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: Feeders why never punishing?
People can be just bad at the game For me, i just started playing 3~4 months ago and i still suck at this game, there is so much to learn while it seems that everyone else know everything about this game
: Guides for improving yourself in general. Or in competitive games at least.
this game is so hard for new players, especially when I face smurfs who know all the stuff in the game, I like this game but this makes me thinking to quit every time I play even I started playing like 3 months ago.
I think u r 15 years old
Coopa123 (EUW)
: First of all you're gold ELO. You can't expect anyone in your games to play perfectly everytime and you just have to deal with the fact that some people have bad games sometimes. Secondly, you're a hypocrite and it's disgusting. You're complaining about a gold ELO support with a 1.0KDA in a game with a bad jungler, a bad toplaner and a fed af enemy jungler who can oneshot her and everyone else. Now let's look at your match history: 0-5-2 Rakan support. 0-7-1 Irelia top. 2-12-0 Vayne adc. You have games like this where a) it is seriously difficult for me to decide whether or not you were trolling or not and b) you were infinitely worse than this Janna in your game ...and here you are complaining about an autofilled support not playing perfectly- It's pathetic
: Zoe should never have been made
: Bad players (that is Silver guys!), please know you are bad. Thank you.


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