It was the ideal moment to log in on my NA-account. Turned out EUW>NA even on TFT https://tinyurl.com/y5jnkyky
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people in ARURF so much more toxic than people in normals/ranked?
Because it's always a stomp. And since a lot of people can't win or lose hard without getting obnoxious, you get this. I've experienced it too. Possibly not being able to choose a champ and getting stuck with a champ that's bad in URF, may have something to do with it too.
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: LoL is ruining my life at this point
When I was unemployed I played it so much, that basically, I didn't start the client because I liked playing it at that point. I played it, because it was a habit, an addiction. The reason it's so difficult to quit is the same as with any addiction. You don't need to say: I'm stopping. You need to actually force yourself to either gradually lower the amount of time or to rip the bandaid of. But you need to do it in a way that you have to do it. Make a calendar if you do it gradually, find other hobbies, get a girlfriend, go to the gym. Talk to someone about it and hope they will help you in the rehabilitation process.
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WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: how to avoid chat restrict 100%
You telling me this on the LAST DAY???????????????????????? I kid of course. I've been telling this to my pal so many times. He changed a bit already but when I'm not in the game, apparently he forgets it because he had chat ban last week again. And the thing about chat is: I don't care when the opponents BM me, it's when my teammates do I get most annoyed. For real, you want to put your own team on disadvantages: talk in chat. An ally talking shit to opponents or teammates makes me play worse. They start typing, I already think about Karma making me lose that game.
WinterLUL (EUW)
: Games to play while in queue?
I like Geometry Dash.
: Same
Logging in takes hours
: Broken client
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Kalvix (EUW)
: how are you meant to deal with Illaoi?
Illaoi is basically this. You get caught by her E, you lose the trade with 90% of the champions out there. So DEFINITELY with Nautilus. Laning with Nautilus will be bad in almost all situations. Basically the reason why he is almost exclusively played as support (and jungle sometimes) nowadays because he can easily create a pick for your team. Teamfight oriented tanks like Nautilus and Malphite have pretty much disappeared for toplane since there are safer alternatives with a better laning phase, like Ornn and Cho'Gath. Even though they are melee tanks, they have multiple abilities that can also be used perfectly for clearing minions (either from range or under tower). Malphite kinda has that, buit his mana costs are so high that using Q for a minion is almost never worth in the long run. They are still playable, but not against most other meta toplaners. Definitely not an advised blind pick.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
I don't mind this women exclusive event. But can someone explain me one of those billion opportunities I have that women don't?
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Snowbrand (EUW)
: Why not rework malzahars ult like they did with ww?
They did give WW a better kit (dash on Q, speedups, fear) to go along with the harder ultimate. That means that should happen to Malzahar too. Know what you wish for. WW is overall stronger than before the rework. He had to be kind of weak, due to the oppressive ultimate. Same with Malz. Like if you don't have the ultimate up, you are kinda useless except for pushing.
: Is it possible to climb in solo Q playing only support?
Lately I feel like less and less. I mean, last season I filled my way to Gold as solo in Flex (thinking that would be the best way, so everyone got their preferred role and I am pretty comfortable in all roles). I got support a lot and got Gold easily (I don't play ranked much). Of course this was whilst my main supports were abusers of Ardent, so maybe that had something to do with it. This season this filling this doesn't give me much success. One of the solo lanes snowballs so hard in almost every game, it feels hard as a shielding support to have a lot of impact.
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Rondö (EUW)
: Why actually all chat exists? For "Ez", "please report @username" and "my adc soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad ahahaha xD"? All chat makes this toxic game even more toxic. Tell me at least one reason why all chat shouldn't be disabled from game? For this one massage when you saying "wpgg" in the end?
It's obviously to organise dance parties at Baron pit. Duh!
Makavelis (EUNE)
: Should Nexus Gold be higher?
Well, besides that, the biggest reason to make the Nexus gold higher is the fact that it's the main objective. Turrets give 250G, Baron 325G. The building that actually has all the power, gives 50G.
Antenora (EUW)
: https://gyazo.com/25901e90551073a06b46a00411da791f Matchmaking is fine Kappa I can understand the Plat 5 being there due to the golds. A diamond 4 has no place in a game this low ranked.
Rank doesn't count in normals.
: Bruh. MM sucks https://imgur.com/ycZ4RJx But of course this is okay, because it's only 'Normal' and you gotta learn from the experience!
Rank doesn't count in normals. Matchmaking still going as usual.
: https://i.imgur.com/YAE66fH.png?1 bruh
That's gonna be their 5v5 rank. This does not matter in matchmaking in 3v3's I guess. Just like me playing against Diamonds regularly in Normal games.
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: Make every new champ unavailable in ranked till the next patch
A lot of people would just wait 1 week and still first time Kai'Sa in ranked. Balancing is mostly done based on ranked experiences I guess, so them being op wouldn't have changed. Having mastery rank 1 (maybe 2) on the champ would help, because they should at least have play a few games or won one game with the champ.
: "Who Cares, it's only Flex" Mentality Needs to be Bannable.
When I play CSGO, people occasionally complain about how bad I am. But honestly, if I'm in your rank (and I know I suck at CSGO), what does it say about you? So basically get in a higher flex rank to not have trolls that are bad. Also about playing troll champs. I'd appreciate people who would play like AP Udyr supp and Master Yi adc if they at least did their best. Too many people try something troll and then when it doesn't work out, they go int mode or just leave. Yesterday we had a Lee Sin support against us. Left after he went 1-3.
: And its especially infuriating when its said by someone who got carried. Which is usually the case.
Almost always. Brings up the point, they may be saying it more out of sarcasm than out like "omg, this was easy, you guys suck" Me personally, I don't type that kind of stuff. But it happens that I say it on discord. If I have a very bad game and my friend carries, I may say something in the lines of "oh yeah, smooth, easy game easy life?" (so more like laughing with myself). Maybe they're not, but if they haven't been toxic all game, I deem it to be very likely.
: How often are you allowed to intentionally feed?
For the system, i don't know. For your own conscience if you have morals, never.
: Let's put it like this: Who is more likely to get first blood? The better players. Who are most likely to win the game looking from a void? The better players. Who are most likely to win the game if they get ahead early? The better players. first blood might be a SYMPTOM not the REASON of why the people getting FB win.
This. I checked my last 10 games: 7/10 first bloods meant winning the game. And recalling the games: the winning team was almost everytime better at their champions than the losing team. I'm pretty sure if the first blood happened to be on other team by coincidence, the outcome may just have been the same. (But they came on the team that was just stronger which is the more likely thing to happen)
: Is this toxic?
**You talk too much.** On average if the amount of character typed in a game goes down, the amount of toxicity goes down Talk less > less toxicity > less bans > higher honor > more keys > more skins > more fun
Niffler (EUNE)
: What do you think about "?" in All Chat?
Whether you report someone for it or not. I don't think Riot will even consider it unsportsmanlike conduct. I believe they are judging the transcript, not play-to-play interactions. That wouldn't be manageable for any kind of human being. Annoying? Maybe. But I mean, it's just a question sign, get over it. Like TormentedSalad says, it's more playful taunting. If someone nutmegs me in a football game and comes back to me afterwards and says "next time you see me, close your legs", I'm not gonna ask the referree to intervene. Just grow a pair of cojones and deal with it. We're no babies, we can handle a word or two
Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=tKVNJqyE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-04T17:02:04.908+0000) > > This is a known issue that'll be fixed in a future patch :-) As a workaround for now, if you toggle "low spec mode" on then off in the settings, the number will show as expected ^_^
Ok thanks <3 Edit: Miscounted, it's 272
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:35}} {{champion:29}} Used to be with Evelynn on the list and sure, Shaco has been nerfed in that regard. But their stealth just is horrible to play against in early laning phase. Their omnipresence plays with my mind too much. {{champion:10}} Ok, sure, she is barely played, if played in lower elo she is not that strong, isn't that hard to play against. I know. But it's her kit combined with other champions (the likes of Yi, Twitch,...) that make this chick feared.
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Eterñum (EUW)
: Stop Changing Rune Pages! (pls)
Agreed. Also, for some reason, sometimes when I finish a page it automatically switches over to another one (a preset one).
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: Finally Quitting
Just a quick Q: These Epic Skins. What was the reason I got them?
: I get the name now!
I have like the exact opposite. I have 9 pages, I'll use them now, but in a week or two, I'll just need 1 just like my old mastery page. That one was called "Jinx" for every champ I played. Learn the runes, how they are ordened and what they mean and 15 seconds is all it takes.
Fajerk (EUW)
: They are like at the end of the list and they do not count into total pages, what exact space do they take?
Not having them on there is easier to navigate. Even though they are at the end, it's less orderly
: Good luck to Maokais with last hitting, that shit is horrible without attackspeed and there is bunch of champions like that with these kind of little things that runes made bearable.
This is no problem, you get extra damage to minions as default now (patch notes)
: did anyone get their epic skins?
if it were the Program Lissandra and Super Galaxy Nidalee that came as gifts, then yes
Loonsteer (EUW)
They have a funny way of wanting me to spend money by giving me 40000 free BE (which will enable me to get Urfwick), Program Lissandra and Super Galaxy Nidalee, a couple of ward skins and two Epic Mystery Skins (although I still have to find where to unlock them somehow).
porps (EUW)
: Thanks for all the new bugs!
Funny how people already complain the day a huge patch comes out. League is life...
: Whenever I play {{champion:41}} , my jungler ganks me 3 times more, even though I can easily hold my own in lane and have one of the worst ganks setups of all champs and just want to get my level 13. Whenever I dont play him, I get far less attention. I even EXPLAIN why I dont want ganks as GP and still get them.
That's my biggest complain about junglers in Silver elo. Ganking the wrong lanes. So many junglers gank a practically ungankable lane (or a lane that doesn't need ganks, like you say). Especially champs like {{champion:11}} keep ganking the lane that has practically no cc. I haven't had so much jungle attention as in my game earlier today with {{champion:105}} and {{champion:11}} jungle against {{champion:127}}. And other times I play {{champion:90}} and I can't get a single gank after level 6.
: I'm sorry to tell you, since you seem to be quite naive but. Your role as a jungler is to: assist your laners and farm the jungle and secure objectives So, lets go over what that means. Farm the jungle: very obvious, it means to kill jungle camps and get gold for yourself. These camps can be in both your territory or the enemy territory. Especially when the enemy jungler is ganking other lanes while you don't have really much or anything to do, you can go in his jungle and take camps there as you will deny the enemy jungler gold and exp. Assisting your lanes means a lot of things such as: tracking the enemy jungler with wards, this makes counter jungling very easy as well counterganking, its another thing that the tracking enemy jungler with wards allow you to prevent snowball match-ups from happening (a very good example of this is at world of tsm vs msf where maxlore prevented the enemy top laner from snowballing and won the game this way by babysitting his toplaner a few levels) ganking lanes, when the enemy is pushing and your team mates can provide cc to lock down the enemy, its a very good idea to gank eliviate pressure from counter match-ups (if a team mate got counterpicked, you can path around that lane every now and then and if the enemy goes aggressive, you are around there and can just gank and get a kill) heal your laners (this mostly applies to mid and top) break freezes. Laners can choose to freeze wave near their turret at times and this causes your laner to over extend and be easily gankable, which means, you might want to go to that lane, show yourself and push the wave all the way in the turret to break the freeze heal your laners recall. If your laners (mostly applies to bot lane) wants to recall, but if they do that, the enemy will shove in and take the turret, they can't really recall. That's where you as a jungler come in and either help them shove the way all the way in the enemy turret before your team mates recall, or stay and protect the turret and get free farm. donating your buffs to your laners (mainly blue to mids, hint, akali and katarina and yasuo don't need blue buffs). secure objectives means: get dragons, heralds, rift crabs, barons. Most of them ofc, with the help of your laners. This is a team game, and you got to play a role in the team. If you ignore that role and only do: "i'm going to farm my jungle" style, then honestly, you suck and are an awful jungler. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The jungle role is difficult because it requires a lot of game knowledge. You have to know most match-ups in most lanes to know how a match-up should go and determine in the early game if your team mate in that lane sucks or not and if they need help or not. Lets say. You got garen top vs riven top (Enemy). Garen should win vs riven top early and mid game. You also want to gank that riven top to prevent her from snowballing and make the counter match-up an even worse thing for her. But if you garen dies at lv 2 or 3, then you know that player is bad as you will have to let riven snowball and head to other lanes to help them get early game leads. Why? because if no other lane in the game gets early leads, riven with solo win the game :) Tho, if he died only once and wasn't ganked, you can still try to help garen once. But if he fails again, he definitely sucks and you can't do anything top. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- oh yeh, what i forgot to mention in the assist your team part: organize tower dives and coordinate ganks (bot or top) with your mid laner. If you both go top (3v1) or bot (4v2), its way more easy to get kills and objectives afterwards.
I feel like you missed the point of his thread.
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EB Aeron (EUW)
: I saved up 10 Gemstones!
I wouldn't waste 10 gemstones on Neo Pax Sivir, a skin that does nothing really. I took Hextech Annie when she was the only possibility. I haven't seen the others yet.
: Perhaps you accidently hit SHIFT? If you hold shift, right mouse click move command becomes attack move which would make you start autoattacking cho gath since he was the closest.
Nah, almost impossible. My right arm goes up to my wrist, no hand. So I can't push down two buttons at the same time unless they are next to each other. And since I was pressing e, shift is too far away
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: how to fix the game client from randomly tabbing out during a match
I have it a lot recently. But I have it on HotS also. So idk what it's about. Windows 10?
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