Zanador (EUNE)
: You are right, my mistake. Still, i'd prefer something a bit more targeted. Champions change roles surprisingly often and that could create a mess if the system is not designed very carefully. Also, some roles might benefit from this a bit more than others. For example there are only 18 bot lane ADC champions in the game now (21 marksmen if we include graves, corki and kindred.. arguments could be made for kennen as +1), but top has somewhere between 50-60 champion options. An ADC player is almost 3 times more likely to find the champion they are looking for than a top laner.
The design is riot's job, we can just say the problem.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if you play like 3 games a week ofc... maybe someone will help me and does the match correctly, but here is my fast and rough math for you: * lets say you do nothing but the first win of the day which is 500 xp (100 for the match and 400 for fwotd) and 50 blue essence * the xp for a lvl goes from around 2k to around 4k every 25 games, so lets settle for 3k, which means you need 6 games to lvl up, 1 level up is AT LEAST 800 blue essence * so 6 games for 50 BE each = 300 BE just for the fwotd and 800 from the capsule you get, thats 1100/lvlup or 1150/week, which means you need 6 weeks to get a champ thats only 1.5 month and that is only playing 1 game/day * this does not include the champ shards for the champ you want, so if you are lucky then you can get your desired champ in 3 weeks with the champ shard and it does not include the missions where you can get BE now lets see how would this look like with the old system: * you still play only 1 game/day, for a win i usually got 75-80 IP and the fwotd 150 = 220 IP/day * in a week thats 1540 so you need like 5 weeks to get a champ * but with this system you dont have a random chance to get your champion shard for half the price, and you dont have the chance to get more BE from the lvlup capsule so how is this system worse than the old one?
I am not saying the old system is better, I am saying this system could be better.
Zanador (EUNE)
: While you want to help, i don't think your suggestion is good as it is right now, or at least it needs some tweaking. Just think about the different champions people can main. If an ADC player mains Kaisa, he will get shards that are worth 1260 BE, while another ADC who mans Tristana will get 90 BE shards. That being said i would support some kind of system in which newer players can get a few targeted shards of their choice, so they can build up their champion pool more efficiently early on.
not main champions, main roles.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I think after the blue essence update, players cannot get the champions they want. what do you mean? the shop is there and you can get any champion you want in ANY order for blue essence....
with this system, I can buy a 6300 champ in 2-3 months
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