking about a massive amount of champions beeing not enjoyable to play. And searching for a solution to fix this.
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: Increase number of BANS from 3 to 4!
Ah you have no idea how often this has been discussed already. The thing is, it doesnt really matter. At any given time you have a champion pool of ca. 20-30 champions which are considered good picks in the current meta. If the meta changes, the champions change, not the size of the pool. If riot adds more champions, the pool wont grow aswell. If you ban 2/4 champions more per game you only will change the pool size. If the top tier champs get banned you take the tier 2 champs, overall you wont change alot, bans are in the game to add some tactical aspect, however this doesnt really matter below diamond anyways. After all the only benefit would be that everybody could ban a certain counter to his champion he wants to play. Which shouldnt be the case, you already have 3 bans to ensure that your oponent cant build the "perfect" teamcomb against your team. Tl,dr Championpool doesnt rely on how many champions are in the game
: Is this bannable offense?
It's bad sportsmanship. If its banable or not is up to Riots idea of the community, however im pretty sure you wont get a ban for this. Honestly it's still a douche move and you should consider doing that from a social point of view.
: [Suggestion] A way to improve individually and as a community
The idea is quite optimistic. The main problem I see here would be the "good" players, this mode would end in a smurf party. I get the idea that there are some people who actually want to help players to improve but there are way more who would abuse that system. Aside from that issue I think you dont understand the "bad" players. They may want to or may not want to improve, however they clearly dont want to be criticized. Most of them have the idea that they are actually better than their league and way better than their teammates in a ranked game. This boils down to the issue that they want to learn how to carry, not to play well. Go see for yourself how the blame is thrown around after a game, nobody did something wrong and everyone else is "just to bad". I aknowledge that this view is pretty cynical and not everybody falls into this category. I just assume (based on my own experience) that there are more players in gold/silver/bonze which do. Mentoring your friend is something different than trying to tell something what he does wrong in chat, during the game. There are plenty of videos out there which explain you pretty well what to do and what not to. I mean im pretty sure most of the help would boil down to 1.Farm better, 2.Place wards in keypositions and 3.If you loose your lane focus on not dying Ah and a tipp regarding the missing comments, dont post such textwall. Most people wont read it, throw in a picture or two or write in keywords. People are lazy like that.
: Why there is no any public chat in game?
Go run around in a city in a free MMORPG for a while and you get quite a fitting immage of that chat.
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