: LEC Team pass missions don't update properly
+1 for the same problems. I've bought the pass few days ago for FNC, rewatched all the games again and again, still my progress is only 1 game being watched. I also have a bad feeling for the amount of the games that we have to watch and it seem they do not add up for the total amount needed to complete the missions ....
: Riot points sale soon?
I'm also waiting about that sale. My research showed that it was 2 times at the end of November and the beginning of December, 1 time in January and 1 time in March. So I can not find the logic at what time of the year is. But I have a question about the sales and I'll use the place. I hope someone from Riot to be able to answer me. I've noticed, that the NA server has a package of $100. For EU the highest is for 50€. (Yes, the amount of RP and the bonuses are also different) Still there is paying method - "paysafecard" where is possible to buy package for 100€, for which the bonus is much higher. During the sales of Riot points, as I noticed, the bonuses are doubled. (There is no bonus for the "Mobile Payment") My question is: Is it on purpose and is there any particular reason, that there is no sale for the "paysafecard" package from 100€ with double bonus in EU? Thank you in advance!
: Troll Teammates
I had the same experience several times. I think it would be good option, if you can not ban a champion, which is chosen by your teammate. After all, the pick and ban phase is for building up strategy and by chosing champion before ban phase, should mean something, not to be just new reason for trolling

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